Monday, March 27, 2017

World Trade Terror Diagnosticity Memo #11




Or better known as the Script for False Flag Staged Terror and how to bait those who reject the Military Corporate Industrial Complex (NWO rejectionists) The tool for false flag terror lone wolf recruitment, patsy initiation and recruitment.

 In 2014, NCTC’s Office of National Intelligence Management (NIM) formed an Interagency Analytic Focus Group, including experts from DCTC, DHS/I&A, DOE, FBI, NCTC, NSA, and cleared representatives of State and local law enforcement, who collaboratively developed the list of behavioral indicators and ranked them into three tiers of diagnosticity. The focus group created this list with law enforcement, homeland security, and public safety officials in mind. The focus group updated the list for 2017 based on new indicators observed since the publication of the original booklet.

That damned Department of Energy showing it's face in the intelligence group again.  It should tell you much about the scam.  The three tiers  ABC are pretty obvious but what is missing are the precursors needed before you begin the recruitment and CIA-Mossad-MI6 mind-control and terror operations.  I will add  that is best to carpet bomb, hellfire drone strike  and IED as many women and children as possible before the al-CIAda diagnostics begin. This will increase the recruitment potential once the mark's family has been dismembered. This is the best time to immediately process the marks into the refugee system and disperse them to various theaters through the agencies terror midnight flight program where sanctuary safe zones can process, indoctrinate and release to handlers.


It is important that the agencies and handlers do not confuse the marks with the key operatives and it is critical that they do confuse directors of terror with the recruitees.  During data collection and surveillance this may occur frequently, therefore essential to discriminate such occurrences.  We will example one here. Please note level A  are excluded but we will focus on level B and  C indicators. We will refer to such case as HRC.


Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Threatens War on Russia



Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening To Kill Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros' 'radical' vision of open-border


FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Primer on Bill and Hillary Clinton



Secrecy is the root of the Clinton email scandal | Power Line


Clinton aide left classified info behind on 2010 China trip

Bill Clinton's 26 Trips to 'Sex Island'

Was Hillary Clinton Seriously Injured in a Secret Plane Crash?


FBI Shuts Down Russian Spy Ring for Getting Too Cozy with Hillary

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats to Spy on UN

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Tweet Proves She Received Trump Tower Wiretap


WIKILEAKS E-MAILS: SOROS AND CLINTON Working Together On “Police Reform” And BLM…REMEMBER “Implicit Bias”?

On Benghazi, Hillary Clinton Lied and Four Americans Died

Hillary Clinton Was Responsible for the Waco Massacre?


Hillary Clinton Webster Hubbell criminal ties

Hillary Clinton's guilt-by-association ad lives in a glass house filled with convicts


The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?

Why Hillary Clinton sold America's uranium

Bill Clinton Collected Donations, Shipped Missile Tech To China


Report: Clinton mostly blames Obama for her loss

Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames 'angry white men' and Comey for wife's loss

Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

Clinton blames Putin 'personal beef' for election 'plot'


Hillary, “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses"


Hillary Calls Trump Supporters A "Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Basket of deplorables


Here's who was in the room when Clinton met with Soros at State Dept


FBI identifies 13 mobile devices Clinton potentially used to send emails

It is essential to do proper screening and identification to eliminate confusion of actual terror administrators and operatives as not to mingle with the key targets and marks in your surveillance, data collection and radicalization program.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Spectres In The Fog


Pope to receive EU Heads of State and Government at Vatican

There is something afoot with the recent meeting of EU heads at the Vatican. As the Black pope has said recently;

Pope warns EU 'risks dying' without new vision (NWO)

Pope Francis decried a "vacuum of values" and lack of solidarity among EU states ahead of the EU's 60th anniversary. He urged European leaders not to resurrect walls, in a message likely also aimed at the US and Britain.

London Bridge is falling down: It comes as the Queen E2 is going to die. I predict May one of several things will happen and trigger a series of events. Queen Elizabeth dies, Theresa May and Brexit will fail. How it happens is not clear to me but as Trumpcare met it's fate, the conspirators of the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg CFR are sabotaging all exits from the Agenda 21 goals.

I said Obamacare was here to stay and that the Wall, Obamacare and refugee/illegal campaign would never materialize. I also said Brexit will fail.  Watch the clues and see that 60 years ago, after  the Bilderberg meeting in 1954 they created and planned the Treaty of Rome and the formation of the EU.  On March 25 1957 it was signed in the criminal realm of Prince Bernhard,  where 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans and CIA representation in what would be called Atlanticism, in terms of NWO Western domination.

Three years later the EU was formed. Along with the Club of Rome, Vatican assassins and the Joo-joo-bees from the US, the NWO was formed. Since then all subsequent treaties amending the original have bee done to centralize power, eliminate unanimity and taking control for the committee core elite.

“London Bridge is falling down” on secure lines…."May Fair Lady"


'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Queen gives Royal Assent to Brexit bill, allowing PM Theresa May to trigger Article 50

There are several keys to what must happen in Article 50. Theresa May has finally revealed that she will trigger Article 50 on March 29. That means Britain should officially leave the EU no later than April 2019. This is a long process requiring agreement, ratification, re-negotiations and other parts. But the key to this is what comes from the Cabal during the process.


I suspect there to be a major meeting if it has not already happened to orchestrate this hoax and staged Brexit.  It has to include the original access of evil  London, City of, DC and Vatican as nations US, UK Russia.  Much like WWII the axis power players are back and the recent French Marine Le Pen's meeting with Putin just adds to the intrigue of what happens after the French election. We saw Geert Wilders miss the target, but I predict Le Pen could easily give a good run in the election. What remains a mystery to me is Merkel's grip on a failing Germany. Aha. it's part of the plot. Merkel is a drone for NWO but I never trust the French. Le Pen could be another Trump in a dress.

What the Club of Rome has in store for EU and US political theatre is coming into view but the trigger for a war has to play much like WWI and WWII, where false flags can bring the dumbed-down populations to fight for the globalists who are controlling all media and political intrigue solely for the purpose of psychological operations, deception and power grabbing for their own purpose. Lisbon was done in order for Brexit. I think it's part of the plan for real economic change. The reset may need a war but for sure some fireworks. Someone needs to be assassinated or at least in theater or hoax. Some Reichstag before Trump gets tax reforms done. As soon as May I predict we get this trigger. I'd look to EU event that focused on Parliament. Was it a staged warning for Theresa May and Brexiters?

I suspect the Jesuit Black Pope will not poison himself, only previous non-Jesuit Popes were targets. But I never discount a Russia made Polonium pudding for Ms. May or a nice attempt on another Joo-joo-bee.  No doubt we can look at the Trump clan and the Jewish influence that has taken over the oval office but what the Jesuits and Jews play on is your ignorance to their collusion. Putin loves to be in the spotlight and I think he's will to play Magog in the lead up to WWIII. Prophesy says we need one more so why not the coldest of wars. The climate is chilly to say the least and the weather outlook makes for a prefect storm. Merkel makes another great villain in this story. How could she effect Brexit and Trump exits? Watch the headlines for subtle clues.


I am certain that Mossad is entrenched in the family marriages of the Trump children and Ivanka now has  as much clearance as anyone.  I wonder if she is an agent. Mind controlled? Certainly possible. She's not the only one married to a Jew.  It shapes up so well for the Left-Right game.  I am watching the last week on May for something large. 29-31 is indicated in numerology. We will see. Beware the Ides of March.



Thursday, March 23, 2017

America "Taken"


A Conspiracy Theory that became a “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields and America’s Growing Heroin Epidemic

Flood Of Cheap Afghan Heroin To Arrive Just In Time For Recession

Afghan Opium Pleases Taliban and Soros

How to fund a war Reagan style-March 1st, 2008

We have volumes of proof of CIA funded drug trafficking and have exposed it for years. Afghan was all about piplelines. Not just the oil black gold but the silverwhite poppy pipelines as well.  Masterminded by Zionist form the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Vatican Club of Rome committee, the CIA, DFR, Trilateral group incorporated the War on Terror to assist the War on Drugs. From Iran Contra, Poppy Bush Sr. the CIA mastermind to create the New World Order version of the British and Dutch East India Company.

What escapes most people is the meme "War on."  Any thing succeeding this phrase is a global crime operation to promote the Hegelian Dialectic to crush the West and the power of independence. It promotes and funds the wars, surveillance and all the rest of the G6 agenda goals for a One World Order. As I have explained in  The Illuminati Formula Triad:

NEVER WASTE AN OPPORTUNITY - All Triads redistribute wealth to the top.


Drugs follow recession, recession precedes war and war shifts power to new brokers. It always plays out the same. We can now pretty much confirm Trump's place in the collapse. The poor fool or clever insider will do the job. Meanwhile as the inflation and recession wait on the FED and interests rates the economy is in a condition so far from the manipulated MSM and government data that it has become a joke.

The inflation is coming, the recession, the retail, tech and housing bubbles will all repeat and the only thing that will not e effected is the cheap price for bumper crops of Poppy and Opium for Heroin production.  The fools that did not see why the Marijuana legalization campaign was directed by the Zionist an Jesuits (Soros) groups are missing how the Triad works.  How they use Islam as the vehicle in terror and refugee program only provides the cover for the specific agenda that was 911 and Afghanistan Iraq Libya and now Syria.

Trumps Defense budget is no less than the coffers for Poppy guarding and pipeline protection.  Al-CIAda and ISIS, the straw-men Gladio operatives to maintain the need for presence. We are at war at home.  We don't need to fly to Paris or Amsterdam to be "TAKEN."   It is happening in every town USA.   Time we started acting like Liam Neeson and take back our towns before the Congolese, Somalis, Libyans, Sudanese, Afghans and Iraqi's and other criminal midnight arrivals set up shop selling horse to your daughter.  This will be epidemic soon and when the shit hits the fan, who will have the money.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sanctuary: Secret Sharia Smuggling

Non-Vetted Refugees Arriving in the Middle of the Night

DISEASED REFUGEES Obtain SSN's and Passports Upon Arrival in US - Gateway Pundit

Six Diseases Return To US as Migration Advocates Celebrate 'World - Breitbart

Obama Effectively 'Barred' Christian Syrian Refugees | The Daily Caller

I posted in 2011 that the largest migration in human history was coming. Adding EU and US as the venues, I said larger than the slave trade triad from historical records.

I also predicted the rise of TB as the major epidemic that would come to the US. Whether they have weaponized it with non-treatable strains is uncertain.  What we know is the corrupt CDC is not giving us the facts.

We remember 2012 and all the white UN vans found on the Tarmacs of Airports from google maps. We saw the coffin liners in Georgia. We saw the train cars, the large ammo purchases, redi-meals in the millions and the rest of the government purchases. So what now?

It appears Obama has set up shop and his mentor George Soros is not waiting for a Trump travel ban.  The secret flights from private aircraft contractors. Dyncorp, CIA, and maybe even UPS. Regardless the flights are coming in daily to points like St. Louis or maybe Mena airport where Bill Clinton smuggled drugs for the Bush Crime Syndicate.  This is the case in Germany as well. Funny that Trump met with Merkel recently and we know what they talked about in private.

What Really Triggered the Laptop Ban?

It's great cover and deception for the secret smuggling of what are predominately male refugees being flown it at early hours without transponders and quietly landing in Missouri where unmarked vans bus them to central processing stations.  I wrote about it in the Royal Scam because this is a Vatican-Soros effort and you know Obama is running ops in his new digs when not golfing.

Do not be fooled by Trumps fight with Sanctuary cities and travel bans as while this huge staged left right con and theater continues, the flights will be coming in on regular scheduled frequency.  I would guess at 100,000 or more based upon State numbers say 38,000 so far this year. You can always triple the number but be aware this is a secret program and the sanctuary cities are fighting for money as it becomes big business and huge waste. Social Security cards are the tip of the iceberg of money coming from the Obama team during the eight years he doubled the debt.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="498"] American Gladio[/caption]

These militants, GLADIO C  scum will be more of a problem than the mexico issue when the time comes. They will be trained, funded and focused.  You might wonder if Trump is true in his efforts to stop what he knows is happening. It doesn't really matter to me. The fact is they will come regardless of a southern wall.

In case you are not aware Canada's Trudeau, a trained Jesuit nation assassin will tear Canada to shreds with his refugee program and this is the border we should be watching carefully.  As these Gladio mercenaries are spreading out over the nation, we can also tie fast and furious and other means to arm them and their training in recruiting the hopeless dumbed-down, millennials to  join the project Agenda 21 I call "Trance-formation"

Don't ever let a refugee use your laptop.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The babies blood stopped working

March 20, 2017

Head Committee Member David Rockefeller dies at 101.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Once, Twice, Three Times A False Flag


As I stated earlier, watch the Trump-Obama divide and conquer. Here's the clue #1

Federal judge blocks new Trump travel ban

(CNN)A federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump's new travel ban on Wednesday afternoon, hours before the ban was set to go into effect.

The  Hawaiian Judge, an Obama fortress, the place of the birther issue.  When you think about the WIRETAP SCAM, think about why Obama would really want to tap Trump.  How about way back when Trump was vetted at Bilberberg and began the birther campaign.

Not a day goes by without the Cap Hill Mob  talking about documentation of Obama's wiretap order. Like Barry would actually go through channels to tap Trump. Even the dimmest of bulbs must brighten up when they hear this nonsense.

So Trump has said further information is coming out regarding the WIRETAP. "The next few weeks" is how he put it.  I suggest in the next few weeks we get another San Bernardino or Boston, staged event, false flag with or without real deaths.  Time to ratchet up anyway. The deflected news that they just increase the Interest Rates today and the rest of the cabal is ratcheting up the recession that Trump will have to deal with instead of Walls. Refugees., Illegals, Obamacare and the rest of his promises.

This is how they do it. Bush got 911, Clinton got WTC  bombing 93 and the beat goes on.  I suspect a sizable event would cover the Fake News homeplate and whoever or whatever is on third will be out.  That is of course unless the man on third has a finger on the trigger.

Fed rate hikes + low growth = recession, says stock-market strategist

Get ready to jump!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Five Eyes and Seven Ears

[caption id="attachment_38326" align="alignnone" width="526"]cotoitrump December 1 2016[/caption]

As I surmised after Trump's entrance into the election , I stated that he would advance the police state and surveillance grid like no other before him. Regardless of whether you believe that they are spying on each other, you are the most surveilled citizens in the world  with exception to Great Britain.

My belief is of course that all the left right paradigm and players are staging, scripting and fomenting the news as well as the leaks. Snowden to Russia and back to Wikileaks and Mother MI6, the Israeli-Vatican Joo-joos are collecting the largest mass of data in an enterprise that can only be for purposes beyond the FBI dossiers of the J. Edgar Hoover era. Like Hoover, these twisted freaks are playing the game of deflection to get you thinking that they are still adversarial.

Russia says Clinton had more contact with Russian officials than Trump. Hell, Trump and Clinton had more meeting than they did independently with Russian ambassadors or Putin himself.  Now we get the fake MI6 dossiers, Vault 7, Trump Obama-gate and the GCHQ.


Yes, Five Eyes and Seven Ears. The mother ship of all cointelpro is British Intelligence along with Tavistock and Chatham House (RIIA)  This is where ISIS and al-CIAda were created. The Israelis run the surveillance sure, to make sure there are no whistleblowers with the inside core group, but the Vatican and their assassins may be called in anytime to clean the mess.  Watch carefully as the Trump-Obamagate Wiretap BS plays out.  Did you catch the Judge Napolitano or CIA analyst offer Obama's go around for the US Intelligence and going directly to GCHQ? Yes GCHQ, the Defence Signal Intelligence group for Great Britain and the Lords of Full Spectrum wiretapping and eavesdropping.

Managed by the Mossad, most of the EU is under surveillance but the operations personnel know they are under watch.  Not likely they will do anything wrong considering they all got their jobs and promotions based upon the dirt the Israelis gathered over the years from the days of  SHAMROCK, BLACK CHAMBER, ECHELON, 911-811, INSLAW, PROMIS software back doors, AMDOCS, PRISM massive Honeypots and setups and damning evidence to blackmail them into service. It was  how they got the Mafia into the CIA in the JFK years and since that time the Mafia has just moved into government.  Michael Corleone went legitimate too, remember? It was Phiple Troenix, the Carnivore project that placed the FBI's role in covering up 911. It was instrumental along with ECHELON to monitor the internet VOIP and landlines post 911 to insure they would mend any fences if needed. And they did. Hundreds died mysteriously in the eight years under Bush-Cheney.

With the real leaks that came out prior to Edward Snowden, the Master of the Human Domain had to reassess how they would avoid this problem. This was the enterprise system.  How they would take SIGINT, Cellular, land based data, internet and dark web and encrypted systems and collect ALL the data in a way where only EYES would have access to the data beyond the Justice Department and warrant segment of law enforcement. This is where we are now.  All, 100% of the traffic is being intercepted, run through the algorithms and keyword gauntlets and the being diverted to deep state servers with just trickles going into law enforcement servers.  It's the law enforcement and Justice Department that were the targets of PROMIS software and Israeli intelligence to monitor the key traitors involved with PNAC's New American Century and Pearl Harbor program created somewhere around 1990.  This is the expose that costed Danny Casolaro and others their lives for attempting to expose it.

Now, the only enemy is GPS. When I got information from ex CIA NOC informant, they did not carry a cell phone.  Like Trump said, if you need security, write a letter and deliver it yourself, but leave your cellphone at home and take a taxi.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="492"] Mr. Wiretap and his Honeypot[/caption]

Today the news has indicated Intel is buying MobileEye. This is the new millennial version of PROMIS and AMDOCS. The Israelis will have the keys to your car and the Intel chipsters will oblige in all the NWO corporate rules. Remember you pay  up and keep your mouth shut or they shut you down. Only the Bilderberg 500 are going to be employers for the New World Order.

Trump and Obama is entertaining yes, but it's only fiction like the whole house of cards.  Netflix can  offer only slightly better entertainment because they can use pedophilia, assassination, blackmail, etc. while DC Holyrood can only offer conspiracy  and third person narratives on these themes.

You should have heard the laughs I got when I said China was putting surveillance into furniture. lamps. refrigerators and other appliances in 1999.  Now these folks call me and I get to laugh now.  I found a GPS, GSM signal emanating from a Chinese UHF-VHF Antenna I purchased. It pretends to be remote receiver for mechanical control but it's frequency and data is nowhere near 433Mhz and has a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) signal that I will attempt to decode using my dark web wireless cracking tools.  The only thing I do not know is whether this was in the antenna at production or was it modified just for me.

My advise is the same as it was in 2013. It is time to dump your cell phone and disengage your cars GPS. If you have a  new TV, unplug it's power when not in use. If it's connected to internet and gaming, recording, modem boxes disconnect the cable, phone line or wireless.  My new advise is for entrepreneurs.  You should consider opening a junkyard and thrift store and buy old TV's appliances and used cars pre 1999 and go into business. Or learn how to do counter-surveillance and soon you will be in big demand. Remember the IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, Justice Department are listening and every Googler and Telecom is getting rich on your most private and public information.  Trump is Twitter, Obama is Facebook and the now 14 Eyes is SPECTRE.


The reality in this case is real. All the information is cheap to get. It is sold for money, collected for government targeting of citizens and the real stuff is delivered to places like Space, Utah, and other places unknown. It is encrypted and Eyes only for the deep state committee and their agenda.  How many people have said information is power?  Government Gangstalking is based upon this information. They know your family, friends, medical history, financial information, political leanings, religious affiliations and sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is a recruitment tool as well.   Real ID and chipped cards are tracking tools and your habits are important.  There are reasons beyond this though. Somewhere in the deep dark rooms there is a master plan where all the data will be used to provide you a special program, tailor made just for you.  No secret that bio-metric data is being collected and DNA identity as well.  I can get yours by rummaging through your garbage. They can get it with a scanner.


We suspect the nanotechnology and buckyballs are are the basis for Morgellons disease. What we don't know is whether the Morgellons fibers are indeed radio transmitters. They are currently testing nano injections of these little assassins to target specific cells based on frequencies so why not let us breathe in these little circuits and voila, instant connectivity!

Now the mesh networks can go to work to collect the information at an even deeper level.  Likely we are already bugged and if needed we can be sent a special frequency and have a heart event or a trigger for a rapid fake cancer.  It was my contention that Fukushima may have been staged for public consumption so that they could chemtrail us with radioactive nano-particles. I suspect they really do not want to damage earth, because they consider it their property but instead rid the surface of the virus and bacteria known as human beings.  Uranium and Plutonium is a terrific sterilization idea it is a better means for communication.  So what is the surveillance state really up to in the final equation? I have to believe it's a massive database for genetic and socio-political extermination. Seems to be irrelevant whether Obama wiretapped Trump at this point. We should be way ahead of that now.



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Voyage To The Bottom Of The See

It took fifty days...

Now What, Voyager?



By: Puddy Dunne on November 9, 2016
at 9:39 am

So we expect this, right?

1. Paris Deal – DOA
2. Obamacare – DOA
3. The Wall – massive deportation
4. VISA /Refugee moratorium
5. New DOJ investigation of Clinton Foundation and Email

Let’s poll on which never happens. AS far as SCOTUS goes and having the House and Senate, let’s watch to see how many establishment republicans vote no.

We won’t need a hundred days to out Trump.


NONONONONONO....NO, we don't need 100 days.  Fifty was enough.

No repeal, no wall, no investigation into FBI and DOJ aka Clinton, no refugee moratorium.  No NATO exit and in fact a NATO boost. On and on it goes.

Wait for trade deals and Paris agreement to rear it's dead head  out of Loch Ness  and sit back to watch more insiders joining the Bush Regime ala Trump.  Nice to see the FDA is now going to be handled by a vaccine autism denier and a Big Pharma friend.

F.D.A. Official Under Bush Is Trump’s Choice to Lead Agency

Gottlieb, 44? Sound familiar?

Case closed on vaccine-autism debate: Doctor

Picking apart vaccine safety net: Expert

Picking apart vaccine safety net: Expert  Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015 | 7:18 AM ET | 02:45

The scientific community has thoroughly debunked any association behind autism and the measles vaccine, and public statements that cast doubt on that make Americans less safe, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Wednesday.

"I think for too long a lot of people's public statements allowed these myths to propagate because they've said things like, 'Well, we don't think there's any correlation, but we need more research.' We don't need more research. At some point, enough is enough," the resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute said in a"Squawk Box" interview.

Kennedy on vaccines and then this?  I think Donald Trump is trying for a section 8 so he can bail out at the right time. That time is when he destroys any opportunity to fulfill a campaign promise.  I think the economy, what I call Zebranomics is his game. Economy at any cost. Unfortunately the cost will be massive death in false flags to vaccines. Deregulating the criminals is not the kind of retroactive action we had in mind, right?

I never expected it. I knew what we were getting and like Obama, we had him pegged quickly, but not as fast as El Trumpo.  The government is the old mafia and Trump is what El Chapo was to the drug cartel. Just a new figurehead for the old Clinton Bush crime syndicate.  Remember, deep down they are family.



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

From Puddy's Vault #7

Se7eN Years Ago.......

The Internet and the LART’s - Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 17, 2010

The Internet and the LART’s

As part of the massive  mind control, beta programming sequences comes the stimuli. Without the addictive LART’s (learned automatic responses to triggers) we would be better equipped for the looming endgame.

I am not a defeatist but my theory on the internet is that of a Heller-22 scenario. When in 1975 MIT was said to have coined the term LART, they were referring to LART  (Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool)  which in essence was to be used against particularly annoying local intranet users or “Lusers.”

A well structured triad requires the need, warrant and opportunity (nwo) to function properly. As a member of COTO, I wholeheartedly accept this dialectic process to achieve the desired results. For us Lusers who have bought into the world wide web hook line and sinker, we can look at the components of committee plans to use this to our disadvantage.

Scientists have shown that if you touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will surface.

With addiction it has been accepted that learned automatic responses to triggers are responsible for the actions we take in response to our addictive natures. Therefore tapping into these LART’s are the means to control our actions. As Lusers we are not aware of the computer-brain connections though we may know that they are one in the same in many of the operational systems and properties.

The subconscious, like the computer have hidden files, programs and functional responses we never see while working within its system. As in the function of the brain, the considerably larger portion of the system lies in the programming and coding laying under the sub-levels. These programmed LARTS have been implanted by committee programmers from our first years of life and even some may have been done prior to delivery or pre-packaged if you will.

Tapping into these trigger applications whether innocently or by designed does not alter the basic fact of mind control. We are 90-95% operating at sub-level subconsciousness and that represents the hidden files and processes that dominate our performance. As a computer operates similarly we must look to these sub-levels to understand how we along with computers will eventually evolve and in my opinion, dissolve.

Humans are believed to have three levels of consciousness. They are theconscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. The 90% subconscious is made up of a storage. This includes a list of things like greed, avarice, envy, violence, sexual latencies,  etc. as well as the programming experiences we dismiss, locked up and stored like so much junk in our garages.  But inside this hard disk are the superconscious conduits and circuits which we should be tapping into.

Superconsciousness is associated with higher potential, creativity, intuition, quantum reality and spiritual awareness. People who have developed mind powers such as being psychic are often attributed to being able to access universal consciousness or the quantum field. It is this sub-level that has been under attack by the committee since day one. It is the dormant atrophied segment that has been corrupted by years if GIGO, MK, PhRMA and Electromagnetic Frequency sabotage.

While the superconscious has been morphed to theoretical sci-fi, the subconscious has been hi-jacked, nourished and reared by the committee. As discovered in the MK-Ultra research and other Pavlovian experimentations, we are able to repress, reactivate and recall this subconscious sector through Alpha processes and be delivered to Beta and Theta stations with the use of multiple programming techniques. A contiguous series of mind altering and regenerating, repetitive syntaxes to design, exploit and render predictability and desired patterns.

MIT and the DARPA goons have effectively delivered such a vehicle in the World Wide Web. The internet has enabled global hypnotic entrances into Alpha hard wiring for our pleasures. Instant bell-ringing for connecting the conscious to the sub-levels. Isn’t the free porn enough to convince you? Would the global committee and under administrators not ban that first as a means to keep a healthier society?   The deadly unconscious aspects are being fed via violent video games, cyber bullying , con games, scams, tabloid character assassination, propaganda, pedophilia and browsing addiction are all available in this . This REALITY phenomenon goes unchecked and the internet offers all to a worldwide audience. Mostly free.  When money seems to be the largest motivator for most of the world, one must ask why the internet and it’s offerings have for the larger part been free.

I conclude the mission is of dependency, data mining, experimentation and destruction. It presents the same multiple opportunities for the global kings of human containment and enslavement.  When there is talk of the internet kill bills or rumors of the cyber attacks that could take down the networks, it would appear to me to be another programming meme to further the agenda of global control.

The carrot stick method is a particularly useful tool, especially when the carrot is less than what we deserve but the best of two choices. As in all Triads there are only two options. The concept is pretty simple.

An example for dope dealers to give away high-grade heroin, hooking the subject and then after dependence providing over cut crap at high prices.  Take it or leave it. Once the internet was free but not for long. What will it cost?  Well it’s like the bad heroin so how much will you pay? You need it for your work, research, shopping, banking and your entertainment.  Once the  hook is placed and the line is sufficiently allowed to run, it has nothing left to be done but reeled in. Another catch without release.

Heller’s-22 is a  perennial piece central to the global agenda in controlling ones compliance in that you require the need of the cellular phone, internet, GPS, digital transitions and other grid tools to bring you into the collective.  As you know this no win scenario leads to same end. Whether you opt out to find yourself  without your livelihood, your home, your income, your family or your connection to the grid or you opt to remain under the terms of committee compliance and manipulation you will eventually arrive at the same place. From birth and your contract certificate of serfdom to the state to your programmed education, race for the degree, the grey flannel wrapping paper and necktied silk leash, you have been programmed to fail.

Social engineering, service based economies and global economies were nice terms for what was in reality a critical designed program to reel the populations into the net. Independence, self-sufficiency, anonymity were the targets for this agenda and they have all but been completed.  At some date the future merging of elite based corporate supermergers and UN based global government will be the employers of everyone. This is not socialism, communism, free market or capitalism. It is reality and understood by all administrators and a small percentage of the worker bees.

Those in compliance are not about to quit their cushy government jobs with benefits regardless of how they feel about censorship, RFID chipping, taxes, chemtrailing, eugenics or any other tentacle of the OCTOPUS  and the corporate slaves won’t even see the correlation. When the first guidestone law is set into motion it will be administered without discrimination, impulse or prejudice. It will be done as coolly and calculated as you do when deleting files from your laptop.

I no longer have any problem with the kill switch. It will not be a part of any future plan other than to play you on the line as they reel you in for filleting. For all you Yossarian’s out there, I’d advise a major defrag and start looking at the grid, all the components of it and determine how you should adjust when down goes the internet, phones, DSL and satellites. I believe once they reboot,  the game is over.



I had some comments from John Kusumi, 2004 Presidential Candidate

Today, I arrived at a new acronym: WET. If you were newly arriving at a refugee camp, beyond food, shelter, and medical supplies, what three things would be top priority? Water, Electricity, Telecom. WET.

And who says that the internet is “free”? How much money do you send to telecom providers every month? Telecoms are big business. They rake in very healthy amounts of profit all the time.

I believe that everybody is spending for connectivity all the time. Lots of internet content is free, but if you have paid for connectivity, then you have paid for your use of the on-ramp.


Entrepreneur, Software developer, Acitivst, Politician
BIO: M, 44, AUG, 1966:
RELIGION: Unknown, Buddhist [inc]
PARTY: Independent [John Kusumi who ran as an independent candidate in the 1984 presidential elections]
EDUCATION: Holy Cross HS – 1984 ASU – 1985 -1991

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He is to receive junk from college sports depot, Travel, trips to Far East and ski resorts, IPad, IPod, NetFlix, ………..

I wont include page two. But page two could indicate you are squeaky clean and the list of sites you visit don’t include any dirt. That makes you dangerous to the committee and their dirt dossier is weak. Your just too good a human being for the grid. They’ll have to keep an eye on you John.





I hope you didn’t pay millions of dollars for out-of-date information! 🙂

But you’ve got me curious – can you email me page 2 that you speak of?

By: John Kusumi on October 18, 2010


They have page two, not me. If you have a page three you should move to Theodore Kaczynski’s neighborhood and quietly. 😉


So, I had to laugh today with the Fake Late News about Vault 7 CIA leaks.  You have to think that they believe we are all fools.  Every time they get their pedophile panties in a wringer, all the perverts and criminals publish another WIKIMAN DISCLOSURE.

Today was no exception. I mean is this old news or what?  They know it's news to the dumbed down sheeple but consider the fact that they already have all of our dossiers completed. They have data-mined for twenty years and gathered terabytes upon terabytes of data in Utah (fake news and credit data house) and all the info is in low orbit over mother earth.

So no big deal for COTO but the masses will eat this up and the CNN's and other CIA mind control agencies will pound this like  Obama and Trump as they play out the Russian Boogeyman congame. Ed Snowjob must be running ops in Moscow at FSB while Assange runs MI6 front.  The same game that Trump and Obama are playing here at home.

I haven't read a piece of real good news for ages. I realize now there is no real news anymore, You cant get it anymore. The LART's have adjusted the whole news bureau and the most fake news on the web is alternative media.

Infowars is inside Vault 7. They are now becoming the spearhead for fake news. Along with the Drudges, Daily Beast, Daily Caller and other CIA paid In-Q-Tel drug money outlets in the great divide and conquer game, these outlets not only are publishing fake news, but they are republishing the same article they have posted years ago.  Knowing that the internet and memory holes go hand in hand, I see the twitter clowns reposting news as old as five and six years ago.  So obviously MIT and LARTMASTERS are having success in deleting and vacuuming the already vacuumed minds of the grunion.

It is with great sadness I post this again, not as old news but new news of old technology. The Masters of the Human Domain are well entrenched and have accessed all areas. It's only a matter of time before the reset and then the Mandela's and MK-Ultra are running in full Monte algorithmic majickal method.  All news will be new news, old news will be tomorrows news and real news will be only the reporting of staged events.  Like the Googleplex, the whole of everything will be entertainment and like Dark Matter, the substance will not be found.


Samsung TV Spies - From News in 2014