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Remembering Air France Flight 447
John Byrne – RAW STORY June 9, 2009

The puzzling crash of Air France’s Flight 447 killed two of the world’s “most prominent” illegal arms trade and international drug trafficking foes, according to a little-noticed report.

Brazilian Air Force had retracted previous statements back then that the debris found in the Atlantic Ocean was from Flight AF 447. They said that much of the debris found in the Atlantic Ocean was NOT from Flight 447.

The passenger manifest

Now CNN reports "

France to search again for downed jet

I did the COTO run through on this in 2009, looking for the Kenyan whistleblower or scientist and really never got that far with it. So I X filed it.

But the more I think about the lack of evidence and the bogus debris and missing black boxes and passengers I have to wonder about Jersey Girls Post and all the strange phenom behind the chemtrails that we have seen from El HAARPO and other scatter or focused ionoshere heater facilities. This plane went down in Africa's  Hurricane Alley.

This may be better a case of the ongoing Philadelphia Experiment and the outcome could have been a success and they are going there to plant a complete wreckage of a reproduced AIRBUS flight 447 and fake black boxes.

Before his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla supposedly claimed to have completed some kind of a "Unified Field Theory". It was never published. While very limited "invisibility cloaks" have recently been developed using metamaterial, these are unrelated to theories linking electromagnetism with gravity. It is therefore my contention that they are successful in transporting ships and planes.

It would open the doors to all my theories about the Challenger, KAL007 and others as a weapon casualty of scalar EMP. Whether they have perfected the actual theory is said to have been confirmed by Carl Allen's letter to Jessup in which Allen refers to a conversation between Einstein and Bertrand Russell acknowledging that the theory had been solved, but that man was not ready for it.

Imagine the planes of 911 going to Greenland in moments after takeoff and Vigilant Guardian aircraft working outside the airspace that day while remote controlled planes or missiles were arriving at WTC. I believe in Holograms, explosions and Dr. Judy Wood Huthison effect microwave takedown for the towers.

All of you know my TRIAD theory to nausea but the fact that dumping toxins around the world provides an inexpensive way to dump corporate waste, weather chaff,  EM conduit,  radar wavelength chaff  air cover and depopulation.  If that's not a triad, what is? What is going on behind the white laced curtains?

I invite some chatter and other thoughts.

I have added several good videos on the subject at; _ - DOMESTIC STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM - WMD - TECHNO WEAPONS

Under the Bleachers....a police state

The Super Bowl, Police State, DHS-FEMA, False Flag False Security, Air Marshalls, Viper Team Assassination Squads, The Deflection, The Patriot Act, federal abuse of the Patriot Act, Vaccines, Internal Revenue Service (incompetence or criminal?) Rand Paul on the GOP and balancing the budget without slush funds to Israel, Donald Rumsfeld to receive "Defender of the Constitution Award" and Ron Paul on foreign aid ripoff.

GEORGE W. BUSH lives on:

Israel Deliberately Bombs Medical Supply Building in Gaza Feb 9, 2011 - Ken O'Keefe

Because that's what they do .........

A Superb and Stinging Summation of the Not So Super Stupor Bowl

With thanks to my niece Heather who posted this on her facebook page. Here is a very good piece by a writer for, Jeff MacGregor.  An excellent commentary on Amerikan societal values post 9/11.  Original article, with Christina Aguilera video found here:

MacGregor gets it.   The title:  "Superb Owl:  Football as America."  Another COTO voice crying out  from the wilderness..... ~jg

Declaration of Independence.

"America the Beautiful."

Bad anthem.

Good game.

Bad commercials.

Weird night.

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Strange Sounds in the Night Sky

Last night while lounging on the sofa and reading articles on my laptop, in a  house as quiet as a tomb,  I was distracted by a strange sound outside.   It was a loud rumble like thunder, or a very low flying  jet or a large tractor trailer carrying a heavy load going down the highway.  I wasn't sure what it was because it really didn't sound like any of those things.  What I heard was a low, loud rumble as if a jet were flying over and then instead of the sound trailing off as usual, it just stopped dead.  It sounded as if the plane were hovering directly overhead.  I thought it was odd but went back to reading.

A few minutes later, I heard it again...  same loud rumble and the same weird abrupt end to the noise.  Ok, so now I'm thinking, that IS really odd.  I ran to the backdoor and opened it and just listened.  All was quiet so I listened to the traffic sounds.  I heard the normal whoosh of the distant highway, nothing unusual there.  By now I knew I hadn't heard a truck or thunder.   Then the rumble started again. This time I was ready for it.   I scanned the sky... and saw..... nothing, no lights.... nothing...  just heard that creepy sound.

Quadrennial Diplomacy And Development Review

The QDDR provides a blueprint for elevating American "civilian power" to better advance our national interests and to be a better partner to the U.S. military. Leading through civilian power means directing and coordinating the resources of all America's civilian agencies to prevent and resolve conflicts; help countries lift themselves out of poverty into prosperous, stable, and democratic states; and build global coalitions to address global problems.


I smell a rat. Korn out.

Predictions 2011


[Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, said today’s eruption was five times bigger than the first one recorded last week.

“The eruption process is quite similar to the eruptions [of 1716 and1717], so more violent eruptions could take place,” Ryusuke Imura, an associate professor at Kagoshima University and expert on volcanic topography, told the newspaper.]


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Are you smarter than a war criminal?

Are you smarter than a war criminal?

 Time to test your metal.

1. How many war criminals in the 20 photos?

2. How many of these war criminals also won the Nobel Prize?

3. Which war criminal was responsible for the most death?

4. Which war criminal said “Oh Wilbur, I just want to eat one of Addison’s apples?”

5. Which war criminal used makeup as to look like a clown?

6. Which war criminal once said “We own America?”

7a. How many of these Butchers are dead?

7b. How many should be dead?

8. What do Darth Vader and  these Crime Lords have in common?

9. How many of these genocidal killers has the US supported?

10. What do Popeye and several of these war profiteers have in common?




  1. 10

  2. 1

  3. 18

  4. None

  5. 3

  6. 16

  7. 5               7. All of them

  8. Megalomania, Manichaeism and Malice aforethought

  9. All of them

  10. They would kill for Oil (Oyl) Crude and Olive

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HOTSPOTS 2/7/11 - Committee engineering

UN Takeover

Thailand / Cambodia (Security threat levels - 4 / 3): On 7 February 2011 Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged gunfire for the fourth consecutive day near the disputed border area surrounding the 11th century Preah Vihear temple. No injuries have been reported in the recent outbreak of fighting. At least five people have been killed in gunbattles across the border region since the clashes began on 4 February. Thousands of people have fled their homes on both sides of the border. The Preah Vihear temple complex has reportedly sustained some damage, but the extent remains unclear. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has called for U.N. peacekeepers to end the fighting along the border. Members of the Thai group People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), known as the "yellow-shirts" staged protests in Bangkok on 5-6 February, calling for the government to take a tougher line on the border issue.


Bush cancels Switzerland trip to avoid torture prosecution - National Celebrity Icons |

What took them so long?

Bush cancels Switzerland trip to avoid torture prosecution - National Celebrity Icons |

Pole Shift Threatens To Cause Weather Chaos

Article printed from Infowars:

URL to article:

Will paying billions of dollars in carbon taxes to Al Gore and his cronies solve the problem?

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, February 7, 2011

According to some experts, the world’s weather is about to get even more chaotic as a result of natural climate change that we can do absolutely nothing to prevent – and even though global warming alarmists may exploit the consequences to advance their own political agenda, paying a carbon tax to Al Gore will not lessen the impact of a potentially catastrophic magnetic polar shift.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Warrant For War Crimes Against Bush

The Swiss have issued a 2500 page warrant for war crimes against Bush and company. He had to cancel a trips to Switzerland to speak to Israeli based supporters. It falls under Nuremberg laws.

It is the first time in history an American president has been travel restricted as Mussolini and Hitler were. It opens a can of worms for American travelers as 147 countries signed on to this can now ask questions such as have you been an accomplice in torture or even written or posted things condoning it. Naturally the MSN is very quiet about this.

(Reuters) - Former President George W. Bush has canceled a visit to Switzerland, where he was to address a Jewish charity gala, due to the risk of legal action against him for alleged torture, rights groups said on Saturday.

Bush was to be the keynote speaker at Keren Hayesod's annual dinner on February 12 in Geneva. But pressure has been building on the Swiss government to arrest him and open a criminal investigation if he enters the Alpine country.

Criminal complaints against Bush alleging torture have been lodged in Geneva, court officials say.

Human rights groups said they had intended to submit a 2,500-page case against Bush in the Swiss city on Monday for alleged mistreatment of suspected militants at Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. naval base in Cuba where captives from Afghanistan, Iraq and other fronts in the so-called War on Terror were interned.

Pittsburg Steel Importers VS. The Green Bay Brazilian Meat Crate Unpackers

Everything going pretty much as expected. Then the half-time show taught us Black-eyed Peas suck live. The blockheads made an appearance. Global warming was increased by a thousand goofballs wearing incandesent lights. Ushers also dropped in also sucking live pretty bad. Authorities have assured us power to the stadium is priority after Parkland the Dallas County hospital was turned off last week,along with other  hospitals. I can rest easy knowing My gut instinct that football is more important than human life or education was correct. I am often correct about this kind of thing. I think My metal building is acting as a faraday cage thingy protecting Me from baddy-beams coming down from orbiting gubmint platforms,but thats another story.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Resistance Is Victory

Science Fiction Films R Us

How many times have we said "we're living in a science fiction novel/ movie"?   Let's see how big a list of those films we can accumulate.  I'll start us off with a few of the obvious. ~jg

1984.. Big Brother is watching.  Except now it's Big Sis and those telescreens are about to go up everywhere. "if you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever."

RTR ~ Restore the Republic

Egypt - Lieberman internet kill switch - Dialectic for American Revolution - Ron Paul - End the Fed - Militia Terror - MANET Option - Obamacare - TSA and private screenings - G6 (Data collection) thru Twitter and Facebook - US Military Air Support in Sanai - Rahm Emanuel - Chuck Schumer fails civics -

Freedom Conference - Ontario California

James Traficant - Sheriff Rick Mack - Joe Bannister ex IRS whistleblower - Michael Badnarik - Adam Kokesh - Bill Still [The Money Masters] - Voctor Thorn 911 Truth - Wm Rodriguez 911 - Catherine Bleish [DHS pegged Radical Militia Member] - Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers - Steve Hemphling on the IRS and your personal income tax - Tom Cryer, Lawyer on how he beat IRS charges.

Viva Gary Franchi and the Spirit of Aaron Russo

An interesting article on slave management

Comments by Richard K.  Moore:

This is a very interesting article. One can draw parallels between each of the slave-management techniques, and how we are controlled in our so-called democratic society. Like promoting dissension and rivalry, as a way of avoiding rebellion... special privileges for higher-level operatives, discarding those no longer productive, and harsh punishment for the unmanageable. The 'social progress' of civilization can be seen as the evolution of ever-more subtle means of slave management.



In today's [book] excerpt - as part of his education, Julius Caesar (100 BCE - 44 BCE) would have been able to read instructions on how to manage slaves written by the legendary statesman Marcus Porcius Cato (234 BCE - 149 BCE):

"[For an aristocrat in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar], farm management meant, primarily, slave management. Fortunately, Cato had left detailed instructions on the subject. He distinguished, of course, between domestic and farm slaves although, in general, he treated all 'like beasts of burden, using them to the uttermost, then, when they were old, driving them off and selling them .... like shoes or pots and pans, casting them aside when they are bruised and worn out with service.' With domestic slaves Cato had advice on how and when to praise, threaten, reprimand or reward. To prevent conspiracies he promoted dissension and rivalry among them. He entrusted the chief steward with major responsibilities and permitted him to be shaved by the local barber, to gossip with other stewards in taverns and brothels, to participate in neighborhood clubs, to play ball and to attend the theater. The more willing and cunning slaves he encouraged to buy slaves of their own to train and to sell at a profit. The slovenly and the lazy he flogged.

"Farm slaves, distinguished as 'speaking tools' from 'mute' tools (animals) and 'lifeless' tools (equipment), were to be worked to the limits of their endurance and to be sold when they were no longer productive. The bailiff and perhaps a few specialists in viniculture and orchardry were permitted to marry. Most of the others were manacled and locked up at night. If caught stealing or stepping beyond the boundary stones or listening to itinerant astrologers (troublemakers who preached dangerous thoughts), they were to be beaten and assigned to hard labor. Habitual recalcitrants were hung overnight on a cross; captured runaways were branded on the forehead and locked in an iron collar inscribed with instructions for their return and an offer of reward. Incorrigible slaves were to be prodded to a place of execution, flogged and hoisted and nailed to a beam and left to strangle.

"In general, the employment and treatment of slaves was a pragmatic question, and many slaveholders accepted Aristotle's judgment: 'Every assistant is as it were a tool that serves for several tools; for if every tool could perform its own work when ordered or by seeing what to do in advance - thus shuttles wove and quills played harps by themselves - master craftsmen would have no need of assistants and masters no need of slaves.' On the other hand, slave rebellion was the greatest peril confronting [Roman] society. A good citizen exhibited no sentimentality in face of such a threat."

Author: Arthur D. Kahn
Title: The Education of Julius Caesar: A Biography, a Reconstruction
Date: Copyright 1986, 2000 by Arthur D. Kahn
Pages: 15-16

Paperback If you wish to read further:         Buy Now

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Hat in Hand to Mexico

Protesters in Tahrir Square break into song Feb 4, 2011
11:36pm Amid cries for Mubarak's immediate departure, demonstators - led by a guitarist off camera - break into song during the "Friday of Departure". Al Jazeera cannot verify the authenticity of any Youtube videos.

Translation: Let's make Mubarak hear our voices. We all, one hand, requested one thing, leave leave leave ... Down Down Hosni Mubarak, Down Down Hosni Mubarak ... The people want to dismantle the regime .... He is to go, we are not going ... He is to go, we won't leave ... We all, one hand, ask one thing, leave leave.

Friday - music video day at COTO


NWO Steamroller, or Soylent Green Scoop


Hanging out in the street will get ya steamrolled or frozen,depending on which colony you in.

Alert: CBS Outlet Calls for Chemtrail Pics--Fire Away!

[caption id="attachment_12913" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Question the Insanity"][/caption]

Alert: CBS Outlet Calls for Chemtrail Pics--Fire Away!
by Zen Gardner

OK, they want photos. So, let's send them photos!

The following article from an Atlanta CBS affiliate (I know..) ran a piece and is claiming to want to know more. So, let's give it to them.

Here's the story excerpt from the intelhub post on BIN today:

"Looks like the subject of chemtrails got some mainstream coverage out of Atlanta when a local CBS affiliate ran a story televising details.

CBS – “These are literally crimes against humanity, nature,” said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick
CBS is requesting pictures to be sent to them of chemtrails along with comments.

CBS Atlanta wants your chemtrail pictures. Send them to

Send away, people! I've sent a big batch and they've posted them! Maybe someone will listen!

More important---Then contact your local paper, weather channel, EPA office, local government, and say "Why aren't YOU doing something about publicising this outrage like they are?"


Thursday, February 3, 2011

HAARP Weather Control .. OR... There is Nothing Natural About the Weather

Decades of the Military Industrial Complex fooling with the ionosphere has finally taken it's toll.  OR is the world's weird weather being directed and controlled by the MIC/NWO  for nefarious purposes?  Either way, we lose.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Capitalist Judaic system"

Submitted to the community here, please review and comment about this man's formulation about the situation at hand. (See video, below.) Thx.

Disturbance In The Toroid Field (what the hell is a toroid field?)

"The coming earth changes will be blamed for the global food crisis of 2011. The Toroid field changes will alter the ocean currents, distorting the coasts and causing tidal flooding. Shocking snow storms, ice storms and a very long winter are upon us. The Toroid field changes are projected to be so powerful that no go zones will emerge where electrical appliances and vehicle motors will cease functioning."

Rolling Brown-outs A Bunch Of Brown Stuff

"Rolling blackouts that plagued much of the State of Texas have ended as of Wednesday afternoon, though they could resume later, all due to a massive strain on a statewide power grid."

"Early Wednesday morning, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas ordered all power providers to shed a portion of their power loads.However, by around 1:15 p.m., power providers were notified by ERCOT that the outages could end for the time being. However, outages could resume Wednesday night and Thursday if necessary."

It seems to Me that localized overloading of densely populated urban areas would not require shutting power off statewide. The brown-outs began well after 9 AM. I would think power demands would be greatest during the early hours when most are preparing for work.

Brown-outs  during summer 100 degree plus days have never been statewide. Heating elements use a lot of juice. The brown-outs have ended until tommorrow morning it has been announced but the coldest temperatures are in the wee hours of the morning ,say 3 or 4 AM but todays outages began after 9 AM.

In our county of less than 100,000 its hard to imagine a shortage or our tiny contribution solving the urban problems. I just dont understand that overloads mysteriously stopped for 20 hours when the temperature has remained constant,freekin COLD.

Many accidents occured as signal lights went black. If this can be proven to be a fabricated incident somebody needs to get sued. Rolling black-outs,turd-stuffings !


HOTSPOTS 2/2/11 Big Winds and NWO Flatulence


Mexico (Security threat level - 4): Several incidents of cartel-related violence occurred during the night of 1-2 February 2011 in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, involving attacks with grenades and Molotov cocktails, shootouts and narcoblockades. One person was injured and five were arrested; there were no reports of fatalities. One of the most serious incidents occurred at approximately 2100 local time on 1 February in the southeastern area of Tonala, where assailants threw a grenade at a security facility, located on the Guadalajar-Zapotlanejo road. In separate incidents, gunmen threw Molotov cocktails and fired on vehicles in various locations. At least three narcoblockades were staged, including on the Altos de Jalisco tollroad. A state official stated that the violence was perpetrated by members of a factional criminal group that split off from the cartel Los Valencia. There are no reports of ongoing violence in the city.


Australia (Security threat level - 2): On 2 February 2011 airports in northern Queensland state closed as Cyclone Yasi -- now a dangerous Category 5 storm -- headed toward the coast. Airlines rerouted flights to other locations as Cairns (YBCS/CNS), Townsville (YBTL/TSV), Whitsunday Coast (YBPN/PPP) and Great Barrier Reef (Hamilton Island) (YBHM/HTI) airports all halted operations. Yasi is forecast to make landfall as a Category 4 or 5 storm at approximately 0000 local time on 3 February (1400 UTC on 2 February). Authorities were working to move thousands of tourists and coastal residents to shelters after ordering evacuations for the areas in the storm's path. Reports indicate that overcrowded evacuation centers were forced to begin turning away residents. Emergency officials warned that the cyclone was powerful enough to destroy cyclone-proof homes in the region.

NOTE: So begins the WINDS I alluded to.  This is serious business here and I fear for our comrades down under.

Thanks Webster for confirming what we already know

DARPA; DoD; USAF; IEEE, GOOGLE, WWW; Blue Omnibus; Social engineering; Global Governance; IT panopticon

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rockin' the Free World


Ken O'keefe tells it like it is-


Watch the following video, then read the piece below. The context of the song is built around an oppressed people and the deep longing for freedom from enslavement. The Right to individual Freedom applies to all of humanity. This is not acceptable to certain groups. Social status, nationality, education, nothing relegates individual's Rights to Freedom to the dustbin of history. This is the root of the ongoing war raging across our world. Complacency will no longer be an option for mankind anywhere.

Current events are highlighting men and women's instinctual desire to throw off oppression in all its forms. Life is not fair. Neither is it cheap. And everything is not about power, money, and control. Yet to some, that is all it ever boils down to...People don't matter. Only Them. Two sides then. People -- and Them. More, and Less. Pick a side. You'll have to live with it, or die with it.

Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Article found at:

Egypt is a lesson for America, teaching us to look at ourselves, at how free we really are. We are not so different, Egypt under Mubarak and America under what ever gang of financial criminals and foreign thugs is controlling the government today. Egyptians have known thousands of years of slavery. They recognize it when they see it. Slavery, for most Americans, is something new. Americans woke up one day and weren’t so free anymore, maybe not at all. Some didn’t see it coming. Others screamed a warning and were pounded into the ground for it.

Seeing what is going on in Egypt reminds me of how I thought America was going to be. The 60′s were confusing, for those of us who were around then and still have the brain cells left to reminisce. John Kennedy’s America was going to save the world, not so much from Communism but from slavery and dictatorship. Africa had “de-colonialized” and the dictatorships, the banana republics, Franco, Tito, whoever that guy in Korea was, all those oppressive folks were going to be tossed aside and Americans would lead the way, Peace Corps if possible, Special Forces if it came down to it.

We were the guys with democracy to sell and Kennedy had the credibility to pull it off. Then “they” killed him and we got Johnson, the USS Liberty, deeper into Vietnam and, eventually another dead Kennedy, killed to put Nixon in office and end all that foolishness, hope and moral righteousness.

America was going to be about bombing.

This is the America we now know but don’t love quite as much as we might. Not everyone is happy about blowing poor people up for money, not everyone but enough are quiet about it so that it can go on year after year.

We all thought the Cold War was a big deal, fighting for the “hearts and minds’ of the poor of the world, democracy vs. communism. All we really sold was slavery, debt and endless dictatorships. Mubarak is one of the hold overs from the Cold War, America’s “place holder” in an Egypt we “won” from Soviet influence. Mubarak’s continued survival into the 21st century was predicated on America’s new game, Islamic extremism, supposedly a “disease” threatening the world, one born in Egypt at the hands of the Muslim brotherhood.

This was to be the new “Cold War,” the fight to protect western civilization from billions of militant extremists ready to blow themselves up at a second to earn their way to martyrdom and paradise. I am now ready to rethink the Cold War, may be it was as phony as this one too. Vietnam certainly was and I know that one “up front and personal.”

Every time we find a suicide bomber or a terror cell, the money behind it seems to trace back to an insurance company tied to the FBI, CIA, RAW, Mossad or some other handler. In fact, 99.99% of terrorism seems to be aimed AT Muslims.

If there really is a “clash of civilizations,” it is between human beings and the monsters our press never reports but we all know are out there. Monsters? What do you call people who, not only profit from war and terrorism but make sure it happens even if they have to hire the terrorists themselves as we see with 9/11, or as any sane person sees with 9/11 anyway.

If America wasn’t in Afghanistan, there wouldn’t be a war in Afghanistan. There wouldn’t be a war in Pakistan either for that matter.

Think about Smedley Butler, so many years ago, ‘War is a Racket.’ This had to be the smartest man in the world. If you don’t know Butler, take a moment, open a browser and do a search. Read that. If you don’t ever come back here to finish this, you are forgiven. If you believe war is about security or honor or patriotism, read Butler several times until you know nothing else.

If you think there were ‘clean’ wars, I suggest you read David Irving’s biography of Winston Churchill. Irving is, perhaps, the best researcher on World War II around, if anything too good. When Churchill turned out to be mostly alcohol and “hot air,” Irving made some folks mad. When everything we know about Hitler came into doubt also, Irving, a best selling author, was blacklisted and later imprisoned. He is a “truth teller.”

The point? There are no clean wars, there were no clean wars, war is a racket and people who make war do so to keep mankind enslaved. The people of Egypt are out there, being what Americans ought to be, should have been when elections were stolen, should have been when Kennedy was killed and we had that outrageous “lone gunman” story foisted on us, should have been when the cover story for 9/11 fell apart. With a clear majority of Americans believing that our own government murdered thousands of people in order to get American into a war, years of demonstrations still don’t get 300 people in the streets. The families of the dead have to buy TV commercials.

Our failure to speak up is far worse than simply burning the flag.

Since this commercial hit, national television broke the 9/11 conspiracy wide open but it is Egyptians standing up, perhaps even for us. We can’t speak, not here in America. Even writing this borders on a violation of our new laws. Not even congress reads them, even when they passed them. Half the things you say to your neighbors during the Super Bowl are considered “terrorism” now and you can be locked up for life without a trial, your lawyer jailed with you. This is how it is in Egypt, this is also how it has become in the United States.

Egyptians, by the millions, have hit the streets to bring down 30 years of a government that wasn’t hated 30 years ago, not by so many. 30 years is a long time, trading stability and security for freedom, and getting neither. 30 years of Mubarak.

America is ten years into the same cycle, patriot acts, habeas corpus gone, a Department of Homeland Security, demonstrations only allowed in “free speech zones.”

I so envy the people of Egypt and the pride they are feeling, no matter how this ends. They stood on their feet, something the people of America have failed at since the early 1970s. I don’t count the Tea Party, with its financing from billionaires and its love of war and the frightening ambivalence it has shown for the real constitution, real American rights, real American freedoms.

What good are guns when those who have them watch censored news all day and have become little more than an informal militia for the corporate thugs?

Ever see a gun owner at an anti-war rally? What good are guns when gun owners care nothing for real freedoms? All the guns in Egypt are with the police and army, and it is Egypt standing up for our freedoms. Few Americans seem to care. Maybe its too cold outside.

Few in America were aware that Egypt was part of a political nexus in the Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States and several more, more “regimes’ than governments with Israel alone maintaining the appearance of democracy, only at the hands of a controlled press and censored news in the US. It was Egypt that stood erect and declared their manhood. I so envy the people of Egypt and the pride they are feeling, no matter how this ends.

What could be at the end of the road, well, it could be democracy, a word seldom used in America, not anymore. That ship has sailed, Americans talk about being a republic, accept rigged elections, defacto foreign rule, multi-national corporations, powerful foreign lobbies and a government of cowards and bunglers who pander to the weak and fearful.

Almost all Americans have written America off, declared it bankrupt, bereft of money for sure, drowning in debt, owing money that never existed to those that don’t deserve it.

That 15 trillion dollars of debt makes all Americans indentured servants, slaves now as our generations to follow will also be. Americans still work, they toil, those with jobs, Americans dream and Americans sacrifice. What Americans don’t do, not anymore, is enjoy the fruits of their labor. America is a land of petty criminals, small time con-men, not petty in theft but small of mind, body and spirit. Listen to the radio, read the job ads in the paper. Everything is a scam. America is a nation of scamsters.


All those guns, all that power and there is no nation on earth as victimized as America, no people who have lost as much, no people forced to endure as much as Americans, with our cheap food and our world class medical care for the rich. Try getting a kidney transplant by showing up at an emergency room. No advanced medical care is available for people that don’t have an “adequate support system.”
That means, if you aren’t rich, you die. You should see the level of health care we give our veterans. As a totally disabled combat vet, I have heard “you don’t qualify for that” or “we don’t pay for that” or ‘that medication isn’t available for veterans” so many times that trying to get health care is a joke. Now our new “Tea Party” congress is planning to cut medical care and benefits for veterans even more. Good luck with that.

We expected it. Whenever there is flag waving and speeches, we know a truckload of manure is coming. Speaking for America’s veterans, which I actually do, I thank those of you who supported the politicians who have turned on those who gave so much to defend their country. You say you were too busy worrying about “Obamacare” to think about veterans and our military? They’re only starting with us, veterans are always an easy target. They have plans for the rest of you. Watch gas prices rise, health care standards plunge, watch criminals of every kind operate with “Madoff” impunity, just as they did during the Bush years.
Thanks. We will remember you for this.

A decade after Americans watched the TV spectacular of the century, more a Las Vegas magic act, disappearing buildings, destroyed lives and a nation’s descent into lies and dishonor, 9/11 is the watershed for America’s decline.

It started. We were told to be afraid and given reason. Airline hijackings had been a reality for decades, we thought our government could handle it. Were told there were still sky marshals, and the world’s largest air force could intercept an airliner in a few moments, just take an F 15 to afterburner, 1700 miles per hour plus, just like chasing a moped with a Ferrari, one with a NORAD navigation system.

But we learned NORAD didn’t exist, not that day and we didn’t really have an air force either. They were gone, maybe on vacation with the sky marshals, Bermuda or maybe Tel Aviv? We were told we were defenseless and they were right, we were defenseless, but against whom?

Americans buy guns because they feel defenseless and are frightened to death of their own government. This is how things have been in Egypt for a long time and they don’t have guns.

Ten years later, I know how the people of Egypt feel because I feel the same way, oppressed by a government that has made a sham out of elections, a government that cares nothing about people or laws, one that only serves the pack of criminals crawling the sewers of Washington DC. Turn an ear that direction? Do you hear them slithering?

I wonder how many Americans are feeling what I feel.

In the last ten years, the right to own guns has become more important than ever. Do you ever wonder why?
Do you know what most American gun owners think? I can tell you. They think about how they are going to die with a gun in their hand and how it is going to go down; Millions of Americans are thinking the same thing. They expect to see the black vans on their street, blue and red lights blinking, doors opening, a lethal cargo of faceless automatons, riot shields, submachine guns, SWAT types.

What will it take, use the shotgun? No real American trusts a 9mm anymore. Do you have any idea how many gun owners have searched the web looking for rounds that will penetrate body armor? American gun owners, millions of them, expect to die at the hands of their government.

How they see it coming down? Laws will be passed legalizing illegal immigrants. Then speaking up with be consider “hate speech.” The more controlling and oppressive the government becomes, perhaps even worse than it is now, the more need it will have to end free expression, end free thought and control all communication, even worse than it is today.

It is very bad today, don’t fool yourself. If you are getting your news from “the news” and many still are, it will be a big surprise. For others, it will be expected, in fact, millions expect it now.

Will it be “liberals” or “conservatives?” Millions worry about that too. Problem is, those telling them to worry about liberals and conservatives are the ones plotting.

Do this, imagine, not just big cities, but small towns, all across America. Imagine everyone hitting the street, not just socialists, or “gun nuts” or anti-government fanatics but regular people, sick and tired of feeling powerless, feeling duped. Imagine reaching for your coat, wanting to see what it is all about and the hope that it might just be possible to undo, to pull it all down.

Imagine hitting the streets, all Americans, not out of hate but out of love for America. Imagine finding that all those things you believed made us different no longer mattered. What if everyone wanted to live in a free country, to live in peace, to want only to work hard and earn their own way.

What if we all got sick and tired of being slaves. You say you aren’t a slave?

Funny, America doesn’t seem like a country run by a free people, in fact, I can’t say I have heard anyone crazy enough to say that in years.

Free, in America, means you one of the lucky few not to be in prison, millions are, or on probation of some kind. 20 million Americans have some kind of problem with the law. Millions of Americans learned that if you have a mortgage on your home, you own nothing.

Americans are prisoners, living from paycheck to paycheck or unemployment check to unemployment check or, as with so many, wondering where food or shelter is going to come from, how their kids are going to live. Some Americans, many Americans are actually facing starvation today. You don’t think so?
Look down your block. How many people there haven’t paid car insurance? How many are behind in rent or house payments? How many are buried in credit card debt?

You think this was an accident? When trillions of dollars left America, and it did, half of America’s money went overseas during the last 10 years, you are now living through the aftermath. The equity in your home, gone, what was equity is now debt. You can’t move, you can’t sell, you have nothing. Slavery.

Americans have had their wages cut each years since Reagan got into office. Our standard of living has lowered each years since then after 200 years of meteoric rise. The stock markets increased 10 fold in value and Americans made less, and became poorer. Few Americans own anything at all, a house, a car, even decent clothing.

This was the game all along. You don’t think you are a slave? Try being independent. “They” will give you two choices, live under a bridge or in prison.

People of Egypt, thank you for reminding us.

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Jan. 31, 2011