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David Icke agrees with us on the 5G, mmWave and mRNA synchronicity.


The triple cross of the Wuhan Lab woo-woo shifting by MSM and the need to cover-up the 5G  / and

and a nano-mRNA coded medical device operating as a non-existent virus.


Blood clot (Thrombosis)  - Behind the microwaves and nano-bots!



Blood cells accumulation of oxygen reactive species (ROS) AND CLOT Toxicity, as in other cell types resulting in thrombocytopenia and bleeding. It may also be involved in their hyperactivation (5G) resulting in excess clot formation leading to thromboembolic complications. Red blood cell oxidative stress impairs oxygen delivery and induces red blood cell aging. Red Blood Cells die.  mmWave 60 GHz associated with proteotoxic and oxidative stresses.


This is 5G mmWave and mRNA working in conjunction with the weakest link. As they create the third, fourth and fifth waves

(such as this bullshit DELTA Variant)  it will completely coverup the Space Force (03b  mPower) Satellite based mmWave systems


In February 2020, Princess Cruises announced a partnership with SES for early access to the O3b mPOWER system, using a hybrid network of both MEO and geostationary satellites to provide connectivity to its fleet at sea.[16] Also in February 2020, Orange, a user of the first generation O3b system in Africa and the Middle East since 2017, announced it would be the first telco to adopt the O3b mPOWER system, to extend its consumer and business broadband services in Africa, providing connectivity to remote locations, starting in the Central African Republic.[17]


O3b?  - Oxygen O2 (Ozone O3 )  Inhibiting Oxygen delivery while increasing body O3 levels?


DNA single and double strand breaks

 oxidative damage

 disruption of cell metabolism

 increased blood brain barrier permeability

 melatonin reduction

 disruption to brain glucose metabolism

 generation of stress protein (spikes)


When the real die off begins, no one will ever connect mmWave EMR and  nano-device injections!!!




1. WUHAN 5G ROLLOUT – Remember the people dropping like flies?



2. PRINCESS CRUISE  (USA) Washington state

Princess Cruises to Have First Fleet With SES’s O3b mPOWER Network





Italian telcos get ready to reach more cities with 5G in 2020

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COVID-19 Hoax: 12 Monkeys and NWO Black Swans \

Read and Listen tio this Boo-$hit!!!

Maeve Kennedy’s Cause of Death Revealed After Canoeing Accident

Body of Second Kennedy Family Member Is Recovered From Chesapeake Bay

 CONNECT THE DOTS OF THE COVID-19 CON links: Vatican, W.H.O., UN Agenda 21, Georgetown, Bill Gates Gates Foundation, Vaccines, COVID-19 Virus , Jesuits, Dr. Fauci, PEPFAR, Global Health Initiative, HIV-AIDS For the real Virus look to the 5G mmWave Vaccine Chemtrail operation...


COVID-19 Hoax: 12 Monkeys and NWO Black Swans


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Issac Kappy 911 decoded

Buried under the ritualistic and Kabbalah undercurrents of the Isacc Kappy  fake news event is a deeper coded message. If you are following the 911- New War and tracking the regimes invasion of the sovereigns told by General Wesley Clark in 2007 game, it includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran (named players by the Jesuit Military Complex)

This BS psyop and Wiccan Leak was as staged as Sandy Hook.  The interview was the 92Y Joo-joo-bee Center in New York. The Hebrew Y and perfect location in the Vortex  Mathematical global position and the address of the 92 (11) was keeping in the same code as the WTC crisis event. Just a Drill.


IRAN - 666: 911

92nd Street Y is a cultural and community center located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, USA, at the corner of East 92nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Its full name is 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association. It is not part of the YMCA.

This Isacc Kappy event has all the same markers of a staged event as a serious message as to the Jesuit moves for the IS Islamic State psyop. Now we see the chemical weapon head raise once again.  Anybody who fell for this was so feeble and so easily deluded into the later psyops of Snowden and Assange.  These two Jesuits players have carried much water for the MIC and Pentagrammers who have misdirected the awakened masses to the 8-11 black hole.  "Q" is the Quartermaster of the Trump Wildcard 7 transition and like the Presidents before is a product of the same establishment.  As timely as Obama after this Bush Regime news broke in 2007, the same cycle began again. 1-4-7-2-5-8 by 3-6-9. Following the suspicious deaths, fake news, scripted leaks, false clues and other social media psyops, the CLIMATE CHANGES are apparently shifting to a larger event to quell all the real crime and fraud. One of the largest being the missing trillions which seems to follow the published US debt at 22 Trillion which according to the Vortex would be inaccurate and a contrived figure.

Time is shrinking in the vortex and I have posted several pieces pointing to Trump 7 the wildcard and 2019 as the year. We are over a hundred days in and it is no shock for me to see the numbers here in this coded event.

Vigilant Citizen:



IS - A - CC  K - A - PP - Y

This is a perfect Hollywood - Holyrood Freemason fake name, front, cypher and coded handle.  It has the 19 ISIS Islamic State with the #33 CC, the "K" Kabbalah 11, which is always a fools number in the false flag and stagecraft, followed by the Trump PP (77) and the "Y" Talmudic close. Kappy, the Joo was at the heart of Pedophiles in Hollywood and all the media (fake and alternative fake news) was using this Rosenberg to push the agenda of misdirection while coding in many of the same repeating vortex sequences. IK (911) was reported age 34 (7) but there is some references to age 42 (6) which is most likely his real age. He was born in 19(77) Feb 17  (7)

In his suicide note (as a writer) he may have actually written himself or at least collaborated with the Joo-joo-bees to concoct this narrative, but it is 100%  stagecraft like the rest of the story. I find the New Mexico to Hollywood Military Trail always interesting and the connections of Stephen Spielberg a "duel" edged sword.  This suicide by jumping is a metaphor for a Military jump off and Bellemont Arizona (66)  is a perfect point. Like all the Holyrood stars many had fathers doing secret research, military applications and we have tracked these from the Laurel Canyon to Area 51. I also call this MK-Ultra route 66, I-10 and I-40.

Connecting the Joo Dots and Kappy outing of Tom Hanks, Spielberg, Green and other Hollywood alleged pedophiles goes way back to JPL and Jack Parsons.


Pheonix AZ - 911

"When he was 11, Steven Spielberg made a 9-minute western starring his fellow Boy Scouts. The troop went wild when they viewed it. At that moment, Steven Spielberg said he knew what he wanted to do with his life."

What was that? Fiction or pedophilia. No pedophilia in the Boy Scouts, right?

Vigilant Citizen

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them”

NWO I am one of THEM

On May 14th 2019 (22), Kappy found a violent death after plunging from a bridge onto the Interstate 40 highway in Arizona. According to police sources, Kappy “forced himself” off the bridge after two teenagers physically attempted to stop him from doing so. After the fatal jump, Kappy was struck by a passing vehicle.

Shortly before his death, Kappy deleted his entire Instagram history and posted a final letter with the ominous caption: “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect”. In this lengthy suicide note, Kappy writes that he “has not been a good guy” and compared himself to Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus). He also referred to Donald Trump, the QAnon psyop movement and his attempts at exposing Hollywood.

There again are clues to Trump-911 and the underlying message.

The Scripted final clues

The script dated for this July 4th is interesting but the event I refer to here may be somewhere in the calendar year.  He refers to return of the King and the light, but we know not which Luciferian or Christian entity he is referring to.

“No, I did not take a Satanic vow.”

I am not suicidal.”

“I’m not going to tell you what I did because, at this point, it could still endanger people and I don’t want to do that.”

“Can you help me? You can pray for my soul.”

“I did not join the Illuminati.”

Something bad is about to happen.”
“Some things were planted inside my consciousness.”
“Have I been MKULTRA-ed? Well, let’s say there was some things that happened that were not normal as far as things playing in my head that came from outside.”
Even more bizarre, some claim that Tom Hanks “predicted” Kappy’s death in one of his IG posts.

Yet another Kabbalist Jesuit Ritual event. True or false? Not really important in the Vortex and coded meaning and numerology. What is more important is this a predictive programming of another major transformation to the global NWO finality? I have predicted this year as the Wildcard. The 8-11 cycle is here in 2019.  A good window of opportunity might be from July  to November and as the state of the union and Iran, China and the US goes, we have all the players in the game. Some from Bush 911 to new faces in the next major shift and  progression which is diffused and deflected in a totally fake news world. 

Donald Trump is a tool like all the others but as the wildcard 7 he plays a big role in the Talmudic  Cabals prophesies and the Jesuits Military plans.  I suggest further viewing of current news plants on China, Iran, Venezuela, border crossings, US CIA cells and CFR magic bullets. This Isacc Kappy is clearly a 911 reference.


Clues: Bellemont, FLAGstaff, Water, Ba'al Mountain, Phoenix, Pearl Harbor 1941, Route 66, Rhodes, Maine, Judas, Tunnels, Meteor Crater,

Many will just accept the revenge of the Holly-Holy root connection and payback for the outing of their secrets but this is a message of false flag nature. Just as before 911 the predictive programming clues were plentiful, this event has so many clues to something big and I am finding more as I go. I will follow up on this with additional points and parallels.

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811-What is below the New Zealand Hoax?

Part of Project Bluebeam : Since 2009 I have illustrated and provided much data about staged events being carried out in areas and locations used as deflection and deception in deeper agendas. Following these events are confirmed stagings at antipodal coorodinates which seem to indicate purpose in Jesuit Military (NATO and CIA covert science ops. These include weather modifications, scalar  seismic shallow events, Monarch MK-Ultra, MSM blitzes and biological events.

Follow thew timeline here:

I note the dual pyramidal structure of this UFO as a significant clue to the coming grand deception and great delusion in store we the lemmings when the NWO transformation goes into full live mode. Once the beta testing and stage is fully set the whole fraud of the Joo-joo-bees will become clearer to those who have not connected the dots. 

 222 - Brenton Tarrant - February 22 - On February 22, the North Korean embassy in Spain was attacked

HIDING THE EVIDENCE: New Zealand Gladio-Style Black Op


Good information is provided but not the deeper agenda. Indeed the Jesuits control the Media and Crypto Joos are heavily involved. Operation GLADIO is a NATO-OTAN Jesuit operation.  There are connections to these events which also include the Ethiopian Air Crash and Diego Garcia. Follow the antipodal and Ley line of Canary Islands Spain - GIZA - 

 The forced takeover of a foreign embassy is a rare event.
According to reports by El Pais and El Confidencial, two Spanish news outlets, local police have come to suspect that the embassy attack was somehow linked to the CIA.

According to those reports, two of the identified attackers are known to the Spanish counter-intelligence service as people connected to the “agency.”
On the other hand, on March 15, the Washington Post claimed that it had learned, from some unidentified sources, that the violent attack was actually carried out by a militant group, presumably consisting of North Korean defectors, which calls itself “Cheollima Civil Defense” and is challenging the Kim family regime. Of course, it is equally possible that “Cheollima Civil Defense” is nothing but a front for some other force

What a joke. If you understand GLADIO, you understand all the so-called Terror groups are all trained, funded and operated by the Jesuit Military.  Call it what you want. A spade is a spade.

The timing of the attack looks very suspicious
The scheme did not work, however: the Madrid raid initially attracted surprisingly little attention, and the summit ended without any result, disastrous or otherwise. 

What many do not know is this
Jan 3, 2019 - North Korea's acting ambassador to Italy has apparently asked for political asylum in Europe.

Shadowy Anti-N.Korean Group Promises 'Big Announcement

Here we have the Cheollima Civil Defense days later after the Madrid event in more covert ops involving the VATICAN Jesuit assassins and North Korean defectors?  It seems probable that things have to happen with North Korea, Cuba and Iran as Vatican Rothschild holdouts to the IMF and Central Banks yet the whole thing stinks as usual with the same CGI, Media manufactured narratives and fake news  headlines.

When I discuss predictive programming I like to use the SPECTRE 007 psyops because it fits the likely all seeing eye of NINE EYES (known as Five Eyes FVEY.  What I never ignore are the Vortex numbers, the Ley Lines and Antipodal connections of the events which never fail to materialize when investigated.  But the final solution is Project Bluebeam and a global order of human domain controllers. It is the Mark for the biblical universal Armageddon that will have better than CGI but Astral Projection, holographic, electromagnetic visual audio and mind control EM.  What happens next is already planned and scripted and dates are the numerology of the Vatican, the UN and their GLADIO Five eye complex. 

European politicians and senior Catholic officials have been bought and paid for by George Soros, according to Vatican Bishop Athanasius

Lets get it straight. The Vatican Jesuits pay George Soros, Rothschilds and other crypto-Joos to do their banking, money laundering - drugs and human trafficking etc. and they in turn disperse funds to the eyes of the global cabal and confederates.  This has been the arragement after Christ tipped the banks over at their main branch synagogue savings and loan.


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Silent Weapons: Listen to the Crickets

There is plenty of readily available information on Microwave and ELF sonic weapons and experiments. The Russian Woodpecker, the Utah State Prison experiments, MK-Ultra and other accoustic and ultrasonic inventions.  What gets missed is the combination of these technologies and the coming 5G Mesh "net" and devices to create a total surveillance grid, GPS targeting, SATCOM and interfacing with your personal cellular and WiFi devices. All cabable of RF and audio receiving and transmitting.

Add to this the extensive work on the Monarch Project which they would have you believe ended the MK-Ultra program back in 1976 after the Church Committee Hearings. Are we so stupid as to believe these programs did not move to the Technocracy private sector and/or off the USA plane and to some US controlled territory or Military Vessel? Martime Law and Sea (see) Treaties were perfect for a USA Inc. War Flag executive order. The CIA specialty.

So how stupid do they think we are? What no anwer? I am hearing Crickets.....We better turn on our iPhone tune app to drown out the crickets. But lets not forget that crickets are included in the insect species that are disappearing along with the Bees and Butterflies.  If you are excited about new 5G fun and games, you may consider yourself a victim of mind control.

All the issues the Cuban Embassy victims experienced are those being experienced by citizens of Anytown USA.  The CLIMATE CHANGE is not just their weather manipulation but the climate change to a new world executive order.  If you missed Trump pushing the 21 agenda regarding Socialism and standing behind the people of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, we should expect that the weapons of war are well in the hands of the Techno Deep State and that the new Cold War is one of many frequencies to meet their goals and deadlines.  This will ultimately peak when we see Project Bluebeam and the greatest of all mind control delusions and grandest of all deceptions.

Mysterious Sounds Recorded at Cuba Embassy Were … Crickets 

In late 2016, dozens of staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba fell sick after reportedly hearing mysterious noises in their hotels or homes. Afterward, they reported severe physical symptoms, including vertigo, headaches, ear pain and even cognitive difficulties and hearing loss.

Researchers obtained a recording of the sounds captured by embassy workers in Cuba, and analysis of the acoustic signal revealed striking similarities to insect calls. Further investigation identified the sounds as the call of the Indies short-tailed cricket (Anurogryllus celerinictus). 

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for April 2018 - RF Cafe

A Word from Sam Benzacar

“Mysterious” Cuban U.S. Embassy weapon: It Wasn’t Crickets

There seems to be no limit to how weird the investigation into the mysterious illnesses suffered by U.S. and Canadian diplomats and their families in Cuba can become, and how limited in scope the report resulting from the investigation turned out to be.

As you may remember, late in 2016 diplomats headquartered at the U.S. embassy in Havana began reporting health effects including cognitive impairment, hearing loss, tinnitus, strange sounds, headaches, insomnia, blurred vison, balance and speech problems, and even nosebleeds. Some of these people continue to experience what may be life-long effects. The events occurred not just in the embassy but in hotel rooms and homes, as well. Somewhat later, 14 “employees, spouses and dependents” who were either stationed at or visited the Canadian embassy began to experience similar problems, and last month Canada reduced its staff by half.

In an attempt to solve the mystery, a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania performed a preliminary evaluation of 21 people identified by the State Department as having been exposed. No firm conclusions as to the source were determined. And just a few weeks ago, biologist Alexander Stubbs from the University of California, Berkeley, after hearing a recording made available by the Associated Press of what some embassy workers heard, came to another conclusion: bugs.

Yes, bugs. Stubbs and colleague Fernando Montealegre-Z, an expert on entomological acoustics, searched a database of insert recordings and found that the Indies short-tailed cricket makes a sound almost identical to what is on the recording. Both the recording and the offending sounds were emitted at 7 kHz with a repetition rate of 180 pulses per second, lowering in pitch as they decrease in amplitude. However, the cricket sounds, and the AP recording didn’t entirely match, as the pulses in the recording were more erratic. Stubbs chalks that up to echoing from surfaces in an indoor space. So, he played the sounds indoors and they matched perfectly. Case solved, right?

Nope. This and the other theories have been cast aside and microwave energy is now considered the most likely source (even the U Penn study’s lead author has become a believer), which would have been my first conclusion and I suspect that of many readers of this column.

The U Penn researchers concentrated on sonic or ultrasonic sources, as many of the reported symptoms were related to hearing, and even viral infections, and “contagious anxiety”. There is no mention in the report of RF and microwave energy, and it was never even considered. Second, this is hardly the first time microwave energy has been used by another country for nefarious purposes --the Russians have been using it for many years

In 1976 it caused a major incident when the U.S. complained that the Russians had been irradiating the U.S. Embassy in Moscow at between 2.5 and 4 GHz since 1953, causing health effects. In addition to Cuba, the Russians are apparently still at it, as a USAID offer reported health effects in Uzbekistan in 2017.

Although microwave radiation will cause damage to tissues, and especially the eyes, when exposed to high-levels of non-ionizing (i.e., microwave) radiation, the cause this time is presumably the microwave auditory effect, also called the “Frey Effect”, which causes the perception of audible clicks or even speech induced by pulsed or modulated RF, and at higher levels significant health effects. It was first reported by people working near radars during World War II and first reported publicly in 1961 by American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey. It causes similar or possibly identical effects as those reported in Cuba, Russia, and China.

So, what’s to make of this? A cynical person might suggest that the Department of Defense, which is well aware of the Frey Effect and may also use it, might be tight-lipped. However, from a microwave technology perspective, the fact that microwave energy was never considered by the researchers who according to Smith were “very skeptical at first” when finally concluding the microwave energy was the prime suspect, is sad indeed. A little historical background goes a long way. As George Santayana famously noted: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Sound of crickets 'could become a thing of the past' - 

 Chemtrailes, Geoengineering, HAARP, EMR. Monsanto-Bayer, etc represemt the real Climate-Change. But the deep state has a cricket to replace the others.