Friday, August 31, 2018

John and Ted's Bogus Journey


The Manchurian ISIS Muscle and Chinese Agent is alive and well....but where?

Fakery in the deaths of the politico of District 11 criminals is not new. Those who have searched the web prior to the Googleplex takeover saw many good theories on faked deaths from Adolph Hitler to Arkady Babchenko in which some are proven and others remain speculative. Like the Sandy Hook staged deaths, in DC there may be reasons to fake deaths as of late but these are seldom and not easy to prove.

A faked death of John McCain could be a twist on a murder. As if the Manchurian Candidate has not already been outed as a womanizer, bad gambler, Hanoi Hilton liar, possible traitor and recently his connection to ISIS with photos and his own words, there may be some reasons for his murder or staged death. The dead mans switch may be the difference in life and death but in the Maverick's case je is a top gun for the NWO unlike his credentials at the Naval Academy where he hovered at the very bottom while later flying and ejecting from several multi-million dollar aircraft.

There is something deeper as to why they may have faked his glioblastoma and why the whole stahing seemed strange from start to finnish. Like Ted Kennedy who died of supposed glioblastoma, both were heavy drinkers and in my opinion both were under MK-Ultra mind control. If they had not been under the control of handlers, I think both would have been assassinated much earlier in their lives.

I used to see Ted Kennedy on Palm Beach properties in the saloons with his handlers and entourages. His big bloated rosacea face pumping his arm from table to mouth. McCain's handler wife is responsible;e for more frat drunk parties than Spuds McKenzie.

TED KENNEDY died on AUGUST 25 2009
JOHN MCCAIN died on AUGUST 25 2018

(936) with the 8-2-5 on the 11's. This is the mark of the forge, fraud and fake.

You cannot escape the vortex and the sinister frauds of the masters of the Human Domain

Like Teddy's Obama, the McCain Trumping is another possible faked death, soft kill fraud, assassination or MK-Ultra disappearing. Too many reasons for their deaths, too many coinky-dinks from the numbers and time mile markers for me.

There may be a poker bar, whorehouse in Cambodia and McCain just sat down to deal himself in a game. Ted is likely already half in the bag.

In death, as in life, John McCain has a way of bringing out loons

(aka “The Songbird”)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Great Job, Brownie!" (pun intended) Read the article, Watch theMovie...


"Dog stares in unbelief...can't fathom the fathomless imaginations of the Madly Insane".


So STUPID is this placement of a potential nuclear holocaust that it boggles the mind!

What idiots would conceive of such a terrorist-rich "target"?  So, there it sits.  Waiting for the vividly imaginable to occur...Terrorist attack, Earthquake, Tsunami, DEW Fires, or something Hollyweird worthy.

Monday, August 20, 2018

NWO #666: Terms of Service

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If you think the current Loony Tunes are part of the agenda 21 directives, then you are ready for graduation. As a student of the global conspiracy you are able to recognize the Vortex and algorithms of staged events, timely execution and predictable narratives.

You should listen to Jay Dyer and his analysis who was one of several Wordpress blogs shut down. Along with others Scott Creighton an old COTO member lost his blog at American Everyman. This is part of what I predicted at Trumps election that we would be shut down. I am personally happy we have not got the attention of some of the more heavily trafficked sites.

Though Google has taken COTO out of the search engine results and put us way back into the depths of nowhere, we are still here, for now. I have offered my theory on the Project Orange and the Purple Revolution, Beyond what the MSM and Googleplex call it, this is a planned and left-right alt right confederation from the Joo-joo-bees. The Crypto-Joo cabal (aka Soros/SiliCON Valley) which is really the Global Mafia Enterprise system all aided by the "Alphabet" soup from DARPA and MIT to the CIA Google Complex. It includes the Alphabet CEO's from Bezos to Zuckerberg. But even more diabolical is the fact that Obama, Clinton's, Bush's and Trump's are all in the mix as Holyrood players and they incorporate the Hollywood players. Keep in mind that I proposed that WikiLeaks, Snowden, Qanon and others are included as psyops but I even accept that Rosanne Barr and other celluloid phonies from the west propaganda center are confederates of the Jesuit and Crypto-Joo Kabbalists who make all this fake news and staged events meaningful and effective in the program of socially engineering the world wide grid towards the 666 Buy Sell Trade model best seen by Rockefellers China Dream which now in the closest example of how you will self-censor and kowtow to the eventual Artificially, Intelligently, unconstitutional mark of the beast UCC will eventually work.

There are little doubts this is on the horizon. These events such as Jones' Infowars, this Wordpress purge, the Rosanne Barr staged event and other assaults on civil liberties and constitutional protections are mind-control and fear trauma exercises for D-day when the Enterprise System goes live. Unless you have great lawyers, deep pockets, an aptitude in the legal system you will not know how the 333 UCC, your fictional contracted certificates and agreements will bind you to the Genesis 6 agenda and the new "terms of service" Your health, financial and social resources will dry up faster than water in hell.

It is clear that the Orange Project, staged events from Virginia Tech to Parkland were a basis for this social media data-mining agenda as well as first and second amendment transformations, but as well I believe the Pizzagate phenomenon was also mostly designed to create the cesspool of Nazi like references to conspiracy theorists who are trying to pave the way for an antisemitic and broader agenda for protection of Islam, Jews, atheists and every other colour under the rainbow. This includes real pedophiles, perverts, criminal political figures and other bestial proponents of immoral practices.

I think they are all in on the program and agenda. Some may possibly be unwitting dupes but only if they are under complete MonarK control and readily available by a handler to act upon command. That might be a Rosanne Barr or even a Fox News or CNN host. The Joo-joo-bees have a lot of power, alchemy and science, unlimited funding and the will to make this happen. Like the Loony Tunes of the past there was the Censored Eleven. There are not many absurdities and ridiculous media events, narratives or propositions that could surprise me anymore. That is due to my belief that it all by design, planned executed and then broadcast by the very folks we are supposed to believe are outside the swamp. That is just too naive at this point. What we can expect along with the recent earthquake activity is more eruptions of the not so merry melodies from prime-time players of America, the reality show.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who killed Mark Minnie and why?

Mark Minnie's  Magnus Malan NWO Magnum Opus and Murder

Mark Minnie, who exposed alleged NP paedophile ring in a new book, found dead

Mark Minnie‚ the co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which accuses apartheid strongman Magnus Malan of being in a paedophile ring, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head and a firearm next to him — very similar to the apparent suicides of Dave Allen and John Wiley, which Minnie found suspicious.

The police do not suspect foul play, according to a spokesperson.

My 8 hours with Mark Minnie, 3 days before his death

Three days before the death of Mark Minnie, co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island.

Photographer Lulama Zenzile and I meet Minnie in the parking lot of the McDonald's in Cape Road, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth.

But first I had to tell him what kind of car we were driving.

I contacted Minnie shortly after the first report about the book came out on Sunday, August 5. We began chatting on Facebook Messenger.

Minnie was totally paranoid and didn't want people to know that he had already returned to South Africa from China months ago. I had to give him my word that I wouldn't tell anyone.

Finally, after he had checked out my background, he agreed to meet me.

Minnie rode with me and Zenzile to the Tsitsikamma region, where we hoped to meet more victims of the alleged paedophile ring Minnie wrote about in the book. We also wanted to try to track down the house and/or houses where some of the alleged rapes of underage coloured boys were said to have taken place.

Tsitsikamma inhabitants had told us about a house which was said to have belonged to the brother of a deputy minister. However, we couldn't verify this information.

In the end, we were to spend about eight hours with Minnie.

Minnie got in the back of our vehicle. He was jovial, friendly and pleased to talk to people who wanted to investigate the alleged abuses.

He was dressed in dark blue track suit pants and a red track suit top with Chinese writing. He kept constant hold of his gold coloured cellphone. His packet of cigarettes was never out of reach.

Minnie's hair was shaved short. His translucent blue eyes watched you intently. He was especially keen to find out how we had come across Mr X, one of the alleged victims who had come forward.

Minnie's life revolved around his son (24) and daughter (13). Also his former wife Bernie (pseudonym), the bar lady in the book who he still stayed with when he was in the country.

READ: Mark Minnie said he would reveal more – publishing house

But he admitted that his past always caught up with him: the fact that as a boy, he was raped by two other youngsters. This, he told us in a three-hour conversation after we had left the Tsitsikamma region, was one of the main reasons why his private life, especially his love life, was never stable.

"My relationships never lasted, no matter how much I loved the woman. I always had to prove my masculinity. I always had to prove I was the stud in bed."

Minnie also said the rape was why he couldn't let the matter rest when he started investigating allegations of the paedophile ring more than 30 years ago.

"I knew, after I arrested Allen and he named the big names in the car, that I would get into trouble. But I would have let those children down and I couldn't do that."

Something else he didn't tell people was that he had already given up his job at the university in China, where he was teaching English, 20 months ago. He took unpaid leave to write his book. But his rector couldn't keep his position for him any longer and had to appoint someone else.

"I asked for unpaid leave so that I could begin working on the book, because I couldn't do it while I was working full-time. I also had to return to South Africa to do further research."

He spoke about his life in China, and that he returned to South Africa at least twice a year to spend time with his young daughter. His face was radiant when he said she was an ace hockey player. That Wednesday he still attended one of her matches.

While he was talking, he was constantly on his phone in the back of the car. It was one call after another. He also sent many messages. Many of them were to Chris Steyn, the investigative journalist who co-authored the book with him, and the book's publisher, Maryna Lamprecht. But he didn't elaborate about what was said in the messages.

READ: Apparent suicide note found at scene of Mark Minnie's death – police

He was also contacted about four or five times by people he had named in the book. The media is constantly calling them for comment. Minnie just laughed and said they should say "no comment".

While we were driving to the Tsitsikamma region, he said he hoped more victims would come forward. "We have people's names, but struggle to get to them or to find out where they are now."

According to him, the book's information was just the tip of the iceberg.

"The people preyed on more than underage coloured boys. White boys and gay white boys were also abused."

Minnie believed this implicitly.

The journey was long. After about two hours on the road we stopped to stretch our legs. He immediately got out and lit a cigarette. He smoked a further two in the course of the ten minutes we stood there.

He laughed when I asked him why he smoked so much. "It's the only way I can cope with the stress."

READ: Owner of firearm found next to Mark Minnie's body could be charged

Minnie showed a childlike excitement when I got new information from a source.

During this time Zenzile and I snacked constantly from the food parcels prepared for us by the hotel we were staying at. He said no thanks and pointed to his cigarette.

"This is my food."

Upon our return to Port Elizabeth he mentioned that he feared for his life, even if only a handful of people knew that he was back in South Africa.

He also said that people on social media had tried to find out where he was.

On Tuesday morning I receive the shocking news that Minnie was dead; that he had presumably shot himself.

Immediately I think about the circumstances in which John Wiley, former minister of environmental affairs, and businessman David Allen died. Both are believed to have committed suicide. Both had been shot. In the book there are so many questions about Allen and Wiley's death; questions which still remain unanswered.

I still spoke with Minnie on Sunday. He was positive and said he was on the trail of a certain Igor and his younger brother, two further alleged victims he wrote about in the book.

He was also excited about the first official launch of the book in September.

"Will I see you there?" he wanted to know.

"Absolutely," was my response.

- Maygene de Wee is a specialist crime reporter at Netwerk24. This article first appeared on Netwerk24.
Mark Minnie did not use his own firearm in alleged suicide – police

Magnus André de Merindol Malan SSA OMSG SD SM MP was a pivotal military man and politician during the last years of apartheid in South Africa. He served respectively as Minister of Defence in the cabinet of President P. W.
Born: January 30, 1930, Pretoria, South Africa
Died: July 18, 2011, Pretoria, South Africa
Party: National Party

It is a no-brainer here not to see the Joo-joo-bee hand at play. The history of the Rhodes School of Paedophiia which had it's base in the southern regions of Africa. The slave trader crypto-Joos from British Dutch East India days all the way through Bird Island conspiracy show us the deaths of Minnie and other whistleblowers come from the same bloodlines and ratlines of the global Zionist Zebranomics protocols that see the goy as chattel and cattle for pleasure and profit. Trying to consider a suicide or a faked death for security is just too implausable but the release of the book as a tip of an iceberg and the article above just do not add up to anything other than another global Joo-joo sanctioned hit by the Jesuit-Joo Mafia SPECTRE and I see this as a silencing murder. So does the family.

The connection of China and FascistBook Zuckerberg will likely be involved in the surveillance and tracking prior to his murder and likely torture, The Police and Coroner cannot be trusted as neither can the news media.  But the plan like always will be probed by the global warren commissions.  This is a staple of the control media and mafia. They will assign other Mafia teams to do a full investigation. The Media will ignore the story for months or maybe a year and then the commission will release their fabricated narrative and concocted conclusions,  Here is the beginning of this agenda.


Mark Minnie made fatal errors in his travel and being in China with return plans to South Africa.  Setting up a place, patsy and propaganda narrative was as easy as setting a watch.

                                                     "Sometimes the old ways are the best way."

Monday, August 13, 2018

Project Wingnut

"What they say is insane. What you say may kill you."

Not since 911 jave I seen such effort to push Agenda 21 to new levels of mass mind control. The waves of the current brainstorm are nothing short of farcical in their most obvious purpose.

It was just after 911 when Gladio C and Tim Osman (OBL) was truly thrust upon the masses as a key agenda to begin the seven country invasion of the Zionist and Joo-joo-nee Gladio wave that the Vatican and Tel-Aviv teams so desperately wanted so much as to spend years planning the WTC trauma drama. Once the boogeyman Gladio C, whicj unlike B, was designed in the two fold process of taking Western Asia down and America simultaneously.  When the al-Qaeda transitioned to the I$I$ crisis, we knew the agenda would be targeting America in a coordinated effort by the left right global mafia by the aforementioned parties.

It was not long after September that I was touting the Patriot Act as the anti=Patriot and telling folks that they (we) were ISIS. They spared no expense over the last 18 years to drone it into the melons of Gellins by the feloms in the CFR. Now we begin to see the real transformation everyday and it is now much more personal than before.

I explained how Zebranomics and the revelation 13-17.18 the buy sell and trade of souls would play heavy in the transition. Now we see the China slave trading and human trafficking and child sex industry plastered over the fake news network on a regular basis. It is also clear that those like Jesuit and Joo backed Alex Jones playing a lead role in the demonetizing scam that will get him a big payday. This psyop is just the perfect predictive programming for the mark and the mindless who continue to be controlled by the fake alternate (AC) media complex who will eventually merge into the one world INGSOC complex.

It was a perfect segue into the 666 as a IoT drama that like Trumps "MAGA" and Russiagate has filled the MSM time slots almost exclusively. This along with the regular manifesto Genesis 6 components of destroying the nations is playing like the Golden Symphony in a Gladio key of G. There is no doubt for me that Trump and Jones are Peas and Carrots, a tasty tune for the coming revolution 9. I like to call this insanity by the left and gaming by the right Project Wingnut. It has all the elements of the key six objectives leading to an event horizon. As far as I am concerned we have already reached it and the screw has just about tightened fully. In order to destroy America you must essentially destry the 6, being sovereignty, inheritance, private property, patriotism, family and religion. That destroys man himself from head to soul.

Along with the outrageous theatre that is this wingnut back and forth from the DC Holyrood troupe, the contusing degrading of human life moves at steady clip by the West Hollywood troupe. It like the "Climate" follows the same weather patterns as the NAVY, NOAA, NASA environmental modification warcraft team. But we are hearing of the Bangladesh famine and other death battles raging around the world. We are hearing about the China depopulation programs from vaccines to death camps. The post Smith Mundt propaganda machine ala Googleplex, Facebook, Amazon and the reat of the IoT complex are now fully operational with DWave gatekeeping , data collection and preparing dossiers for our American Gladio Spring. In their world you lose the buy-sell-trade and then you just disappear. At least I suspect this to be the case in the near future.

Another predictive programming feature just aired on the fake History Channel. "The Last Pope" discusses Fatima and the Malachi Prophesy. I did several posts on Trump the Jesuit and the butcher Bergoglio, Pope who would fulfill in part this prophesy, As a key component of the destruction of religion, the timing is in the window of 2020. It is not a destruction of the Catholic Cult but I believe the reinvention of itself. Like the UN, NATO and other pillars of the MICC, the Jesuits have always been a military order dating back to the Templars. It is now that the church will transform into the universal religion and it will merge into a one world domain to enforce the SHRED HATE bullcrap as protection for the traffickers, killers, pedophiles, perverts and psychopaths who operate in the social constructs of identity politics. As we know from Tommy Smothers, politics comes from poly meaning 'many' and ticks, 'blood sucking parasites. This is Gladio C, the traitor scum groomed in the homeland and who lay in waiting as felons who will eventually be called into action.The Butcher Jorge Bergoglio is a perfect example of the Gladio Argentinian dirty war criminal who was called to action and how this "Stay Behind" will fulfill the obligation is anyone's guess but he will have lots of help.

At this point it is easily reconcilable to see that 911 to Syria was a case of SPECTRE deep state creation for power, change and most important, the beta testing of what we will see here. Essentially they created ISIS-ISIL from Gladio, funded and operated through deception, while telling us we were fighting a war on terror, they and ISIS were killing rejectionists of the NWO and merely claiming ISIS casualties. All along the way spending and stealing wealth from us while hoarding blood and treasure of human and financial assets. This is Zebranomics 101 and it has multifaceted techniques from Simple death and taxes, to the more grim and brutal Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian models. At some point we have to see Project Wingnut as a programmed introduction into the future politics and societal reality for America. What we are seeing now is a beta test of our will and resistance of a future Orwellian world.

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"