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Robert Dear will be represented by Dan King, one of the public defenders who defended Aurora theater shooter James Holmes

You can't make this shit up...or can you?dextersinister

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter appears with public defender - Denver Post

COLORADO SPRINGS — The man accused of killing three people, including a police officer, at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs made his first court appearance Monday afternoon.

Robert Lewis Dear's advisement hearing before 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Gil Martinez lasted just over 10 minutes. The 57-year-old heard the charges he is being held on.

Public defender Dan King, one of Aurora theater shooter James Holmes' attorneys, entered his appearance as Dear's attorney.

It's not a shock to see the same old faces of MK-Ultra make their appearance in these staged events.  Experienced actors always make the best players for these frauds.

As pointed out previously, there is no hope chapel in Colorado Springs listed at the address. But there are plenty of actors on the stage.

Image result for Hope Chapel Colorado Springs


There is no Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs but my best guess for the Hope Chapel is this:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="376"] The Prince of the Hope - Prince Hall Freemason[/caption]



Mister M Get's his time on Infowars

Uncle Michael and the Info Warwagon were on Prison Planet TV today. I am sure Michael will post it to the site. Thanks Michael for your hard work. You are looking good, even when dressed as a war criminal :)




Resistance is victory and if you rise up against the system, you will turn the tide and be victorious.

A modern-day Thomas Paine is successfully spreading the ideas of liberty by operating his own independent Infowars booth at the French Quarter tourist district in New Orleans, Louisiana.







A great Holiday Gift

You Just Never Know ....

So, there I am, out doing my thing, when this nice looking family comes up and is looking at my work. I engage them and one of the ladies says, "My brother works for Inforwars."

I ask whom that might be and she says; "Kit Daniels. He's parking the car. Would you like to meet him?"

War on Humanity & Nationalism Vividly Portrayed. Corrupt NWO leaders Assaulting Populations

(1) Problem = Countries’ treasonous “Leaders” Open Borders for Illegals of all stripes, Muslims in particular, Trojan Horse Jihadists hidden in these populations. This completely scripted and funded “take down” of borders, and insertion of fractious peoples (totally at polar extremes – Christian vs Muslim) reveals complicity at the highest levels of global NWO proponents.

(2) Reaction = “Rubbing up” masses of foreign cultures with Western/European cultures creates massive immediate and long-term destabilization and “friction”. Of course, the END RESULT can be clearly seen even now. On the face of it, as with the idiotic “political correctness” virus, WE SEE utterly insane actions being implemented on a countries-wide scale. Why? And, Why Now?
CONspiracy is clearly seen when we consider the magnitude and scope of the deliberate actions being imposed.

(3) Solution = What do you suppose the Solution(s) to the problems will be? You think the “Terrorist” threats and memes have been bad to date? Clash opposing cultures together and the result is chaos and destabilization. So, right off, we see that the “leaders” are in fact purposely destabilizing entire countries and regions of the world, in readiness for the Solution to be imposed of Top Down Authoritarian Martial Law to deal with the “problems” They have created.

Insanity. Recipe for Chaos & Disaster…

Kowtowing to the “Muslims” (Muslims = Catalyst for Chaos)

“After every single Islamist terror attack we’re subjected to the same BS from the media and the regressive left.  This is just a tiny minority of radical extremists. This has nothing to do with Islam.  There’s no such thing as moderate Islam.
Islam is a violent, intolerant religion which, in its current form, has no place in supposedly liberal western democracies” --
Why not hear about Islam from a woman who grew up as Muslim in the ME?

"Islam is a violent, intolerant religion which has no place in supposedly 'liberal' western democracies".  Form your own opinion soon.  Do NOT accept MSM and political arms twisting your mind.

Who is Obama? Who is Merkel?

Both Obama & Merkel are doing the same illegal and criminal thing to their respective countries --

Brother Nathaniel explains the Khazar Jewist connections behind the insanity --

Soros is referred to in this piece as a “well known US financier”. Form your own opinion on how this infamous criminal is allowed to continue to his “work” unimpeded by Western or Int’l agencies?

Saudis won’t take even one Syrian refugee.

Here, we see a “Treaty” invoked allowing a country (Turkey) to blockade shipping, in this case cutting off Russia. What we really see is Nations’ leadership (sic) picking and choosing which “laws/treaties/whatever” will be invoked/enforced. The Western powers illegal war-making in the Middle East shows the absolute corruption, lawlessness, and deception used to “justify” criminal actions.

Putin utters some obvious observations about alliances.

NATO stopped by Russia at Syrian border.

The deceptive “Alliance” game highlighted by Jewist puppet Rubio.

Nice! Merkel’s crew found “two” (2) ISIS jihadis hiding amongst refugees. Great Job!

Pic of John “Bonesman” Kerry at a modest (sic) abode of a ISIS supporter.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Planned Parenthood "Hope Hoax"


So begins the Great Work of the NWO. Except for the details.

As posted in the Black Friday Comes in Planned Parenthood Crisis Staging we have learned the identity of both patsy and victim.

Allegedly, Garrett Swasey, a UCC cop was killed by a man named  Robert Lewis Dear

Garrett Swasey was also a part-time pastor with the Hope Chapel in Colo Springs

Garrett & Rachel Swasey


Garrett and Rachel began attending Hope Chapel in 2001. Initially drawn by its small size, they have grown to love the fellowship and teaching at Hope Chapel. As they raise their son, Elijah and daughter, Faith, they view the members of the church as their family. Both have been granted a servant’s heart by God, and are a demonstrative evidence of God’s grace to Hope Chapel.  Rachel serves behind the scenes leading and watching the little ones in the nursery. Garrett works full time in Law Enforcement and provides oversight to our Care Groups. Additionally, as an elder, you will find him sharing his teaching gift as part of the teaching team and sharing his guitar skills on the worship team.

Heres some preliminary info on the Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs.

According to their  website and all other address info sites it is listed and located at :

Business Name:Hope Chapel of Colorado Springs
Categorized In:Churches
Address:5740 N Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone Number:(719) 599-4590
Contact Person:Bill Gross
Website Address:

[gallery ids="28779,28780,28783,28781,28782" type="slideshow"]

Please note the following:

  1. There is no physical address structure located at 5740 N Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  2. It falls betweenMakino Sushi Buffet 5760 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3667  Local: (719) 593-2878 and Boot Barn Berkshire Shopping Center 5720 Academy Blvd N
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  3. I called the Church last night (early AM and got a recorded message, then this AM I called again and got a different one which I have posted in a video.

  4. Please listen to the phone switch ( sound switch) which is forwarding the call elsewhere  and listen to this voice and inflection, speed and scripted agent speaking.




[caption id="attachment_28804" align="alignnone" width="439"]Hope5 That must be one small congregation. Do they hold services in the sewer?[/caption]

Take the Street Tour:,+Berkshire+Shopping+Center,+5752+Academy+Blvd+N,+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80918,+United+States/@38.914508,-104.787571,3a,75y,276h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sUXwIfYzk-nWmgONJaxgRlA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x87134efcd12fa82f:0xe03d905f43d408f0

Just something to ponder while watching your civil rights disappear before your eyes. What you can see and what you can't are are the difference between realities. We never see the truth but always we can view the fictional thanks to the master architects, engineers and illusionists. Regarding the corruption of our banks, corporations, military and government we forget the "base" al-qaeda and the "front" Nusra of ISIS. It is there we find the whole conspiracy. Religion would always be the core of the controllers.

"Fraud is the minister of NWO religion."

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Comes in Planned Parenthood Crisis Staging.


Colorado Springs gunman holed up in Planned Parenthood building, firing at police

I am not sure why it took Team Obamacare so long to get this staged crisis to fruition but as stated before, the Planned Parenthood scandal was all a set up for this attack on the G6 agenda for full spectrum dominance. Second Amendment aside, the attack on the Christian nation are sure to be under assault after the "active shooter actor" becomes known.  As the Pressure Cooker meme is set, we will watch the ongoing drama.

Planned Parenthood Filmore

Colorado Springs to the tech center in Denver is a bee-hive of CIA as I discovered while living there.  This active shooter will be;

  1. Christian

  2. Military

  3. Patriot minded - Constitutional

  4. On Meds

  5. Mk-Ultra lone wolf

  6. Dead

Vaccinations, Autism, GcMAF and Dead Doctors. Hey it’s just Obamacare - July 2015

I do not dispute the validity of the flesh peddling. It is clear that Obama wanted stem cell research. It is imperative to eugenics based experimentation and DNA RNA bioterror.

I think it was staged as a divisive means to attack Christians and foment radicals. I suspect a false flag like Eric Rudolph (North Carolina) could be used in the arsenal of what is a clearly defined full spectrum assault on the G^6. This is from the manifesto of zionist state controlled governance.

I post this pic constantly because it’s basis is well documented in several disputed codices and writings from the POTLEZ to Communist Manifesto

destroy family **
destroy patriotism
destroy sovereignty
destroy private property
destroy inheritance
destroy religion ***

Hardy anything happens that does not erode conservatism of the principles of one or more of these. Progressives can debate change but what we are seeing is beyond this. What the technocrats are selling is not progressive but regressive and they are wolves in sheeps clothing. The Fabian model.

Obama PPD #31 – Pressure Cooker Re-evaluating ISIS threat - July 2015


This is a potential major false flag to take place across many states. If like here in North Carolina, one ERIC RUDOLPH would make a reappearance as a right ring PRO-LIFE terrorist bombing and firearm slaughter of many workers in PLANNED PARENTHOOD or abortion clinics this could really trigger a major agenda push for the I$I$ – Libertarian type effort we saw during the MIAC Southern Poverty Law events like WACO/OKC.

I think this is a PRE-STAGE to an event. Big time multi-faceted type crisis.

We will see, but it’s ripe for the next level. I think this planned parenthood expose is a little fishy and we can decide after we see the JADE HELM timeline. The Pluto event is important in this I see the numbers here and they are clear. I will expect something like I predicted before October 1 and this push against Christians is ready for a false flag pro-life bombing.

I give it a 70% chance of being the event.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="408"] Closed Clinic - Staging Facility?[/caption]
Police said the incident began at the Planned Parenthood building and did not start with a bank robbery. Victims did leave Planned Parenthood and go to the bank, according to police.

Are the actor-victims already cashing their government checks?

Reminder for news outlets reporting on mass shootings: the suspect being ID'd as "Sam Hyde" is a meme/tactic trolls use to spread disinfo.

Hyde’s name has also been mentioned after other mass shootings, after the Paris terror attack and as a suspect in racially motivated threats against black students at the University of Missouri.

Dispatchers said the gunman was wearing a long coat and a hunting-type hat, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Police said the gunman is believe to have a long gun. The spokeswoman said they are not yet in their investigative phase and a lot of information is still unconfirmed.

Lt. Catherine Buckley said the gunman brought several items to the scene, which they are concerned could be explosive devices. They said police will need to keep the scene secure until the devices can be examined. The items included propane tanks, which the gunman may have fired at.

Listen to recorded police radio audio, uploaded to YouTube by Grasswire, from the initial police response below:

3. Nearby Buildings, Including a Shopping Center, Have Been Locked Down - "No witnesses"

The National Abortion Federation said in September that threats against abortion clinics and doctors have increased this year.

“In my 20 years at NAF, I have never seen such a volume, intensity and escalation of hate speech, threats and criminal activity, and we would like to prevent a serious violent act from occurring,” Vicki Saporta, president of the organization, told The Huffington Post. “We have enlisted law enforcement’s help.”

The increase in threats comes in the wake of undercover videos that show doctors talking about Planned Parenthood’s use of fetal tissue.

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, the clinic in Colorado Springs is operated by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and did not appear to be closed for the holiday.

The clinic offers abortion services, birth control, general health care, HIV testing, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and STD testing, treatment and vaccines, the Planned Parenthood website says.

There was a peaceful protest by about 300

Smells like a Staged Event and word is the actor is in character and in police custody.

This clinic is on the Centennial. It lies right on the 38th Parallel which is Obamacare central. This means Obama was on the 38th as well.

Coordinates: 38°54′17″N 77°00′59″W - Obama

Coordinates: 38°52'51.0"N+104°50'56.7"W  - Planned Parenthood



Infowars Withdraws Story on Suppression of 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook'

As discussed from time to time, the Traders of death and lies live within the fiction of the flying economy. Alex Jones has been co-opted by the ISIS illuminati syndicate. He sells fear and associated products. What he preached to get to his affluence is no longer what he practices. From Bill Cooper-gate to Strafor to this important article tell us that his focus is on building his media empire and wealth. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard his courage in the face of death speech, I'd give it back to him in exchange for a day of Jim Fetzer and Nobody Died.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Of Rodents and Refugees


Smoke and Mirrors 101 - Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Stuttgart “Refugee” Center; “Boxes” of Fake Syrian Passports Intercepted

Vortex science in the German Dialectic - When the 'Flying Economy' lands, the markets get airborne.

Link Malaysia biochemical whistleblowers and flight MH370. Running interference for ISIS transition to TPP/TTIP and the patent holders of life and death. Obamacare and death panels arriving in arrays and through vectors which the CDC and DHS could never handle. By design, the chaos of Paris and all other staged events is to focus on the fake war on terrorist radical Islam. A complete hoax to cover the obvious and true terror that is the Flying Economy.

The World Trade Terror Organization has the Lemmings watching a pot that will never boil while their house is burning.  The Economist has provided all the clues in their 2015 cover and other issues following the January disclosure.

SARS and MERS are just one of over two hundred active campaigns to spread the viruses of Agenda 21 and the new world transformation. The pale horse is green. Climate-gate and I$I$ are the reality of years of development. From the Agenda, the insiders have built an internal private economy in the death panels of which we could spend years to expose fully.  I suggest we call it the Soft Kill 200 index which was based in the National Security Study Memorandum 200 and operated by the thousand points of light which are the key foundations, corporations and trusts that come out of the Illuminati Mafia crime Syndicate. (IS)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="199"] The Red Pill[/caption]

Our little friend, the Syrian Golden Hamster tells us story after story of the great work done by the men of renown and their benevolent efforts to eradicate the planet of vermin, viruses and plagues, though lemmings cannot see they are the Syrian Hamsters and completely missing the scamsters.

In this construct of the vortex science the TRIAD always reveals the basic principles of the graphs. When death increases, the equity markets follow. Commodities always sink and employment and GDP follow. So when our little furry friend senses the Climates, he proceeds to pack his cheeks to the limits. Preppers extraordinaire, these little coto-ites understand the science and prepare. Zebranomics must then react to the market shift by manipulating the commodities, forcing finance changes, eliminating cash, etc. by way of the fake terror I$I$ threat.

National Security is and has always been the protection of the rackets and the Central Banks and FED. The IRS and Secret Service have always been the true terror recruits, while the Military Industrial Congressional Complex have provided the legitimacy of a complete and utter fiction. Aided by a foreign governance of talented architects, the framework of mice and men existence in this work of fiction was designed.

If you agree to accept it they will take full advantage of your domain,  energy, assets and labor. By your mind willing and your own consent, they will liquidate you in service to the economy of Agenda 21. MERS, the Middle Eastern Refugee Syndrome is just  another of the 200 indexes by which your participation is requested.  It's not Islamic terrorists refugees we need to fear, but the Illuminati Syndicates true agenda, to dominate your energy, dilute your fertility, deflect the obvious, and destroy your will.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="420"] The Economy is always Airborn[/caption]

There is a healthy competition between indexes to see who can max out the  profit to kill ratio of Obamacare/Obamatrade. There is risk though in revealing the obvious connection of death panels to market performance, just as there is in insider trading. The MSM and Googleplex have worked out with the financiers, the algorithms, softkill software and systems by which all futures are planned.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="217"] molon labe[/caption]

We, on the other hand must refute the markets, dump hope, work on faith and plan. Are refugees an issue or threat?  No, I don't think so but the passports are lethal. We may not be watching the MERS-CoV death spirals, or the State Department and Fed's vetting of health and safety for the flying economy, but in the grand scheme of the flying economy, it is merely one of many stocks to watch.  Maybe a few shares of Burroughs-Wellcome or GlaxoSmithKline are in order. I loathe not the Syrian Hamsters but the real Khazarian Rodentia who make them run the wheels.

Golden hamsters originate from Syria and were first described and officially named in 1839 by British zoologist George Robert Waterhouse. Waterhouse's original specimen was a female hamster—he named it Cricetus auratus or the "golden hamster". The skin of the specimen is kept at the Natural History Museum in London.[6]
In 1930, Israel Aharoni, a zoologist and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, captured a mother hamster and her litter of pups in Aleppo, Syria. The hamsters were bred in Jerusalem as laboratory animals. Some escaped from the cage through a hole in the floor, and most of the wild golden hamsters in Israel today are believed to be descended from this litter.[6]
Descendants of the captive hamsters were shipped to Britain in 1931, where they came under the care of the Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research. They bred well and two more pairs were given to the Zoological Society of London in 1932. The descendants of these were passed on to private breeders in 1937. A separate stock of hamsters was exported from Syria to the USA in 1971, but apparently none of today's North American pets is descended from these (at least in the female line), because recent mitochondrial DNA studies have established that all domestic golden hamsters are descended from one female – probably the one captured in 1930 in Syria.[6]



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Blue Views from chaos





ANYDAY NOW................



Friday, November 20, 2015

Remember the Alamo, remember Gladio.


Remember the Alamo, remember Goliad Gladio:

The Front and Behind of

Image result for ISIS goliad Flag

False Flags...........................


8 Syrians caught sneaking across U.S.-Mexico border. Obama threatens to veto refugee-vetting bill

Actually, anyone but Syrians!



In 1947, Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret stay-behind army in France codenamed "Plan Bleu". The next year, the "Western Union Clandestine Committee" (WUCC) was created to coordinate secret unorthodox warfare. In 1949, the WUCC was integrated into NATO, whose headquarters were established in France, under the name "Clandestine Planning Committee" (CPC). In 1958, NATO founded the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) to coordinate secret warfare.[citation needed]


Main article: Counter-Guerrilla

As one of the nations that prompted the Truman Doctrine, Turkey is one of the first countries to participate in Operation Gladio and, some say, the only country where it has not been purged.[44]

The counter-guerrillas' existence in Turkey was revealed in 1973 by then prime minister Bülent Ecevit.[45]

Terrorism in Western Europe: An Approach to NATO’s Secret Stay-Behind Armies by Daniele Ganser

In order to guarantee a solid anti-communist ideology of its recruits, the CIA and MI6 generally relied on men of the conservative political Right. At times, former Nazis and right-wing terrorists were also recruited. With the beginning of the “war on terrorism,” in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, secret extremist networks with a potential for violence are attracting renewed attention. Islamist terrorist organizations such as the Jemaah Islamiah in Indonesia, the Hamas in Palestine, or variations of the international Al Qaida of Osama Bin Laden, as well as terrorist left-wing organizations such as the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) in Colombia are once again in the spotlight. In this context, the secret NATO armies are also being rediscovered. Two questions dominate the research. First, in which countries did the secret armies exist? And second, were they or are they linked to terrorist operations?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="394"] Find Goliad on this map[/caption]


| |

Interesting how that just keeps happening in Turkey. Last month, a former BBC reporter named Jacky Sutton, acting Iraq director for Clerkenwell-based War and Peace Reporting, was suddenly found hanged in a bathroom at the Instanbul airport. Because, you know, when you’re going to kill yourself, you do it by hanging yourself in the bathroom at an Istanbul airport…

dirtytrafficking copy

[caption id="attachment_23252" align="alignleft" width="500"]I-35-Map1 Find the Alamo on this map[/caption]

You have the maps and you have the flags. All you need is the conspiracy. Jade Helm and UWEX are preparations for 811, just as WTC93 was for 911. Gladio ISIS teams are coming in from porous borders. Russians too. Khazars, all of them. The Levant in Asia and the Nusra (front in the US)  El Trumpo is the prophet only, and not the next President. Chances for no election are higher now. We are prey for the Khazarian Turks and these scum run from the Caucuses to Pakistan and Spain to Mongolia. Many are US Citizens and Military.

A good conspiracy: Sam Houston and the Alamo Conspiracy

Old Vendettas never die. Mexico and Colombia are as dangerous as they ever were to Americans. Who will help us? No one.

Remember the Alamo!!!  Remember Goliad!!!



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Somebody Picked the Wrong Country...Americans Get the Drift/Grift (Drop)

Somebody picked the wrong house...

   Somebody picked the wrong school...

           Somebody picked the wrong theater...

                    Somebody picked the wrong church...

                              Somebody picked the wrong event...

                                        Somebody picked the wrong city...

                      Somebody picked the wrong country.     period.

Charlie Sheen: The Arrival

Quantum to SPECTRE - The Vortex of NWO tradecraft in concert with the Holyrood stagecraft is announcing a new hoax for the dumbed-down masses.

The arrival of the program from the inception of the fraud came with a host of interesting stagecraft. The Death Panels provided the ABG's of protein manipulation and we were given the fantastical versions of  a series of new terror. From AIDS to eBola to the Gamma's of HAARP and Chemtrailing, we have seen the true war on humanity via the World Terror Organization. From the WHO, CDC and AMA courtesy of dead doctors, the Military Industrial Corporate Complex has fully merged with the Hollywood zionist media and Holyrood east mecca with the use of the vortex science of total spectrum dominance.

From the spectre of disease to the hyle of economics, the committee has released the Charlie Hebe-dough ala Sheen. It's too bad Charlie has been under the MK-Ultra program of Hollywood, considering his past events in speaking out on 911 and Barry Soetoro. It came with a price tag.

This is Holyrood Stagecraft at it's finest. Considering the total fraud of HIV simply stated.

The multi-billion dollar/pound AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications : that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by the HI virus or the “HIV virus” as some medical/media masterminds call it – perhaps they think the V in HIV stands for volcano. In Japan “AIDS” is virtually unknown : yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be “HIV-positive”.

HIV-positive response means nothing of any relevance to health : it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis … : over sixty different conditions.

We all have it.  It's just a protein shake up needed to give you the death sequence. From the Labs at Ft Detrick to Paris' Pastuer and the Malaysian labs comes the wood for the program. The vectors are endless in ways to deliver it. Food, water, PhRMA, vaccines, chemtrails, insect and cosmetic.  Enhancement by HAARP and microwave can improve outcome.

For Charlie, it could have been anytime, anywhere while passed out or using IV drugs, from his friendly dealer to one of his goddesses.  Now he in and under the control of SPECTRE.  With the Quantum of the protein, the death panel's  false-positive and the Media blitzkrieg, the House OF Numbers takes over.

[caption id="attachment_27777" align="aligncenter" width="259"]NWO Vortex2 Quantum: It only takes one[/caption]

There was the usual impeccable timing of the Charlie Hebe-dough hoax right after the Paris attacks and with all Zebranomics, the vortex of these TRIADS comes with the massive redistribution's of wealth. Simple arithmetic sets the stage for the craftsmen of the human domain. If Charlie had contact with a thousand Goddesses, I$I$ says that the numbers of protein recipients from him alone could be staggering. Not that we all have not already been vaccinated but they cannot link us all to this cycle and blow the lid off the scam. So, in this TRIAD, Charlie is the hyle for the hoax. Charlie and his "wood" made him a perfect candidate.


The ripple effects are a boon for the cabal. From the legal, patent, trade and TPP science of full spectrum dominance, this TRIAD will set a stage for further control and destruction of liberties and freedom. Soon lawyers will be needed for non-marital relations. The lawsuits and contracts required for the human assets will increase exponentially by these types of frauds.

Charlie you are the target but we are all in the bullseye. Be careful Charlie. They have just assassinated you via the MSM and Obamacare. At any point they can now kill you simply by introducing the trigger to send your unique signature by way of the flying economy and you will be dead. And in sheepledom, you were just a victim of AIDS (or related death) So Charlie you are dead man walking. Forget your money, that is already gone. Forget your freedom, that is gone as well. Charlie you don't have a disease, you just have what we all have. Obamacare.

Oh, and don't forget this Charlie;

Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Take a Quantum of Solace, Charlie. You are helping to move us ever closer to a One World Order and a new cashless economy. You will make the history books. Or at least a volume lot of legal journals.


PT2 -

PT3 -

PT4 -

Sunday, November 15, 2015

France attacks Syria in Retaliation for their own false flag.

[caption id="attachment_28435" align="aligncenter" width="500"]cotosansdefense Spectre of War[/caption]

France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria in Retaliation for Attacks - NY Times

PARIS — France bombed the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday night, its most aggressive strike against the Islamic State group it blames for killing 129 people in a string of terrorist attacks across Paris only two days before.

Crowd seen running in panic at Paris memorial - CNN

Parisians are forced to fight with their feet as they trample over the memorial,

Certainly innocent people have died in Syria. Holland is a war criminal. The French are cowards running over their own memorial. Like a flock of sheep stampeding to a lone wolf crisis actor staging. Watch as a city crumbles and the people tremble with fear to a fraud.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spectre is all about the economy and Quantum is about the war on humanity.

All roads lead to War. Irregular War, Unconventional War, War on Humanity

We had Skyfall with Metrojet 711 and now Paris 911. Watch the Hotspots for Spectre and Quantum coming in November.

So if Obama says France is our oldest ally who has always stood with us, then if Hollande declares war on Syria? Well you get the drift.  A world war as unlikely as it may seem is somewhat plausible now.

[caption id="attachment_28427" align="aligncenter" width="255"]8-11 = 53a Friday the 13th = 811[/caption]

If we look at the ECONOMISSED 2015 cover again we may begin to see a pattern.

VIGILANT CITIZEN has reopened the cover in his latest post. Kudos to his excellent work.

Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist?

I stumbled across this guy -  - It's like finding my long lost brother


PROBLEM. REACTION, SOLUTION. Over and over again. And every time there is major "terrorist attack" events like this one, they coincide with DRILLS or EXERCISES that mirror the actual events. Nearly every single time. As was the case once again on Friday the 13th in Paris.

Irrespective to whether this was real event or not the fact that the drills, pre-drills are always done and the actual stagings are consistently without evidence. Never are there actual graphic evidence live shots and if so they are easily refutable. That said it is still terror in what will come to further erode unalienable rights of freedom.

Obviously, this is coming to America in a big way. As a bankrupt corporation with debt that can never be repaid, there will have to be a reckoning. This is what I$I$ is all about. Yes we are IS. Insolvent State.

What coming with the TPP/TTIP and the SDR’s will expose the corporation and fraud under a fiction, far greater than these stagings. If you want to read a coming fiction for 2016 look at the military drill UWEX-16 Unconventional Warfare Exercise for 2016, January through March in Texas, NC and ?. The “X” is ‘we the people’


I have to keep reminding myself of the target and gold ring. It's too easy to get caught up in the Hollywood of crISIS, but I feel the hand of I$I$ on my throat and I don't like it.  I am prepared for the rest of this fast and furious shift into quantum. Bigger and better productions from the chairman of the board and the committee. I'm still sticking to my hotspots for a hot November and into the Black Mass of Christmas.


SPECTRE and MOSSAD on location for SKYFALL

Hotspots for a Hot November


SPECTRE, a Quantum Leap?

[caption id="attachment_28433" align="alignnone" width="500"]cototerrorstorrm Terrorstorm[/caption]

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris in Lockdown After Terror Attacks

Paris attacks: US politician Jack Lindblad claims Charlie Hebdo killings were by 'US and Mossad' to keep Israel's Netanyahu in power.


Bibi just got a lot more power.


[caption id="attachment_26707" align="aligncenter" width="236"]Charlie-Hedbo-18-Sept-2012 MOSSAD - alCIAda: All roads lead to Iran[/caption]

France Declares State Of Emergency After Paris Shootings, Obama Calls It “Attack On All Of Humanity”

Paris shooting: Scores killed and injured after 'Kalashnikov and grenade attacks' across French capital with dozens of ...

Paris attacks: 60 reported killed, hostage situation ongoing

New Explosions from a concert hall. Hostages being held in the Bataclan arts centre .

Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan

The concert tonight was  Fri, Nov 13 Eagles of Death Metal


Le Bataclan

50 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris, France

33 upcoming concerts Capacity: 1,500

Eagles Of Death Metal

Terrorists take 100 hostages at Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris

In the news

He hid his face, but with his twisted, videotaped taunts and acts of terrible cruelty, "Jihadi John" was the ... that, if it is confirmed Emwazi is dead, "will strike at the heart of ISIS.


Too bad the Jihadi John show has been cancelled after two seasons. We had thought it would give Mad Men and Breaking Bad a run for their money. Must be tied to the stock market tumble.


Jul 12, 2015 - ... Islamic State executioner Jihadi John (aka Mohammed Emwazi) in front of a giant ... If it's a hoax, it's a pretty elaborate and expensive one.



Maybe CSI Paris can create a good spinoff....................


In the news

As global leaders prepare to gather in Paris for the international  climate negotiations next ...


I expect ISIS is on the Carbon Exchange


O'Malley: Global Warming Created ISIS | The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller

Jul 20, 2015 - After ostensibly trying to separate global warming from national security concerns, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley Monday jumped on the bandwagon of those claiming global warming created the conditions necessary for Islamic State to grow.

Obama Lumps Climate Change In With ISIS | The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller

Feb 6, 2015 - Obama Targets Global Warming In National Security Strategy ... was determined to fight terrorist organizations like al-Qaida and ISIS, the latter ...

Al Gore Blames ISIS Attack In Syria On Global Warming ...

Jun 19, 2014 - Al Gore Blames ISIS Attack In Syria On Global Warming ... (That is, apart from Bush's targeting New Orleans with his weather machine.).


Shades of Boston and the same Charlie Hebdo we have seen before. This time it's not gun control but Climate Crimes the globalists have on their agenda.


Vortex 6-9-3                                /*\                                        60 dead

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts




Oh well, we could end up with Carson, the Helmsley to the Trump.

I've seen too much of Trump and his Tower in Palm Beach Florida.  Too much slick Carson shtick to bite.  You can drink from the cup and take the White Olympian or the Black Budha but it's all too hard to swallow. Trump is Apollo alright. Apollo 11. But Ben Carson is the darkside of the moon. Can't wait for a look at his knife collection.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="461"] Beware of Greeks bearing gifts[/caption]

I will be the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.

Monday, November 9, 2015

SPECTRE and MOSSAD on location for SKYFALL


USA-ISIS Shoots down Russian Passenger AIRBUS (811) - October 31, 2015

"My best guess is Israeli MOSSAD or al CIAda ISIS on orders from the Illuminati for a major sacrificial slaughter.  25 children is a pretty good tally in the 217 passengers. No manifesto yet to see if any “special targets” were neutralized. The typical BS Narrative is in high gear. METROJET had an excellent record."

Airbus A321-231 MetroJet EI-ETJ.JPG

Seems the "Right in your face" conspiracy is alive and well in 911 fashion. As posted on the Times of Israel:

Israel hosts its largest-ever international air force exercise - October 30, 2015, 12:53 am

Israeli, American, Greek, and Polish air personnel square off against a fictional enemy state in two-week drill

22 miles from the disaster

Israel Held ‘Largest Ever’ Air Combat Drill Nearby, On Same Day as Russian Sinai Crash - 21st Century Wire NOVEMBER 8, 2015

I found it too simple that the obvious Mossad connection was going to come to light. But after reviewing it, I believe that it was US-ISIS ala Turkey or other NATO  scum who used Israel as the bait.  I may be wrong but it seems a bit too easy for my taste.

It's certainly clear that Bibi has made a quick trip just 10 days later to meet with the ISIS leader Soetoro for a "reckoning" that seemed out of place, space and time. This does not fit. Then I read this:

Israel to receive less US military aid than Netanyahu requested: White House Sources

I think Putin, Obama and Netanyahu know who shot down 7K9268 (711) The charade is getting a bit stale and something larger has got to happen in order to get the Fertile Crescent and Lavant in the global hands of Quantum. But the Spectres still remain.  How will Israel get Iran into the mix.  Russia's news gave Bibi a perfect motive for tagging the Metrojet.

Russia breaks deadlock over sale of S-300 missile system to Iran

Russia is expecting to start deliveries of the S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran by the end of 2016, ending a long legal dispute that threatened to undermine Moscow’s ambitions to deepen ties with Tehran.


I hope the script for SPECTRE is better than this one. We must remember that this is Holyrood East and their budgets are a little tight considering they use our money and we have less and less to contribute. But I give them a little credit for their Pacific LAX missile  psyop and their having to juggle many shooting locations.  Too bad it's all fiction and only real for those they kill.  Maybe like MH370 and 911 the real plane and passengers went to Diego Garcia and then on to Antarctica. We will just have to wait to see.  I am just adding this to the coto archive.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

From Spectre to Quantum on slippery ice

Secrets from the south pole.cotoicecube



Fermilab to Sanford experiment

Feds: Sanford Lab Experiment Won't Harm Environment

Where have we heard that one before? Time to dump the "God Particle" and focus on the "sterile" neutrino. If the quantum leap is the superluminal highway to time travel, zero gravity, black masse-less matters and Higgs boson's mate, the 4th and 'sterile' neutrino, I'd say they are coming into view at the right time.

When the Feds cannot even handle a simple mine claim clean-up, we are to assume they can assure us of no environmental impact? Ha!  What do the Antarctica Treaty nations think we are? Idiots?  Certainly so.  While we are bombarded by psyops for WWIII, we are unaware that World War 4 has already begun. This war on human development, depopulation and space domination are matters and priorities that supersede all political and military false flags and media hype.  When it comes to banking and science, there are no borders or conflicts. Only "we the people" are the concern of the current nation states and governments.

I believe that the powers that be may not be able to escape the confines of space, but may look to escape the time barriers, taking the knowledge and certain materials with them. Like a reset? Or moving to the fourth dimension. Meanwhile, working on full spectrum dominance of the human domain is what they will leave us with.  If the microwaves and lasers travel at the speed of light and data from thought transference equal, would time stand still? What the endgame is may be unclear. Assuming the TRIAD, there are likely no less than a dozen deep projects in the CERN, FERMILAB and ICECUBE projects and high hopes for an escape. It would seem that they have opened Pandora's box.  No doubt the Neutrinos are getting much attention and that makes me very nervous. So where are the missing planes really? Are ghosts really just particle dimensional anomalies? Did someone open an earth based black hole?  I think soon, the cat is out of the bag.

Neutrino Observatories

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hotspots for a Hot November

G20 meeting - Turkey November 14-15 2015

The G20 members are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.

[caption id="attachment_28368" align="alignnone" width="450"]hotnovember G20 - HOT NOVEMBER 2015[/caption]

It's a bad time to fly.  With the coming G20 and TPP situation, a call for Carbon Economy has been declared. This should make for quite an interesting month with the G20 in Turkey to split the month in half. I expect two events for the month.  An oil related event, a seismic one, a assualt on the energy grid and possible ISIS foreign staged crisis. Along with the usual deflections and distortions, the Chinese will steal headlines prior to the G20 and there should be some fireworks with the Turkish elections.

1999 - 2008 - 2015 = 911-811-711. The AIRBUS 321-200 was the first of three events for November. The recent decoding of this event indicates threesome of staged crises for the month or for the remaining year.

There is some real concern regarding the Turkish hosting of the event in consideration for the current TRIAD in Syria and recent contention between Syrian Russian and Turkish players as well as the idiom to get scraps from a shrinking pot which has been the motives behind the new world economy to forcibly slow all economies. China's resistance has provided them with plenty of false flags and warnings, yet they march along without even a stutter. But the damage has been done to the Arab peninsula and the breeding ground for the Springs have always been the goal from 811.


2008 was the start of Barry Soetoro's fraud after his election. His immediate world tour of bullshit would insulate him from the agenda over his eight year diversion off the main agenda.  ISIS recruitment and black lives matter werre the breeding and recruitment grounds for the GLADIO regime change, democratic demonic springs and preparations for the synthesis to carbon based new world global change. His audacity never wavering even to his recent Military financial commitment over the poor and struggling. More terror, more obamacare, more taxes and less freedom, less transparency, less jobs.

Now that the cat is fully out of the bag regarding Barry, the immediate and early start to the next election and new speaker are thrust upon us by the MSM cracker jacks as a sedative for the idiots who think something will change again.  It's truly a mystery to the pathology of such diseased minds.

Black Hand

Obama has managed well to target foreign resistors and rejectionists to the global conspiracy, while convincing the fools he is not a warmongering chicken-hawk like the Clinton's and Bush boys, but his lineage proves otherwise and now his dossier has clearly demonstrated otherwise. It was with handlers, MSM and his cult, he managed to string it out evenly and gradually over his time, but now with the change of CIC in the wings, the climate has to begin to change dramatically.  I suggest it begins a year before the election and ramps up steadily. Beginning with a market correction....or maybe a mark correction. Assassination is such a dirty word.

8-11 = 53

We can glance again at the RothRocks publication for some clues.  Based on a base 9 vortex model, the zones are on the map. Some are geodesic coordinate based and some are historical time-space based on the googleplex.

One is for certain a seismic event. Some can say market seismic or Terra seismic. Both can occur in an assassination. the cryptic nature of 811 is the 11.

Base 20 ISIS- days of November are 1, 6, 11 and 16.

I expect some major work on his legacy.

TPP Bowl Africom

G20 Base 8

decimal to octal (base 8) 11.3 and 11.5 = 161 and 163

base 10 = 33 55

long and latts = 11,33,55,161,163,


Germany Ireland, Russia, Belarus, Alaska

Texas, New Mexico, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Israel

Pacific China

Pacific China -

Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Ukraine -

Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Antarctica

_________________Happy Thanksgiving from Turkey________________