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Peace Pipe Bomb!


Posted by: Coalition Of The Obvious | October 23, 2018 (edit)

Willa Killa Thrilla

Your fall blockbuster has arrived. The convergence of vortex in a crossfire hurricane. The Jesuit Military Industrial Congressional Complex has provided the mother of all Climate Change Triads for the viewing pleasure of NWO patrons.

We have a vortex US election cyclone and a raging CIC on the road in Texas meeting a Caravan vector of unknown origin and composition being steered as well as the Willa wind vortex being guided into the eye of the storm.

The fluid dynamics of the three make up this crossfire hurricane and the fourth vortex will be the MSM and fiction that converges with the three vortices.

So here is the MSM fourth vortex. Now we have the Willa Killa but we still await the Thrilla

The Peace Pipe Bombed big time!!!!

  • Cesar Altier Sayoc, 56, was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida

  • He is an avid Trump fan with an interest in bodybuilding who says he is a member of the Seminole tribe 

  • FBI discovered suspicious package addressed to Senator Cory Booker in Florida on Thursday night

  • Then a postal inspector intercepted another package to James Clapper in Manhattan Friday morning

  • The suspicious package was addressed to Clapper at headquarters of CNN, where he is a contributor

  • NYPD bomb squad's Total Containment Vessel responded to postal facility in Midtown to remove package

  • Discoveries mark the 11th and 12th suspicious packages targeting outspoken critics of President Trump

  • FBI warns the public to be on the lookout for similar packages and says there could be more bombs 
Stinks like a Mueller

6 bombs - 9 bombs -12 bombs  = Cesar Sayoc 56 (11)

3-9-6 811- STAGED EVENT

The full vortex numerology is included in this 8-11 staged hoax. The left eight cabal and deep state MSM are milking this con for all it's worth.

This leads us to the  THRILLA which will time at Caravan and Election


Is it a Jesuit assassination?  Border attack and real bombs?

SayocĂ‚ is Native American, and according to social media posts, he is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida

The person who took the photos was not aware of the connection to the investigation, but noted the odd amount of stickers


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Willa Killa Thrilla

Willa Killa Thrilla, a staged Production

Your fall blockbuster has arrived. The convergence of vortex in a crossfire hurricane. The Jesuit Military Industrial Congressional Complex has provided the mother of all Climate Change Triads for the viewing pleasure of NWO patrons.

We have a vortex US election cyclone and a raging CIC on the road in Texas meeting a Caravan vector of unknown origin and composition being steered as well as the Willa wind vortex being guided into the eye of the storm.

The fluid dynamics of the three make up this crossfire hurricane and the fourth vortex will be the MSM and fiction that converges with the three vortices.

In Quantum terms the forces and vectors could motion a multitude of movements and yet they would not require timing at any single point but will surely intersect before shifting and rotating on to their final destinations.

It will require pinpoint accuracy for simultaneous intersection but even if it does not time out exactly, the MSM can provide the convergence of climate change by the usual deceptions of fake news and fudging data and facts.

All weather is climate but not all climate is weather. The real climate change is mostly human and nature. What we are being bombarded with is the clockwise and counter to the NWO one model agenda. Watching the Brazil election of Brazil's Bolsonaro is another Duterte and Trump like move by the shift / shaper Jesuit MICC pushing for a clash of global proportions. The North American Union is being compressed into an ever tightening wind and eye. Which ultimately must implode and from the result the system fails and something else must emerge. Something we here already know quite well. The same holds true for Mexico's new leader and Venezuela's Maduro. These are earthquakes and cyclones in human suffering. Yet we can see that they are all inflicted by leaders of extremes. Philosophies over economics and political paradigms made up of histroric failures. These forces working the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic to a synthesized new world solution.

What is planned for this event weather wise or otherwise is irrelevant. True or false also not a factor. The spin will guide the objective and the agenda and we will just be swept into the electromagnetics, visuals and and audio streams and MSM frequencies to be transported somewhere further in the false paradigm reality construct and ever closer to their rule.

Huuricane Willa: Will it hit Texas? The Latest Spagetti Models

Donald Trump raging as growing caravan of migrants marches toward US

Where is the migrant caravan now?

Hurricane Willa track

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Who killed Stephen Mumbo and why?

Image result for Who killed Stephen Mumbo and why?

Executory and Forensic Deceptions

Revealed!! Why PWC’s Stephen Mumbo committed suicide

Details have emerged on how Stephen Mumbo, the PWC manager who fell to his death at the company’s offices in Delta Towers spent his day.

The deceased reported to work as usual and proceeded to the boardroom located on the 17 floor of the building.

He had reportedly made prior arrangements to work from the 17th floor and not from the 12th floor.

Initial investigations reveal that he was in high spirits as usual and did not exhibit any signs of being troubled, a characteristic shown by most suicide victims.

Until his death, Stephen Mumbo was a senior forensic detective at PWC rising to the position of Assistant Manager at the Forensics department of the firm.

Prior to his engagements with the audit firm, the deceased had worked with several companies and built a successful career that is the envy of many.

Until 2016, he worked as a consultant at NASFAM, a Malawian small holder farmers company.

His career began at Pleng Limited, a consultancy firm, between March 2003 and April 2005 where he served as a design engineer for structures.

Away from the suicide theory, police are also keen on establishing if there was anyone else in the room in what could point to a murder.

According to The Standard, a worker at the building reported that said he saw Mumbo struggle to hold on to the window before screaming as he hurtled down to his death.

In the wake of his death on Friday, Consumers Federation of Kenya lamented that employees at audit firms work for long hours and are often left to shoulder the stressful nature of their works alone. Forensic auditors handle tonnes of sensitive information as they audit, dig and find fraud in company accounts.The JKUAT civil engineering graduate succumbed to the injuries he sustained from the fall at Aga Khan hospital.

Suicide or murder?? Kilimani on the spotlight in another mysterious death

PWC Employee Throws Self From The 17th Floor Of Delta Towers

Kahawa Tungu has learnt that the deceased and his wife were struggling to have a child and only a couple of months ago adopted a baby girl.

Speculators say that while he could have jumped all on his own, it is possible that Mumbo was pushed with sources pointing fingers at his immediate boss George Weru.

Related image

Suicide Spin - creating a conspiracy

a deflection misdirection

Audit firm manager booked 17th floor office for work only to jump to his death

PwC is enslaving its staff

pwc employee


PricewaterhouseCoopers In The News

PwC on trial for missing $2.9bn fraud

Russia-Linked Money-Laundering Probe Looks at $150 Billion in Transactions 

Mumbo Jumbo


I was a witness to a suicide swan dive in Boca Raton FL about 15 years ago. The man did a swan dive from seven floors and did not scream. Booking a conference room five floors higher seems to me a move to get privacy in a investigation that might include internal monkey business. This death has been cleaned by the Googleplex and dark web information scrubbed from the search results.

PricewaterhouseCoopers needs no introduction to the global mafia and they certainly have enough reasons to execute a forensics investigator who works in one of the most corrupt and fraud ridden countries on the planet. Stephen Mumbo may have had the Obamacare kiss of death as he screamed to his death from the Delta Tower in Nairobi.

[caption id="attachment_47398" align="alignnone" width="400"]pwcfall Push with Care[/caption]

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2019: A Crossfire Hurricane

It is possible for anything to happen at any time. These are the times we are in. For certain the uncertainty of time and place is at the control of the Architects and Engineers of World Order design. We cannot predict with any accuracy the hour of major shifts but there are always frequency changes that come before these events.

TRUMP: The Federal Reserve is MY biggest threat.

I said in 2012 that the global transformation to One World governance would begin with the financial event followed by other events that would include war, attack, natural calamities and other energetic forces.

You have to consider the current staged event involving Jamal Khashoggi. This is in my opinion a completely staged event. The Triad /_\ indicates the possible move for oil in the mix of benefits and purpose for this event. Further stability issues will aid in the trade war. Look at Venezuela issues by the deep state and Trump sitting on embargo and sanctions and the short term repercussions should the staged event move the Saudis to invoke the Middle East Cartels and OPEC-ish inflation of barrel prices. Fed rate hikes and other factors are coming to a head.

I predicted the recession for 2020 but the triggers all coming in 2019. Now the MSM is predicting it in 2019 as well. As we watched the Market perform a record dip and the invoking of "FED" enemy by the Jesuit Jumpin Jack Trumpf, the vortex begins to run the cycle we saw in previous major shifts from JFK to 911.

When we began this Wordpress blog I initiated it with the Genesis 6 post that indicated the 6 goals of destruction, They are Family, Sovereignty, Inheritance, Patriotism, Private Property and of course, Religion. As we watch the transformation to the Global Governance NWO, we can see the diminishing freedoms of G6 agenda. The imploding of the Catholic Church is obviously a Jesuit Military operation but they are behind all six fronts. Meanwhile the quiet UN sits in wait.

Included in the black swan events are the recent HAARP weather warfare. The scalar signatures of the quake frequencies has increased exponentially with the weather systems in violent storms. This appears to be synchronized with issues involving Nicki Haley and the transition. Who could replace her?  I shudder to think. Also rumblings of another South Carolina globalist known as Lindsay Graham to become the new Attorney General? This was indicated to me by the secret of Florence. A Jesuit named event that was a hurricane and a meeting in Alabama by Mike Pence near Florence. Also a police shootout in Florence County SC. These Media staged events are an intricate Media algorithm that escapes the eye of the untrained numerology watchers.

What appears to be random events are anything but. These are the codecs of the world wide web and clues to the matrix of the networkings behind the shifts. Decoding the clues may be multi-layered but ruling out coincidence is the first step in a better understanding the theory of how our reality really operates. Secrets from Florence has a Vatican flavor for something really big and much larger than a mere "Crossfire Hurricane" but knowing is only a part of the truth. Here we only know what is not. Random.

As I stated in the G6 agenda, destroying the US Government requires corrupting it to the point of no return, the event horizon. This is pretty well obvious to anyone willing to look without filtered vision or locked in the two-party paradigm prison. It appears the Dems may meltdown first. Considering the dynamics, the vortex would shift to civil unrest mostly by the illegal presence of operatives and provocateurs who could rally the weakest minds and control the pogrom. This would be synchronized globally by EU-MI5 and Mossad with GLADIO and twenty years of HB1 visa importing of operatives into the US through Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes.

After imploding the DNC, the paradigm shift would destroy the GOP, while one cannot survive without the other. During this time we have seen all agencies tank just like the upper executive and legislative branches. Their bark and leaves stripped by the climate of time. All by design.  All weather is climate but not all climate is weather.  The changes to both are becoming more fast and more furious.  Like a crossfire hurricane.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

First Man: Do you want to play?

How insufferable is Trump Theatre? The Hollywood and Holyrood playrights and lefts, their actor shills and gamers remain on schedule for 2019 vortex shifts.

This piece of Holo-farce is just another sub set of NWO MAGA social engineering and brainwashing but always deflects the truth. Not accounting for hundreds of defects in the Apollo 8-11 mass mind control staging ,errors that are the never ending divide and conquer, we are blessed with more. We must assume at some point the vectors collide at the point of the coming event. Not quite at the speed of light but certainly quick enough to kill America for good.

The MAGA-NWO conflict rages on with the "First Man" controversy. Not the Capricorn One reality mind you,  but the showman Trump. Timing for the November fake elections, split houses and DC quagmire giggity-giggity approaches. The Vortex rules are still in play here as a triad firm in the deflection of the NASA hoax while moving sets to opposing points. The 6-9-3 playing large here while the date and time another repeat marker to JFK and the Mercury Theater team and War Of The Worlds  to NASA's move to the Apollo Theatre for a beta test of a grand deception.

This really fits so well into the current transition I expect to be one of the most interesting years since 2001. As we move closer to Bluebeam, the Trump Space Force ever so silently creeps into internal space, all essential to the coming grandest of all delusions. MAGA Trump Theatre is the stage three rocket for the NWO. From here it will deliver it's final payload and the revelation of the time according to the "agenda"

'First Man' author, Auburn professor speaks on controversy surrounding upcoming film

Recent controversy has surrounded the film as some have accused the movie of not being patriotic enough. People have spoken out about their discontent with this, including President Donald Trump announcing that he will not be viewing it due to the omission of the iconic flag-planting moment into the lunar surface.

While this dissociative State and MSM blather, written by fools and narrated by actors continues to generate these holons, we will have to determine not only the simple benefits in triangulation's but see the deeper, darker and more distant outposts of NWO Hegelian dynamics for the new "first man" of total transformation.

I would not spend time reading Neil Armstrong but instead some D.M. Armstrong. The only space NASA is interested in is that between your ears.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Is "Leslie" still off the East Coast of the U.S.?

Update on Leslie -- see Screen Grab:

Leslie Still Spinning with a Feeder from the North 10-09-18

Below left is Michael.  A glorified name chosen and given.  Leslie spins in the mid-atlantic, seemingly "held" with a feeder line of new blood from the north.  What to make of it?

Below is the original thread:

Why isn't anybody talking about Hurricane Leslie bearing down on the U.S. East Coast?!

I've been watching it for a couple of days now.  It looks to be 6-8 times LARGER than Florence was, stretching from the tip of Florida north to Virginia.  Http:// has nothing on it.  Not a peep.  What kind of Con are "They" playing?

[caption id="attachment_47367" align="alignleft" width="1366"]Hurricane Leslie off U.S. East Coast 11pm 10-03-18 Time Stamp -- 11:10pm October 3, 2018[/caption]


Hurricanes around the world 1130pm 10-03-18

Time Stamp -- 11:30pm October 3, 2018

Typhoon Sergio off Mexico's west coast is positioned about where Rosa was last week.  And, Typhoon Kong Rey is about to hit China's east coast and/or Japan following Typhoons that just bashed them both last week.

Something Fishy is going on here.

Note the pestilence in NC following hurricane Florence.

Giant Mosquitoes in NC following Hurricane Florence  

Thanks U.K. for reporting on our plague.  Are they real, "natural", or GMO'd-like monsters grown in a lab and planted?  Just showed up, huh?

October 4, 2018 UPDATE:s  This storm Leslie is Gigantic!

October 4, 2018 -- Tropical Storm Leslie






Ghost Writers in the Machine

I really love this. Considering Lord Bezos' CIA connections and his no-bid contracts CIA contracts, his ownership and endeavor to corner the internet traffic world wide and ties to the Googleplex, this email ad is quite interesting._


Hello ,

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As a part of our promotional week (ending today), we are offering you this once in a lifetime chance to become a Best Selling Author in the U.S and other parts of the world by bringing your ideas to life. But do you find it hard to make time and put your ideas down on paper? We can help! View Pricing


About Professioanl Book Writers .
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This is what we have been doing for decades and we are the best in business Our statured client list is a testament to our dedication and premium service to our clients, and we promise you the same service standards. Book Writing INC.’s service includes everything you will ever need to transform your ideas into a beautifully drafted, published book.

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Don’t forget that this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER ending Today! If you have what it takes to become a top-selling published author

Looking forward to hear from you ASAP!

Andres French
Senior Writing Consultant

Obviously, editing is not part of their PROFSSIOANL prowess!

Amazon has the data on all bloggers, editorialists and writers via the Googleplex which has its sub sets in Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and other independent static social discussion boards. This may be out of Cambridge Analytics or any other data collector in the combine.

Who can manage to control the Ghost in the machine? I think the 'Whole' can do it. You need not do anything anymore. Just agree to the singularity of a non-sentient artificial social system designed to retard the individual and self development, expression, governing and life experience. The behavioral and cultural contaminates are clearly seen now with everything we see in Trump Theatre, This is a Holon and you have to see the connection to the greater "new world cybernetics" that is shaping the human transformation into the China Syndrome model, the INGSOC AI governing credit scorekeepers and one world singularity.

In what has clearly been a divide and conquer strategy, what is not as obvious is the deception of the smaller subsystems of the group whole. These slide into the cognitive center and may be unrecognized by the group whole. They can then be represented as part of a sub group and do the damage without conflict. Here they are able to silently attack the fundamental structure like a cancer and like a cancer it can not be discovered until a critical point is reached.

The science and philosophical systems have no Verisimilitude and the search for truth is not possible in the political realms of these systems. Yet even those who appear to be immune to the mind control and question the beliefs they acquired through the entrainment will accept many of these so-called truths. I too suffer these contradictions thanks to the ghost protocols of the NWO mind control combine.

The theory of everything is nothing. Truth that cannot be fully known unless you can find the vacuum, the realm of nothing, the Zero Point where there is no interference of the Machine and no influence of the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network. Maybe a certain amount of time in a hyperbaric chamber might offer some relief and some partial decompression and deprogramming but clearing the slate would not seem possible. Instead we will have to clean the machine one holon at a time.


Kavanaugh Accuser Family CIA Black Budget Ops/Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties



I have written often here about the STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE  and MK-ULTRA. The articles above are good and the CIA's own website has declassified such programs.

The issue is the Brainwashing and social  media EM mind-control that is a Holon to the MK-Ultra system itself. No matter how we feel and what we think, it has been influenced by the ghost writers in the machine/