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Behind closed doors in Washington, American officials are shaping an overhaul of the 1994 federal statute that requires phone and broadband carriers to ensure their networks can be wiretapped.

In earlier court rulings, in January 2009, the federal intelligence court itself issued a rare public ruling upholding the 2007 law, validating the power of the president and Congress to wiretap international phone calls and intercept e-mail messages without a specific court order, even when Americans’ private communications may be involved. The decision by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, actually reached the previous August, upheld a secret 2008 ruling issued by the intelligence court that it oversees, the FISA court.

In April 2009, officials revealed that a Justice Department review found that since the passage of the Protecting America Act the NSA intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress.

According to the relevant Wikipedia page, the Internet backbone (commonly understood to mean the collection of Tier 1 internet Service Providers) is made up of: AOL Transit Data Network, AT&T, Global Crossing, Verizon Business (formerly UUNET), NTT Communications, Qwest, SAVVIS, and Sprint.

I have added links in the #2 Are you vulnerable? Find out. (in the sidebar)Good places to get diagnostics to check for system vulnerabilities.

Your email on the other hand is much harder to protect.

MY EMAIL -route

Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of

Note: This data is updated periodially. Not all source IPs in our database are "attackers". There are a few common false positives. For example, hosts that participate in P2P networks, mail servers and DNS servers are some of the most common issues. You can see more details if you click on the number of reports. This may allow you to conclude if a host is a false positive or not.

I'll assume this not a false postiive.

My email runs from Asheville to New York  to Colorado (NTT America)

IP Final :




Where does your email go? If you want to know, I'll find out.

Is Snooping In Your Spouse’s E-mail a Crime?

Of course it is.  But anybody in the committee complex can access and snoop all they want. Thanks Barry for stepping up the FISA crimes.

Remember COTO, it's a crime only when you do it. Get that drummed into your heads.

Good Luck Kid

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The War You Don't See- a documentary by John Pilger

In this excellent film, Pilger delves into the media's influence on shaping the public's opinion on war from WWI to Afganistan......

"We journalists have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else's country... That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is. For propaganda relies on us in the media to aim its deceptions not at a far away country but at you at home... In this age of endless imperial war, the lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth or their blood is on us... Those whose job it is to keep the record straight ought to be the voice of people, not power." `John Pilger

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Another year of Illuminati mysteries comes and goes

Wrapping up another typical year of illuminating media mind perversions and aberrations.

Another mystery death with the Busch Illuminati, INBEV, The Netherlands


arrow (1954) Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands starts Bilderberg

In 1942, an 18-year-old Freddy Heineken went to work at his grandfather's beer brewery. Following the end of World War II, he was sent to the United States to work in the sales department of Heineken's American importer. His experience there taught him new marketing concepts and the value of good advertising. Through his work in the USA he met Lucille Cummins, a young lady from a Kentucky bourbon family, whom he married on August 29, 1948. Their daughter Charlene, an only child and Heineken�s sole heir, was born in 1954.

Under Freddy Heineken�s father, the family had lost control of the brewery bought in 1864 by his father Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1947, a determined 23 year-old Freddy Heineken, without a penny to his name, is said to have hired a Rolls-Royce and chauffeur and with great flare arrived at an Amsterdam bank where his confident presence allowed him to secure a loan that let him purchase a large stake in the company that led, in 1954, to his gaining back control. It was Freddy Heineken's creativity that gave the company's brand its distinct green bottle and the logo with the red star and the black banner bearing the brand name. And, it was he who decided that the letters "e" should be printed in a special typeface to resemble smiling faces.

arrow (1980) Queen Juliana abdicated throne; Beatrix crowned queen

arrow (1983) Alfred Heineken, Heineken Brewery, kidnapped, held for ransom of over $10 million; freed by police after 20 days

arrow (2002) Alfred "freddy" heineken dead at age 78

arrow (2002) Charlene de Carvalho Heineken inherits a fortune
 illuminati Beatrix

M. K. Cyrus
Carroll Pornographer


[Next] 2011 Predictions by MKUltra and the precogs

2011 - A Brave New Dystopia (Chris Hedges)


Posted on Dec 27, 2010

By Chris Hedges

The two greatest visions of a future dystopia were George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” The debate, between those who watched our descent towards corporate totalitarianism, was who was right. Would we be, as Orwell wrote, dominated by a repressive surveillance and security state that used crude and violent forms of control? Or would we be, as Huxley envisioned, entranced by entertainment and spectacle, captivated by technology and seduced by profligate consumption to embrace our own oppression? It turns out Orwell and Huxley were both right. Huxley saw the first stage of our enslavement. Orwell saw the second.

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Update on Monsanto's GM Alfalfa Supreme Court Case

Ready,,,, OK !

Thousands of teachers are being fired due to the recent austerity program that is re-directing funds to the elite's favorite charity,themselves. The budget must be reduced so academic teachers are the first to go. This is a very revealing action by the establishment. I dont even dare to ask why the extra-curricular programs arent considered for the ax,in Texas folks football is god.

How many times have I dreamed of a school without pep rallys,cheerleaders,stinky jocks slapping one another on the ass and boosters jacking Me for money to support the Ceaser inspired "bread and circus" ?

Besides, the taxpayer is funding a training program that supplies a multi-billion dollar industry,the NFL, with a large pool of players that only about one tenth of a thousandth of one percent of whom will be employed by the NFL teams. Village idiot will say "well we teach them to cut hair and to be electricians,so whats the difference?" The rub is that millions of Americans will work in mundane jobs that they may have been prepared for in public school,and rightly so. To pass over sports programs when cutting costs is exactly why the world sees us as idiots. I look around Me and I see people with their eyes open,the lights are on but nobodys home. Its like the "Planet Of The Apes" ,only they aint apes, they're jackasses.   In liberty and truth, Korn

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Because, I like the song

"Researchers have looked at viruses, parasites, insecticides, malnutrition and other environmental factors but have been unable to pinpoint a specific cause for the population decline."

That's because it's not specific, fools. It's the big blue conglomerate.

Theme music for a Korean War

Just in case there's a Korean War, we at the COTO crew are now prepared, with the correct theme music for the occasion.

And here's a quiz -- if Sherman Potter ran for U.S. President, what could he say to U.S. politicians?

A.: "Clinger! Stop fueling that nuclear-armed, communist superpower!"

Y'know, in the America that I come from, a nuclear-armed communist superpower is a BAD THING... Our politicians have braced, buttressed, stabilized, fueled, and enriched the Chinese Communist Party. The last time there was a Korean War, the CCP sent reinforcements (to the other side). Chinese and American troops have crossed swords before. That, too is a BAD THING, and neo-American neo-politicians have only been rewarding Communist China for bad behavior.

Next, we might face them in another war, after the Chinese military buildup has been paid for by U.S. trade dollars. And we're still sending those dollars! You cannot give me ONE GOOD REASON why we are financing a nuclear-armed, communist superpower!

Wikileaks and Israeli "settlements"

Israel said it had ’secret accord’ with U.S. over expanding settlements even as Obama said in Cairo they must stop!

This is why Wikileaks is so crucial: A June 2009 cable from France, days after the great Cairo speech of Obama, in which the Israelis are said to claim a secret deal with the US for settlement growth.


Israeli and US Machinations to be Revealed Sooner or Later?

Assange said Wednesday evening in “Without Limits” on Al-Jazeera that he didn’t make any deal with israel and revealed that his site would publish hundreds of documents relating to israel in the coming months. He stated that he has 3700 documents and 2700 of these documents originated from israel alone.


Support for Israel's Settlements From Europe's Far Right

Israelis are divided over a West Bank settlement construction boom. Outside Israel, most of the world’s governments oppose the settlement construction, but in recent weeks the settlers have found solid support from what might seem an unlikely source: the far-right of the European political spectrum. Writing in Haaretz, Adar Primor noted that some of these newly-minted supporters of Israel, like Austria’s Heinz-Christian Strache and Belgium’s Filip Dewinter, lead parties with anti-Semitic roots. Mr. Primor suggested that the anti-immigrant leaders had come to Israel “after trading in their Jewish demon-enemy for the Muslim criminal-immigrant model.”


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Hurry! There's  not much time left so get out there and BUY BUY BUY !  AND  don't forget to stock up on lots of Coca Cola so you can experience the true Christmas spirit and "wake up to happiness." Santa says so ;)


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People as pixels?

This is different (and perhaps I should say Warning, it's Communist propaganda).

More from the Big Blue Omnibus

Generation Y

"It is not impossible to build a human brain and we can do it in 10 years,"  In a BBC World Service interview he said: "If we build it correctly it should speak and have an intelligence and behave very much as a human does." -Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project, 2009 at the TED conference in Oxford.

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A book trailer for 'My Two Chinas'

Evidently, this is the way to do marketing in this day and age. Make a *video* "trailer" (on YouTube) *for a book*... At least this one is a worthy book, by Tang Baiqiao with Damon DiMarco - and one which the China Support Network will promote heavily in the coming New Year. :)

What Creates the Projection Ahead of the Planes?

[caption id="attachment_12198" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Note Projection Ahead of Plane"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12199" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="What Creates This Projected Beam?"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12218" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Enhanced Photo of Jet Projecting Beam"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12219" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Jet Projecting Beam Ahead Photo Enhanced"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12200" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Some Planes are Small High Flyers"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12201" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Much Larger Plane Leaves Huge Trail"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12206" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Some Planes Leave Huge Trails"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12203" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Going About Their "Job""][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12204" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Blue Sky Totally Obliterated in Upstate SC"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12205" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Entire Sky Eventually Turned White"][/caption]

On Friday, the 17th, in Upstate SC, the chemtrailers got very busy.  Look at the first two pictures above.  I have often seen the odd "beam" projected ahead of the planes, stretching ahead perhaps for 5-15 miles (could be less, could be more).  I would like to know if anyone has an explanation for what is cutting the clouds out ahead of the airplanes?

On this day, the sky was eventually totally covered in whiteness.  Saturday, the following day, the sky presented with low clouds and rain.  The planes had continued on after dark, and perhaps throughout the night.  Reason unknown.

Can anyone shed light regarding the "beam" that projects out far ahead of these planes?

During this "event" some planes approached the area leaving no trail behind at all, then began emitting a trail at a pre-determined point in the sky.  At one point, two parallel trails were started at about the exact same point, and the planes flew off out of sight continuing to emit the trails.  This is a notable point and distinction, in that the trails were evidently "turned on" per a coordinate.

I should be ashamed of myself!

That's what Stewart Baker said today. What makes this funny is he at the end does exactly what I accused him of. Got on at 38:33.

To Gerta's benefit she tried to ask me a question but I was cut-off before she could get her question out, meaning they censored her too!

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Is NBC Breaking The Ice For The Reptillians???

NBC's new "superhero" show called The Cape is scheduled to premier on Jan. 9th at 9pm [et]. One reptillian character called Scales features scaly reptillian skin and another character with reptillian eyes is called Chess and then there's just the plain old murderer called Cain. These are the three "villians" against the so-called superhero portrayed in the new series. We coto heads can already see whats coming up in Jan. 2011 when one of the shows main previews features a song by Street Sweeper Social Club called "Clap For The Killers". You bet your ass my kids won't be viewing this mind control NBC trash!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chinese Take-Out Of The U.S. Economy, Debt Crisis Triggering Reserves Conversion into Gold and Silver

The Chinese really must think the American strategy and behavior to be braindead and self-destructive. The US helped them assemble a manufacturing industry, replaced US income with debt, and finally faces the Grim Reaper in a national episode of systemic failure. The US leadership is as stupid and mindless as the population is driven by compulsive consumption over the cliff, as the nation faces ruin. The Jackass warning has been for five years that the Chinese experiment would end in tragedy, and that when a preponderance of USTreasury debt is owned by foreigners, especially a single foreign nation, the Untied States will lose its sovereignty.

It is worse. It lost its vitality entirely. With its financial engineering backfire, the nation is broken from a sequence of repeated asset bubbles & busts. With its wartime economy, the nation seeks new enemies and prefers exports of weapons to productive goods. The nation is like a Sherman Tank sinking in a sea of quicksand with credit cards as banners flown, all overdrawn and canceled. The globe has come full circle from a century ago. The export of opium by Britain to China back then, the US monopoly on narcotics nowadays. Uncle Sam prefers selling contraband to legitimate industry.



Rhapsody in BlueBeam


Latitude = 35.9230, Longitude = -82.0686

Lat    = 35 degrees,   55.4 minutes   North

Long = 82 degrees,   4.1 minutes   West

They Want YOU to See It...They Just Don't Want YOU to "Get It"!

[caption id="attachment_12160" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Satanist Sign"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12161" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="See Any Similarities?"][/caption]


Illuminati Documentary 2009 (A MUST SEE) Luciferian Conspiracy

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Tesla, Puharich and Frankenstein

or "How to socially engineer society through Weather and Mind Control"

Who is Behind Wikileaks?

If a leaker leaks on another leaker does that mean it is raining?

If a leak looks like a real leak, but is in fact a contrived leak, what lesson do we learn?

I don't want the fake truth -- I want the true truth!  Is the truth in the telling?  Obviously not.  Is the truth mired in the motives?  No, that would be rationalization and reality warping.  Is the truth the same years hence, as it was when it came into being?  Let's hope so.

Below, you'll start to see truth get colored by twists and turns.  Perhaps tumbled on its head by the "information manipulators".  I prefer to drink my truth straight up, neat.  There is no substitute for the Real Thing.  No additives please.  You'll have to use all your senses these days to distill what has been poured into your glass.  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DAMN! Are YOU Paying Attention to ME?

Who's goin down?  Youse goin down?  Go with the Metaphor.  It is time to metamorph people...into a She-Bear watching out for her cubs!  Do you get that?!  HiberNation is OVER!  Time to crawl out of our caves and confront the real world and the wild life.   While we been sleeping in the cave, some serious "exterior decorating" has been going on!  And IT is Hideous and beyond belief!  So, be aroused, and be awake, it is up to You what is to take shape...

YOU are supposed to be anesthetized.  Sleeping the somnolent peaceful sleep of the sheep.  NO?!   Well -- Here is something to get your hackles up about!

Operation Chaos Alert

Nothing needs to be added to this CIA Trigger Event
Tag: Operation Chaos; Genesis 6 (1); Second Amendment; SB2433

Please note the V for Vendetta alpha addendum was quite nice. Always the committee gets the biggest bang for our tax bucks.

Hey clowns, your getting way too obvious here, even for the lemmings.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holbrooke Dies, Karzai still lives

Something fishy here. Just before the assessment was to come forth


Please go to the trouble to Paste the LINK below into your browser and watch the movie! It is not a YouTube vid so I cannot put it directly up for you, or make the link "live".  Watch it!


Thanks Al! ~ A Vikings Fan

The Dump!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Transformation" the term for all things NWO

I suggest Patricia and other visitors to investigate the following;

1976 Treaty on ENMOD Weapons

The recent fires in Russia? Burning Sulfur Dioxide in global cooling.

Liu Xiaobo is awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Today, a ceremony held in Oslo, Norway bestowed the Nobel Peace Prize on Liu Xiaobo. There is a lot that could be said, and the best part is how the word will get around inside China. Even though authorities have blacked out the broadcasts and squashed the story in government media, the word will filter around throughout the population. It should be China's proud moment - the first time that a Chinese inside China has been awarded the Peace Prize.

Yet, we know that the government has reacted with a temper tantrum, a crackdown, a hissy fit, a multi-national boycott of the ceremony, and a quickly made-up "Confucius Peace Prize" that was presented as an alternative. (That reminds me of how, when the government didn't like the Panchen Lama, whom they kidnapped, they ordained their own Panchen Lama. They now pass off the impostor as an icon of Tibetan Buddhism.)

So, for the Chinese citizens, the behavior of their own government is very telling. As the word of the prize filters around in China, it's not possible to avoid mentioning the government's behavior, which was petulent, to say the least.

The prize and its reaction, standing in juxtaposition to each other, form an authentic sign of the times -- a commentary on the state of affairs in China, and in the world, today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If You Know, and Say Nothing -- Aren't You Complicit?!

WTC Collapse Eyewitness Paul Lemos – “As The Bombs Were Going Off People Started Running”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

>***> Like the homily, "If a tree falls..."

>***> When Buildings Fall, People Die, You Know the Real Truth, and You Say Nothing About It, Cover IT Up, Move On, Etc. == Doesn't That Action or Inaction Make Administration Insiders, Military Insiders, COMPLICIT?  As in GUILTY?  And Profiting off the crime whether with political currency, gifts, preferential deals, or real currency vastly magnifies THE CRIME!


HEY!!!  Why do the nations rage?  This just flew across my radar.  When folks finally find the Truth hiding in the haystack of lies, will they act like this?  Or is this tame by comparison?  Put your comments at the end of the line below, folks:


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Liu Xiaobo is being lionized / canonized

This is raw video from actions over the weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (where a group called VSSDM is the local outpost of the Chinese democracy movement).

We are two days away from the December 10 ceremony, in Oslo Norway, where Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo will be given the Nobel Peace Prize. About 18 or 19 countries have declined to attend the ceremony, due to pressure from the Chinese government in Beijing.

Expect to see more headlines and commentary about Liu, a predictable big story of this coming weekend.

Trends - Trends - Trends


According to the report, the Army has spent time on financial market trading floors with JP Morgan and others, in the hopes that they can learn more about how a financial and economic attack may occur, and what the ramifications of such attacks on US stocks and bonds may be.
The Army, in a year-long war games series called Unified Quest 2011, is looking at a variety of possibilities and how to deal with them, including:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested & jailed in UK

uhoh, now it really gets interesting..~jg


VINOGRAD and RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Cassandra Vinograd And Raphael G. Satter, Associated Press 12 mins ago

LONDON – A British judge jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday, ordering the leader of secret-spilling website behind bars as his organization's finances came under increasing pressure.

Assange showed no reaction as Judge Howard Riddle denied him bail in an extradition case that could see him sent to Sweden to face allegations of rape, molestation and unlawful coercion.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Boycott Toxic Walmart

Secretary Napolitano Announces Expansion of "If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign to Walmart Stores Across the Nation

If you must shop there be sure to scream about the WMD that are most of their inventory and make sure you identify Grandma the greeter as an al-Qaeda operative.

Committee Hotspots

TruthOUT - Noam Chomsky: The Charade of Israeli-Palestinian Talks


Israel (Country threat level - 4): A major forest fire that began on 2 December 2010 continues to burn in northern Israel on 3 December. The fire broke out shortly before 1200 local time in the Carmel Hill forest area, located south of the port city of Haifa, and quickly spread, prompting evacuations in nearby areas and villages. Firefighters continue to work to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading north to Haifa; there have thus far been no reports of major evacuations from the city, but some streets in Denya -- a neighborhood located in far southeastern Haifa -- have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. Many roads in the vicinity of the fire remain closed on 3 December. The international community is also lending assistance to Israel, as aircraft from such countries as Bulgaria, Greece, the U.K., Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus and Russia have been dispatched. Israeli officials are hopeful that the fire -- said to be the largest forest fire to impact Israel -- will be contained by 4 December. There have been more than 40 fatalities, the majority of which occurred when a bus full of evacuees from a local prison overturned. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but authorities have not ruled out arson.


 Mexico (Country threat level - 4): Police officers clashed on the morning of 2 December 2010 in Mexico City's central Zona Rosa area with individuals who violently resisted an attempt by authorities to evict them from a building that they had been illegally occupying. Approximately 150 residents affiliated with the Assembly of Neighborhoods of Mexico City -- a non-governmental organization that concentrates on housing issues -- clashed with approximately 350 police officers who attempted to execute the eviction order at the building, which is located at the corner of Florenica and Hamburgo streets, not far from the Independence Monument. The residents wielded pipes and other objects, and one of them allegedly fired a weapon. Two people suffered injuries, and the protesters also burned one vehicle that was parked nearby and vandalized another; there were no reports of bystanders being affected. Police officers detained 70 people.


Haiti (Country threat level - 4): Anti-riot police officers clashed with protesters in Port-au-Prince on 5 December 2010. Reports indicate that approximately 1,500 people gathered in the capital to demand new elections, alleging widespread fraud and irregularities in the 28 November general elections. Police officers fired tear gas to disperse the crowd when protesters attempted to break through a barrier in front of the presidential palace. There were no reports of serious injuries. Analyst Comment: Protests condemning the 28 November elections are near-daily occurrences in Port-au-Prince. Several people have been killed in election-related unrest, including five people in the Grand-Ravine district, which is located just south of the capital. Preliminary results from the 28 November elections are expected to be released on 7 December, and final results are due on 20 December. If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be a second round, which is currently scheduled for 16 January 2011. Tensions and the possibility of an escalation in violence will likely remain throughout the electoral period.


 Malaysia (Country threat level - 3): Security forces used tear gas and water cannons to forcibly disperse protesters at a demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on 5 December 2010. The protest rally drew at least 5,000 people and was held near the Masjid Negara national mosque complex. Opposition legislators organized the rally in an attempt to stop a government plan to privatize the water system in Selangor state. Security forces were called in to disperse the crowds as authorities had earlier issued a ban on large public protests. Eyewitnesses stated that the tear gas and water cannons caused many injuries, and some protesters were arrested. Worshippers inside the mosque were allowed to leave the area once the security operation had cleared the demonstration.


Nigeria (Country threat level - 5): Nigerian security forces clashed with members of the Boko Haram Islamist sect in Maiduguri, Borno state, in northern Nigeria on 4 December 2010. Reports indicate that sect members attacked security forces in the Kasurwar Shanu area of the city at 1945 local time, triggering a gun battle that lasted for approximately 30 minutes. At least two sect members were killed in the violence, while stray bullets killed three civilians who were traveling in a passing vehicle; six other civilians sustained injuries. Security forces have cordoned off the area where the shootout occurred and are currently searching for the sect members responsible for the attack.

Sri Lanka (Country threat level - 4): Approximately 500 people protesting outside the British High Commission in Colombo on 3 December 2010 attempted to push past police barriers and storm the building. The protests were held to counter pro-Tamil protests in London several days earlier, which marred Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa's visit and forced the cancellation of his appearance at a debate at Oxford University. The protest in Colombo, led by a government minister, began peacefully but escalated as the crowd chanted angry slogans, accusing "white colonial" Britain of supporting the Tamil Tigers terrorist group, in part by allowing the anti-Rajapaksa and pro-Tamil protests to take place.

From Russia with Love

SOVIET SCALER EM WEAPONS [WOODPECKER] from Nicholas Tesla’s research

reposted from 2009

On September 1, 1983 over the Sea of Japan, just west of Sakhalin island over prohibited Soviet airspace, the Russians unleashed their EM focused WMD on KAL flight 007.  All 269 passengers and crew aboard were killed, including Lawrence McDonald, a sitting member of the United States Congress who was a well known anti-soviet, John Birch society member and conservative democrat who was just off his recent discussion on the CFR and a conspiracy to create a One World Government and financial power.  Days before his death he appeared on CROSSFIRE.

"Politics & Banking -- The Fokkers on Vacation"

Past & Current Administrations' Resemble Wrecking Crew.  Don't agree -- Prove It.

SEE ARTICLE BELOW!  What's it tell you?

All I can say is, if American's "representatives" were competent, then the nation would not be crashing like so many dominoes.  If our friends in high places continue their "wrecking crew" like demolition of everything they touch, WE don't need enemies.  WE don't, and WE shouldn't allow this crew to create them either.

We've been watching them act out their greedy and stupid fantasies on the national reality-TV show called "Politics & Banking -- The Fokkers on Vacation".  We've seen enough of the show with the trailer to already get the plot, and see where the drama is going.  The Producers of the show are well-known purveyors of fiction, the Directors and silent investors are just that, behind the scenes.  Star-struck with their own reflections they only care about "their" future.  The audience is leaving the room as you can see in the article below.  Time to make some strategic moves, as the walls come down.  Is there no citizen organizations that can step up to fill the gigantic void that WE pay for to protect ourselves from... predators, maniacs, incompetents, criminals of all types, treason???  A dismantling is going on, and Americans are allowing it, hoping it doesn't come to their city, their home.  IT is coming.  Get ready for anarchy -- or stop it in its tracks.

Perhaps the scenario below, playing out in various cities will "Wake Up" people enough to realize they must circle the wagons to protect themselves?  The defenses WE currently pay for in government have proven to have failed in their mission.  In fact, they've been co-opted by corporations, bankers, and other predator-like parasites.  So out of touch are "officials" that they serve not the law and the people, but themselves and the money powers.  So out of touch with reality is the system, that the People cannot even figure out how to Fire the incompetents and spies who have sold them out.  Apparently, the breaking down of the "system" will necessitate the People forming citizen groups to provide medical, insurance, police & fire assistance.  True "personal" Banking and barter may replace the predatory banking of the officially approved Federal Reserve.  As more infrastructure falls apart or cannot be funded because an incompetent and increasingly predatory "system" loses control,  People will see they've been snookered and sold out.  All WE ever wanted or deserved was honest and competent governance.  Anything else is not good enough for the American People.

Camden City Council approves massive layoffs

By Matt Katz

Inquirer Staff Writer

Camden City Council voted unanimously Thursday to begin handing out layoff notices to municipal employees even as union leaders and city officials restarted negotiations in an attempt to save some of the 383 threatened jobs.

After emotional and angry pleas from residents, business owners, firefighters, police officers and government workers, Council voted, 5-0, to eliminate nearly half the Police Department and almost a third of the Fire Department.

"We'll start buying weapons, because I don't see any choice," said Carmello Villegas, 65, owner of Villegas Laundromat in East Camden for three decades. "We're going to have to defend ourselves. We're going to have to defend our families. I really don't know what else to do."

Two of Villegas' sons and one daughter are Camden police officers; another of his children is a firefighter. Family connections in Camden's workforce are not uncommon, and employees told Council that the loss of jobs would put many at risk of homelessness.

But by the end of the day, Mayor Dana L. Redd and John Williamson, head of the police officers' union, said in a joint phone call that talks between the city and public safety unions had picked up steam.

The sides plan to meet over the next several weeks to discuss concessions that would save public-safety jobs in what was recently rated the second-most-dangerous city in the United States, the mayor and Williamson said.

"We will not do any more [public] discussions about what's going on other than when we reach an agreement, if we reach an agreement," Williamson said.

Added Redd: "We're just going to buckle down for the next several days."

The thaw in the bitter relations between the city and unions failed to lift the cloud over City Hall, the Fire Department, and police headquarters, where hundreds of workers began to receive layoff notifications Thursday afternoon.

Redd would not say how many people had received notices, but the layoffs approved by Council would affect a quarter of the city workforce effective Jan. 18.

"Jan. 18 will be the worst day in Camden since the 1971 riots," said Karl Walko, president of the Council 10 union representing nonuniformed employees. "It's essentially the end of government as we know it, and for many people in the city, it's the end of hope."

Walko said 40 percent of the police dispatch unit would be dismissed along with 42 percent of the clerical staff in the courts. He said 25 of the city's 40 laborers would be let go, a loss he said could paralyze the city in a snowstorm.

Council President Frank Moran asked for concessions from the police and fire unions while putting the blame on Gov. Christie.

"We didn't put a price tag on public safety," Moran said. "Unfortunately, the governor of the State of New Jersey put [on] that price tag."

The state kicked in $115.6 million toward the city's proposed $138.8 million budget, $5.5 million less aid than last year.

Christie's spokesman, Michael Drewniak, said in a statement that "levels of funding in prior years - together with the costs of generous contracts and benefits - simply could not be sustained in the middle of a recession like this."

Christie last week provided more money to Camden - $69 million - than to any of the other cash-strapped municipalities that were given so-called transitional aid, Drewniak said.

Moran did not respond to a request by Walko for Council members to reduce their own benefits. Nor did he address a criticism from Walko that the mayor's staff was slated to lose only one aide in the layoffs.

Before the vote to begin distributing layoff notices, a police officer and Camden mother of two, Maria Rivera, spoke passionately to Council members about what it would mean to lose so many cops on the streets.

"When I'm lying in my bed and I hear gunshots, how am I going to tell my son, 'You're safe, baby'?" she asked.

Another officer described a sort of production line at the police headquarters Thursday afternoon as officers were handed layoff notices and some received word they would be demoted to fill resulting vacancies.

Most of those at Thursday's Council meeting were firefighters.

"The results are going to be self-evident" if the city lays off 67 from the department, as planned, Fire Chief David Yates said afterward. "We're dealing with 40 percent less of our operating force, so, yes, response times are going to be off. It wasn't done based on any kind of impact study. It was done on fiscal compliance."

The city has noted that none of Camden's six firehouses would close, even if several of the 11 companies could be out of service simultaneously.

State Sen. Donald Norcross (D., Camden), a leader in the electricians union, acted as a mediator at Thursday's morning and afternoon meetings between city officials and the four fire and police unions.
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South Jersey

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Conciliating the World to Order 3-4

We have seen the S.510 and S.787 working it's way to reality. We have seen the carbon scam up close and personal as well.

Along with multi-faceted United Nations entities, NGO's and Foundation Networks we have been introduced to the eugenics by soft kill information from food, water and Pharma watchdogs.

Why 80 Percent of Americans Don't Believe the Official Theory of 911


by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

These days, Bush's only defenders with respect to 911 are 1) paid liars and hard cases left over from his utterly criminal and illegitimate administration; and 2) idiots whose only source of 'news' is Fox. Fox 'news', however, is an oxymoron, appropriate I suppose for a network of morons in service to morons.

Bush, it is said, could not have pulled off 911 alone. Of course not! A total tool, it most certainly was not even his idea. He was the 'titular' head of a loosely organized gang of power brokers and the motley crew of wing nuts who support them. God knows why

Destructive Financial Shenanigans -- Read All About It!!! Get Your Copy Here!

Americans are left to wonder what really goes on behind the veil of secrecy erected by administrations and institutions which present a public facade of serving the people.  Supposed "elected" officials work secretly with unseen finance and power brokers, doing the unseemly in the dark.

The information contained in the Links here should provide all with fascinating reading and insights into WHERE HAS ALL THE MONEY GONE?!

Personally, I am familiar with some of this material going back to the 1990's.  I began reading VKD around the year 2000, and have read it all at which is a feat in itself.  VKD is now in her 70's and posts frequently at  Much of what is going on in the world today, is linked to the financial fraud identified in these articles.

This information is public knowledge on the world-wide web, so I'm sure the "operators" behind the scenes won't mind if more folks peek at their dirty laundry.  I mean, frankly, it is hanging out on the line blowing in the wind, not one whit cleaner with repeated washings.  The question is, when will the victims of these crimes take down the laundry and burn it?  If you don't know about it, how ya going to address it?

So make a point to go to these links and do a little research.  It sucks to be left out in the cold and dark, homeless and penniless, because You Was Robbed!

I believe you will find the information at the accompanying Links very interesting.


Email Letter to Nicholas Proto , Chief Investigator

Response by Jim Sinclair:

Bogus Gold Derivatives / Instruments,  Pending U.S. Banking & Financial Crash

Are the Feds just "blowing smoke"?


Documentation of Deceit


Thursday, December 2, 2010

musical interlude: a song for wall street by gene burnett

ATTACK on Upstate SC! (Again)

[caption id="attachment_11934" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="The Big Bird Rises in Anger"][/caption]



The ATTACK started in the pre-dawn hours, during the dark of night. continues through the morning above the heads of oblivious SC residents.  These photos were taken between 8 and 9am.  Note that some pilots are flying through the same raped air, leaving no trails, and telling no tales.  How disturbing, when the obvious is ignored.  Consider, the Official Policy for virtually all these coordinated and destructive invasions of your personal space (body, home, environment, mind, food, etc.) are couched as being "for your security and protection".  Groping at the airports cannot possibly really be for your security?  THEY want to decide (the Deciders).  But WE must decide for ourselves.   Chemtrails cannot really be benign emissions -- we can readily see they are offensive.  Grock This?  The new paradigm is to take the Obvious and tell people a false "story" with the idea that because the emanation came from an "authority" that must be the way that it is.  What arrogance!  What sheer stupidity.  The really pathetic part of this sordidness is "they" truly believe this is what Leadership looks like?  And if you don't buy the "story", then force is imposed to quell any dissent (see the new TSA mandates for a clear view).  For Americans, the question must be -- how much longer can this go on?  Hey you there, with your head in the stratosphere -- the air must be real thin at that altitude.  How can we help but notice?