Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Money?

There is only one wonder, and that is why aren't these people behind bars?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More violence, now

I'm told that this is a live stream from California, where Occupy San Francisco is under attack right now:!!!

EVAN: That Pesky God Particle

Your wet.

That's the Rina car wash.

It's Quicksilver.

For certain. And it's vacillating.

I predicted it the biggy this year.

Police State Amerika - Occupy Oakland/ Police Brutality 10/25/11

The videos are self explanatory.


Press Release: Marine Veteran Critically Injured at Occupy Oakland March

published by Jose Vasquez on 10/26/11 3:34pm

Posted to:


For Immediate Release


Dottie Guy, Bay Area Chapter President

(415) 290-5447,

Jose Vasquez, Executive Director

(917) 587-3334,

Keith Shannon, Deployed with Scott to Iraq

(650) 278-1323

Marine Veteran Critically Injured at Occupy Oakland March

Two-time Iraq war veteran sustains skull fracture from police projectile

Late last night, Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq war veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march.  The march began at a downtown library and headed towards City Hall in an effort to reclaim a site—recently cleared by police—that had previously served as an encampment for members of the 99% movement.

Scott joined the Marines in 2006, served two-tours in Iraq, and was discharged in 2010.  Scott moved to California from Wisconsin and currently works as a systems network administrator in Daly, California.

Scott is one of an increasing number of war veterans who are participating in America’s growing Occupy movement. Said Keith Shannon, who deployed with Scott to Iraq, “Scott was marching with the 99% because he felt corporations and banks had too much control over our government, and that they weren’t being held accountable for their role in the economic downturn, which caused so many people to lose their jobs and their homes.”

Scott is currently sedated at a local hospital awaiting examination by a neurosurgeon.  Iraq Veterans Against the Wars sends their deepest condolences to Scott, his family, and his friends.  IVAW also sends their thanks to the brave folks who risked bodily harm to provide care to Scott immediately following the incident.

The Dolar Dinar Frequency

Jesus - Lincoln - Kennedy - Gaddafi


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

U.S. Foreign Policy Condensed

This is too ugly to post.

He felt it. Are you feeling it? Domestic policy is the same.  So Sam Walton cuts health coverage to his useless eater employees. They are feeling it. I feel like shopping elsewhere. Hitlery Clinton has a good belly-laugh at all of it. Hell aint half full. Mitt says "corporations are people!" Rick wants to sodomize us with a post-card. Herman says 999 (thats 666 inverted) and its all topsy turvy. Barak Hussein Embalmer says" the troops are coming home and I dont need no stinkin congress." Some ass-hole says Syria is next. Rangers lead the Cardinals 3 games to 2.  We are all going to lose this world series.



Monday, October 24, 2011

EVAN: The Catch 33 Solution

Thanks for posting my coordinates. Nice graphics.

It was easy to follow the curve.

Yes all points are active, a masterful reversal of fortune, a changing of the guard, following a comet tail. Check your NASA clock.

I'm ready. You blasted me on 33.  Gaddafi, Fast&Furious and Greece were obvious and the 33x33 is the killing field.

You were on the ball when you prefigured the polar axis. What made you move to 32?

Serious distortion and interference.

That's the idea. Don't get muddled in the OWS and Turkey ELF. It's distraction. Reconfigure and look to the interference for the divergent sinusoidal frequencies,  passive scalar field transported by a turbulent vector flow and predicted behaviour by both.

You mean Turkey, Cain 999, Gorbechev, Iraq and OWS?

To name a few. Include the Reagan election?  Who want's a Reagan election? Gorby like his predecessors, just another 33rd administrator.  Reagan frequencies have been running for awhile and you know what purpose that served.

An oldy and a goody. A better time. Iran. A wolf in sheep's clothing. A globalist mind control puppethead who died from EM Alzheimer's and Manchurian Syndrome. A player right out of Central Casting West and a Holyrood imposter.

Yes, just like McCain and others will eventually. You said recently that you posted an article during the fall of the soviet guard as one of your worst days. Did you know why then?

It was after I read Coleman's book and the writing on the wall when Brezhnev died in 1982, on my birthday coincidentally. Why was Reagan to be assassinated by a MonarcK? Magog had no more use for the useful idiot? The new apparatchiks. The displays of power. The need to control the energy weapons from the old guard. Transform the silent war from fourth generation warfare to the fifth. I connected the dots. Brezhnev doctrine reinvented, the KAL007, Challenger with Christa McAuliffe and the fall of soviet supremacy were all geared to the global governance we later saw with the WTO or better the World Terror Organization and the capitalist/socialist merging under the scalar silent war and vector forces of the committee  IMC complex.

Pretty good summary there. Set the stage. Heavy sines and major interference  there. Now it's being countered by infrared movement for 2012. Mr. Soetoro and his transmitters are playing the Iraq tune as displayed with complete troop removal.  An easy card to see held until the time. Energy Election cycles and EM are getting stronger with every cycle and greatly aided by the OWS, Iraq and Arab Slinky frequencies.

It's not like Iraq hasn't been packed with the Force majeure  needed to continue the transformation.  In fact troop withdrawl is necessary to further the programmed transmission without a need to ice another seal team, so to speak. They buried some energy in the Arabian Sea recently but not bin-laden. Why then not Gaddafi?

Kinetic Energy wind down in Libya to potential energy to be accelerated at a near future date as a force vector. Keep your eye on the meridian. Be prepared to jump quickly because it will happen in another fast and furious force visa Vis major. I use the French because you have correctly identified the meridian and coordinates for the NASA blue space timeline. The Bin-laden force diminished greatly with the truth coming out during the opium sting and Iraqi intelligence. Add the massive 911 truth movement and you saw the diminishing energy for bin-laden.  That energy was buried and Gaddafi replaced it along with the arab spring, example Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and ultimately Iran.

I wrote a piece on the 180th degree. It suggested that Russia would appear to be a capitalist conversion from communism when in fact it has transformed to G6 and we are just going through ours now. We were always meant to be last correct?

That's apparent. So the OWS is really WOS. The war on Sovereignty. The last bastion of independence. As goes the IMCC and fiat so goes the massive movement of the scalar entranced masses to the trough.  Let's face the facts Dunne, nothing will help them and you need to move without them. They can call themselves enlightened, awakened or empowered to the truth but they are nowhere near the Zero Point nor the trajectory to jump at the right time when the scalar and vectors synchronize for the final phases to OWO and what you call G6. It's ultimately zero to one. The transition is already here. Most think it's coming. Sorry friends, it's here and you need to follow your knows and forget your nose if you do not see it, taste it or hear it by now, you'll never sniff it out.  All your so-called truth sources and frequencies are no closer than you are.  Standing on the front line and fighting thousands is ineffective and suicidal. I'd give each all a million dollars to stop wasting your time and it might buy you a few seeds or a cow, but if you climb the being stalk you may find the way, right Jack?  Other than that it will start your fire during the winter you will never likely forget or survive.

I hear them say 1984, NWO and Full Spectrum Dominance and I am concerned that they don't see these are purposeful sines for their benefit and the truth is still buried to them beneath the obvious. You have to get there very quickly now Puddy. Preparedness necessitates prioritization and what they are bombarding you with has nothing to do with the sword, shield and security solution. Because you have identified the obvious, do you think it will be as easy as another 33rd Gore  American Spring?  We still have no idea the energy they will unleash but assume money becomes the anthrax of terror and your death, because it is.

Watch the 11th both on the big blue clock and geo-coordinate Military Grid Reference System. The major moves from 11, 22 and 33 are coming to a point and the Election and OWS vectors will collapse in Nanospheres swapped in the next round of aerial vaccines. Protect and defend yourself from them. The fiat and EU are going to full tilt and death for a dollar will become very real to many now who have missed it for the last hundred years. You should be far from this sinusoidal  distraction by now. If not then its panic time.

Where to now?

Puerto Rico and then south of the border.

Time for a Piña Colada?

Time for a Piña retorting and extraction. The mercurial compounds and colloidal suspensions are flying free in the scalars.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to Your Fraudulent Existence in America

What is FRAUD? Since the corporate "United States of America" was built as a "Matrix-Like" false system of government based on deception, to control "Americans" -- how can it stand as a beacon of Freedom? Slavery never has been abolished has it? It was refined with legal language in secrecy, and rolled out to cover an entire country of souls. The picture of America's history to the present is getting clearer now, isn't it? We are beginning to understand the "Why?" and the "How?".

WE the People are NOT CHATTEL! {Movable Property -- an item of personal property that is not freehold land and is not intangible. Chattels are typically movable property chattels personal, e.g. furniture or cars, but may also be interests in property chattels real, e.g. leases}.

[caption id="attachment_16326" align="alignleft" width="343" caption=""Adjusting the Balance""][/caption]

CATCH-22 October 15, 2011 Kirwan

This illustration is another of those done right after the Millennium that illustrates exactly what was going on then, and if anything it is far more relevant today than ever.

What we are facing now is a massive coverup of the truth about what the Constitution became; after the public thought they understood what it really was.

Here’s the current TRUTH about the now perverted version of the Constitution of the United States Incorporated.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mark Of The Beast Being Put In Place

First it was Lowes Super S Grocery demanding to swipe our license to purchase tobacco or beer. Now Lousiana is banning cash for second hand purchases.

Enforcement will be impossible of course so the switch to digital currency will end any circumventing the draconian satanic takeover of worldwide commerce.

If we do not begin to changeover to local micro-economies we will be without means to purchase our daily needs without world bank interference and taxation. This has been prophesied for 2 thousand years. Those who do not worship the image of the beast (Khadafi, Hussein) will be beheaded. We had a 4.5 quake this morning in south central Texas. The shake-up has just begun.

Gaddafi, dead again Aug 22, 2011

Bin Laden - Alive again

Hosni Mubarek - Alive again

Mohammad Pahlavi - Alive again

Idi Amin - Alive again

Ferdinand Marcos - Alive again

Slobodan Milosevic - Alive again

Pol Pot - Alive again

Adolph Hitler - Alive again

 مُعَمَّر القَذَّافِي‎  DEAD AGAIN

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why The Media Ignores Ron Paul - The Elephant in the Room

It's simple.  He's an honest, principled man, same as Ralph Nader & Dennis Kucinich.   Two men also marginalized when running for president. The powers that be don't like men of their stature.   They prefer the slick, sellout snake oil salesmen that can sway the electorate with their sparkly smiles and glib rhetoric.  That is why the tool for the elite, the main stream media,  marginalize and flat out ignore  Ron Paul and his popularity with the people.

Now I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says but I do agree with him on the most critical issues of today.   Top of the list are:  restoring civil liberties, which means repealing the Patriot Act...ending all wars and bringing our troops home  NOW  and ending the Federal Reserve and the reign of financial terror that's been waged against the people of the United States.  He is the only man running for president today that is promising to do all of those things.    I believe, if he were elected, that he would do his best to accomplish those goals in his first year in office.  The question is, will they allow him anywhere near the presidency?  My honest opinion is, no.   With rigged voting machines and corrupt politicians in every little city and town, it's not likely.  He doesn't serve the needs of the Corporatocracy.

I no longer believe our vote counts.  I believe our system is gamed against We the People and for the continuation of the Corporate State.   My last vote was cast for Ralph Nader in 2008.  Though I believe Ralph was  THE man for the job, I also knew he didn't stand a chance of winning against those odds.  So, I considered it a protest vote.  After that ,   I vowed I'd never enter the voting booth again.

Perhaps I'll have a change of heart as the 2012 election draws near.   That change will most likely come if the msm talking heads continue to ignore the public groundswell for the only viable candidate in the race today, Ron Paul.   Maybe I will be tempted to cast one more protest vote.  I'm a sucker for an honest underdog.  ~jg

70% of OWS Supporters are Politically Independent

Posted 10/19/11 by Occupy Wall Street

Two weeks ago we conducted an anonymous poll on this website to learn more about our visitors. We asked Héctor R. Cordero-Guzmán Ph.D, sociologist of the City University of New York to look at the data, which he analyzed to create an original academic paper titled "Mainstream Support for a Mainstream Movement".

His analysis shows that the Occupy Wall Street movement is heavily supported by a diverse group of individuals and that "the 99% movement comes from and looks like the 99%." Among the most telling of his findings is that 70.3% of respondents identified as politically independent.

Dr. Cordero-Guzmán's findings strongly reinforce what we've known all along: Occupy Wall Street is a post-political movement representing something far greater than failed party politics. We are a movement of people empowerment, a collective realization that we ourselves have the power to create change from the bottom-up, because we don't need Wall Street and we don't need politicians.

Since our humble beginning a few short weeks ago, we've helped inspire people around the world to organize democratic assemblies in their own communities to take back public spaces, meet basic needs, make their own demands, and begin building a better world today.

Below is Dr. Cordero-Guzmán's executive summary of his findings along with a link to his full academic paper.

A Must Read! The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order

This Ron Paul video is 25 years old. Prescient.


Do YOU see THEM now? Pulling the levers to create the world THEY want, against all that is Moral and Humanitarian at its heart. Choose Your World!

Understand "The Plan". Understand who your Enemy is... Resist, investigate, prosecute, take out the trash:

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order
October 18, 2011 By davidjones

When the Industrial Revolution began in Britain, in the late 1700s, there was lots of money to be made by investing in factories and mills, by opening up new markets, and by gaining control of sources of raw materials. The folks who had the most money to invest, however, were not so much in Britain but more in Holland. Holland had been the leading Western power in the 1600s, and its bankers were the leading capitalists. In pursuit of profit, Dutch capital flowed to the British stock market, and thus the Dutch funded the rise of Britain, who subsequently eclipsed Holland both economically and geopolitically.

In this way British industrialism came to be dominated by wealthy investors, and capitalism became the dominant economic system. This led to a major social transformation. Britain had been essentially an aristocratic society, dominated by landholding families. As capitalism became dominant economically, capitalists became dominant politically. Tax structures and import-export policies were gradually changed to favour investors over landowners.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Movement Too Big to Fail - Chris Hedges

Original Article found at

There is no danger that the protesters who have occupied squares, parks and plazas across the nation in defiance of the corporate state will be co-opted by the Democratic Party or groups like MoveOn. The faux liberal reformers, whose abject failure to stand up for the rights of the poor and the working class, have signed on to this movement because they fear becoming irrelevant. Union leaders, who pull down salaries five times that of the rank and file as they bargain away rights and benefits, know the foundations are shaking. So do Democratic politicians from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi. So do the array of “liberal” groups and institutions, including the press, that have worked to funnel discontented voters back into the swamp of electoral politics and mocked those who called for profound structural reform.

Resistance, real resistance, to the corporate state was displayed when a couple of thousand protesters, clutching mops and brooms, early Friday morning forced the owners of Zuccotti Park and the New York City police to back down from a proposed attempt to expel them in order to “clean” the premises. These protesters in that one glorious moment did what the traditional “liberal” establishment has steadily refused to do—fight back. And it was deeply moving to watch the corporate rats scamper back to their holes on Wall Street. It lent a whole new meaning to the phrase “too big to fail.”

OWS Possible Scenarios


The first and most probable end for OWS will be the establishment tiring of the mess and killings ala Kent State will occur sending the poor kids scurrying for mom´s basement. Nothing will change but the tone of the mafia governments reterick.The elite pyramid our new workplace. The elite at the top with floors beneath for office workers and killbot control apparatus. The floors are made of steel grate. The elite on top will defecate and the material will drop down to the next lower level where it will be consumed by the useless eaters. The eaters will pass it down to the next level etc. etc. . The workers at the lower levels will of course be anemic so the elite will give them iron supplement applied as shrapnel.´

Second scenario finds politicians,corporations and foundation mattoids having a deep heart searching and they repent unto salvation,give back all the stolen loot and the founders intent will give us back our republic. (not very likely)

Third scenario finds us witnessing a systemic societal breakdown. Truckers strike and the ensuing caos causes the whole thing to go kaput. Clans will form with the biggest and baddest trigger-men taking leadership roles. If they can feed the clan and justly allocate the hottest girls to the most important soldiers(I am in training as we speak) leadership might stay in control. In abscence of control utter anarchy will ensue. Military bases will be attacked as clans go for bigger and better weapons to confiscate. Strategic resources such as water wells and petroleum refinerys will be the mother lodes. Control of these will garner the most loyal subjects and soldiers.

Fourth scenario the global elite hose us down with bio-weapons, we all die and the rats scurry down their holes to the underground city where they hump the blonde blue-eyed breeder wenches till their back aint got no bone. Later they surface somewhat tired to survey the "sterilized" world they have created. They will dance around nude dodging the eater´s remains lying about. Altars will be constructed and the babies of the breeder wenches will be burned as human sacrifices to satan the elite´s god.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Air Time

For having not gotten much sleep the night before and just getting back from marching on the FED, I only managed to fall off track a few times. But overall I give myself a "C."

They said they want me back in January. We'll see.

Aethers, Feathers and Holes


Like shooting holes in your featherbed with a shotgun.

EMR Sickness- joint pain, headaches, sinus inflamation, tinnitus,  jaw, wisdom teeth or molar pain, lethargy, high anxiety, depression, cancer, tumor, stroke and death

Occupy San Franciso Police Brutality 10/17/11





Battle Reported Oct. 8, 2011 On U.S. Soil

The news reports claim the fighting was in Mexico. Other reports claim the fight was near the Rio Grande City Texas High School and junior varsity practice was cancelled due to the danger from munitions.  Media report here   The globalist plans to destroy the U.S. and partition it out to invaders are found in the two following docs.

The Russian docs shows the Muslims taking the Chicago area,Texas going to Mexico. Texas National Guard in in bum-fuck Egypt and the military too. We are wide open to invasion. It is the citizenry that will protect Texas from foreign invaders seeing our leaders are traitors.

Saturday, October 15, 2011






Such are the forces of interference resulting in the crash at the intersection of  lifes vector. The missing of sines, the light, the frequencies, the zero point remove you from observing the real destination and are doomed to fade away into mere shadows and vanishings. ~ PD, an accelerated observer

The views of space and time which I wish to lay before you have sprung from the soil of experimental physics, and therein lies their strength. They are radical. Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality. – Hermann Minkowski, 1908

NYC This Afternoon 10/15/11 - Arrested for Trying to Close Citibank Accounts

Friday, October 14, 2011

Here's How You Got So Poor -- It Was Planned!

I put this up, because I believe it plainly lays out the "planned obsolescence" of Free Enterprise in the United States of America. Here, we can clearly see what is going on, and view a few of the means to the End that is "Planned". UnAmerican? You bet!

From the Whiskey and Gunpowder Newsletter
You Are Getting Poor, Very Poor
• The more they print, the poorer you will get. Just ask the middle class...
• A stagnant or declining economy with rising prices... Where have we seen that before?
• Especially if you keep adding to the money supply

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EVAN: Riding the 33rd

So you must feel some jet lag, huh?

No actually I took your advice and took the 33rd. I see you got my messages.

Oh yes. What a week.  Your messages were loud and clear. I think it was the strongest I have ever received.

Well you decided to move to the 33rd, a veritable hotbed for the smog  but you are positioned well in Tissot's indicatrix so it was not an easy connection. So elaborate.

Well you know I predicted the Unzen eruption, Tsunami, Northern Africa bloody civil wars, the worst tornado season and the Ben Ali and Amy Winehouse deaths.

You're pretty proud of that.

Well, yes.

You were getting interference back in December. You hit some ZP frequencies alright but you are still way too cluttered.  Project Mayhem requires a graduated degree in ZP to filter out the entire spectrum of waste energy and EM smog. You get a C, but that's all.   Was Ben Ali your man?

No, I thought it would be Gaddafi.

You still have time. What about Mubarek?

Well Mubarek was dead years ago like Bin Laden.  Right?

Yes. Very good. That's one that 99% can't hit because the frequency is so low and distorted. There are a number of leaders who have been dead and are being impersonated at this moment.  Right Dave? So what are you doing to get to the next level?

To be honest I am buried in government stalking and the usual business problems. They are attacking me daily.

Good, good.  That means you are on their radar. Now you should be proud.  It's not HAARP microwaves you need to worry about. That's just the weather interference and the quakes, eruptions and watermarks. You need to watch out for the polar antipodal ELF assault. An array of wideband ELF/VLF receivers and to conduct continuous interference and distortion of the magnetospheric injection of ELF/VLF waves using similar HAARP HF heaters.  These are not at the north and south poles but near where the true poles reside now.

I've had headaches and sinus problems. It's been difficult to focus on ZP.

That's right. That's natural. Keep in mind nothing you experience is natural. They can call it natural and they like to call it natural but it's not. The aerial vaccines are anything but natural.

Aerial vaccines, you mean chemtrails?

Yes chemtrails. That's quaint. No they are vaccines. VACCINES. They have everything you get when you get the needle. The metals, adjuvant, foreign proteins in mold and live viruses. ~AIR FARBEN~

Yes I wrote about the laboratory work on misfolding proteins. It's the attack I think is most important for the health of the people.

It's the thinning of the herd. Follow your history while you clear the smog. Was the final solution about survival of the fittest?  Were you expecting anything less from Mayhem? The Vaccines are just to make you pliable. Pliable and sick.Global Warming, Climate change aka Sustainability. Ha, it's what you call a triad.  I call it the transformation in Hegelian Dialectic.

We call it that too.

How else were they going to answer for the obvious decades of this lunacy? Deny, deny, deny and then concoct a CO2 distraction followed by one of the largest fluctuation of frequencies and powerful Sinusoids with precise variables for maximum phase out or phase transform. And it worked for the most part.

Yes it did. That is until some ZP frequency interrupted the transmission.

The email, the wikileak and the IGY conspiracy?


It was obvious they were aware of natural cycles and the Polar geophysical information eighty years ago.  Timing is everything.  Though they can't change it or control it they manage it very effectively. That's why they have the contingent time–frequency in place.

How's that?

You know. I've received your messages. Fast and Furious. What do you know now?  What did you discover?

Eric Holder is a liar. But this is a Clinton Rockefeller deal. Right out of the  Oklahoma City, Waco and Ruby Ridge playbook. Janet Reno-Eric Holder, Obama-Soros, right?

Yes.  A Sine fluctuation and what a shit storm. So what they did was create the Mexican Iran contingent wave to counter the fluctuation.  A poor effort but for most it will keep the grid in place for now. But for you and your colleagues here this was a feeble transmutation. I've seen your maps and they are pretty much spot on. You have the outer space covered.

So you find yourself at a point where you view these events as they happen and instantaneously shift. This exercise is pretty much a natural divergence for all of here now. What happens next is you will need to expand your boundary. Not in out space but your inner space. The domain must be cleared, the time and space domain is theirs and you will continue to remove the forces and impedance at which point you can increase the ZP frequencies and receive the information in real-time.

Remember the true unified field is free of sinusoids and directed energies constantly invoking interference in the outer space. You can control the inner space of your mind. If you do not allow the distortion and sinusoid contamination into the inner space, you will have no cancer, sinus infections and depression from the vaccines.  You can't stop the bio assault but it cannot pass through or park if you clear the pathways of their frequencies.

Do you see Mr. Obama or the Secretary of State look like they are angry or sick?I'll look in on Mr. Rockefeller but I doubt he's sweating or throwing the china about.  Do you think they are susceptible to what they give you?  Once you get your shield we will get you the sword. In no time at all you will remotely view events, make extraordinary changes in your potential energy reserves and completely bypass their grid, it's matrices and complex smog fields and be ready to soar.  They are doing it. Why not you? See you soon.

Where to now?

The killing fields.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Warning to Our "Leaders" - A Short Film by Occupy Wall Street

So you think all of OWS is letting the dems co-opt the movement?  Think again.  This short film argues against that premise. ~jg

(edited by Corey Ogilvie)

Iranians charged in U.S. over assassination plot

Hey kids ready to play a game?  It's called Clue (by parker bros)  If you read the story below you have all the info you need to solve the mystery. ~~the Iranians did it.. they did it with a lead pipe bomb and they did it in the embassy!     BS!  ~jg

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. authorities broke up an alleged plot to bomb the Israeli and Saudi Arabian embassies in Washington and assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, court documents and a U.S. official said on Tuesday.

The alleged plotters were identified as Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri -- both originally from Iran -- in the criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in New York City.

Arbabsiar, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was arrested in late September. Shakuri is still at large.

The plot was disrupted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration.

U.S. officials said one overarching question is whether elements of the Iranian government were behind the plot. Court documents identified Shakuri as a member of the Quds Force, a branch of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Shakuri approved the plan to try to kill the Saudi ambassador during telephone conversations with Arbabsiar, the complaint said.

In July and August, Arbabsiar paid $100,000 to a DEA informant for the murder of Saudi ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir, court documents said.

Arbabsiar was arrested late last month at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. After his arrest, court papers said, Arbabsiar confessed to authorities.

The men are charged with one count of conspiracy to murder a foreign official, two counts of foreign travel and use of interstate and foreign commerce facilities in the commission of murder for hire and one count each of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.

(Reporting by Basil Katz in New York, James Vicini and Mark Hosenball in Washington; Writing by Jeremy Pelofsky; Editing by John O'Callagh

Over 100 Arrested @ OWS Boston Including Veterans for Peace

Veterans for Peace had their American flag thrown to the ground and were beaten with batons and arrested by Boston police under cover of darkness in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.   It has been reported that several women were arrested and taken to an "undisclosed location" because the jails were full. ~jg  See a clip of the event below:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Times Like These

We need heroes. Most of our heroes have been assassinated. Here you will see Jones in his element doing what he was destined to do, and oh so happy doing it.

Turn out was as good as can be expected in the pouring rain. These are the dedicated militants. Jones arrived on foot from behind the Bexar county courthouse blaring on the horn as he walked. He crossed the street and walked over two feet from Me and began to get wound up. He was met with shouts of "We love You Alex". How empowering it must be to be so adored.

San Antonio We Are Change was in attendance. Rob Dew was filming and taking letters from folks for Alex. He was thronged throughout the protest. My pancho began to leak after the first hour and I was freezing.  I was filmed behind the leader of We Are Change and I will post the vid when it is available. All the signs were stuck to the granite of the San Antone Fed just as a little reminder to the cretins. Not one cop braved the rain. is the end of the beginning.

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!

"...bod Diem bad Diem at Sol, Volks!"  --dem Schwinen

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exceptional Frequencies of the fiat kind


Terror Scare on Delta Flight 235 from Amsterdam to Detroit



Biden’s brother says suspicious package to Palm Beach home mailed from India



New Fast and Furious docs released by White House




Obama and Congress ARE Wall Street, Geithner IS the Federal Reserve - Now What?




Why Isn’t Obama’s Teacher Lie National News?

Because our problems are our fault. Don't blame the bankers and don't blame the foxes and owls. The PuppetMasters, the Vatican Rothschild's and Royal Czars with their Fabianism and Freemasonry created hive. We got what we asked for and just like the welfare staters and immigrants want, we want too.

Now it's about the money, tomorrow the cost, Monday it will be the tax, Tuesday, the war that gives us our job and by Wednesday, World War will kill your brother. Thank GOD it's Friday so you can get out of the mine and fill your guts with instant gratification, while complaining about the cost of your new liver.

Meanwhile we can decide on another liar to star in our reality sitcom because it does not matter that they lie. It's about a new and improved liar. Sleek, sporty and in the new color.  The commercial runs for about eighteen months now while the actual story plot keeps getting thinner and thinner.  The orchestrations and writing, though repeats, always get a progressive facelift and some new twists along with old and some new supporting cast.

Barry Soetoro is a mythomaniac, like others we have had but he is a rare bird. Unlike the usual pathological megalomaniacs like Nixon and Bush, he does not need the support staff that the others did. His pathology runs to Grandiose delusions.

We, the sheeple on the other hand are far more ill than this. Our Erotomania to these parasites, our dilusions of vainglorious self-importance and assumption that the puppetmasters even acknowledge our existence as a sovereign being or even a living constituent is folly. This Delusion of poverty the TP American Spring that is the core of the OWS movement is another one of these repeat performances rewritten for the transition of "you get what you ask for" and nothing else. To assume these afflicted are sicker than we are is unjustified. It has to be a process through grooming and the full monty of committee mind frontal lobe assault.

It only took a hundred years or so to get the psyche of Americans wrapped up in the righteousness of American militarism and exceptionalism and so deeply entrenched into the lures and hooks that it was an easy and classical movement in dance and music to bring it to the crescendo. For us from foible to forte and then repeat.  Listen to the music and watch the dance. If you haven't read the Adventures of Pinocchio, that would help as well.

Obama and Congress ARE Wall Street, Geithner IS the Federal Reserve - Now What?

"Because no average citizen ever wants war, it leads some to believe that all wars have been baited by these beneficiaries -- and they wouldn't be wrong.  Unfortunately, for too long we have taken the bait and they have gotten their spoils."

BULLSHIT Sir. You have gotten the spoils as well. You constructed it, abetted it and continue to fund it. If you don't know that by now you lose. You aid the Market who runs the Corporations, who run the MICC, who run the wars, who run the economy. There is no human face behind the curtain. Just a techno-energy loop that cycles. We sine smoothly in that wave as well. No doubt no denial.

Obama and Congress ARE Wall Street, Geithner IS the Federal Reserve - Now What?

Hey Geniuses. So was every President and Congress since Wilson. Don't tell us, tell your mommy and daddy. The War Machine needs funding and your fucking Ipod and Imaxipad need microwaves. Go screw yourself, that's what's next. Your King, Jobs is dead. You will soon have no job but you can send your resume to thousands of employers in China in a single click. Now don't forget to send it to the Pentagon as well.  They need janitors and X-box killers.  Lucky your apathetic sorry ass spent hours of finger fucking your joystick.

Money is the excrement of war you assholes and your little self-indulging tweets and facefarts are killing the world. That's right Jackoff. Every time you send one of your little mindless lies to some loser you kill a baby in Indonesia.

But I digress.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Ron Paul Declares..."The Fed is Dead"!

Hey Timmy G! Here's the Bernanke exploding like the WTC buildings, after setting the printing presses on HIGH for too fucking long!

Its too bad. The Sovereign Citizens started "The Wave" in the USA STADIUM, and its going to keep revolving around the nation, until it scours out the scum.

You thought you ran the world?... Schmucks!

Think of your favorite meat dish?!

Ha Ha Ha! Eat this Microwave TV Dinner -- I'll unthaw it for you. SHHHHHZZZZAMMMM!


Do you sleep at night? You better shop for some "Depends", because it depends on how Americans are feeling whether you walk or swing. Yes. We know. Its only money. You create it. From thin air. You give it to who You choose. WE don't have any of IT. You then charge US interest on It. It destroys our purchasing power. You are a traitor to US of A! Your time is up.

Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is... REALLY!!! Screwed! Haven't you noticed?

[caption id="attachment_16109" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Shhadup! I know what I'm doing!!! A Round for Everyone! Put that on my plastic bartender..."][/caption]

Could these revolting revolutionary events happen?

Could we be so lucky?

Karma's a bitch!

The Evil Known Nomes play their last cards. They crap out.

Yeah. WE know your names. WE know what you've been doing. WE know you are RESPONSIBLE. Do YOU know what THAT means?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day One

One a beautiful Fall day some 4 to 500 people gathered to start what we have all wished would of happened years ago.

It took an hour-and-a-half to come a consensus as to what the word "nonviolent" meant. In the end a compose toilet was built, and there's a Port-O-Let on a construction job close by, that some one found was left open. Committees were formed, and I'm on Security, Outreach and Education.

The police were extremely relaxed. I made point of educating several of them on why they should arrest the FEDS instead of us should the orders come down. The only time when they were called in was when the crowd stormed City Hall. And even then they were stern but polite.

The police open the Gazebo for us, but later, the only lights out in the park were those lights around the Gazebo, making us have to move the GM to the lighted area. The police said they weren't responsible and couldn't tell me if the lights were on last night.

Eventually the group settled in and began organizing by using what has become known as the "people's microphone." When anyone wants to speak they chop-up what they are saying into 3 or 4 words at a time as those around repeat what was said. It's laborious, but can lead to some funny moments.

I made a little girl cry today. No not the one above, but an older little girl. I lost my patience and inferred that a statement she made was stupid. I got called on the carpet for not abiding by "committee rules." I apologized, but I don't believe they believed I meant it. I didn't. Her statement was stupid.

So I'm taking a break from the revolution and indeed might just become the lone-ranger once again. It would be my plight that what I have been calling for, for so long, I would now abandon.

After the toilet situation was somewhat resolved, (we still don't have Port-O-Let's, but Rome was built in a day either) and they got around to resolving what the protocol of the protocol should be, which I doubt still hasn't been resolved, the food program was next, and then the most pressing thing seemed to be in forming the entertainment committed. I have yet to see us picket a thing, or pass-out a flier since Thursday.

Aside from a dozen or so hard-core patriots, for now this thing has descended into a haven for homeless-hippies still searching for Nirvana.

I'm still hoping for better things to come. But if this is what we have to fight the PTB with, God can't help us.

This is what this bullshit has descended into. The below flier is one I submitted and it is being blocked because, are you ready for this, I have END THE FED in it.

I am one-step away from divorcing myself from this crap. It is obvious I do not work well with others, especially when the collective mind becomes a neutralizing element and allows the COINTELPRO agents to block the main focus of what this movement was suppose to be targeting.

Enter The Human Monkey-wrench

I protested Bush 41 in Dallas in the 80´s. Sunday will be My second. I will throw My body into the machine as a human monkey-wrench. If I get the works from the jack-boots so be it. I have been so bummed for months now something has got to give. I got a PC generated sign. One side END THE FED,the other side WANT A JOB ? REPEAL NAFTA.  If Jones isnt pinched in Dallas or Houston he will be in San Antone Sunday. I hope to have photos if the stinkin camera will co-operate.


In Dallas the secret service was walking around with their little earpieces and hidden cameras. They better get new pics, I am older and more robust now. How will they keep track of millions of us ? Steve Jobs had the answer. I will shave and put on clean underwear just in case I end up at the county hospital. Reports Sunday or Monday Lord willin and the creek dont rise.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its a Crazy World, But This is YOUR City! This is YOUR Country! This is YOUR World!




WE can NEVER "get along" with authoritarians, sociopaths, criminals and murderers. A most OBVIOUS conclusion.

Whatever They have, they have stolen and obtained by fraud from Humanity. A most ANNOYING conclusion.

Take Back Your World! Or it will be taken from you.
A most INEVITABLE conclusion.

NOW is the time for CHAMPIONS of FREEDOM to stand up and claim the Crown that belongs to Humanity -- Self Determination. Occupy Now -----> to secure you, your family's, and children's Freedom for the Future!

And get the drift...WE don't need queens, kings, presidents, figureheads to "lead". WE need honest, moral "individuals" to work together to secure Freedoms for the People. Is this so hard? Millions can march against the few, and sweep over them like a flood. Sweep away the fraud, lies, liars, and false systems of 'control'. Take out the Trash.

{SEE JG and John's Posts Below}

Occupy Wall Street Union March Today 10/5/11 @ 4:30pm EDT

Regardless of how you feel about OWS, this promises to be a momentous event.  Watch on livestream:

(Btw, this is when we should watch carefully for the major infiltrating and co-opting of the movment  ~jg)

OccupyWallStreet Union March From Foley Square on Wall Street

Posted Oct. 4, 2011, 8:36 p.m. EST by

On October 05, 2011, at 3:00 in the afternoon the residents of Liberty Square will gather to join their union brothers and sisters in solidarity and march. At 4:30 in the afternoon the 99% will march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet from Foley Square to the Financial District, where their pensions have disappeared to, where their health has disappeared to. Together we will protest this great injustice. We stand in solidarity with the honest workers of:


  • United NY

  • Strong Economy for All Coalition

  • Working Families Party

  • TWU Local 100

  • SEIU 1199

  • CWA 1109


  • Communications Workers of America

  • CWA Local 1180

  • United Auto Workers

  • United Federation of Teachers

  • Professional Staff Congress - CUNY

  • National Nurses United

  • Writers Guild East



  • Community Voices Heard

  • Alliance for Quality Education

  • New York Communities for Change

  • Coalition for the Homeless

  • Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)

  • The Job Party

  • NYC Coalition for Educational Justice

  • The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center

  • The New Deal for New York Campaign

  • National People's Action


  • Human Services Council

  • Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State

  • Citizen Action of NY


  • Common Cause NY

  • New Bottom Line


  • Tenants & Neighbors

  • Democracy for NYC

  • Resource Generation

  • Tenants PAC

  • Teachers Unite

Expected Developments

Wednesday: Trade unions join Occupy Wall Street in NYC. Late afternoon march could swell to 20-25 K people.

Thursday: (1.) Occupy Freedom Plaza begins in Washington DC. That's on Pennsylvania Avenue between Congress and the White House.

(2.) On Capitol Hill, the Chinese democracy movement is holding a conference to commemorate 100 years since China's 1911 revolution overthrew dynastic rule in favor of a representative republic.

Friday: (1.) Alex Jones & Co. begin Occupy The Fed at the Federal Reserve bank in Dallas.

(2.) Railroad engineers go out on strike.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy New Orleans Begins

This was actually not a bad turn-out for the first day organizing, given the fact that it was going on during a Saints game. At it's height there were perhaps 100, give or take a few.

The plan is set to coordinate with the other October 6th protests taking place across the United States. We shall see if this isn't just a Beta-test for the coming actions the Ruling Class plan on executing upon us or a truly organic revolution.

We'll be occupying Lafayette Square, the same place in which I had the encounter with the DHLS agent over the 9/11 weekend. It's not just the belly-of-the-Beast location, but his heart and head too.

Yours truly has volunteered for the Media & Marketing section, making signs, contacting media, generally getting the word out.

As things progress I will try the best I can to keep everyone informed. However transmission may be interrupted by little things such as incarceration.

But you can then keep-up by visiting the OccupyNOLA site.