Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"We Took No Quarter - Everyone Was Bad"

In honor of Memorial Day ... I've watched this perhaps 6-7-times and tear-up every time.

Dris has disappeared. I haven't seen him in over a year and a half now. I pray he's okay.



Time To Panic


Everything from an EMP, to terrorist attacks, to Martial Law, yet he still holds out a glimmer of hope that the election will take place. I can't see how.



Monday, May 30, 2016

High Finance and Magic Bullets


A May Sacrifice

Ex-CEO Of Largest Swiss Insurer Commits Suicide, Three Years After CFO Hanged Himself -ZeroHedge

In the latest tragic news from the world of finance, earlier today Zurich Insurance, the largest Swiss insurer which employs 55,000 people and provides general insurance and life insurance products in more than 170 countries, reported that Martin Senn, the company's former chief executive officer who stepped down in a December reshuffle, has committed suicide. He was 59.....cont

Twelve deaths in eight months, by suicide & otherwise, among the CEO classes

Richard M. Talley, 56, was found dead in his Greenwood Village garage Tuesday by a family member, the Denver Post reported. He had shot himself seven or eight times in the head and chest with a nail gun.

Over 40 Bankers Dead Since 2014: Latest Banker Death Connected To JP Morgan VP

Well here we go again COTO. Another Zurich high financier and a lame suicide story. A moment of conscience or a threat to the joo-joo-bees?  You make 8 million a year and decide to test your "dry powder" certainly seems plausable. I mean you can't believe the tax hassles and sheltering involved with this kind of income.


So  I have to wonder if he was going to spill the beans on the China false flag explosions which set his company back billions of dollars. There are so many possibilities anymore that you just have to assume it was a case where he had a conversation on his cell phone, the authorities must have taken a listen to something that did not set well with the committee members and it was time to mend the fence before the horses got out.

I think they ought to use the nail guns on the Insurance Execs and stick to hanging or jumping for the Bankers. When they kill a scientist or researcher, they should use something creative like Dr. Phibes and at least provide some creativity.

I'd like to know why he resigned last December but that is not likely going to come from his mouth. This one has my interest because of the AIG factor. On the 1% possibility he actually did decide to take his life, it is a tragedy but I highly, highly doubt the suicides of those in the Flying Economy at this altitude. Was the descent too fast? Let's wait and see how June through the election goes and if we accumulate a nice list for 2016.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tangled Up In Blue



It is no secret but clearly not broadcast that NASA's budget has a cost of business adjustment every budget year. It is also no secret I focus much on the black budget and how they have diverted a trillion dollars or more to the secret slush fund for their Operation Bluebeam endeavors.

This year the criminals in Congress have exceeded the puppet in chiefs request by 300 million and the commerce, justice and science czars have offered over nineteen and a half billion dollars to the agency for 2017. This years was over 18bn. As Obama is slated to exit for the next Mafia Don, we can see that the NASA team is now getting the extra push to complete the projects under the umbrella for the NWO shift into the exopolitical phase of Universal Governance. The project is a "big idea” as described by G.H.W. Bush. A UNiversal global authority made up of the founders of the NWO and a league of extraordinary gentlemen from the bloodlines that have given us centuries of death, war and slavery. The program and agenda from the United Nations charter,established at the San Francisco Conference in June, 1945 and through out the 70 years since it's creation.



The development of the transition would certainly take time, but the work has gone on without a hiccup. NASA took it's place in the program and what quickly developed from the German technology and subsequent research thanks to Operation Paperclip, helped advance the program known as Project Bluebeam. Under this program many other sub programs were required. The war itself was a strategic component and necessity to drive the UN agenda 21 and culminated from the then CFR council. Years prior to the false flag that brought us into WWII, the designer and architects were planning History with the help of the main power brokers which were US, GB, China and Russia, the Soviet Union at that time.

The goals of Bluebeam have never wavered during the world war, the cold war and the war on terror. (phase four) At no time was the space race and full spectrum dominance ever in jeopardy. This was one of many reasons in my opinion that JFK was eliminated. His bold idea for space was one of many cons and psy-ops perpetrated on the masses. All the patriotism and fluff regarding the red threat were already seated in the councils of US power and the arms race was just another black hole of money going into the Agenda 21 program. After debating and research you can decide whether the NASA missions were as advertised, but my conclusion is published. There were no moon missions, no shuttle missions or any other satellite programs that were not a component of testing and developing the ultimate panoptic surveillance and defense apparatus for the One World Order and Orwellian outcome that we see far more clearly now after a hundred years.

A "Big Idea" and it's success was confirmed by MaGog Bush and hosts of globalists in the Commerce, Science and Governing corps. And they will succeed. That too said by Bush was the truth. NASA and all the other players in the great deception have increased their budgets and efforts to push the League's agenda. Russia gets to make the rockets, India, China and even the UAE. Privateers also are involved and the NWO has it's 1000 point of light. These private foundations, corporations and governments all actively sharing the efforts of Agenda 21 and Project Bluebeam.


Much of the budgets goes into creating this vast illusion of Media Mind Control. For the Pentagon to say that Russia's contract to develop the rocket core engines as a "problem" is such a transparent effort to create the illusion that Putin, like Obama are not part of the NWO administrators. Russia and US at the brink of war, yet does the space program and joint cooperation ever become a contention? Absolutely not. At no time are commerce, justice or science ever effected by the con-game of geopolitical bullshit. The CFR, Trilateral and Bildebergers handle that through their Media-Weapons consortium. The nuclear threat is such a tired old con that it is surprising they still use it. I think the reason they decided to rerun the cold war was to detract from the 911 war on terror which has all but been confirmed to be a hoax from the get-go.

Saudi's are going to play the blame game like the US and Tel-Aviv. Muddy up the truth by again using a strawman to blame when we all know it's not one nation, or one government or one terror group, but a secret core membership who craft history by broadcasting lies, half truths and disclosure completely fabricated as tools to deflect, distort and interfere with the real revelations of this fictional reality. Now the phony -Bologna DJ Trump (dishonest John) or Hillary Clinton (hellion) will have to carry on the agenda. What else is left to do? First you have to understand bluebeam and how the psy-ops and illusion creates the world crisis. The Club of Rome laid it out nicely in the Hegelian style of Problem-Reaction-Solution many years ago and I have published the document.


Create the world crisis, wag the dog and lie through your teeth about the data. From Carbon hoaxing to Sandy Hook it has got to be ingrained into the minds of play-doh plebes and specifically targeted to new generations from the start. Therefore we see the huge agenda of the Obamacare and medical industry which has been reduced to the Pharmacological array and the countless vectors by which we are to be inoculated and indoctrinated. Then you have to stage a well designed series of possible extinction protocols which you can manage with the technocracy derived from years of compartmentalized components of the master apparatus that will merge into a single operating matrix. The space based location only makes sense considering it's ability to be cloaked from complex investigation or analysis. Even the chemtrails are so intricate in their makeup that it is hard to determine how many possible schemes are being utilized, tested or used as diversion.


EMR and Scalar technology as well has so many possible opportunities to kill, transform or fool us. The main goal of Project Bluebeam is to fool, change and deliver the borg mind-set into the NWO UN based global authority but it has to overcome several hurdles. Of course religion, independence, family, inheritance and sovereignty are hurdles but the largest is the truth itself. Credibility is at a low. We can look to the pollsters and paddlers and see large segments of the people are not in the camp. Well it's no secret that the UN based Eugenics movement has become a topic for those inside the committee. What is a goal of bluebeam? To drive billions to their death willingly. A fake rapture? A close encounter of the fourth kind? It can be anything that promotes the real agenda, Dysgenics.


The humanism campaign is based on Dysgenics and not Eugenics. These pogroms throughout history are based in Dysgenics. The Eugenics are for the new populations coming from the laboratories from SRI to MIT to the secret facilities deep underground. Dysgenics programs are the entire spectrum of slow-kill for us who reject the Orwellian worship of global or federal authority as GOD. So in order to achieve the guidestones from the holyrood studios, we must be liquidated or lobtomized. The time frame may be an issue between the duo-paradigm we have come to know but I have suspected the left wants it sooner than later while the right want to bleed us dry of our inheritance before we depart. The depopulation component of bluebeam was always designed to change healthy people into debilitated ones in a course of deterioration of mind and body. We can take solace in the fact that even the criminal administrators who do the bidding of the committee are in that group as well. The other component of Bluebeam, the eugenics side is to extend the life of core bloodlines and committee heads forever. The trans-humanism efforts of science are such that all research works in both Dysgenics and Eugenics and therefore the Triad remains consistent with the benefit of research and data that advance both sides.

DNA and gene studies, test subjects have come far over the years since the plan was developed. But I have a hard time convincing the play-doh people that events such as 911 and right through Egyptair and MH-370 are completely staged and the real flights are diverted for human experimentation. But these doh-heads have no problem with Alien Abduction, which I believe was an early form of human experimentation by covert segments of the MK-Ultra program. Hillary is touting her desire for disclosure of UFO material. Is this just an obvious rouse to garner votes or does it lay out  an agenda timeline for a limited hangout for Project Bluebeam?


The committee is in my opinion, increasing the funding for the black hole money pit called NASA, while much of the work is done through the Navy, NIST and NOAA and covert military ops in research. Funding for defense is not a problem these days and the development of chemtrail, PhRMA and EMR (ELF) and Microwave data frequencies is always well funded. As a big joke for the Black Lives Matter con-game, I find that under the belly of this leviathan is always the need to throw it in our faces with the anti-pode of ironic reality. I think they are extremely interested in killing black populations, and therefore in the program black lives do matter in the extermination dysgenics. New designer mind killers are on the rise. One of these is the new "Flakka" which has a great potential for getting a population into a state where bluebeam can rapture the masses into a deep and dark state for maximum effect. These compounds and cocktails can be delivered through any of the vectors they currently use in testing and these are the rungs of Jacob's Ladder which will be the metaphoric ascent to the new world order transition. What is telling about Flakka is that it has all but left the scene.



We have seen much new info regarding the Pope and his references to the exopolitical agenda and his desire to not only accept ET but to baptize the anti-Christ into the World Order as the universal new religion, which is one of the Genesys-6 objectives I have laid out here as part of the order to events to precede the grand delusion. It is hard to believe that the delusion could get any more obvious than it is at this time but as we know from experience, technology from the electromagnetic visual audio network provides a virtual reality that is hard to reject. It just keeps getting better and better, or for those who know and reject it, worse and worse.

[caption id="attachment_18330" align="aligncenter" width="411"]Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful during weekly audience at Vatican Welcome![/caption]

The Master architects have the funds, we feed the beast on a daily basis and it is a runaway train with segments of CERN, Genetics and Scalar experiments. See the vectors converging into one plot and it meets at Project Bluebeam. I suspect they have another name for it now but we can call it whatever we want but it's a "big idea" a "Brave New World" and a "final destination" for the Extinction Protocols. The date they gave us last is Feb 1 2019. An earth collision or an event Horizon? The Last Pope and the Last President are more likely than not in my damaged mind.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Uncle Sam Called "Un-American"


As a sign of the times ya just knew it was a matter of time.

That's right, Uncle Sam defending the 1st-Amendment has been summed to court for the charge of "simple assault." The "assault" being exercising his free-speech.

(As an aside I hereby wish to be identified as "Uncle Sam." I therefore release my former self from any and all debts and obligations. This however does not have me assume the debts of those owed by the United States. But I digress.)

The best parts of course happened when the cameras were off. As I was showing the Alex Jones broadcast of the report on the Boston bombing, daddy starts going into hardcore denial mode. Accusing the news reports of being fake, and me, Uncle fucking Sam of being "un-American!"

As you can imagine you can call Uncle Sam almost anything, and God knows I've been called a lot of things, but "un-American?" Needless to say I lost it and started exercising a stream of "free speech" on this idiot of the kind I reserve for intellectual cowards of the lowest rank.

Well, I guess I must have upset the little daughters "safe space." Poor dear.

Even though my only reference to her was that she should be ashamed to have a father who can't handle the truth.

Then it seemed as though I was caught in a whirlwind of mental-midgets. (Can you say "midgets?" If not then I identify as a midget and reserved the right to call myself whatever the fuck I want.)

All in all I think the police were pretty cool to the whole thing and know that this isn't going anywhere. The DA wouldn't touch this with a pole, and it's doubtful the defendants will even be in town come July.

Hell the way things are going I'd be surprised if we aren't deep into whatever horror the criminal-cretin elites have in store for us.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Egyptair 322, another staged event.


EgyptAir False Flag Mossad CIA MI6

322 = 66 lost souls (skulls and bones) 11, the fool.

Departed 11:09 = 911

Another Diverted Aircraft and False Flag: Mossad, Le Circle MI6, French Connection

Another Staged Debris Field - pre-recorded black boxes

Another Boeing Airbus event (A320 Airbus)


EgyptAir said wreckage from the plane has been found close to where the plane disappeared from radar near the Greek island of Karpathos.

EgyptAir Flight 804 was lost from radar at 2:30am local time when it was flying at 37,000 feet.

The plane crashed in the Mediterranean sea, according to a Greek airport source.
The plane was an Airbus 320. The captain has 6,275 flying hours, including 2,101 on the A320 while the copilot has 2,766.

The 56 passengers on the plane included 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis and one passenger each from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Portugal, Algeria, Canada and Kuwait.  (3-6 and eleven)

French President Fran├žois Hollande said that “no theory has been ruled out” as to what caused the crash, including an accident or terrorism.

EgyptAir is offering toll-free numbers for passengers' relatives to call for more information: 080077770000 (9)  from any landline in Egypt, and +202 25989320 (6)  from any mobile phone or from outside Egypt.

Egypt hires consultancy to check airport security after Russia crash

Kroll Associates - Control Risks



Another traditional road for former spies after they leave the service is to join multinational investigation firms such as Kroll Associates or Control Risks.

Nigel Churton, managing director of Control Risks, was a military intelligence man who had served with distinction in Northern Ireland. His company was set up in 1975 by an executive of Hogg Robinson insurance, to try to reduce the risks of doing business abroad. He recruited three ex-SAS officers and the company built a solid reputation for tackling commercial sabotage and blackmail, industrial espionage and kidnap and ransom. Today, Control Risks employs over 200 people in a dozen offices worldwide.

Kroll Associates, arguably the world's best-known firm of corporate investigators, currently does not employ former spies. Jules Kroll founded the company in New York in 1972, and opened a London office in the former headquarters of MI6 in 1986. Patrick Grayson, an ex-Irish Guards officer who was in military intelligence, was appointed managing director and later deputy chairman. In recent years, key personnel have defected, a number of them after a failed management buy-out. Some believed Kroll had grown too large, or attracted too much attention for its publicity-shy clients. Grayson left and joined Michael Oatley, another former spy and ex-Kroll man, in setting up Ciex in 1994, a 'boutique' intelligence firm. The name is pronounced 'CX', the code name given to secret intelligence reports sent by MI5 and MI6 to Whitehall.

Financial Short

Aviation, travel stocks slump after EgyptAir plane disappears

TSA Boost

Congress approves TSA request for screeners to meet summer crush

You mean Summer Crash, don't you?


Truth involves Obama, 'nude pictures of passengers' and fed-up workers

Egyptair 322

So I will not rule out any theory just as Hollande the crime boss said. This is a diverted AIRBUS leaving France and then cloaking itself and being diverted to a clandestine airfield. Options are Benghazi, Israel, Turkey or back to France TARMAC AEROSAVE.

The debris comes from TARMAC AEROSAVE and baggage is fabricated or shuttled off in another aircraft for dumping. Passengers, if real,  are taken to some other AREA 51 location for experimentation, torture or mind-control targeted operations.

A Masonic Triad always includes the redistribution of wealth and insider trading is the easiest way to payoff confederates. Insurance scams and intelligence operatives work the risk game and get premiums based on "non terror" stagings duping the public while paying off the CEO's in big bonuses regardless of profits and whether they are insiders.

As with all these operation, they manage multiple benefits to drive the agenda of the "thousand points of light" which is to move the NWO, Global control forward, push power higher up the pyramid and do it making a profit.

The question is will they be consistent and continue this in a three event cycle? We should then see Boeing and Airbus  and another plane down or at least another crI$I$ money bomb go off through the summer.

The Big Blue Omnibus: The Airbus-Boeing Fly-by

CAPSTONE 811: The ‘Flying Economy’ and another delivery to HANGAR 51

8 Minutes over Illuminatiland


Monday, May 16, 2016

Intelligence and Ignorance Are Exclusive


Of course there is no way of ever knowing if anything people say to me is real or not. When people tell me what they do or did for a living, often I leave it to my own honed-in bullshit meter, and leave others to judge for yourselves if what they hear is real.

Lately, most obviously because we're in the "political season," and because the nature of my work, I've become something of a confessional more often now. The "I don't give a shit anymore" attitude is also thick in the air.

Because I'm not in any way in control of the events I miss getting on camera some of the most important information as to these people going on the record. I should immediately have written both where he said he retired from, and his rank, but the best I can remember he worked from Grumman's in weapons development research, and was also Naval Intelligence.

What I'm also finding is that the level of compartmentalization often finds me the educator as much as the confessional.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FEDEXIT, so fast and furious




eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance

Valued at $811 million, this first tranche of funding will support renewable energy projects across the BRICS countries including two solar energy projects in India and China, and a hydropower dam in Russia. For Brazil, it created a credit line worth $300 million for renewable energy projects such as solar and wind power.



It is interesting to see the George Soros backed Panama Pimps doling out the dirt on BRICS. Certainly we can see the targets of those nations and the ultimate goal to create the Springs in a different manner. Like the Middle East Gladio springs by the Obama fronted cabal perpetrated over the Soetoro Regime, the Panama Psy-op brings us another destabilization and uprising tool of their arsenal.

As far as I can tell, it's about Russia, South Africa, India, Brazil and Russia along with a few others who might have been teetering on a Fedexit, if you please. Even Canada can be added to the list at the right time of Trudeau II coming to power. He surely fits the bill for a NWO crony and one to take the NAU borderless global world order to the next stage.

It appears to be the merging of the phenomenon of the 99% and 1%. While there are no current sitting politicians listed so far, it may be yet to be released pending the election. Globally it seems the spring is a have and have not clash at its core. Bernie Sanders bogus run for the Democratic ticket is very transparent. With no hope of being the candidate he continues to run the best divide and conquer we have seen since vietnam. It's clear, the game plan is to have this civil war just at the boil and allow the MSM and deep state to continue the heat through the summer.

Watching the Zika Hoax and Impeachment and clashes of Brazil months before the Olympics sets up a unique opportunity for the 'committee' to stage a masterful false flag and event to kill whats left of the BRICS hold on Brazil. With the left emerging and unions taking over, the PRO-NWO forces would be taking over. That would align with Obama Bernie and the Soros and Vatican plan for world serfdom and the global authority. Kissinger can take some bows for this type of interference in South America over his terror reign and so can the Black Jesuit Bergoglio, but blood will run in the streets of Brazil and that should attract the zika mosquitoes to fall from the chemtrailed skies. Don't fear the Zika but beware the ZIRP.

Be prepared for a real hot summer and some real efforts to destabilize the NAU TRIAD of Mexico, Canada and the homeland. What the weather wars brings and what the economic realities are showing is a real abrupt change in the climate. More fires and more monkey business in this the year of the fire monkey.

There's no way to exit from this great big monetary experiment

Brazil’s Dilma Faces Coup: ‘Say Goodbye to BRICS, Say Hello to Washington’

2,000 Indian citizens, entities named in new Panama leaks

The Real Target of the Panama Papers

The Obama Administration Just Granted Henry Kissinger a Distinguished Public Service Award

Gotta love the pageantry, puff and ceremony....

‘Pentagon wants to implement Kissinger’s world domination plan’


Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Blob: Your scalar weather report 2016

Massive Colorado Tornado captured on video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIJOMowimZI]

Injuries Reported After Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado


Alberta fire made more likely by El Nino drought

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wz2HbBQkXA]
We are in the midst of a weather modification campaign by the N Team. NASA, NAVY, NOAA, NIST and the MSM will be on top of their game going into this summer. The changing Nino (Blob) Pacific Warm to the Atlantic Nina Cold blob will dramatically effect the weather and with the usual scalar and endothermic superheating, we will see the events necessary to perpetuate the Global Warming Hoax.

We are currently under a G3 strong Magnetic Storm and are waiting for the Monday Transit of Mercury but what we can see is the shift that will bring huge wildfires (by arson/ISIS) in the Western tinderbox. I predict the West and southwest from Colorado to California and Montana to Arizona will be lit up.

Conversely the rains in the East will bring floods from Illinois to Maine and Minnesota to Miami. What the retrograde causes can be seen currently with the Storms off Spain and Atlantic blob.


This is going to increase the severe weather for EU and US . We will see the return of the Caribbean storm season and the end of the Atlantic Gulf Stream storm tracks. I advise Florida and Texas along with Gulf states to be prepared for a long season into December. It should accelerate over the next few years should the N team target East African  vortexes and steering enhancement to aid in the Climate Change Hoax.

Hailstorms and Tornado production will pummel the Midwest and alley and another Sandy type retrograde can bring catastrophic rainfall to coastal atlantic regions.

Pacific activity in seismic activity should be watched through the summer. Mt St. Helens has begun to rumble again and it connects with Cleveland, Yellowstone, Snake River  and other US sites from the Big Dog Paflov. California is any day now folks. (8+M event)

 5- 6 -16-Swarm of earthquakes strikes Mount St. Helens

Buckle up for a real ride this year and into next year. Obama will have to sit down with Trump or Clinton and get them up to speed on the transition to Agenda 21 and the extinction protocols for Agenda 21, water wars, weather wars and martial law via UN Peacekeepers.




Sunday, May 1, 2016

Temple of Ba'al....everything burns in May


Just a couple of quick notes to the watchers. Our MayDay express came through with much unrest worldwide. Protests and violence ring out around the Globe.

For Moloch and Bel we got two sacrificial fires. I remind everyone I posted the 2016 (year of the monkey and fire) and I said Rome would burn.   Please watch the Black Pope Bergoglio very closely now over May and into summer.

These fires were specifically set as a sacrificial rite of the coming war on Christianity which will coincide with the stooge Trump. Please note that Buffet the boystown pedophile has said Trump or Clinton is okay with him and his BH monopoly.

Huge blaze devastates Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan on Easter Sunday (VIDEO)

Fire rages at Russia’s revered Valaam monastery (VIDEO)

Orthodox Christianity the target of the Illuminati and this is the pretext for Syria and deeper hot war with Russia with the shadow being BRICS and Drones in the financial war and Flying economy. Russia, Brazil, India and China have taken a beating from the petro-dollar cabal and it seems we are going into the fires of summer. You can expect a real wildfire in the US and it's possible more of this country will burn this year, especially in the West and southwest.

NATO Allies Preparing to Put Four Battalions at Eastern Border With Russia

Statistics say we have a five time better chance of suicide than death by murder (state sponsored ISIS terror included)   I must admit to thoughts lately as I listen to Infowars, Republic Broadcasting, Genesis, Coast to Coast and Rense swooning over Trump and playing their part just like the churches of mind control, selling their tonics and voodoo.  The alternate media is full of shit. Like the corrupt churches they get their 501(c) to p promote gay rights, gun control, paying Caesar while they skate by tax free and so the alternate media and their witch doctors are free to sell their tonics without the FDA, FTC and IRS coming after them like they did Kevin Trudeau.

Time to wake the hell up people. They are all con-artists who will sell you out. Donald Trump is the committee's answer to RON PAUL-ROSS PEROT. They knew it was coming and they are going to fool you again. Just like the laughing boy Barry Soetoro was a fix, the 'change', Trump is even a better set-up than Barry by a mile. Not that the other three contenders are not as bad, but the Trump Con is just so insulting to our intelligence that it wreaks of the kind of mind games they love to play on the people.

We have got to be smarter than these sycophants who think an election will challenge the status-quo and be prepared for the inevitable transformation to one world authority, the end of the family, religious freedom and full spectrum domination by the money changers.

"the set-up, the hook, and the sting". not a sting but a BURN!!!