Thursday, December 31, 2015

Flying Economy: Sudden Turbulence Drop

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position."




Why are Kristol and the NEO's desperate for a War?  Anti-Trump. Pro Clinton, Bush, Soetoro and the next big crash.   They have no concern for the American economy. A trillion dollar blank check for Obama's farewell.  No jobs and spiraling debt.

The turbulence started in June but the real drop happens early 2016. Whether the Flying Economy is forced to land or disintegrates in mid-air is yet to be determined but the fasten your seat belts light is lit.

Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

Epocalypse Now: The Economic Apocalypse is Here

What can we expect? A new carbon currency? Maybe a reset with a exo-cosmic alien market? We have to wait for the commercial real-estate bubble to explode, the derivative “flying economy” to land and the bank run. All of the quadrillion in toxic assets has to be monetized. So is Fannie and Freddie going to solve it with Connecticut Avenue Securities? Ha! Sounds like a Sandy Hook enterprise (LIBOR Round 2?). JP Morgan can’t find private risk investment for their exposure. Neither can the rest. The cream of the crop LTV aside. This is going to be the back breaker. Add the commodities freefall and the manipulations you have an unsustainable scheme. No duct tape left.
Short of an economic boom due to war or global natural disaster I expect the collapse to take form before spring. You know they have something up their sleeves.

If you are on board with the criminal banksters don't expect to bail out. The idea they have is that you "bail in."

Crappy New Year!




Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Damning Chemtrail Photo in SC 12-29-15

The Freakish Weather in the mid-west, which has blown south has been weather-manipulated.  Chemtrails in SC were spread prior to the onset of extraordinary warm temps in the mid-70's, and subsequently layered on top of the torrential rain the night of 12-28-15 in SC, and started up again the afternoon of 12-29-15.

As an Obvious chemtrail jet had just traversed the sky leaving the plume you see in the photo, I happened to be casting bad thoughts at those who would manipulate the weather causing murderous tornadoes, freakishly warm weather in the south, mass snow events in northern areas, and the makings of merciless flooding already hitting the Mississippi River, when -- that full size jet you see in the photo paralleled the recent chemtrail at exactly the same altitude...leaving no contrail whatsoever.

Of course I often witness starting/stopping of chemtrails, ridiculous flight patterns, and blitzkrieg days when they grid out the sky completely, leaving an ugly sick looking gray mess.

The point of this post is to Damn all those who make the BS arguments regarding chemtrails/contrails being water vapor having to do with altitude, temperature, and associated conditions.  All disinfo Hogwash!

No.  Some "air force" is responsible for altering our weather.

The sad news of all the recent deaths and destruction from just this latest round of Freak Weather in the U.S. presents a strong association with ongoing chemtrail operations and ionosphere heating.  In other words, it ain't normal, and it can be tied to weather manipulation by TPTB.  This means those sanctioning, supporting, and covering up the Obvious ongoing operations bear responsibility.

There is NO PRETENDING that WEATHER MODIFICATION is not HAPPENING anymore.  A number of recent historic storms that impacted the U.S., its population, and infrastructure, have been highlighted by Alt-News weather researchers and laymen alike as "steered" storms, if not actually manufactured and intensified by weather manipulation operations.

You can do your own search for articles published on extreme weather events like Irene (see copied links of ixquick search below), or Katrina, or other events.

Don't wait for your national or local weather men/women in the MSM news to even hint at the connections.

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2A SC

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2B SC

It is fair to point out to all the grieving families of loved ones lost, and property owners who have lost everything during this Holiday Season of 2015, that the criminals responsible for your loss are Known.  They're the ones who will tell you there's no such thing as chemtrails, its a Conspiracy Theory, or whatever else to stymie legitimate inquiry.  You can point up at the chemtrailing jets that plague your skies, and ask your local Sheriff, etc. what they're going to do to follow the Big White Trails in The Sky to nail those responsible?!

You won't lack for Witnesses to be interviewed.  Its pretty much the entire population, except for the blind.




Monday, December 28, 2015

The American's Creed, Stands in the Breach -- Tall and Strong

Many Americans, through generations, have been standing on bedrock principles that have served their families, their nation, and themselves well.

It appears Obvious "Perspective" makes up a large amount of what counts for a free-minded man or woman.  There's no hurt here.  There's no holding down others to climb upon the backs and bodies of those beaten down.  A nation of those who can stand up proud, picking themselves up by their own bootstraps, who extend a hand (because its the right thing to do) to the less fortunate, who are comfortable standing shoulder-to-shoulder with uncountable decent folks who also have accepted the responsibility for themselves, for others, for how their representative government acts in concert with the will of the people -- in concert and in crescendo with Obvious Inalienable Rights.

This, is what makes a nation of "people" a formidable force for good, at home, and wherever their hands and hearts reach.


"The American's Creed" is the title of a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives April 3, 1918. It is a statement written in 1917 by William Tyler Page as an entry into a patriotic contest.

Sourced for this posting from Rense, and Rumormillnews

A vast throng of Americans hold to the principles and sentiments described above.

These are the people which make up America's True "Homeland Security".  They are not govt. employees, they require no pay to defend what is right.  Surely, they can spot all that is counterfeit, for lies are as chains of sand blowing in the wind.

They are not the authors of lies, deceit and falsehoods, nor of terror, nor of the psychopathy that reveals the soulless.  As evil is a force in the world to be reckoned with, so too is good that resides quietly in the hearts of a great many.  A great many who will never capitulate to evil, lies, and force.

It is the difference of wise perspective, of character, of mature responsibility, and knowing the difference between black and white, good and evil, friend and foe, representative government and everything else that is not.

NOW, is the time to know what one believes -- and know those who believe it not.

Friday, December 25, 2015


From the "i's Wide Shutter" files (1999) The Apo11o Hoax

Tags: illuminati, Jesuit, Kubrick, Apollo 11, 911, mind-control, MK-Ultra, Project Bluebeam, New World Order, 2001 Space Odyssey, DNA


So is it real or fake? Why was this supposed interview kept for 15 years per Stanleys request? 2016? Why not 10 or 20 years? DISCLOSURE.

It's been a wild ride but the roller coaster for next year will make 2015 look like a dull day.





Thursday, December 24, 2015

beware the false compromise

So I was listening to RBN Radio and I happened upon Deanna Spingola's show. I am not a real fan but was listening to her guest. Then it hit me . Who is this Keith Johnson?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="160"] OPED NEWS[/caption]   Keith Johnson is a critic and debunker of conspiracy theories, particularly those pertaining to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. His work regularly appears in the Newtown Post-Examiner. For many years, Keith was a freelance writer whose articles appeared in the nationally syndicated American Free Press newspaper and on various alternative media websites, including Alex Jones' Infowars.

Our old friend Rob Kall and one from his stable of disinformation and damage control? So I listened to him and Deanna trash the Sandy Hook conspiracy. This included all contributors to James Fetzer's book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control

We have seen a continuous stream of actors. professed actors, their own admission involved in media and events that all center around the very nature and theme of the events we have seen from Aurora to San  Bernardino but the Sandy Hook event is so far beyond the realm of the official story, that it just blows my mind when I see two people who openly claim to believe in government deception go to these lengths to carry the water for Gladio events like 911 and psy-ops like Sandy Hook.

These are the worst kind of damage control operatives who claim expertise and push a limited hangout type of agenda.  They will claim 911 was likely a conspiracy but refrain from the Israeli connection.  They infiltrate the alternate media, present the same kind of theories as debunking that we use to debunk the official story.  This is to target those who may just be beginning their awakening. They find a comfort spot in the alternative media and pander to powers that be by trying to make it seem we (kooks) believe everything is a false flag or hoax. They spoon feed beginners with this technique while at the same time their funders are also funding operatives and media to throw out completely ludicrous and fabricated material.

An example may include the Sandy Hook child who died twice. These are just too obvious not to require some theory.  So was it Photochopped or staged by media?  I know the Obama admin has real connections to Pakistan as a haven for al-CIAda and ISIS Crisis team ops as in Afghanistan. Most notably with recent terror attacks and the CIA expulsions a few years back. Noah Pozner and Lenny are probably the most prominent point of the Sandy Hook event  for CT's and yet they used his picture in the Pakistan school shooting?  Please ....I beg you to spare me this kind of blunder. These are always way too easy.

Deception, deflection, interference, ritual technique,  deliberate manipulation, repetition, recycling and deliberate symbology and numerology are all involved in the planning, delivery, narration and synthesis of the process. Jade Helm is all about manipulation of consciousness, information data-mining and controlling the state giving 'them' the ability to predict.

In regards to my total theory on Project Bluebeam, my everything answer to the questions remains the same. All we can know is that it is not the official story. Beyond the official story, the real agenda is not a gun grab. So even though I will listen to Alex Jones, Deanna Spingola, Jim Fetzer and others, I try to convey that it is a far deeper agenda. I trust no one and neither should you. I appreciate Jim Fetzer and James Tracy for their efforts and I hope their intentions are good.  But beyond the enormous amount of information and those who present it, they are just men and women who we know nothing about.

In the Big Blue Omnibus, there is what I believe the ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance that is not just about surveillance alone or about buy-sell-trade dominance through the zebranomics of the global zionist ledgers  but the total predictive programming and mind-control that Orwell could never have realized.  We are all serving the server, contributing through the Brain-Gate and assisting in the creation of this monolithic tower for their benefit. Whether we are part of some designed Rubic for our extinction and replacement is possible but I think at this point I have to claim total ignorance. There certainly seems to suggest that all information is suspect and under the big blue omnibus anything can be true or false, or both. The true/false is the "Disclosure" process. a limited hangout that provides some truth but always deflect you from the most important aspect of the revelation.

At some point in time we may find MSM giving us more truth than the alternative media. If it becomes so polluted with operatives, paid dis-informants, fabricated conspiracy by the government intentionally designed to mislead, lead us to some point, making us react to and transition to and then record all the data, then I think they have a winning hand. Can we really have a society where there is no truth? No one to trust? I may succumb to terminal contrarianism before it is all over but maybe the truth is never reported. Maybe the truth doesn't have to be reported.

Obama says he's praying for 'God's protection for persecuted Christians'

Does this have to be reported? Do you believe him?

I refuse the compromise, the reported. It's all false. Anything between a lie and the truth is still a lie. That makes it easy for me to see it all a hoax.  There is no middle ground. That is where the alternate media works. I'll report it, tweet it but never believe it.


By the way, we here at Coalition of the Obvious were banned from OPED NEWS for posting Alex Jones and 911 conspiracy. Looks like OPED NEWS now has now okay'd 911 and Alex Jones but now Sandy Hook, the hoax, is off the table.





Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bluebeam Christmas




Upside-down weather pattern across US linked to El Nino

A weather pattern partly linked with El Nino has turned winter upside-down across the U.S. during a week of heavy holiday travel, bringing spring-like warmth to the Northeast, a risk of tornadoes in the South and so much snow across the West that even skiing slopes have been overwhelmed.

Partly El-NINO and partly El-HAARPO
In addition to El Nino, a weather pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation is also helping keep cold air bottled up in the Arctic. Combine that with warm temperatures around the planet from man-made global warming, he said, and you have a recipe for intense weather: "There are a couple of natural patterns at work, and then there's this human-caused component too."

That's a fact. The human element are the NAVY-NASA-NOAA team and their constant HAARPING of the BLOB and El-Nino. Playing havoc with the arctic vortex

Winter Outlook 2015-2016. (Credit: NOAA)

White Christmas? Nope. Tornadoes Expected in Southern States

By In Homeland Security Staff

Winter has officially arrived, but instead of blizzard conditions hampering seasonal travel, severe weather conditions with tornadoes are expected Wednesday in Southern U.S. states and Ohio Valley according to the experts at The Weather Channel.  The most likely region for possible Christmas tornadoes is south of Michigan, from Illinois and Indiana south to the Gulf Coast; extremely gusty winds of up to 70 mph and large hail are a strong possibility.

“The first day of astronomical winter and what are we talking about? Severe weather and warmer than average temperatures,” reports meteorologist Danielle Banks. “But the threat gets even bigger when we go into Wednesday … 70% chance of tornadoes developing.”

....According to The Weather Channel, the Christmas heatwave severe weather threat is due to an area of low pressure set to develop in Oklahoma before heading to the Great Lakes area, pulling warm and moist air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. That moist air is then forecast to join a powerful upper-level disturbance moving east out of the Rockies — and that all spells nasty thunderstorms usually seen in the summer months.

Assault are typical on the I-35 Corridor as I have posted many times. I suspect the next staged crisis to occur on it somewhere from San Antonio to Minneapolis Minnesota. Either way the next week should be quite an event and coup for the destroyers of America ala I$I$ Crisis. Merry Fuggin Christmas America.



Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Hello, world: is your government driving you crazy?"


By Jon Rappoport

Politics, the god Hermes, and the big joke. Suppose, against all odds, enlightenment is funny and funny works like magic because it is magic.

Note: If, as you read this article, you think I’m saying ‘don’t worry, be happy’ or ‘just laugh it off’ or ‘forget all the suffering in the world,’ you’re viewing it from the wrong angle. The 1968 riot at the Democratic National Convention was very serious, and it did nothing to shorten the war in Vietnam. It might have prolonged it. In this article, I’m talking about a basic psychological and spiritual inhibition that keeps people from a kind of mass reaction they believe is unthinkable—but a reaction that would change reality in a revolutionary fashion, if it came from their deepest core…

I could write a few thousand pages as a mere introduction—but I want to focus on one factor: what people project into their leaders.

Yes, I know, that sounds a bit odd. But stay with me. I’ll make it pay off.

Oy Vey? Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’

This comes after the meeting with Pope Francis? Once the Adelson meeting, "the irrefusable offer" takes place, it will be on to Bilderberg 2016. The best comparative for Trump is 'Longshanks' until he craters to I$I$. If not he will find himself like the rest of us lone-wolves. I suspect he is already one of them. Too much time in Palm Beach.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sandy Hook 'Dad' CAUGHT Playing FBI (NEWTOWN HOAX Proof)


The Curious Parents of Noah Pozner and more....

Sandy Hook Dad BUSTED Playing SWAT Sniper?



From the Haunting in Connecticut to the Harassing of Professor James Tracy, the Greenberg Crisis Team keeps the Sandy Hoax staging in the forefront of conspiracy. James Fetzer cannot sell his books and Prof. Tracy is under threat of his job. Wolfgang Halbig has been threatened and the recycle of these staged events keeps coming month after month.

The MSM propagandists keep telling us that we are in fear of terrorism. Only true if we see Obama and Company as the terror and his pen as the weapon of mass destruction.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Popular Culture Like "Star Wars" Reflects Real-World Manipulations

"The Road to Galactic Serfdom"

This is an interesting way to break down and understand "current events" {and historical events as well}.  COTO understands the principles used to manipulate the masses.  It is important for a large and meaningful number of people, in every country, to be savvy to the machinations of those who would accumulate Power & Wealth to themselves through stealth and manipulation.  "It is as it ever was, and will be".  Knowledge is the bulwark standing against Tyranny.

Road to Galactic Serfdom

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Turkey" for Dinner Discussed (Globalist Games)

Globalist Modus Operandi operating in Turkey is revealed:

Sourced from:
"The anonymous man in Turkey managed to get a long message through...
If you want to see the opinion of what is obviously a high intellectual in Turkey, this is a good read"  ~ Jim Stone

{Important, to consider the staging and plan described below.  This is a Formula replayed in country after country on the Globalist's chopping block.  Filling in the blanks with United States might provide insights as to the stagings in the U.S., and assist in gauging What's Next?!}
“The delay in your receiving the last report may have had a silver lining in allowing it to be plainly seen that things have indeed moved in the direction indicated by those first two dispatches - and that the information being shared is independent of the collusive and misleading narratives which now totally infect media of all descriptions. There is need of a break, however, from that straight up geopolitical assessment of events in order to match the nature of what is unfolding to a historical background as complex as it is forbidden - by mutual agreement of all sides.
Your site is the correct venue for such a review, as your placement of the campaign- to vilify Muslims in preparation for a major war - as THE major issue in the west of the moment is altogether true; the lack of such an understanding is what will lead to the mutual destruction of east and west so desired by the players behind scenes. Just as we here face the dangerous calumnies of radicalized Islamist jihadis unleashed by terrorist-controlled states, the peoples of the west need to confront - and defeat - the forces of hate and division whose storyline has, via 'the Donald' now so conveniently surfaced in a manner which will make tacitly acceptable the profiling of ethnic and religious communities.. Targeting Muslims as a group comes at a much greater cost than simply vilifying or marginalizing one quarter of the worlds population - it's covert purpose is to lay the group for stigmatizing and removing ALL real resistors to the machinations of the hegemonist powerseekers. Covertly state-sponsored campaigns for the kind of socio-religious hatreds such as 9-11 was designed to achieve are now the norm globally, assisted in their strategies of public disinformation by complicit media organs and organized the sort of 'black ops' which you so diligently work to document as false flag events.
The primary danger to those of us in the Middle East - and, due to the destructive power of modern weaponry, to humanity as a whole - are the hegemonist projects of those who seek to divide and rule by means of racial and/or religious grouping. The zionist project is relatively well known and understood in it's character and methods; however other, superficially competing but ultimately collaborative efforts are also underway. The Turkish model is one that is much less well known to those of the Occidental world.
A "Pan-Turkic" vision of uniting all those of that ethnic grouping throughout Asia has been an ongoing project since the "Young Turks" ousted the decadent Ottomans from their diminished Empire, in the early part of the C20th. As a part of that vision, we have witnessed the expulsion and genocide of Armenians from their Anatolian homelands, a similar if less bloody exiling of Greeks, and other 'foreign' minorities, along with a long standing suppression of the Kurdish populations predominant in the south and east of that country.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The IRS Tax and No Fly-No Buy


Part of the Jade Helm, Full Spectrum Dominance is the core of the Talmudic Zebranomics. Death and Taxes rules the enslaved people of this planet. As I have discussed the 666 mark, I have pointed to Buy-Sell-Trade. Under the (WTO) World Terror Organization the Terror, NO FLY-NO BUY operates under the "flying economy" The I$I$ -crI$I$ Gladio (NATO-OTAN) enforces the executive Mafia from the Banking Corporate Zionist Headquarters in the three centers of DC, City of London (Tel-Aviv) and the Vatican.

As Masters of the Human Domain, they own your name. UCC, all contracts are your strawman under their financial terror. This is just another example of how they plan to backdoor the mark of the beast into every movement, transaction or communication.

[caption id="attachment_23129" align="alignnone" width="500"]David Dees' Bank of the World David Dees' "Bank of the World"[/caption]

H.R.22 - FAST Act - The Fast & Furious via the Feds, IRS (foreign Corporations / stakeholders) and their benefactors.


(a) In General.—Subchapter D of chapter 75 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new section:


“(a) In General.—If the Secretary receives certification by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue that an individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt, the Secretary shall transmit such certification to the Secretary of State for action with respect to denial, revocation, or limitation of a passport pursuant to section 32101 of the FAST Act.

“(b) Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—For purposes of this section, the term ‘seriously delinquent tax debt’ means an unpaid, legally enforceable Federal tax liability of an individual—

“(A) which has been assessed,

“(B) which is greater than $50,000, and

“(C) with respect to which—

“(i) a notice of lien has been filed pursuant to section 6323 and the administrative rights under section 6320 with respect to such filing have been exhausted or have lapsed, or

“(ii) a levy is made pursuant to section 6331.

Keep in mind that ever since the USA Incorporation went bankrupt, all things changed. By the time JFK was assassinated the whole system had been put into place.

This is in a nutshell that you are a willing participant in this totally fraudulent scheme. It is known to the courts and attorneys but they ignore it based upon your acceptance. Without full disclosure, the  ponzi continues and unless you outside the bar, the collectors of your blood sweat and money will continue to overlook unlawful disclosures because you willingly accept it.  And no attorney will advise you in risk of their oaths to the Zionist Talmudic Slave traders who created I$I$ and other aspects of the WOT for purposes of moving the global governance agenda forward, eliminating any constitution, common law or unalienable rights. Islam and Jihad are merely a tool to destroy religion, under GOD and finally the constitution of those they deem terrorists like Washington, Jefferson and Henry.

[caption id="attachment_26955" align="aligncenter" width="272"]Bush Signing of the Patriot Act Oxymoron "Patriot Act" signed by a moron[/caption]

This MICC Bill is a direct assault,  by the congressional criminal complex, swept through in stealth by the illegitimate CIC and deflected by the stagings like San Bernardino,  that are used to distort, dumb down and cover the schemes which they do not report with a bought and paid for MSM. Step by step and inch by inch, they chip away at the monument of human and constitutional rights. Sharia and Jihad are creations of the Joo-joo-bees and every one is rammed through the back room deals by the stakeholder lobby mouthpieces and the loyal Tories and bar members in Congress who took their oaths with hands on the Koran and their tears on the wailing wall. If you remember, Sandy Hook and Aurora were cover and focused on  buy-sell-trade a trillion dollar LIBOR scam which to date has not a single confederate in jail.  Business as usual for the Mafioso and their consigliere's and enforcers .


[caption id="attachment_28382" align="alignnone" width="408"]cototppslave Made possible by the World Terror Organization[/caption]


Friday, December 11, 2015

Uncle Sam: "Hillary, Kiss My Ass!"

If you go to my YouTube channel you'll see my 3-latest entries. I'll be surprised if Infowars shows them. I'm surprised YouTube even put them up.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

NASA does nothing in space.



AS11-40-5922 SERIAL NUMBER NASA image


hey guys just wanted to say Hi and share my favorite image this month.

speaks volumes. You would think this is a joke but it surely is not.

basically I just wanted to say Hi to everyone before Puddy forgets about me!

I'm an image based researcher and feel like a cheater with all you writers here!

Love you guys!!!!tumblr_ntrcfdhV5w1qj2e2vo1_540

Propaganda by Govt. & MSM is Legal now in the U.S., don't you know?

Robert Lewis Dear on Drugs

Robert Lewis Dear

This alleged "Perpetrator" of the Planned Parenthood "event" appears in court looking suspiciously like the crazed photos of previous False Flag "perpetrators/patsies".

The "3" tall, white shooters initially reported, morphed into the "2" married "muslims" and the MSM "story" continues to appear as a fluid "story" being built to serve the blatant purposes of the "gun control", Muslim blaming controllers, residing within the governmental/policy-making apparatus.  Isn't this OBVIOUS?

dextersinister continues to post about this San Berdoo "event", suggesting the very car was a police vehicle "remote" driven, with the alleged perpetrators handcuffed in the back seat.


"The US government has unbound the legal regulations against using propaganda against foreign audiences and American citizens. The intention is to sway public opinion by using television, radio, newspapers, and social media targeting the American and foreign people in controlled psy-ops.

The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment added that negates the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

These laws made propaganda used to influence foreigners and US citizens illegal. Without these laws, disinformation could run rampant throughout our information junkets.

This amendment added to the NDAA has passed into implementation as of this month".

"First time since 1948, propaganda is now legal in the U.S."

"On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed".

Go look this up, if you are a doubter of the Obvious.  Shouldn't WE assume that a rogue faction at the highest levels is continuing to run anti-american scams for their own purposes -- based on the observable evidence?  What does this say about the faux "government" based in the small country of District of Columbia?  MAX SECRECY on the Obama puppet, while MAX surveillance of every American is Okey Dokey?  Freedom falls on its face by 10,000 cuts.

The really rankling aspect is the gigantic width & breadth of the psyops being perpetrated on The People.  Here, we have an Israel apparatchik (Yarmulke-wearing Rand Paul) calling out Obama!

Its a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, 3 LAYERED CAKE!  A faux world built upon a bedrock of LIES...


Wouldn't EVERYONE like to be able to print up all the money they wanted into infinity, AND pass "laws" that protect every despicable act they do, "legalizing" by fiat whatever they choose?

Yeah, for the morally corrupt.  What is patently ILLEGAL, is regimes flauting the Law-of-the-Land, usurping with impunity.

Meanwhile, in Honduras, this account discusses a citizen of the beleagured country taking vigilante "justice" into his own hands, and murdering a lawyer who was defending politicians in court.  The lawyer had a track record of defending elites.  (By no means, is this considered acceptable in western society, but speaks of the desperation of those living in a lawless and corrupt country).

"There's a clear link between what is going on in the country and this crime," Sanchez said.

She noted that despite a supposed investigation into the missing millions, "there has not been a single sentence against a single politician, a powerful family or businessman, even though for months the media has published details of the corruption scandals."

To date, some two dozen people have been detained, including the director of the country's social security agency, two deputy ministers and several businessmen".

Is this where the USA is headed?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is this Maryland "Story" of Forced Vaccinations on Children True?!

No Vaccines

Is this story true?

If so, what will The People's reaction be?vaccination_and_freedom_bumper_sticker-r750cafa521264c4d83b45354b7fc78a1_v9wht_8byvr_324

The "Blob" 2016

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="259"] The "Blob"[/caption]

Early prediction for 2016  I believe it is time to release the Kracken which should kill the El Haarpo Nino for the Asian program. The shift in Atlantic weather from Africa should now become very active for 2016. It makes sense that California has been hammered enough and Asia as well has seen their cycle of weather war from the ISIS team for their financial and trade flying economy. An incredible 21 category four or five tropical cyclones have formed in the Northern Hemisphere in 2015, shattering the record of 18 set in 2004


3-9-6 Vortex says the 11 year cycle is over and now it will shift it's attention to Africa and US via the trade shift TPP-TTIP. This means storm seasons like that of 2004-2006 which saw record strikes on the US and Caribbean. The storms will not pass by quietly in the Gulf Stream as they have over the last 11 years. This is the shift time. Now Florida and Texas can begin planning for a record year of hell from the NASA-NAVY-NOAA-NATO terrorists who must get the carbon economy and WTO seated in power by the time the UN takes over world government. What the deadline is is debatable but will come likely between 2017 -2020.

The Blob has been almost a 24/7 project since it came and La Nina shift to a near record Nino has confirmed to me that the objective will be the entire Gulf Coast and inland regions. This should also increase tornado activity for the I-35 corridor. As the superheaters worldwide are priming M.East earthquake and record flooding, the east coast has been relatively quiet. Other than a directed Pacific event and Cyclonic manipulation which brought the rains to the Southeast, it was nothing like what the 2016 could bring to the bible belt and southern coasts.

This will inject damage and some economic relief (temporary) for Obama has been destroying the jobs by design during his cycle. Fudging the numbers and falsifying the facts is not flying with the corporate investors and a drastic and dire natural disaster season will go a long way in making his departure not a slam dunk for the blue team.  If they decide to keep him in office we could get a season never to be forgotten.

As a fifty year resident of Florida and Texas, I have been in the eye of 11  storms. The twelfth was Andrew in which I missed the eye but not the spawned tornadoes that ravaged Homestead, Miami.  So I am a prepper by nature and it clear now that no place on earth is safe from the Climate team and their best weapon for world order. I advise everyone to give cash this Christmas and return all useless gifts for SW radio, batteries, Storable food, a portable water filtration and first aid. Ted Koppel warns "Lights Out.",  we need a Faraday energy source plan and that may be well a large factor. Right now, fuel is cheap, so it may be time to jump on that. Propane is real cheap now and last forever if stored properly.








Sunday, December 6, 2015

No Hope, Radio


The President and the Pope were taking a bath. And the President said to the Pope, 'Please pass the hope.' The Pope replied, 'No hope, radio.'

"Oh Shit! Then just pass me the faith"

Scientists Enlist the Big Gun to Get Climate Action: Faith

The cold hard numbers of science haven't spurred the world to curb runaway global warming. So as climate negotiators struggle in Paris, some scientists who appealed to the rationale brain are enlisting what many would consider a higher power: the majesty of faith.

It's not God versus science, but followers of God and science together trying to save humanity and the planet, they say.

The Big Gun is better than the AK assault rifle, because they hope to bleed humanity with the ungettable groupthink of this enormous hoax by attacking their faith. The evidence of human causality in weather is so weak, they are now pulling out the Big Guns I have talked about in Project Bluebeam. 
Physicist John Schellnhuber, founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, said he has been coming to these international talks for 11 years and essentially seen negotiators throw up their hands and say "sorry guys we tried our best." And no one protested. But this time, with the power of Pope Francis' encyclical earlier this year calling global warming a moral issue and an even more energized interfaith community, Schellnhuber feels the world's faithful are watching and will hold world leaders accountable.

"They know they will be measured against the encyclical," Schellnhuber, a member of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, said Saturday at a Catholic Church event. Ever the scientist, Schellnhuber said on Saturday he hadn't seen any evidence yet during the first week of negotiations that this will happen, but he has faith it will.

The world's faithful in this instance is in reality the church of Gaia. The Scientology of mind-control, social engineering by cults of personality from every corner of the flat earth.
In the first five days of climate negotiations, interfaith activists came, fasted, talked to media, buttonholed leaders and prayed. On Saturday night in a downtown Paris chapel, hundreds of people, many of them prostrated on the ground, sang and prayed for the climate negotiators and mostly for the world.

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We should note at this point that the real faithful of GOD are currently on a forced hunger strike, dying at a clip of 3000 per hour without the AK-47's due to the lack of building the infrastructure and industry required to sustain themselves.  The polity of the UNWO has utterly failed from day one to solve it. The Vatican wealth has never gone to the poor and the US-EU AID program is simply the transfer of wealth to their puppet regimes who conduct softkill and population reduction pogroms provided from the same breed of scientists who are misrepresenting the climate data. Aided by a media conglomerate who provide the cover for chaos to make the problem seem so complicated that it never can be solved.  So goes the flying economy, with it's agenda, to never land.
"The environment movement, which has primarily been a secular one, has realized that over the last 30 years or so it's not been that successful in achieving its goals," Joe Ware of Christian Aid wrote in an email from the Paris talks. "Increasingly it has looked to faith groups for help in mobilizing a broader movement of people calling for action on climate change. They are actually natural allies as almost all faiths have a theology of creation care at their heart."

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The environmental movement has historically been one of the biggest frauds and ponzi schemes since the Aspen Institute and Sierra Club began. Sprung from the Redwoods of Bohemian Grove as transplants of the Club of Rome, these eugenicists have made their fortunes on polluting the planet, stealing real estate, radiating the lands and oceans and quelling the population from the facts. Again, the UN has ignored the facts while promoting the UNCCC and fronting the ICLEI and sustainability fraud. Humanity my ass. Humanity is the 10%. The rest are a scourge, these true faithful trying to eke out an existence and sustain a family.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientist Veerabhadran Ramanathan, a non-Catholic who advised Pope Francis on climate and is on the pontiff's science academy, says he thinks this new alliance will play a major role in what he hopes will be a historic agreement.

But for Ramanathan, now a member of the Holy See's delegation to the climate talks, it's more than science or history. About four years ago he had a moment that he called "a revelation."

He was presenting a paper on glacier melt to the scientists at the pontifical academy. It was academic and laid out the conclusions in cold hard facts. But then the chancellor to the academy, a bishop, added one sentence to the end: "If we want justice and peace, we must protect the habitat that sustains us."


Sounds more like an ISIS threat and ultimatum? It should. As I expressed on this blog since day one, the WTO and WOT are one in the same. The Green Movement is ISIS and ISIS is the flagship for the war on the faithful, waged by humanity and the science of death World Terror Organization. The WTO is fighting the war on trade. The de-industrialization to the point that third world is the only world. Instead of agriculture and reforestation, which would sequester CO2, they prefer to reduce the number of useless breathers. Humanitarians, the lot. Instead of free renewable  energy, they plan to tax you on use of the sun based upon property square footage of your hut and a water tax for the rain that falls within those perimeters.
It was quickly agreed to and Ramanathan started to look at climate science not as an academic issue but an issue of justice, because those who are hurt the most by climate change are the world's poorest 3 billion. He started volunteering, working with the poor and examining his own consumption habits, like how much he drives.

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, said Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si is less about ecology than morality and fairness.


Give me a break. Does anyone want to take a guess what the cost of this Paris soirĂ© will total? More than Solyndra?
"Climate change is a global problem with serious social, environmental, economic, distributional and political dimensions, and poses one of the greatest challenges for humanity," the bishop said Saturday. "The poor populations are the most severely affected even though they are the least responsible."

Pope Francis, called a rock star by young religious climate activists, was not in Paris. But as he spoke to faithful in St. Peter's Square Sunday he appealed to those deciding on climate change measures to show courage by also fighting poverty, saying "the two choices go together."

Reach into that Vatican slush fund Bergoglio and find a few lira. The research shows the Christian Hierarchy and churches commit tithing and charity fraud to the tune of $100 million dollars per day at a rate to approach over 60 billion in the near future. Our church leaders and the religious institutions are protected by the government and funded and tax excused by pushing the agenda of #21. From the clergy response scandals to the Vatican pedophilia rampage, these con-men are playing the ultimate, no hope, radio joke on their flocks. It's time for every real faithful person to stand up and call the whole thing a hoax.  The information war is our ally and their enemy. The climate is driven by universal cycles but ultimately by the science of Tesla, EMR, geo-engineering and the global mafia who have the real data and can play it like a hand of poker. Call their bluff!

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"You can argue the science until cows come home, but that just appeals to people's intellect," McNutt said. "The pope's argument appeals to someone's heart. Whenever you appeal to someone's heart that's a much more powerful message."

In some ways, the enlisting of the faith movement is a sign of scientists' desperation, but it's also a realization of the need for a moral revolution on climate, said Ramanathan, who actually briefed the pope on climate in a parking lot.

The world will not act enough on climate change, Ramanathan said, "until we teach this in every church, every mosque, every synagogue, every temple."

The Royal and Religious scam of the century is in trouble. FACT! The science is crap as it is in all other segments. Medicine, Biochemistry, Physics, Earth Science and the rest all fraught with errors and ripe with fraud. I predicted the grand delusion in Project Bluebeam and the information still indicates when faith fails, because the faithful will feel the fraud in their guts, the master architects of science and the masters of the human domain will put to use all the tools of their alchemy into play. Thus the revelations will remain true. Bad times in climate events, ISIS created pandemic or conflicts will heighten their case for a global order of total control and dominance.  Religion is that of the devil and the details are coming tonight and days ahead from the mouths of liars.