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Science, Politics, and Global Warming

Global warming[Click to enlarge]

Scientific truth cannot be arrived at democratically. Either something is true or it is not. The claim that most scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is worthless. The majority of scientists once believed the Earth is the center of the universe. Koestler is right, history shows that major progress is achieved by individuals, call them seers, and not by bureaucratic institutions. But seers are the people who today are shut out by peer review. Generally, seers have no peers.

Thought provoking article on earth, sun, the planets and nature of the universe.

Wardrode Malfunction



The Bush League in 1986 had strategized a long range plan to develop, operate and own the largest energy conglomerate on the planet. I must not bore you with the details of the massive corruption, bribes, conflict of interests, theft, fraud and murder; therefore I will just tag them. The plan had all the components and time lines mapped out and the process of development hinged on several political events.

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Paean of Mr. M

The Paean of Mr. M

This is a treatise on cynicism…er, could be circumcision.  Nah, just kidding.  In a time not too long ago I was witness to one of the most spot-on raging cynical geniuses I’ve had the pleasure to read.  This guy has the instincts of a panther, and the verbal weapons to finish the job.  Now I know him as…the Laughingstock?!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  A joke on us all?  Life has its incongruities doesn’t it?

Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says

New York Times December 18, 2009


WASHINGTON — A new report finds that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a poor job of screening medical experts for financial conflicts when it hired them to advise the agency on vaccine safety, officials said Thursday.

Most of the experts who served on advisory panels in 2007 to evaluate vaccines for flu and cervical cancer had potential conflicts that were never resolved, the report said. Some were legally barred from considering the issues but did so anyway.

Obamacare To Cost Middle Class Families $15,000 A Year - by Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obamacare To Cost Middle Class Families $15,000 A Year 231209top

Families struggling in the midst of a deep recession who earn a combined total greater than $88,200 and don’t have their health care covered by their employer will be hit with a mandatory annual fee of about $15,000 according to the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the final Senate Obamacare bill.

Happy Festivus!

It's time to bring the aluminum pole out of the attic and air our grievances against each other and celebrate a Festivus for the rest of us !

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Man's Best Friend Now Dubbed One of the Environment's Worst Enemies

(My Aussie Shepherd Kyley in Saturday's Blizzard)

What utter bullshit !!!   I say let's bbq and eat all the scientists that come up with such ridiculously bogus statistics.  Or better yet, let the dogs & cats loose on 'em ! ~jg

PARIS (AFP) – Man's best friend could be one of the environment's worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.

But the revelation in the book "Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" by New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale has angered pet owners who feel they are being singled out as troublemakers.

Former head of CDC lands lucrative job as president of Merck vaccine division (opinion)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) You've heard it before, how the pharmaceutical industry has a giant "revolving door" through which corporations and government agencies frequently exchange key employees. That reality was driven home in a huge way today when news broke that Dr. Julie Gerberding, who headed the CDC from 2002 through 2009, landed a top job with Merck, one of the largest drug companies in the world. Her job there? She's the new president of the vaccine division.

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Cronies of the Fed most "bailoutable"

Raising "crony capitalism" to its most putrid level yet.

Study Finds That Of All Factors Determining The "Bailoutability" Of Crappy Banks, Ties To The Federal Reserve Are Most Critical

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/21/2009

Adam Smith, Charles Darwin and George Washington are not only rolling in their graves, they are dancing the macarena. A new study by the UMich School of Business has found what everyone has known since the crisis began, if not centuries prior: that the biggest, crappiest banks were guaranteed to get more bailout funding the more political ties they had (and more kickbacks they had offered). Is this sufficient to claim that capitalism in its purest sense has been corrupted beyond repair, courtesy of political intervention and constant pandering?

Did the Northeast just get HAARPED?

Or is it just the creator messing with that Global Warming crowd?

The Wrong Potion - a short story based on a real nightmare (or two, or three)

We were in the meeting room on the 3rd floor discussing politics, as usual. Usual, but highly forbidden. The discussion was a re-run of every political discussion I had been privy to over the past 3 decades. Nothing new, nothing worth while, nothing to sink your teeth into, just a lot of yada yada. The usual "what we need is a revolution" type shit. Lots of talk and zero action.

The Weather Forecast

The Weather Forecast
I don't want to worry you, but . . .

You hear the weather forecast, later you check the barometer, then look out at the hills and see the rain coming.  So you take an umbrella.  

This is the weather forecast.

It rather depends on what was happening at the centre of the galaxy 25,000 years ago.  But if, as expected, it was then drastic, such as the super-dense galactic core routinely sucking the few nearest stars to its bosom, causing a mass flux ejection from it, then there is an oncoming cosmic shock-wave.  Any who hope to survive the consequent coronal mass ejections from the sun starting its pass through the galactic plane in December 2012 should take the following to heart for thereafter.

When the initial wave does come, and from the geological record, such occurrences apparently happen regularly each fourteen thousand years or so, one now being somewhat overdue, it will arrive without warning, as it moves at more or less at the speed of light.  This will cause vast earthquakes, hurricanes and tidal-waves here on earth and, impacting the sun, will excite it to expel vastly more energy than usual.  This can punch through whole areas of the planet's magnetic and atmospheric protection and fry any terrain beneath, rendering much of the planet uninhabitable with the ensuing firestorms, and most of the surface livestock so much fertilizer.

Any such disturbance will then infiltrate our solar system with dust and cometary debris from the Kuiper belt and the Oort and Hills Clouds far outside the solar system, thus promoting a new Ice Age.  There is a lot of material out there - ten or twenty times the mass of the earth - just waiting.

'The media' had not come into existence the last time to misreport such events and slant their significance to favour its darling 'chosen', but the geological record is there and presents the evidence with honest impartiality.

So, if you read or view the confirmation of its facts in the URLs herewith, the Spitzbergen seed-bank and the underground cities that are already constructed at various locations of the earth then achieve a rather different significance. 

So why should the vermin-that-be be bothering with wars and pestilence to wipe us out, when the galaxy core will oblige by providing the same result without them lifting a delicately-perfumed finger - thus even preserving for them their carefully-sanctified philanthropic reputations?  Are the flu and vaccination programs, wars and financial collapses and such simply to distract our attention while they finish their preparations to disappear into 'their' underground cities? - all paid for by us, of course, the wondering sheep.  Lack of a few wars at any time would give us the leisure to see what they are doing, and the free muscle to interfere.

Doubtless these villains will have the hourly-changing codes on the underground food-stores, to ensure thereby the necessity of their own survival, and on the seed banks for such time as the emergency is over, which will give them leverage in the re-institution and -infliction of their fiction of finance, bribery, politics, media, central banks and all.  But don't be surprised, you who will be guarding them at their sub terrene caviar and quails-in-aspic, if they have you eating each other, the better to control you and keep you on your toes and the edge on your murderous 'competitive spirit'. 

We should ask ourselves whether we want these vermin any more in our world.  We know that their mercenaries will come out first with guns blazing, for the vermin then to take advantage of the situation to complete their declared objective of sanitizing the planet for themselves.

They want to take over the world?  Let's see what the galaxy can do to them first.  Then let's see whether we can give it a hand.

Disaster?  Then let us make an opportunity of it.  This is our chance to have these bastards exactly where we want them.  GPS of all their underground cities for world attention, please.

Better to collapse the main entrances, close any bolt-holes, and hope that the earthquakes will bring the mountains down on their heads.

But when such emergency that may occur is over, and if they survive, may I recommend the virtues of the nearest protein to hand - delectable Roast Baron of Rothschild and Fricassee of Rockefeller - kosher, too.
You can bet that you will also be dining on the Bushes, Blair, Aznar, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, all equally kosher, and all the others of the 'coalition of the willing' who have helped these perverts get where they are today, so if you can stomach them, you might have to think in terms of stew for some of them.

And the soft-handed kingpins, kingmakers and mandarins, those whom the Rothschilds consider the most effective servants, who do what they are told with foreknowledge but without scruple, what of them should they ever emerge? - For us, easy meat.  Not to your taste?  Then to your dogs'. 
But the Rothschilds have already prepared for themselves and their accomplices.  Then so should we prepare, individually and collectively.

If you have a cellar, make it habitable, secure and comfortable.  If you are lucky, you may be occupying it for some time.

The volcanic activity here, such as the Yellowstone Caldera finally blasting though, and the cometary-dust obscuration of the sun, probably will then promote another ice-age.  Such a period can last from decades to millennia, so that any survivors will have to dig through a new ice-cap to reach the seed bank anyway. 

So make your own seed bank, all of you.  Beans, maize and pumpkin first for your necessities, and those of your choice afterwards. 

Remember the old axioms.  Waste not, want not.  Live modestly.  Get used to walking now.  Carry an axe and prepare to use it, otherwise you are food.  Learn to grow: Beans, maize, pumpkin - the only machinery you need for that is a stick to plant the seeds.  And make it a habit to save seeds.  Avoid sugar, which is bad for you and good only for those who have had it produced and then traded in it.

Put essential tools where you can access them.  Download how-to books and make them available to you friends for them to learn and to pass to others.  There was one I saw forty years ago on how to make a thousand things.  If you have arms, store them and their ammunition somewhere underground; your house probably will not survive.  And remember, there will be no more ammunition.  It has to last you.

Save containers, bottles, bins.  If the worst comes only to the average bad, it will be a couple of hundred years before you are able to manufacture such things again.  The car? - A temporary shelter, nothing more.

Learn how to make a windmill so that the cold wind can work for you and provide you power to warm you.  Remember that you will be a long time without any of the materials you can put your hand on today.  Learn to dig a well.  If she has to haul and carry it, no stupid broad is any longer going to use her daily hundred gallons to shift a few leaves off her city stoop. - No city, no stoop.  If you want to see how it will be, just to start, turn off the electricity and water for a year.  But that is luxury - 

You think you'll be back in the economy of the fifties, the forties or even the thirties?  Forget 'economy'.  Forget the eighteenth century, the squalor of the Middle Ages.  Forget Rome and its 'law'.  Forget bronze.  Forget Egypt and Babylon.  If this does what it can and any survive, the very worst of Africa will be civilization for awhile anyway.  We will be back in the stone age, where progress mostly has to be of your own making and comes awful slow.
Prepare to co-operate with others to provide for your and their needs, but expect to work for your existence.  Help others and they will help you. Refuse baubles as having no real worth.  Tell the women to admire the sparkle in their children's eyes, rather than pebbles cutely cut to milk phony-money from their pockets.

Protect the children.  There will be many orphans.  Help them and teach them to survive, and they will help you in the future, when you can still contribute knowledge.  Form groups with people of all practical abilities.  You will be a people.  Work to progress as a community.  Enable your independence, but be prepared to contribute and to co-operate. 

If any come and tell you that the land you use is theirs, and talks of ownership, or proposes a means to facilitate exchange, or to buy your food with gold, feed them to the dogs.  The land is the planet, it is for the use of all its inhabitants and, after millennia of madness, this is reality again.  You will be you own boss and your own law.  You are now, but you just won't face it.

WHEN will this happen?  Any time soon now.  It's already overdue.  The Mayas believe in December 2012.  If it does not come within your lifetime, then thank your lucky stars.  LaViolette says 90% sure during the next 400 years, but he's a scientist and perhaps does not even consider that we might need to make some arrangements.  But if he rationally says that, then logically a few percent says any day now.

Let's not overdramatise this.  Simply the house will fall on you, as in any common-or-garden earthquake.  You will either just stop, or you will survive.  It's afterwards that things will be very different.

You don't believe me?  The evidence is there.  Universe obeys its own laws, not yours.  You can't ask the galaxy to be reasonable.  It is being reasonable.  If you don't want to face it, it's you who aren't. 

If you are on any 2012 pre-Christmas fly-by-wire kite, good luck.

For evidence -

Gary Vey starts with HAARP, and then goes on.  Follow him.  Sometimes it reads like fiction, but unfortunately you can check the facts of enough disquieting bits.

For a more scientific viewpoint -

Listen to LaViolette.  He is not an idiot scaremonger.  He is telling you a few pertinent 'scientific' details of what I have been saying much more generally and unscientifically for the last fifty years to anyone who would hold still a minute, even if they didn't listen.

Some of the underground cities -

To put it all in its proper perspective -

So, should it all eventuate?  Well, rather than screaming and scrabbling, wouldn't it be much more adult to admire the forthcoming absence of the vermin, if that can so be managed, to restore the balance of the realities before these middle-eastern vermin whispered of value other than utility and made deception their religion by which to mislead and deceive, steal and murder with innocent sanctity, as again they now intend.  That is not a question. 

Perhaps Universe, in its wisdom acquired over the eons, has learned thus to restrain its worst bugs that learn to manipulate the triggers of other life without first acquiring any decent control over their own basest disgusting impulses.  If so, then in this present instance Its timing is Spot On.

But should the event not come to pass so severely?  Then we are not the Rothschilds' servants anyway.  We must not co-operate in our own servitude.  Opt out.  Pay no taxes.  Starve the beast.  Grow your own food.  Dig a well.  Resist.  Ignore them.  Go your own way.  You are servant of no one and of no 'state'.  You are your own independent property, and the space you occupy is your inalienable republic, self-controlled and governed by no other.  These bastards don't tell us what to do.  Tell them to sod off and stay sodded off. 

In fact, what about having that well-merited giant barbecue with them just for old Lang Syne?  Take them out, depose their paid lackeys, and make use of the installations we have paid for but from which they intend to exclude us anyway.  We are our own bosses.  Fuck' em all.

"It's a Wonderful Life" (or could be)

Christmas is not Christmas until I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" least once a season.   The ending never fails to make me cry like a baby every single time..."remember, no man is a failure who has friends." However, even with all the warm & fuzzy feelings brought on by one of the best endings in movie history, there is one nagging detail that is left undone in the original. So, after watching the Bailey's darling daughter exclaim,  "look daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets it's wings", check out Dana Carvey and SNL's version of the ending through the link at the bottom of this post. I think Mr  Potter is a symbol for the Rothschilds & Rockellers of the NWO, eh? ~jg

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Email require shredding the Rule of Law

E-mail could fill holes in the Bush record

Rachel Maddow Video

Dec. 14: Meredith Fuchs, general counsel for The National Security Archive explains how tens of millions of Bush administration e-mails once thought missing have been recovered.

Now comes the Obama Potomac Two-Step, the Bush & Cheney Pony Show and the burying of crimes regarding Valerie Plame leaks and the firing of the U.S Attorneys as well as the seditious and illegal wiretappings.


The Great Global Warming Swindle

Gaia my friends, is the benevolent god of choosing for the ultimate merging of the TRIADS for a world society of global governance of murderous and maniacal beings of non-human origin.  Behind these illuminati are a host of sinister orchestrations. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Common Dreams Article

This is one activists story. However, I don't doubt that it was repeated over and over again, all over the country. In fact I know it was. This is a damning indictment of our nation and is symptomatic of a deeper rot here. If we are to ever climb out of this mess we find ourselves in then it needs to be dealt with. However, before I begin I would like to extend a hearty and heartfelt thank you to president Barack Obama for making my case so well.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

US House passes pro-Wall Street banking bill

It's not the bankers fault, it's YOU who are to blame for the financial devastation we are in the midst of,  Mr & Mrs John Q Public.  Or so BO & his minions would have you believe.  Which is why Wall Streeters get to write the bills concerning revising government regulations for the banking industry.  This begs the question, why the hell are we letting them get away with this?!! ~jg

By Barry Grey  WSWS
14 December 2009

The US House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill, backed by the Obama administration, to revise government regulations covering banks and financial firms. The bill has been widely reported in the media as the most sweeping reform of bank regulations since the New Deal measures passed in the wake of the stock market crash of 1929. It is being cast as a rebuke to Wall Street for its role in precipitating the financial crash and recession, and a major tightening of government oversight of the banks.

Conspiracy Theory 12/16 - Global Warming 1/4

To go to the next part, a box will appear in the upper right hand corner.

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Communists and the Crucifix

This is your NWO mind fucking via the Board of Education and the cretins who sell the fear and intimidation in a nutshell. Nice job exposing your asses.

Let's get Arne Duncans take on it.

Story here

CRIME PAYS! least for a brief moment -- then you die.

Here we have another Capitalist Propaganda Rag "nominating", "awarding", "attempting to transmogrify reality" for one of the worst NWO actors and financial criminalist we have had the horror to witness -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke nominated by Time magazine as "Man of the Year" for 2009.

2008 was Barack Obama, 2007 was Vladimir Putin; ohh Ho HO -- and George W. Bush the inferior has also been honored for this NWO honor.  What a group!  See any things they may have in common?  I thought you would.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alex Jones on Copenhagen

Alex Jones at his best wraps up the Copenhagen Agenda, email and secret documents and meeting in Copenhagen.

Camp Delta, MKUltra and Cheney House Cleaning

Professor Mark Denbeaux and the Seton Hall Law Center for Policy and Research published a study titled Death in Camp Delta on December 7, 2009 that analyzed the government's investigation of the June 9, 2006 suicides at the high level detainee facility, Delta Camp . On June 10, 2006, both the Department of Defense and the White House announced that three detainees housed within the detention facility at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base hanged themselves within their cells during the middle of the night. The study found that the the government's investigation does not support its official findings.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Joe Bageant: The Devil and Mr. Obama

Do yourself a favor. Read this tour de force by Joe Bageant. Best damn thing I've read all year!

Barack promised change -- and sure enough, things changed for the worse

By Joe Bageant

Well lookee here! An invite from my limey comrades to recap Barack Obama's first year in office. Well comrades, I can do this thing two ways. I can simply state that the great mocha hope turned out to be a Trojan horse for Wall Street and the Pentagon. Or I can lay in an all-night stock of tequila, limes and reefer and puke up the entire miserable tale like some 5,000 word tequila purged Congolese stomach worm. I have chosen to do the latter.

As you may know, Obama's public approval ratings are taking a beating. Millions of his former cult members have awakened with a splitting hangover to find their pockets turned inside out and eviction notices on the doors of their 4,000 square foot subprime mortgaged cardboard fuck boxes. Many who voted for Obama out of disgust for the Bush regime are now listening to the Republicans again on their car radios as they drive around looking for a suitable place to hide their vehicles from the repo man. Don't construe this as support for the GOP. It's just the standard ping ponging of disappointment and disgust that comes after the honeymoon is over with any administration. Most Americans' party affiliations are the same as they were when Bush was elected. After all, Obama did not get elected on a landslide by any means; he got 51% of the vote.

continued here

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The Obama Doctrine = Bush Doctrine

“If Bush had said these things the world would be filled with violent denunciations. When Obama says them, people purr.”

Joseph Kishore

The Nation and the Obama Doctrine

12 December 2009

President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize speech has been hailed virtually unanimously across the entire spectrum of the American political establishment.

Bristling with imperialist arrogance, Obama’s speech amounted to a full-throated defense of US aggression and a brief for the unlimited use of military violence to recolonize large parts of the world. Delivered by a president who only a week before had announced an escalation of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan that will lead to the deaths of many thousands, the speech essentially asserted the right of the United States to invade any country in the world.

“The instruments of war do have a role to play in preserving the peace,” Obama insisted. The US, he said, has the right to "act unilaterally if necessary" and to launch wars whose purpose "extends beyond self-defense or the defense of one nation against an aggressor." This was a reassertion of the Bush administration’s doctrine of preemptive war, which is a violation of international law.

“War is like love, it always finds a way” - Brecht

Nie wieder Krieg

(1924, Never Again War)

by Käthe Kollwitz

As is with most anything I write, this started as an idea, and as I put pen to paper, it takes on a life of its own as it grows and takes its own turns in total disregard of my original idea. There's no telling where this may go. Bear with me as I struggle to retain a similarity to the original idea.

All Those Susceptible to Mind Control Raise Your Hands

A creepy little experiment at a mall, conducted by mentalist Derren Brown, shows how little it takes to control the shoppers.

For those that are naive enough to think that the MIC doesn't have the power to control the population with their ultra high tech weapons of mass control,  perhaps you better think again. ~jg

Friday, December 11, 2009

What Next?

When writing on the Triad Formula and Dialectic logic  of the COMMITTEE , I mentioned the new Triad and a new threat.

Conspiracy Nut

This is my new comic strip that came out in the New Orleans Levee today. As added interest the action depicted in this cartoon actually happened, save for me running into a car door.

Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda: Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and Climate Change The manipulation of climate for military use

by Michel Chossudovsky for Global

"The manipulation of climate for military use is potentially a greater threat to humanity than CO2 emissions."

"Why has it been excluded from the debate under COP15, when the UN 1977 Convention states quite explicitly that "military or any other hostile use of such techniques could have effects extremely harmful to human welfare"?"

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Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura - 9/11

This was just posted online.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.  I just wanted to get it up so we could all view it and weigh in on it.

Part 2 etc below

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Net is Being Drawn Shut -- Will "Keep Swimming" Work?

[caption id="attachment_7035" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="FISH FOOD CAN'T FIGHT BACK -- WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO KILL THE SHARKS"][/caption]

Adding the collective weight and strength of the entire school of "fish" to the task of Escaping certain death; worked for the fish in NEMO.  But it was a cartoon movie.  WE got problems here fellow fish and we're acting like "fish food" instead of filleting the predator sharks.  Folks, it takes some time to get penned in against the shore with nowhere to run, but you can see it coming; you can "feel it" if nothing else.  It is offering strategic advantage to a small group of True Predators  -- to do nothing or little that matters, when a strong counter-attack is called for to repulse the repulsive creatures.  I think NOW is the time.  And NO, I personally don't think calling or emailing Congress or my Senator is worth a damn!  It is well past that time.  Got any suggestions fellow fish?  I ain't waiting to see your ugly mugs in the can, that's for sure!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jesse Ventura does HAARP

Jesse Ventura and his team head to Alaska to investigate the purpose of the HAARP installation    -more parts below:

Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

by Dmitry Orlov    Energy Bulletin

The subject of economic collapse is generally a sad one. But I am an optimistic, cheerful sort of person, and I believe that, with a bit of preparation, such events can be taken in stride. As you can probably surmise, I am actually rather keen on observing economic collapses. Perhaps when I am really old, all collapses will start looking the same to me, but I am not at that point yet.

And this next one certainly has me intrigued. From what I've seen and read, it seems that there is a fair chance that the U.S. economy will collapse sometime within the foreseeable future. It also would seem that we won't be particularly well-prepared for it. As things stand, the U.S. economy is poised to perform something like a disappearing act. And so I am eager to put my observations of the Soviet collapse to good use.

I anticipate that some people will react rather badly to having their country compared to the USSR. I would like to assure you that the Soviet people would have reacted similarly, had the United States collapsed first. Feelings aside, here are two 20th century superpowers, who wanted more or less the same things – things like technological progress, economic growth, full employment, and world domination – but they disagreed about the methods. And they obtained similar results – each had a good run, intimidated the whole planet, and kept the other scared. Each eventually went bankrupt.

read entire article

Note that Mr. Orlov had no trouble foreseeing our collapse in 2006....

White Christmas

How lovely the morning sky, I found today!  Six planes working in harmony to bring us the joy of a white Christmas and crimson lungs.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's gett'n HOT!

America's Regression - Glenn Greenwald

It's ok if the guys on our team torture.  At least that's what the Obama zombies want us to believe...

Ronald Reagan, May 20, 1988, transmitting the Convention Against Torture to the Senate for ratification:
The United States participated actively and effectively in the negotiation of the Convention. . . . Ratification of the Convention by the United States will clearly express United States opposition to torture, an abhorrent practice unfortunately still prevalent in the world today.

Rahm Emanuel's Think Tankers Enforce 'Message Discipline' Among 'Liberals'

Groups like COTO are a result of  Stalinist-style purges that I have no doubt were instigated from above: a cynical  perception management attempt.  Just how dumb do they think we are? It's time to revisit this Obama strategy and actively combat it.

Rahm Emanuel's Think Tankers Enforce 'Message Discipline' Among 'Liberals'

Published in April, 2009 by Rebel Reports

The White House is ‘helping’ liberal groups to get their political messages in sync with the official line.

By Jeremy Scahill

Over the past several weeks, independent journalists and anti-war activists have tried to shine a spotlight on how groups like the Center for American Progress and MoveOn, which portrayed themselves as anti-war during the Bush-era, are now supporting the escalation and continuation of wars because their guy is now commander-in-chief. CAP has been actively pounding the pavement in support of the escalation in Afghanistan, the rebranding of the Iraq occupation and, more recently, Obama’s bloated military budget, which the group said was “on target.” MoveOn has been silent on the escalation in Afghanistan and has devoted substantial resources to promoting a federal budget that includes a $21 billion increase in military spending from the Bush-era.

Alex Jones

Many have asked why Alex Jones never talks about Zionism.      This article may explain his situation in the truth movement and why he won't 'go there' .