Thursday, April 28, 2016

Suspicious powder found at Trump Tower in New York

johnson & johnson strike again

CBS NEWS NEW YORK -- Six people, including a police officer, were being monitored Thursday night after a suspicious white powder was found at Trump Tower in New York City, CBS New York reported. read more

White powder matters! A devious plot to give Donald Trump Ovarian Cancer. More to come....

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

M5.8 Earthquake Puerto Madero, Mexico

ShakeMap Intensity image

An earthquake with magnitude 5.8 occurred near Suchiate, Chiapas, Mexico at 12:51:22.90 UTC on Apr 27, 2016

The  recent swarms in Arizona and the depths of recent Ring locations point to another substantial quake based upon the markers and reported depths. This one in Mexico after the quake on the 25th says it coming.  Currently the volcanic activity was last reported at 38. Mt. Erebus is the clue.

Watching the Volcanic activity of Popocatépetl (Mexico) and Klyuchevskaya Sopka (East Russia) indicate the following watch zones. Based upon vortex mathematics, eruption cycle and historical data these are the possible next events.


Vanatu - Kuril Islands - Colombia  - Mexico- Southern California  

antipodal sites - Macedonia - Greece - Italy - Canary Islands

This is a guarantee of one or more HAARPings from SURA, GASKON or Antartica Weather Central in the global secret facility located in New Schwabenland Antarctica.

I have posited that this is the event horizon as an active campaign to create the global warming by activating glacier melt using WMD either endothermic scalar or exothermic nuclear reactor.


Predictions of Equador-Japan quakes.






46°30′N 151°30′E

More from the E.V.A.N. Psy-Op

The moment a Paris suicide bomber blows himself up inside a busy French restaurant


WARNING: The Talcum powder used in this video may cause Cancer

Johnson & Johnson Loses Suit Over Claim Baby Powder May Cause Cancer

Johnson & Johnson will pay $72 million in damages after a jury found it failed to warn consumers that its baby powder could cause cancer.


When you find yourself lost in the vortex and under the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network, don't take a powder. Just remember that MSM registered as entertainment long ago and confirmed in typical corrupt  legal fashion that the first amendment protects their right to air the lies.
The Media Can Legally Lie. In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.


But it does not protect you!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brussels 1st Responder

Prince, 57 dead from NWO chemtrail flu

Your Illuminati Spring Sacrifice 4/21/16

BREAKING NEWS: Prince, 57, dies at Minnesota estate just days after he was rushed to hospital from private plane with 'severe flu'

Prince has died aged 57 at his estate in Minnesota, just days after he was rushed to hospital from his private plane with severe flu.

Paramedics were called out to the music icon's Paisley Park estate at 9.43am and Carver County Sheriff's Department confirmed that there had been a fatality.

A forensics team and a medical examiner are at the scene.

Prince - full name Prince Rogers Nelson - was rushed to hospital six days ago with flu symptoms after his private plane made an emergency landing.

He was aboard his private flight when he fell ill, forcing it to make an unscheduled landing in Illinois on Friday morning.

TMZ reported that the seven-time Grammy award winning singer's plane diverted to Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, to make the emergency landing.

He had had been suffering from flu for a number of weeks and was believed to be recovering, but took a turn for the worse in the early hours of Friday.

He was treated for three hours before being released.

Read more:
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Read more:
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Read more:


It's not surprising the Illuminati would target Prince Rogers Nelson for their sacrificial Spring Equinox lamb. Prince had converted to Jehovah Witness from Seventh Day Adventist and Baptist roots. His music was often focused on God and he had been a real advocate for truth.  I really  enjoyed the video from his interview above.   He was likely targeted in Atlanta NWO guidestone's and proposed capital  east of the NWO and North American Union.

As usual, the corrupt coroner and Freemasonic  fraternal order were on the scene lickety-split to cover up the poisoning. I expect many will come down with the NWO Flu before long.  So-long for now sweet Prince, you always knew the purple rain would come.

Prince Drops Surprise Single ‘What If’ — Listen To Amazing New Track [2015]

Unfortunately the Illuminati Vultures have removed the online listening for this track. You can't find it anywhere.
What if you're right?
And He was just another
Another nice guy
What if you're right
What if it's true
They say the truth
Will only make a fool of you
And what if that's true?

What if He takes His place in history
With all the prophets and the kings
Who taught us love and came in peace
But then the story ends, what then

But what if you're wrong
What if there's more
What if there's hope
You never dreamed of hoping for
What if you jump?
Just close your eyes
What if the arms that catch you
Catch you by surprise?
What if He's more than enough?
What if it's love?

[Verse 2: Hannah Welton]
What if you dig
Way down deeper
Than your
Simple-minded friends
What if you dig
And what if you find
A thousand more
Unanswered questions down inside
That's all you find

What if you pick apart the logic
And begin to poke the holes
What if the crown of thorns is no more
Than folklore that must be told and retold


Cause you've been running
As fast as you can
And you've been looking
For a place you can land
For so long but what if you're wrong

What if you jump?
Just close your eyes
What if the arms that catch you
Catch you by surprise?
What if He's more than enough?
What if it's love?
What if it's love?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

End of the World

Well,  you know it's close.

Larry Nichols says within the next two-weeks.

Apparently Obama and a bunch of others are thinking the same. Martial Law is no longer some "conspiracy theory." It's kicking in our teeth.

UPDATED APRIL 13 AT 12:03 AM EDT ---- (BOTTOM)   RUMORS swirling say "Martial Law discussions over a banking system failure" are the reasons President Obama and Vice President Biden are to meet with Fed. Chair Janet Yellen today after the Federal Reserve's Emergency Meeting this morning.  In the history of the United States, it has never before taken place that both the President AND Vice President meet "unexpectedly" with the Federal Reserve.  Speculation is already flowing all over Washington, DC that it may have something to do with "the survival of the government."

Members of the House and Senate are said to have been "up all night" in discussions and meetings; with floods of phone calls back and forth.

More:  Tuesday and Wednesday the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meet in DC and on Thursday the IMF and World Bank meet in DC as well.

All the leading bankers in the world will be in DC this week. 

Something wicked this way comes and it is coming very, very soon; within days we suspect.

Next Tuesday: The Chinese are scheduled to announce their switch from dollar to yuan on Tuesday, April 19th; which will send about two TRILLION in cash back to the US and send inflation skyrocketing overnight.

If you are not prepared, you have run out of time.

You need to have emergency cash to live on in case banks close for a couple weeks and shut down credit, debit cards and ATM's;  not cash to pay your bills, but rather cash to SURVIVE with for food, fuel, medicine.

Stores may have to close, so you'd better have food,  the shelf-stable type that doesn't go bad:  50lb Bag(s) of rice, Boxes of various Pasta, canned meats, jarred sauces.  Butter, sugar, salt etc.  Enough to survive for awhile just in case.

I'm not prepared. I'm stuck in a house with delusional maniacs. If I were somewhere two-tank fulls out of the city, I could survive on my own. As it is I don't give myself a month. At best.

But I have two new cameras now. So I'll be able to a least video the end of the world.

Somewhere in there is some humor. It's a dark-humor. It's always been a dark-humor. Now it looks to get a lot darker. So I thought I'd pop-in to say "Hi!"

Oops ... more of that damn dark-humor shit again. Wish I could stop.

Does anyone think  it is a coincidence that at the same time these cretins are resurrecting the Temple of Baal that they would collapse the economy?

Oh-wee folks are we in for a fight or what? The unholy hoards along with the holy-war sleeper-cells, what fun!

Anyway, I wanted to say my "hello's" and "good-byes." I would like to think that there is going to be a best-case scenario, but even at this point, even a best case scenario is going to cost tens-of-millions of lives.

Or maybe not? Maybe there are those that are not sleep-walking over the abyss, that are in positions to stop this from happening? Recently I talked to a Major that confirmed the FEMA-camps were prepared, but did not get from him what he was going to do when ordered to put us in them. I got the sense that he wouldn't.

You know that they have to do something to derail the awakening. Love him or hate him, Trump has spearheaded the populace-uprising the Ruling Aristocrat Tyrannical Society (RATS) have always feared. And they are behind in their plans. Or so they have said. But getting the people's idea that they may actually have some say in upsetting the power-structure? Well, we all know that isn't going to happen without the RATS doing something to take everyone's mind off some silly election. Now what better way to do that then starvation? I still say we won't see an election.

What can we expect? A military-coup? This seems like the most logical, but not without perils of its own. Disruption of services is guaranteed for several months.

So I don't know folks? Are the RATS going to unleash Hell on Earth? Are all the prophesies and warnings going to come true? In the end the Bible says we win. Or at least those of us that can make it through a worst-case scenario.

Pray for peace. Prepare for war. God bless you all.

And would someone PLEASE tell me what happens to all the nuclear reactors that are going to go unattended?


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

H3: Quantum of Tritium

Don't be solaced by the criminal EPA and their media outlets. The universal global elite are attacking the human population unlike ever seen before. I have watched hours and read tonnes of information from the expose's of the master plan who have covered the waterfront from chemical and radioactive contamination of strategic water supplies around the world.

There are hundreds of individual cases of intentional leaks and contamination's that are by design and not the accidents claimed and when you follow vortex science you can a carefully crafted social and political agenda to eventually transform the economy (flying) to a Terra based survival agenda of sustainability. Slow kill programs are not better illustrated than cancer agents in our water system.  While the anti-fracker suckers swim in disinfo, the real damage is being done by the crI$I$ perpetrators of the Federal Government and ISIS will soon show itself as the Western NATO UN Agenda 21 cabal.  Not your  idiot compartmentalized enablers but the deep covert crew and administrators who find their way to the top positions in the power structure.

In Quantum of Solace, the theme of the plot was a major takeover of an undiscovered water source under the guise of oil speculation and land purchase.  Not that the Feds, BLM, EPA, FDA and other criminal global inductees into the UNESCO and ICLEI are not attempting the takeover of water connected lands as we speak, but we have yet to uncover the Gold Mine of owning good water.  T Boone Pickins does. Others as well from the Bush Crime Syndicate to the Wall Street bankers and Royal Families.

Here's just another nail into the coffin. Tritium. It is one of the most corrupted science based covers under the global warming agenda 21 operations.  The number of sites leaking Tritium into public water supplies is not reported though those that are are still too numerous for comment.  What the original safe levels were post WWII to where they are now are miles apart. That is how slow-kill works. You find the LD-50 marker and bring the levels to the highest possible number under that marker to do the most damage without bringing it to attention over the entire program averages.

Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant

Not that this isn't a occurrence  seen often anywhere there is nuclear reactors. Not like Obama who loves  H3 nuking people and loathes the fracking and coal mining CO2, he prefers the gamma and beta waves when he's doing his business which is killing and he is good at it, though he brags too much about it.

Here is a good spin and feel good prop piece by scientific American.

Is Radioactive Hydrogen in Drinking Water a Cancer Threat?

The EPA plans to reevaluate standards for tritium in water. So how much are you getting?  Well add the Solar, environmental and contaminated water, food processing and other sources

The agency’s recent announcement in the Federal Register notes that tritium levels as high as 3.2 million picocuries per liter (pCi/L) in ground water have been reported to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at some nuclear facilities. (A curie is a unit of radiation emission; a picocurie is one trillionth of a curie.) That is 160 times higher than the standard set back in 1977 by the fledgling EPA—and the NRC has made measurements even higher at some nuclear facilities. "Because of these releases to groundwater at these sites, and related investigations, the agency considers it prudent to reexamine its initial assumption in 1977 that the water pathway is not a pathway of concern," the EPA stated in its filing.

So how much are we getting from all the chemtrail and HAARPING? I bet our solar intake is 160 times higher as well. Anyone want to bet?

Google Search Tritum Leaks

No less that 48 sites so far plus some major leaks in the US

“Why Big Banks May Be Buying up Your Public Water System,”Global Research.CA

You can see Illinois'Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station and New York's Indian Point nuclear power plant as minor disasters less than the Michigan and Ohio Lead contaminations but the fact that they occur, not by accident but by decision should tell you that the criminals just don't care about the human assets when the bottom line is considered. But the worse case scenario is it is all by design and profit versus fines are just the redistribution of wealth paid to the perpetrators for their work.

What I see is the whole agenda and a consistent formula and algorithm to decrease the population, increase the profits of PhRMA and Medical ponzi in cancer and the ultimate collection of data and science to get the desired numbers of the final solution and models of NWO sustainable and controllable population numbers.

Dr. Winn Parkers show on RBN is excellent for those interested in getting the science in easy listening and real science.

Tritium Half Life - Your Whole Life  ***  Better dying through science

911 Ground Zero Tritium
Levels 55x Over Normal
Update On The Micro Nukes In The WTC


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

There's a little black spot....

...on our sun today.  AR 2529 (711, 18, 9)

Vortex 147 - 258 -369

Massive sunspot AR 2529 at sunset. Image credit and copyright: Gadi Eidelheit.


11 Apr , 2016 by

Just one week ago, it looked like we were set to enter the first spotless stretch of 2016, as the Earthward face of Sol presented one lonely sunspot group going ’round the limb, headed towards the solar far side.

Ah, but a few days can make all the difference when it comes to solar astronomy. Late Sunday night we were flooded with new solar images taken by observers worldwide, showing the emergence of sunspot active region AR 2529. This monster spot is easily already number one with a bullet for 2016.

And as Gadi Eidelheit based in Israel notes, you can already see AR 2529 without magnification, using solar filter glasses:


With negative (147) polarity we can expectsome sloar winds and more imporant I remember AR1126 in 2011 and Fukushima. I predicted the big one that year. Question is does this one mean the king of pain coming again?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump Claims, its a crooked system, while COTO yawns...

Bust One U Win

Donald Trump, the ultimate insider claiming to be an outsider finally comes out and calls the U.S. voting system, "rigged, crooked".  BIG YAWN!!!  From all the non-voting public who knows a rigged craps game when they see one.  Mr. Trump, a gambling magnate in one of his super-prosperous nitches, certainly knows about rigging "games".  So folks, this ain't news to him.  And it ain't news to COTO.

Rigged games...Wall Street ( duh ), MIC (, Fake Wars, ( Iraq, Afghanistan, aww, the list is gonna be too long ), based on False Flags, TPP, Big Pharma/Obamacare, etc., etc.


As WND reported, Trump erupted on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning after a weekend that saw Cruz sweep all of Colorado’s 34 delegates without a popular vote.


“I’ve gotten millions … of more votes than Cruz, and I’ve gotten hundreds of delegates more, and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, and then you have a Colorado where they just get all of these delegates, and it’s not [even] a system,” Trump said. “There was no voting. I didn’t go out there to make a speech or anything. There’s no voting.”


His comments came after Cruz won the remaining 13 delegates at the weekend’s convention, bringing his total for the state to 34, an outcome he claimed was unfair and just shy of illegal.


“They offer them trips – they offer them all sorts of things, and you’re allowed to do that,” Trump said, of the method by which some woo delegates. “I mean, you’re allowed to offer trips, and you can buy all these votes. What kind of a system is this? Now, I’m an outsider, and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes. But the system is rigged. It’s crooked.”

Sunday, April 10, 2016

7.1 Earthquake Hits Afghanistan's Ashkasham, Tremors

World War 3 begins here...

6.6 Earthquake Hits Afghanistan's Ashkasham, Tremors

“Tremors have been felt from Peshawar, parts of North Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber-Pankhtuwa region,” local journalist Yusra Akari told

According to scientist Pallava Bagla, casualties are expected.


Panic as powerful earthquake jolts Afghanistan, tremors felt as far as New Delhi -RT

An earthquake has struck Afghanistan, according to seismological centers and witnesses. The quake is said to have been felt in India, Pakistan and Tajikistan, and was initially measured as magnitude 7.1, although the US Geological Survey later put it at 6.6.

The quake had a depth of 210km and took pace 39km from the town of Ashkasham, Afghanistan, the USGS reported. The China Earthquake Networks Center first measured it at 7.3 magnitude, with various centers then putting the magnitude anywhere between that and the USGS’ measurement of 6.6.

At least 2 people were killed and 10 injured in Pakistan as a result of the quake, according to Xinhua

Preliminary Earthquake Report

  • 10 Apr 2016 10:28:58 UTC

  • 10 Apr 2016 14:58:58 near epicenter

  • 10 Apr 2016 04:28:58 standard time in your timezone

Location36.492N 71.156E
Depth210 km

  • 39 km (24 mi) WSW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan

  • 48 km (29 mi) WSW of Ishkashim, Tajikistan

  • 50 km (31 mi) SE of Jarm, Afghanistan

  • 86 km (53 mi) SE of Fayzabad, Afghanistan

  • 282 km (174 mi) NE of Kabul, Afghanistan

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Italian Chemtrail Video Reveals Deadly Plot

This thread sourced from

Why not wave a sea of signs at selections, anywhere the elite scum gather and show up in public, and SCREAM OUT "Chemtrails, Vaccines, GMO's, HAARPing", talk to US about these criminal "programs" you murderers?!!!

A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”


“Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” say Italian filmmakers Antonio and Rosario Marciano.


The Marcianos, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy ( have produced the documentary film, Chemtrails: the secret war (below) to show scientific evidence related to the chemtrails phenomenon. While much of the documentation has been presented in previous years by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, no film captures the covert war against We the People as well as the Marcianos do.


“Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon,” say the Marcianos. “What is at stake is a covert military agenda.”


This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails.


“It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still happening,” the couple say.

In September 2014, Jacques Daidié, a French activist, went to Italy where he met the Marcianos, well-known Italian activists against geo-engineering. The French translation was born from that meeting and then, produced  by several members of the French association “Ciel voilé”, (


Other contributors of the film’s translation include Jacques, Dominique from Avignon, Mary from Monteux, Sebastien from St Firmin in Valgaudemard and Danielle from Gap.


In 2012, Dupre reported in the article, Geoengineered climate change heats up debate:


“The US Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use,” economist Chossudovsky wrote. “These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. In recent years, large amounts of money have been allocated by the US Department of Defense to further developing and perfecting these capabilities.


“Ironically,” Chossudovsky remarked, “the Pentagon, while recognizing its ability to modify the World’s climate for military use, has joined the global warming consensus. (This disguises the Pentagon’s perfidy.) In a major study (pdf), the Pentagon has analyzed in detail the implications of various global warming scenarios.


Weather-modification, according to US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’ and, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes:


“Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report, emphasis added)”


Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama provides the full spectrum of Air Force education, from pre-commissioning to the highest levels of professional military education, including degree granting and professional continuing education for officers, enlisted and civilian personnel throughout their careers. AU’s PME programs educate Airmen on the capabilities of air and space power and its role in national security. AU conducts research in air, space and cyberspace power, education, leadership and management. AU also provides citizenship programs and contributes to the development and testing of Air Force doctrine, concepts and strategy.  (Read the full fact sheet on the AU Web site:


“The significant expansion in America’s weather warfare arsenal, which is a priority of the Department of Defense is not a matter for debate or discussion,” stated Chossudovsky in 2004, calling the subject matter “a scientific taboo.”


This taboo constitutes a human rights violation as much as fossil fuel companies and other polluters dismissing climate change today. The Marcianos hope their new movie, Chemtrails, the secret war, will catapult chemtrail deniers out of their comfort zone and into reality, at least for more open public debate if not action against the covert war.


Sources: Chemtrails the secret war, Antonio and Rosario Marciano, Tanker Enemy, YouTube

Photo: Tanker Enemy

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Today's HAARP QUAKES 4-6-16



Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.9
Date-Time 6 Apr 2016 06:58:50 UTC
6 Apr 2016 17:58:50 near epicenter
6 Apr 2016 00:58:50 standard time in your timezone

Location 14.110S 166.567E
Depth 33 km



Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0
Date-Time 6 Apr 2016 14:45:30 UTC
6 Apr 2016 21:45:30 near epicenter
6 Apr 2016 08:45:30 standard time in your timezone

Location 8.198S 107.419E
Depth 35 km





Pavlof: The Big Dog Erupts

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Panama Papers and Pajama Capers


Panama Papers: The Prime Ministers, Presidents and Kings Who Benefited From Tax Shelters

An ICIJ probe finds that Panama-based Mossack Fonseca has helped many politicians and their families operate businesses in secrecy, offshore.
read more:

Panama Papers: Hundreds of Israeli companies, shareholders listed in leaked documents detailing offshore holdings
The Putin connection: Cronies of Russian president used shady companies to funnel $2 billion
Panama Papers: The prime ministers, presidents and kings who benefited from tax shelters

These findings are being disclosed on Sunday and over the next several days with the publication of the results of an investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and more than 100 other media organizations, among them Haaretz. The database of 11.5 million documents and correspondences that has come into the hands of the ICIJ reveals how a global industry of law firms and large banks sell financial secrecy services to politicians, crooks and drug dealers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars.


Al Jazeera

Huge data leak shows how world's rich hide their money

Panama law firm that sells anonymous offshore companies leaks revealing data to Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung paper.

The Panama Papers: An Introduction - ICIJ





We were conspiracy theorists, but now we have graduated to advanced propaganda decoding.  It appears that the time is approaching to deflect something really big. It is possible that this could take a candidate out but really, do we need any reason not to want all of them out?  The dead man switch is another AMTRAK derailment. We never saw the Bradley Birkenfeld list. What should we make of this?  I suspect the bigger event will Trump the fake news but we watch to see how these two diversions play out. Not that we did not already know Jeane Palfrey was murdered and Bradley Birkenfeld was paid off. I'm sure he has a dead man switch too.