Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was looking at the recent radiation readings for variuos parts of the country, accessed at this link:


and have noticed that sites like near where I live, in the Northern Plains, have been spiking badly the last 5 weeks or so. what was a beta gross count of 50-100 in May is now 150-350 in North Dakota, and now is a range of 300-600 in Rapid City South least until they stopped reporting about a week ago.  Curiousler and curiouser, the  Gamma  counts at  DC spiked for about 5 days just after the earthquake in Virginia last week.




Invitation to the Dons in the DOJ


I've got illegal wood too. You want some splinters? Come on down! We'll have a real good time. Practice squealing like pigs, boys, we need backup singers.




Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Predictions -The Winds of 2011


Haemagglutinin protein research and biological research by world order eugenicist funded by Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others are unleashing this years H3N2 variant. Marked by the huge effort in studying protein folding and viral fusion proteins and the monumental effort to reduce our immune systems through sun blocking vitamin D and bio-chemtrailing, this years season will bring 10 fold figures to previous year numbers in mortality. The PhRMA and Biolabs from Detrick to MIT will craft this pandemic.


A influenza

Avian influenza virus H3N2 is endemic in pigs in China and has been detected in pigs in Vietnam, increasing fears of the emergence of new variant strains. Health experts say pigs can carry human influenza viruses, which can combine (i.e. exchange homologous genome sub-units by genetic reassortment) with H5N1, passing genes and mutating into a form which can pass easily among humans. H3N2 evolved from H2N2 by antigenic shift and caused the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 and 1969 that killed up to 750,000 humans. In August 2004, researchers in China found H5N1 in pigs.[4]

Mutation of H5N1 virus could revive bird flu threat, says UN -

Leveraging Social Media for Disaster Preparedness

U.N. warns on mutant strain of bird flu virus - CNN



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In The Year 2070 ~ Waldopaper

All along the watchtower

Say when now and then...

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. –Isaiah 21:9

writer’s note: let the text run by like a trout stream around your waders…. words are deliberately misspelled and the context is compostmodern… cast your line and enjoy your catch buy the book.
Often technology defines the times. How many people in the Bronze Age know how bronze was made? Did people in the Stone Age know how stones were made? Events and people can define the times as well; The Year of Our Lord, the Elizabethan Era, or when the Bear went Over the Mountain. Likewise, not many at the time knew the Lord,Elizabethor the Bear personally, nor do historians in retrospect. These are the days of the high-temperature superconductor, with 300 horsepower electric motors that weigh a kilogram, supercomputers the size of a pin and other magical devices that surpass the power of gadgets in what was once called “the past.” Biplanes, for example.

“Therk,” a common word for a crystalline material that is grown with highly specialized equipment over time at great expense, describes these times like stone describes the Stone Age. The word does not capture the transition in culture and human consciousness. All Hits (or High Temperature Superconductor) devices thus far contain Therk; rare as gold in the olden times, sought-after, prized and dangerous, but manufactured… not mined from the earth. The handling of therk illustrates the difference between the Industrial Age and these times. Imagine the alchemists had been successful in finding the “philosopher’s stone” turning iron into gold without exploration or transport.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama's Uncle arrested for drunk driving

Which One? Enquiring minds want to know.

Billy Carter  Roger Clinton Deja Vu

Serf City USA

I just got back from the insurance office. I have demanded the discounts that they screwed Me out of for four years now. I want a refund of the amount of the discount plus interest for the four years,they have agreed,I will believe it when I see the check. Well I get back to the compound and I found this letter waiting in the mailbox.  OMFG  !!!!  The fascists are checking to make sure we are paying their cronies!. The letter includes threats and 3rd degree felony penalty for any false statements made about the auto in question ! I sold the freekin car.   Paddy please redact My address on the letter, I am about to blow a gasket and I just dont give a shit anymore! It is hard for Me to kick against these pricks !!!! Beam Me UP !


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leaked Pentagon Video 9/11

They will say it's a fake. It certainly could be better quality. But if it's real, it's another brick in the wall.

I tell people about the ban on the First Responders and their faces freeze-up with that look someone might get if you told them their car is on fire.

But interesting timing, this coming out just before the Big 10th. I suspect we'll see some other little surprises, or at least I hope so. I don't know what the repercussions of critical mass 9/11 knowledge is going to look like. But I want to find out.

In The Year 2070

Evidence:  a ship passed in the night... 

[caption id="attachment_15446" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The USA passed this way"][/caption]

Red paint scraped on the iceberg was most likely from the RMS Titanic.  The iceberg did not care... nor did the ship settling into the sea bed two miles below.

Activists Plan Oct 6th Occupation in DC

Activists Plan Oct 6th Occupation in DC

Finally,, someone in this country grew some balls.

This is a much-needed demonstration.

We know tho, that the pigs will be full force. Every time there's a 'peaceful' demonstration it gets covered in pork until someome's had enough pushing and the bats begin swingin and the pepper spray is set free. 

Hopefully there will be those who are armed well enough to discourage this form of attack by 'hurting' the "attackers" as they are being hurt.

ENOUGH of the "Gestapo" tactics,, we maintain the right to fight back.

This is Amerika and must be treated as such.

Thank you for participating in NLE-FEMA Tier II exercises





 Dunne and Miami SurferBoys

 Prediction Center Model

 Cost to Taxpayer $0.00



Saturday, August 27, 2011


Back when we were seeing the HAARP attack in Haiti I had predicted that it would be the Mediterranean that saw the earthquake. A deflection and I was fooled. Stupid me.

Jan 12, 2010-As reported in predictions an earthquake of major proportions has occurred. Haiti was hit by a 7.3 shallow HAARP SIHF attack.   Haiti represents a large population of useless eaters as does the Mediterranean countries of  Albania , Bosnia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco.

It does not surprise me that they went to the Caribbean location for the  attack.  The fact that it was staged in the western hemisphere indicates the attention off the muslim extermination to draw the attention away from the true hotspots.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory - GOES Satellite Tracks Hurricane Irene

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory - GOES Satellite Tracks Hurricane Irene.

From tropical wave on August 19th to Category 3 and back down to Category 2 on August 26th, Hurricane Irene’s movements are documented here in 30-minute imagery from the NOAA GOES-East satellite

Hmmmm? Fizzle?  North Carolina 110mph Cat 2 down to cat 1 west northwest.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ghost Plane Riders In The Sky


August 24 2011--Venice FL

by Daniel Hopsicker

It was a Friday the 13th to remember at Josefa Camejo Airport in the Venezuelan state of Falcon, when the airport, serving a remote region jutting out into the Caribbean at Venezuela's furthest northwest point, became the scene of a Wild West shoot-out between two rival law enforcement agencies.

The bone of contention was a "ghost" drug plane carrying 1.5 tons of cocaine. One Venezuelan newspaper called it a "megacargamento."

The two police forces were clearly mismatched-one was a 60-man 'special operations' unit from Venezuela's Federal Police, (CISPIC) bolstered by  agents from Venezuela's National Anti-Drug Office (ONA). On the other side was 6-8 lightly armed state police officers, lounging in a knot smoking cigarettes while pretending to guard the plane.

The Federal force swooped in, rushing the plane as it began revving its engines to leave.

That's when the fireworks  started. There was a brief but fierce firefight. Two men were slain. Several agents on both sides were wounded.

One of the dead men, Pernia Luis Fuentes, was the 36-year-old co-pilot of the plane.  He  was a former member of Venezuela's drug police gone bad, expelled from the country for drug trafficking six years ago.

The other man slain, the first person to die in the shootout, was an unarmed civilian, caught in the cross-fire. Edilberto Rosales Escalante, 38 years old, was identified by relatives at the morgue.

Read article here:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cutting-edge Enviroscience

Korn-Tex environmental Technologies introduces new resource management technology that will save the environment and reduce labor costs. John the team leader at Korn-tech's new green division stated recently "I just got so damned tired of being so angry about so many issues I just had to channel all that into a positive direct action,clean and green I always say". "We can save one billion easy the first year on water resources and chemicals that have been used customarily, not to speak of labor savings" quips John.

The technology borrows from the destructive hydraulic mining methods that were used in the past,only now more finely tuned and environmentally sensitive.  The task we are undertaking is as old as indoor plumbing.  The problem was all those pesky reminders of yesterdays fare somehow becoming attached to those indoor fixtures.  A speck of tomato here, a bean hull there, but there is a solution! The Korn-tech "Direct Stream" technology will blast away those pesky pieces.  Close attention to target acquisition and pressure control will make quick work of that nasty old chore that nobody really wanted to do. Hard to remove stain? Add more vinegar to the diet, acidity will burn it off mighty pronto !  The gentlemen are handily equipped for this live streaming,but ladies,not to worry ! Korn-techs "Femmes Standing Straw-ng" program will outfit you with our new "Rapid-stream Posit-trac" target acquisition tube."Ladies Standing Straw-ng shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts" is our motto.  Equality our goal, sanitation our role.  Ex-pres Bill Clinton will be our mobile green volunteer.  He will use his specially tuned skills to get up under that bothersome rim, no more standing on your head ladies !

Korn-tech will assume no responsibility for spills,damage or unforeseen swelling from over-use. Target acquisition software extra. Only one tube per customer.Please note: the Posit-trac tube is an orthopedic device and must be custom fit by Dr. John, accept no imitation.


Rare Strong Earthquake Hits Colorado -NYTimes

"DENVER — The largest natural earthquake in Colorado in more than a century struck Monday night in the state’s southeast corner, but there had been no reports of damage or injuries."

Magnitude 5.8 - VIRGINIA

5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado


Monday, August 22, 2011


"MONTREAL: Investigators still do not know why a Boeing 737 with 15 people on board crashed in the Canadian Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others, police and the jet's owner First Air said Sunday..........Prime Minister Stephen Harper was expected in the area Monday as part of his annual trip to the Arctic, which coincides with military drills taking place nearby."

Location: Bay, Nunavut



Expect Fireworks regarding Libya soon. French event may move to French Canadian Venue at midwest border area. - submarine exercises. "

Love the quote

“They have really shown how good our Navy people can be, even in circumstances as totally alien as the Arctic.”


COMSUBRON 11 - for the fools

The Seismic Event still pending but MADRID - MEMPHIS is my target though we are looking at California as an initial or pre stage deflection event for a series (triad) three tier scalar program, one of which may be hurricane. This is a major advisory and a Katrina/San Francisco quake event in proportion.

The SBX006 Sea-Based X-Band Radar spotted in Puget Sound.

Passenger list still pending.


Speed up your timeline for food and supplies.  Be prepared!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Agenda 21 update ! # ! * ! $ !

I went to the only supermarket in town this morning to get tobacco  they serve rural communities with overpriced crap. When I was paying for My purchase the clerk asked Me for My drivers license so i says "what are You a traffic cop?"  .  "No" she replied "its new regulations". So being a troublemaker  by nature I says "what if I dont have a license?"  She then summoned the manager and I asked him " preparations for the mark of the beast?" He began to shake sorta like he was having a seizure or something "its the rules" "give Me Your date of birth" he says, so i did. "this will be the last time I can do this" he says. I got My tobacco and headed for the car before the cops could arrive.

When the license is swiped we will be added to a database of "smokers" and "drinkers" who will be denied Medicare services in the future for our un-politically correct behaviour. Also our purchases will be tracked in real time to develop behavioural projections and other Orwellian\anti-christ control gizmos. Anybody got tobacco seed ?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japan's China Syndrome & the MSM Blackout

Chernobyl was a walk in the park compared to Fukushima.  That statement isn't meant to downgrade the devastating effects Chernobyl has had on the people that have been suffering from the after effects of that horrific nuclear disaster but rather to illustrate that the Fukushima event is far worse. 

So, why then is the main stream media ignoring what's happening in Japan?   Please watch the second video about Chernobyl.   The bold, ridiculous lies told by governments and officials  about the severity of that  event will give you a clue.

Lying is a way of life for the "authorities."   It's pure  evil to tell the people affected by  radiation poisoning that they are simply suffering from a mental  condition they termed  "radiophobia".    So that is why the media, a mouthpiece for the " authorities",  will never report the news (truth).   They will,  instead, find a way to blame the death and illness that follows this tragic HAARP induced nuclear annihilation of the Japanese people on the people themselves.   The same tactic they used after Chernobyl.   As they keep raising the safety levels for radiation exposure, they will tell them and the world in general, that any health problems claimed to be associated with the nuclear explosions at Fukushima are all in their "radiophobic" heads.  ~jg



Friday, August 19, 2011

Officials in San Diego County Investigating Strange Chemical Odor

Related To

More bad news for California residents.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Electron Ejection = Eradication

Boomer found this gem. This is one of the best by Dr. Moret tying the EMR to those who run the eugenics agenda and it provides the connections to the base of ops in England. Netherlands and the UK spread to France, Scandinavia, EISCAT, HAARP, cellular low level radiation, protein killer technology and the clues to how we will see a solar or cosmic anomaly orchestrated by the universal facilities in a syncronized assault scheduled for some date after we have sufficiently suffered for their pleasure. A must view in my opinion and Boomers comment as WOW confirms his critique of this excellent work.


existence, essence, element, energy, execution, expiration, eradication, euthanasia, eugenics. EMR

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bilderberg Triumvirate Right - "A Three Cornered Hat"




Agenda 21 On Track

On the Trey Ware morning talk show on San Antonio station KTSA Ware was touting the virtues of the new "smart meters". It seems some idiots are paying $75.00 to have the remote thermostat controller installed at their home to avoid the rolling brownouts that have been threatened by ERCOT (sorta like ENRON) the Texas version of the electric gestapo.  Supposedly this is a pilot project. I call it the implementation of illegal authoritarian policies to give credibility to the global warming hoax.

There Is But One Specific Group of AmeriKans Who Are Directly Responsible For The Impending Collapse Of Our Financial System And All It Encompasses. They Are The Cult Of AmeriKa.


They are Comprised Of Rich And Poor,  Black And White, Jew and Gentile, Employed And Unemployed, educated and barely literate.

Most have nothing more in common than that they breath air yet they fight with a non-existent commonality as though their very existence depends on it. A minority, (the Rich) understand Why They Fight.  The Majority (Middle Class And Poor) Have No Clue.]

 Their duality is the largest obstacle to overcome.

They work for minimum wage and vote republican.

They are against war yet they enlist in the military. They are virtually broke but swear by capitalism.

They are 99% of the 98% of the people who are being swindled the most and they are 99% of the 2% who have it all doing most of the swindling.

They throw their trash into the street and mindlessly pollute our lakes, rivers and streams with their garbage.

They don’t ever have enough, even when they have it all.

They refuse to admit that they know the problems are so that they don’t have to fix them. Greed is their motivation.

The 98% don’t comprehend the power that they have as a whole so do nothing. The 2% are well aware of their power and use it at every opportunity.

If you happen to recognize that you are an idiot then you’ve taken the first step toward redemption. Now you must recognize all of your idiot friends and family and convince them that they too have been idiots.

 Idiots know no boundaries, they encompass every facet of society; black, white, Hispanic, young, old, religious, atheist, intelligent, un-educated, rich and poor.

 They place blame for their problems on inanimate objects, drugs, alcohol, guns and Rock and Roll but refuse to accept the responsibility for the action it takes to utilize these ‘tools’ to accomplish bad things.

They kidnap, molest, rape and murder innocent children. They perpetuate their genetic lineage when they haven’t successfully raised a single human in six generations.

 They criticize everyone and everything yet never offer a viable solution to real problems. They focus on problems which are a direct result of the ultimate problems, greed fed idiocy and don’t comprehend that , in order to fix one you must obliberate the other. They will follow blindly but in the wrong direction.

They, collectively, have the power to institute positive change for the masses but will not. Their greatest fear is criticism from their peers. They don’t have a clue as to who their peers are. No matter how much they are persecuted they don’t comprehend just ‘who their enemy is.

They always ask "why" when things go poorly for them but never contemplate ‘why’ when things go well.

 They pray to ‘god’ even though god never responds. They are all narcissistic and the number one attribute is that they all think they are "Special".

They are not left, right, rich or poor, employed or un-employed or black or white and the sooner that they realize that their numbers are strong the sooner we win.

 "THEY" are the "Idiots!

Plain and simple, Idiots with delusions of grandeur.

Of course, an idiot will never recognize their idiocy so trying to educate them is a losing battle in itself for they have the same loop subconsciously playing in their heads; "I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot,,,,,", with no reprieve and no chance of them ever recognizing the loop.

This is the "Cult Of Amerika". "Idiots".

How do we defeat this ‘cult’? They are seemingly the majority yet they are controlled by the minority, fundamentally cracked, hardly believing ‘en masse’ of the same fundamental doctrines. About the only things that they have in common is that they all want "their’ way with no consideration of how it will affect the rest of humanity.

Inasmuch as ‘Idiots’ comprise the vast majority of the population, how can they be reached on an individual basis in order to involve the majority?

Should we begin with the religious zealots and hope that they ‘can see the light’ and then will shine it on everyone else? How about the wretched poor, who have lost so much to the ‘Cult,’ finally opening their eyes and taking a stand? This in itself would constitute a ‘majority’.

I have always felt that my approach is the most logical for a wartime situation.

Attack the minimal amount of the people who have created the largest proportion of the problem. This would be the ultra-rich 2% who have bastardized our government and Constitution for the sole purpose of manipulating the wealth, thus creating hardship on the rest of the populace, showing no regard to the masses. By definition;  PSYCHOPATHS

The only question remains; ‘Attack them where, how and when?

Answers; wherever they are, with whatever means necessary and at every given opportunity.

Time is of the essence.


Dylan Ratigan Gets It Right...(again)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Be Very Very Scared

" How was this weaponized "  "The birds are doing that"

How easy it is to place the blame on those dirty pigeons.  Contagion opens September  8th with enough soap to brainwash the large flocks of sheep. I figure its like little kids that watch  Frankenstien movies because they like to be scared. We were wondering if the next black-flag was going to be nuklar,conventional explosives or biological.  I was reading Nostradamus who stated thus:

“In the year of the new century and nine months, from the sky will come a great king of terror. The sky will burn at 45 degrees… fire approaches the great new city… there will be thunder… The third big war will begin when the city is burning.”

We cannot rule out the old "triple whammy" with so many useless eaters to whack a spectrum is needed for "full spectrum dominance". Satchel nukes, flesh eating bacteria,dike blowing, rolling brown-outs (ala ENRON), fresh water shortages and rationing,food rationing,fuel rationing,cyber-attacks,bank moratoriums and closures,cordoning of cities,school lock-downs,mall lock-downs,reverse 911 and the good old radio emergency broadcasting system. Pick your poison people.

With Rick Perry chosen as our next president by the Bilderburger back in 2007 "Mr NAFTA superhighway" will have the power to continue his agenda of eminent domain to expand the I-35 corridor toll road for SINTRA of Spain,the mandatory use of Gardasil and what ever else  his european overlords dictate. Perry is a trojan horse. All sorts of demons will come out from under that perfect male-cheerleader hairdo.

Get ye food,get ye BBs. Hurt not the homemade wine. Hic !

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Digest ~ Off with our heads

Qaeda Trying to Harness Toxin for Bombs, U.S. Officials Fear - NYTimes

The US Government and laboratories have proteins that make Ricin look like Soy


NATO plans to arm Syria criminal gangs - PressTV

The ongoing pump up for the EU economy. Time for another Turkey recall?


Protecting America from EMP attack -WND

A band-aid on a scalar bullet hole


Plastic Surgeon on the Possibility of Breast Implant Bombs - SFGate

I already confirmed that one way back. TSA wants some booby action. Aint that the tits!


Foodborne Illnesses in America   Complex Factory Foods pose the Highest Risk -  Global Research by Rady Ananda

Great stuff by one of our own


A look at the world's new corporate tax havens - 60 minutes

Credit Suisse Officials Charged in Tax Conspiracy - Accounting News

It is apparent now that the right-winger blue meanies are getting their asses kicked. Corporate cronies and Bush gang members are running for cover and doing their damage control.  You have to wonder how Obama and company have managed to do this with a tanking of the economy and jobless recovery.
The merging of the two-party system will be arrived at by the third wheel Tea Party. The history of the french revolution is being revisited in a Reign of Terror and the blue  administrators, patricians and plebeians are shifting as seen by this years media spring and ongoing "bread and circuses."
The Jacobin Clubbing red teamers, though they are in command, meeting resistance from the royals and EU, are going to transform. The money tax havens offshore and in suisse lockboxes are moving out.  The world order coffers moving to TelAviv?  I think so.  Taxing will transform as well. Obama has his hunger games and his power in tact. But the results will be not what they expected, inasmuch as they are in an unwinnable war.  But that's the game isn't it? NATO-GLADIO and a laundering process of cleaning house and redistribution of wealth to the red team. Obama has his  twelve Girondists in waiting and an election to destroy.
The Patricians will take a haircut but it will never be off with their heads as they are indeed one in purpose.  The revolution will be televised but it will not change the dynamics of transformation. The illuminati holds all the strings and the Tea Party plebians are conning Americans into a cult that will link them to the reign of terror and their demise. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BART Pulls the Kill Switch

Oh,  here we go.  Sing it R.E.M.....    " It's the end of the world as we know it"...............

What's creepier than San Fran transit acting like the gestapo are the comments that follow the article on yahoo.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A decision by San Francisco Bay Area transit officials to cut off cell phone service at some of its stations to thwart a planned protest drew angry response Saturday from one transit board member who said she was shocked that officials acted as "this type of censor."

Bay Area Rapid Transit officials have said they shut down power Thursday evening to cellular towers for stations stretching from downtown to the San Francisco's airport after learning protesters planned to use mobile devices to coordinate its demonstration.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Famine in Somalia: Where to Donate

Things are beginning to ease in the civil war zones and now the aid needs to be rushed in. There are still 1.5 million children at risk in east Africa.

Famine in Somalia: Where to Donate

Photo from American Refugee Committee

As famine grows throughout Somalia, the world comes together to send support to the families and children in crisis. While nations from across the globe are sending resources and aid, there is also a special effort of support coming from Minnesota—where the largest Somali population lives in the United States.

For those looking to support the relief efforts in Somalia and also looking to donate to one of the Minnesota-based charities contributing to the cause, consider one of these organizations below. All have earned our Meets Standards Seal and are on our list of most trustworthy nonprofits.

  • American Refugee Committee (view their full Accountability Report

    • Read more about the outstanding work they are doing on the ground in Somalia.


Read more about how to give smart to support the aid efforts in Somalia in this article from the Pioneer Press, "Three Suggestions in Choosing a Somali Famine Relief Charity."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signposts up ahead....your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

SOS: ...---...



Did anyone remember my resurrection of Bin-Laden post in March, 5 weeks before the staging?

So Google me this? Is there an upswing in the economy coming? Is Sarkozy cozy with this plan?  Does Gaddafi know he’s being set up by your pal Chad? Is Timmy Osman going to make an appearance or is is he going to take a number two instead? Is Puddy going to see his French Fried event cooked in crude oil or will they just be microwaved? Will the American Midwest city see the false flag fast food terror instead? Will the MSM ask us if we want cheese with our triple decker? Will sheeple be watching the latest episode of “winning” or will it be “the biggest loser” when the hammer falls?


I've posted the corpse laden reality of bin-dead for six years. Well, Mayday we got the answer.

Watch for the Keiser report. What happens in France happens here and vise versa.  If you are a historian then you know where this plan takes it next step. Who's holding the dough? Remember Dov Zakheim? Follow the money.

Q: WHERE''S YOUR MONEY?  A: TEL-AVIV (it's the new BCCI}

FAIR WARNING to the proletariat and bourgeoisie. Max knows, so do we.

2009 - Max Keiser 



Monday, August 8, 2011

Obama, the Super Congress and Super NATO: The Palace Guards

Audit The Fed 2011

You all know I don't play the political games of badmitton but I will always sign the petition to audit the Granddaddy Madoff Federal Reserve. Not since it's inception has there been the opportunity to review the books. 14 trillion? Likely 30 according to some of my sources.  Even the GAO has to provide it. How long will we wait for this audit?  100 years? That'll be too late. I'll sign again as a defense when the PTB come for their money.

Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion. As they say it has teeth. the head of the beast resides under this shroud.




Dear Patriot
Trillions of dollars have been stolen from U.S. taxpayers.

"SCRAGGED AGAIN" by Hybrid Rogue

“Those who control the Past control the Future. Those who control the Present control the Past.” ~ George Orwell

Scragged Again

"The Editors said:
OK Willy, we've put up with your increasingly   lunatic rants for quite some while now, but we will not tolerate anti-Semitism in any form, and the vicious blood libel of the proven forgery you refer to has absolutely no place on Scragged.
You're on very thin ice.

August 6, 2011 12:07 AM"

You are liars. I already told you I quit, and you know it.

"anti-Semitism" my ass, if you read it you know the whole thing was an explanation of why the Protocols are NOT from Jews and had nothing to do with Judaism.

The way you have handled this is to purposely defame me - because the public does not know what you left out. And now you boldly pronounce it "antisemitic"...[ “gee what horrible things did he say??”]

You are dishonest and delusional if you interpret what I said as a liable to Judaism, or the Jewish people.

I've seen this JDL style reverse defamation job many times over.

HRW: Obama Broke Law By Not Prosecuting Bush & Cheney


Whats wrong with this picture?
Well, it's about eleven years out of date. What about when there was actual discovery of wrong doing.

And while I'm on the subject (wrongdoing), how about voter fraud, coup d'etat, committing us to war by deception, terrorism abroad, terrorism on home soil, mass murder, illegal legislation, treason,, 'god when will this guy shut up?? When someone finally tries the entire bush league and does a "Hang Em High" scene in public. What a terrific warning to any future leaders who may be tempted to fuck over the people of the United States of America.

And if we don't? We can expect a continuation of the current rule of thumb; any political figure who serves a powerful constituency may break any laws they care to without retribution.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a U.S. downgrade

...and it's a Chinese language news report about it.

Translation should really not be needed; we can get the idea from the visuals!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't Bother Reading This, It's Probably Too Late Anyway!

I truly hate to type but I can’t call all of you, so; I type. And I'm angry again.

SO, if you get your feelings hurt by "BAD" words, religious irreverence, disturbing thoughts and words of tyranny,,, Aww,,,, what the fuck, go ahead and read it! Maybe some emotion will rush some blood to your brain and you may see clearly.

I love the old days when we "reached out and touched someone".  I often miss those days.

Progress, huh? Sucks, sometimes.

It would almost make me sad except for the fact that, if it weren't for progress we, our generation, would have missed the follies of the last half of our century.  We’ve had a fascinating ride. (I hate when people say “what a long strange trip it’s been”) I like Gerry Garcia as well as the next guy but that naive, pot-laden chant isn't relative anymore. Of course it was long and strange, to some people. To anyone paying attention it’s been a slow, heartbreaking, trip through the final throes of the vestiges of the United States Of America.

HAARP HEAT WAVES ~ Its snowing and raining money in DC

Across the entire Atlantic Basin for the six-month season, which begins June 1, NOAA is predicting the following ranges this year:

  • 12 to 18 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which:

  • 6 to 10 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including:

  • 3 to 6 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher)

Each of these ranges has a 70 percent likelihood, and indicate that activity will exceed the seasonal average of 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes.

“The United States was fortunate last year. Winds steered most of the season’s tropical storms and all hurricanes away from our coastlines,” said Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator. “However we can’t count on luck to get us through this season. We need to be prepared, especially with this above-normal outlook.”

Climate factors considered for this outlook are:

YOU Americans are NOT ALONE!

III --Ten orders we will NEVER obey-- OathKeepers-- sometimes known as III (the 3 percent)

Ask yourself -- Who is acting lawfully, and in the best interests of "WE THE PEOPLE"?

Ask yourself -- Who is/will protect your life, family, possessions, and liberty?

Ask yourself -- Who would you put your trust in?

Ask yourself -- Who thinks and acts as if the United States Constitution {and the Freedom-Loving idea it represents} is a just a "God-Damned piece of paper"?

Ask yourself -- Who swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution and serve WE THE PEOPLE, and actually keeps their oath? What are Oath-Breakers called? Traitors. What are Oath-Keepers called? Patriots. Get this "straight" in your mind, for your life depends on it.

Ask yourself -- Who is peeing on the Liberty Tree, trying to kill it? And Who is willing to fertilize, protect, and prop up the Liberty Tree?

Ask yourself -- WHO is truly on your side?

These People?

[caption id="attachment_15169" align="alignleft" width="485" caption="It's All About Choices..."][/caption]

Or These People?

[caption id="attachment_15170" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="Protectors of Freedom from Tyranny"][/caption]

The Oathkeepers organization consists of many past and present members of the US military as well as law enforcement officers. Many civilian militia members are also associated.

Their website is here: <a href="The Oathkeepers organization consists of many past and present members of the US military as well as law enforcement officers. Many civilian militia members are also associated. Their website is here:

Many were an arm patch of the symbol III as their insignia, which number represents the approximate 3 percent of Patriots which actually took up arms against the British during the Revolution.

Obviously, The 3 percent were sufficient...

Below is our declaration of orders we will NOT obey because we will consider them unconstitutional (and thus unlawful) and immoral violations of the natural rights of the people. Such orders would be acts of war against the American people by their own government, and thus acts of treason. We will not make war against our own people. We will not commit treason. We will defend the Republic.

Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey

Recognizing that we each swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming that we are guardians of the Republic, of the principles in our Declaration of Independence, and of the rights of our people, we affirm and declare the following: