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Earthraker and Skyfall



Ian Fleming's biography is pretty much an open book. Much like Edward Snowden, his newly created biography has a 'disclosure' value, a declassified history open for the media to investigate and report. Snowden himself has provided a disclosure value as well. He has supposedly provided Earthraker to key members of the media and it's value is what is called a 'limited hangout.' I refer to the this psyop as DISCLOSURE, but it really is a poor term I have coined due to the fact that it is overused by the intelligence monolith who controls and disseminates all information.

I have to thank Webster Tarplay and the "Palace Guards" for reminding me that the limited hangout is by far a better term than my disclosure designation. For those who were alive and awake during the coup to remove Nixon from the Commander in chief position, you may know the limited hangout. If not check out the following for an outline and brief history

This is a very limited disclosure from Wikipedia, but I'll post a snippet.

[In a March 22, 1973 meeting between Richard Nixon, John Dean, John Ehrlichman, John Mitchell, and H.R. Haldeman, Ehrlichman incorporated the term into a new and related one, "modified limited hangout."[2][3]

The phrase was coined in the following exchange:[4]
“ PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the--let it hang out, so to speak?

DEAN: Well, it's, it isn't really that--

HALDEMAN: It's a limited hang out.

DEAN: It's a limited hang out.

EHRLICHMAN: It's a modified limited hang out.

PRESIDENT: Well, it's only the questions of the thing hanging out publicly or privately.

Before this exchange, the discussion captures Nixon outlining to Dean the content of a report that Dean would create, laying out a misleading view of the role of the White House staff in events surrounding the Watergate burglary. In Ehrlichman's words: "And the report says, 'Nobody was involved,'". The document would then be shared with the Senate Watergate Committee investigating the affair. The report would serve the administration's goals by protecting the President, providing documentary support for his false statements should information come to light that contradicted his stated position. Further, the group discusses having information on the report leaked by those on the Committee sympathetic to the President, to put exculpatory information into the public sphere.[4]

The phrase has been cited as a summation of the strategy of mixing partial admissions with misinformation and resistance to further investigation, and is used in political commentary to accuse people or groups of following a Nixon-like strategy.[5]

Writing in the Washington Post, Mary McGrory described a statement by Pope John Paul II regarding sexual abuse by priests as a "modified, limited hangout".[6]]


Fleming was a member of British Naval intelligence though there are no disclosures to his connections with MI5 [*] or MI6 [^]. I had earlier posted the SIS-OSS created MI5-CIA MI6-MOSSAD connections and confirmed my theory as all things United Kingdom. All financial operations come from the City of London, mind control from Tavistock and propaganda from Thomas Reuters and it's electronic brokering platform, Thomson Reuters Dealing.

London controls the world and the world is not enough.

Fleming wrote 14 Bond books I have listed them chronologically

1. Casino Royale 1953
2. Live and Let Die 1954
3. Moonraker 1955
4. Diamonds Are Forever 1956
5. From Russia With Love 1957
6. Doctor No 1958
7. Goldfinger 1959
8. For Your Eyes Only (short stories) 1960
From A View To A Kill
For Your Eyes Only
Quantum of Solace
The Hildebrand Rarity
9. Thunderball 1961
10. The Spy Who Loved Me 1962
11. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1963
12. You Only Live Twice 1964 1967
13. The Man With The Golden Gun 1965
14. Octopussy & The Living Daylights (short stories) 196
The Property of a Lady
007 in New York"

Though I have read only one novel (From Russia with Love) I know that the books and movies are night and day. It is the Modified Limited Hangout, Bond Films I want to showcase. I call Holyrood from the British Tavistock and Her Majesty's secret service the ultimate imagemakers. As with MI5-CIA, the American Dream was developed. It was not by chance that eventually MI6 would have to disclose it's existence finally in 1994, some 90 years later after it's inception. What name it went by before this disclosure were likely too numerous to track.

We have had many postings and discussions regarding Stanley Kubrick and some other Hollywood figures and the deep underbelly of the red stars and black figures who have controlled the mediums of film and music. We have covered MK-Ultra, gangstalking, McCarthyism, Blackballing and Pedophile rings from this illuminating red carpet rose croix and the development of Hollywood from War propaganda of two military theaters. I believe we all agree that mind control was used for more than a way to sell war bonds.

There is. in this organization, another war bond and that is the most prolific series of films ever to come out of the MK center of Holyrood West. The adventures of James Bond agent 007 on service to her majesty's well-being. Unlike the exposures of Kubrick, the limited hangout of these productions are well suited for sheepledom as mere half truth disclosures. Modified to fit the monolithic frame of your teevee in Kubrick Hi Def. Stanley made the grave mistake of going beyond the limit of disclosure and he and Sidney Pollack paid the price as administrators of Eyes Wide Shut.

If you have seen all the twenty three films you can easily correlate them to events that took place during the release of the films. I was going to spend the time to dissect each but came to my senses and decided that the other fifteen posts I have started and are incomplete would be a better use of my limited time. I will say that when you look to the movies and read the summaries and synopsis of each you will easily come to many or all correlations. They are incredibly succinct in both plot and dialogue.

One general point is that the progression of Bond Films runs through the Paperclips of Nazi infiltration, including Chinese and Soviet threats and progressed to the War on Terror far before it ever hit the MSM. To this day Reuters still refuses to use the term in the creation of the news. The films have disclosed every subject we discuss and every tag COTO uses to keyword the articles throughout the technology silent war period by rogue Terror billionaires and their BCCI banks. Now the Bond films focus not on technology, for they have covered all the programs of destruction, but on the man himself. The latest thespian, Daniel Craig has brought the psychological and viciousness of man to the forefront of the
storyline. Assassination, double agents, triple crosses and physical and psychological torture are the focus for the new periodical releases.

OCCU-PI,  Anonymous,  Wikileaks,  AP,  NSA,  Snowden, Whistle-blowers are now in the mainstream consciousness and film is making them agents of terror. Meet the Press says so and your local theater reinforces it. A Modified Limited Hangout is a dangerous place to get your information unless you know DISCLOSURE and how it works in Holyrood Entrainment.


Here are the 23 Films. Does anyone want to take at crack at these?

Dr. No (1962-Sean Connery)
From Russia With Love (1963-Sean Connery)
Goldfinger (1964-Sean Connery)
Thunderball (1965-Sean Connery)
You Only Live Twice (1967-Sean Connery)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969-George Lazenby)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971-Sean Connery)
Live and Let Die (1973-Roger Moore)
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974-Roger Moore)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977-Roger Moore)
Moonraker (1979-Roger Moore)
For Your Eyes Only (1981-Roger Moore)
Octopussy (1983-Roger Moore)
A View to a Kill (1985-Roger Moore)
The Living Daylights (1987-Timothy Dalton)
Licence to Kill (1989-Timothy Dalton)
GoldenEye (1995-Pierce Brosnan)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997-Pierce Brosnan)
The World is Not Enough (1999-Pierce Brosnan)
Die Another Day (2002-Pierce Brosnan)
Casino Royale (2006-Daniel Craig)
Quantum of Solace (2008-Daniel Craig)
Skyfall (2012-Daniel Craig)


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Stoking the Fires of Racism

With the Zimmerman trial in full swing and right on the heels of the Paula Deen "N word" controversy, we now have this NJ home invasion by a black man, caught on nanny cam.

This graphic video has been all over tv news because the woman that was brutally beaten, as her little daughter watched from the sofa, wants it that way. She wants people to see the vicious attack for themselves in hopes that someone will come forward and help identify her attacker.

I have some serious questions about this video and the reasons it's being splashed all over tv news, youtube and social media. Part of it could be that they want people to feel unsafe in their own homes. The fear factor is always in play. They are also driving home, with graphic visuals, just how important it is to have cameras recording every move you make. After all, this monster can now be identified easily, right? However, while that's part of their major plan, I think the real purpose is to raise tension to incite a new race war. What better way to keep the people from uniting? Just another in their bag of divide and conquer tricks.

Racism is alive and well and it is exploding within every cultural community in this country. Whether you are white, black, hispanic, muslim, jewish or asian the haters are hating same as they ever did and now...more. These latest "news" stories are the equivalent of throwing gasoline on an already raging fire and the media is all over it. You can see the anger growing within the comments being made all over articles and under videos on the internet. It's all been white vs black since the Zimmerman trial started and has escalated to epic proportions with the Paula Deen non-story and now this video shows up at the most opportune time, or not, depending on which side of the line you are on.~jg

(The product placement of the ADT security trucks and the shout out the "newspeaker" gives the company at the end of the video, would be laughable if it weren't so disgusting.)


hey COTO crew..not even close to done with my piece..but meanwhile had to share this from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite people..Prince Ray. You will appreciate his usage of facts, names, dates..etc. A real treat in this game.

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the federal government has no real intention of saving it’s populace should a disaster strike

The Truth Denied

The bulk of the program covered FEMA, disasters such as Katrina andHurricane Sandy, 911 , illegal wire tapping, and something called CONPLAN3502, which is a military plan for civil unrest. Brian states on his website that:

“Most Americans don’t realize that the federal government has no real intention of saving it’s populace should a disaster strike.”

Save Yourself…


What is CONPLAN3502

FEMA NLE2011 New Madrid Seismic Zone ZIP PACK
FEMA National Level Exercise presentation from US Army Corps of Engineer server, the batch #2 – #11 compressed as ZIP file. More info: was located here:

FEMA NLE2011 New Madrid Seismic Zone #11

This Powerpoint presentation annotations contain proof the US Army is revising USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 3502 entitled “CIVIL DISTURBANCE OPERATIONS”, apparently a central plan for the US military to maintain control in event of riots or civil unrest. 3502 replaces GARDEN PLOT. Also “3502 TRIGGER / CDO EXCEDES T32 CAPIBILITIES” (sic) later proves “trigger” for CONPLAN. Events like G20 / Republican National Conventionseem based on these plans / run as exercises for martial law type control in the Unite…



This is what they think/thought of the population.


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Ship of Fools

Renaissance men developed a delightful, yet horrible way of dealing with their mad denizens: they were put on a ship and entrusted to mariners because folly, water, and sea, as everyone then "knew," had an affinity for each other. Thus, "Ship of Fools" crisscrossed the sea and canals of Europe with their comic and pathetic cargo of souls. Some of them found pleasure and even a cure in the changing surroundings, in the isolation of being cast off, while others withdrew further, became worse, or died alone and away from their families. The cities and villages which had thus rid themselves of their crazed and crazy, could now take pleasure in watching the exciting sideshow when a ship full of foreign lunatics would dock at their harbors ~ by Jose Barchilon, m.d., of foucault's madness and civilization


On waves of love my heart is breaking
And stranger still my self-control I can't rely on anymore.
New tide, surprise my world is changing.
Within this frame an ocean swells
Behind the smile I know it well.

Beneath a lover's moon I'm waiting
I am the pilot of the storm
Adrift in pleasure I may drown.
I built this ship; it is my making
And further more my self-control I can't rely on anymore.

I know why
I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no

Who claims that no man is an island?
While I land up in jeopardy
More distant from you by degrees
I walk this shore in isolation
And at my feet eternity
Draws ever-sweeter plans for me

I know why
I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no.

Crazy on a ship of fools
Oh, crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no ship of fools

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papel de estaño


Tin Foil Disclosure

So what's the deal coto?  Is it live or is it memorex.  Can we be bombarded with more inane disclosure and theatre?  As The Myth of Sisyphus plays forward, the reasoning, the man and the creation are beckoning the insanity.  The papel and parts all handled through the media frequencies of Holyrood and Hollywood.

papel higiénico

Every time we are presented with a -gate, they open two or more windows. Let us not be distracted by the windows.  Benghazi-gate is the time-bomb.  The news is bleak for major bank failures and another QE is needed to keep the -gate closed. The rumblings of the Dow are just rumbling in the rim of fire.  Mere tremors before the bang.  Bankrupt since 33,  80 years of liquidation has come to it's conclusion on this Chapter.

Manning, Snowden, Assange - windows   ----------- Hastings-Gate

papel pintado

It is time to read the writing on the wall. There are a hundred sites I receive financial updates from and not one other than Ron Paul has a remote understanding of the program. I have eluded to the process of the transition as one that will begin with the deliberate execution of the financial system as the prelude for war or the economy implosion resulting from the initiation of global event -gate.

Both seem likely now with the news of the banks frauds and derivative  exposures where naked and shit meet the paper.  Thus the looming failures are dropping the Dow in chunks like turds. Add the hotspot reports of civil unrest globally which is never reported on MSM except the Turkey Park Psyop and you can see the pressure cooker bomb is ready to blow a gasket.


The usual suspects in Paperclip are working overtime on playing every card left. It is without a doubt the largest -gate that will unite the world in economic psychosis and bring the World Terror Markets to a high,  just in time to drop the last turd in the bowl.  Two or three good flushes and the DVD gang will have their war.  China,  housing-construction and the commodity scammers can't keep the metals following this trajectory.  It's a ploy to keep them on the toilet.  A strong dollar is an oxymoron.

I have to know the sell off is not for Joe Blow. It's a LIQUIDATION!.  You know diarrhea.

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Russell Brand's wit & intelligence mocks the MSNBC "morning zoo" newspeakers...

LOVE THIS!  ... It's obvious who is more capable of providing real news and it sure isn't the MSNBC crew who were rattled and somewhat terrified by Russell's "brand." ~jg

"Brand then poked fun at MSNBC's army of "actors" in the back of the shot who were supposedly tweeting, noting that they were merely a gimmick to create the impression that the program was a hotbed of news.""
"The anchors began to get visibly uncomfortable when Brand made the point that mass media was an operation in changing information "so it suits a particular agenda" and that viewers were being manipulated."

"Instead of addressing Brand's point, the anchors instead obsessed about the comedian's accent and his clothing."

"You're talking about me as if I'm not here and as if I'm an extraterrestrial," responded Brand, "thank you for your casual objectification."

"I'm a little nervous," retorted Brzezinski, presumably not used to entertaining guests on her program who act like real people."

"When the conversation began to break down, Brand asked , "Is this what you all do for a living?" before hijacking the broadcast to talk about Edward Snowden, the NSA spying scandal and Bradley Manning."

Friday, June 14, 2013

It Seems the "War on Terror", and Invading Sovereign Countries on the Premise They Have Acquired WMD's has Recieved a U.S. Patent

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Red Line" Lies Indicate Full Scale War Coming to Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

[caption id="attachment_23416" align="aligncenter" width="199"]War Hawks are Vultures War Hawks are Vultures[/caption]

"The American people, proving themselves incapable of showing any limits to their own gullibility, are about to be led into yet another Middle Eastern war against another innocent and sovereign nation, on the basis of “intelligence” indicating the possession or use of a “weapon of mass destruction.”

WMDs were a big lie in Iraq. Chemical weapons are a big lie in Syria".


It Can't happen Here

I find that as we approach the edge of the abyss, video's are getting clearer and more concise but my question is. Are these being produced to instigate the reaction that TPBT are ready for? Still, would one rather be privy to a hard truth, or? I don't think that's a question with COTO'rs.  It's VIA Infowars and quite good.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fade to Black

Black Room, Black Site, Black Op, Blackout, Blackmail = Black Octopus

octo-fixThe history of Sigint is as old as the telegraph. There's no news here for COTO. We have discussed surveillance, both legal and illegal for years. The true purpose of 911 was to create the World Terror Organization, better known as the War on Trade. The Black Room came into existence soon after.
Refresh yourselves with the Atlantic Charter and then the "Five Eyes" surveillance and Brusa Treaty. The basis of Pearl Harbor was a false flag agreed upon by the Axis to get the American sheeple on board for the big war and the GATT (get all you can) and more when the GATT would transition to the WTO. WTO would become the name (identifier) for all false flags that would be implemented once they had planned the World Trade Center false flag at some time just prior to 1993. The 1993 version of the technique previously used in Oklahoma City where  the truck bomb at WTC was used as a staging in order to have access for the next seven years to bring in clandestine CIA and engineer operative to wire the building for demolition. And well,  the rest is in the books for this event.

Moving on, the purpose of the 911 staging was to accomplish multiple opportunities. Never wasting an opportunity, 911 was a bonanza. Sending asbestos and nano-toxic compounds to kill thousands in New York would be one benefit. The prelude to Afghanistan opium takeover would be a huge windfall as well for the committee. The destruction of evidence in WTC Bldg 7 would be another along with several other smaller benefits, but the prime purpose was to establish the USA Patriot Act.

The_Punisher [Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism. was a construct of a firewall to bring Congress and sheeple alike into the psyop of fear and safety in a Hegelian dialectic model that we have seen similar to World War II. ECHELON would be it's name during the post-war transition to the psyop known as the Cold War. Forming the third triad for a war on terror would encompass and combine the prior fascist and communist fake threat into one pool with all lone wolves or us, whichever you prefer. We are, as you know, all designated as sheep or wolves where the wolves are designated as possible pack leaders. Those wolves in power positions are slowly becoming extinct.


glass eyeWithout oversight the Five Eyes has been a multi-beneficial program. Not only would it provide the Military with it's best recruiting and promotion tool by way of blackmail and extortion if bribery and other inducements were unsuccessful. During the 1990s many investigations indicated that the United States was exploiting ECHELON traffic for industrial espionage, rather than military and diplomatic purposes which of course were true. It also was determined that investigations of others were identified as Abscam type operations.  This is the elephant in the Black Room. You sometimes can't see it but in the black room you really can't see anything.

So is the NSA Prism operation. When Obama says the NSA was not recording or listening to calls but instead tracking numbers and durations, he was pretty close. He may not even know that the Prism or Echelon technology is so sophisticated as to limit very few who can access the deepest parts of the system. This carries a benefit to the cabal that the employees and administrators are not able to get the details or data encrypted information even if they were inclined to try.

Dark-Side-of-the-Thats-No-MoonThere are sites and then there are grids. Sites access grids and the grids access everything. Layered upon layers. Fiber optics in San Fransisco and Wireless in Colorado. Landlines in Pennsylvania and DSL in Texas. The Enterprise system creates the system by which few can take all platforms and process into one working model for "Eyes Only" by the deepest of black op personnel. A framework for Full Spectrum Dominance


I have discussed the transition of the WTO and it's effect on the furniture business in North Carolina. I have information from a source who confirmed the tracking and surveillance capabilities of China who owns the furniture business after the Asian Invasion in the 90's thanks to the Clinton Crime syndicate who opts for a Chinese takeover in the spirit of David Rockefeller and Mao Tse Tung. The point of a triad is that you have a need (WOT) a warrant (WTO) and as many opportunities you can manufacture.  Surveillance being one and a big one at that. The Chinese have exploited the surveillance opportunity long before the NSA was a baby. The ability to chip the things we buy has been a norm since the China Import Boom. Who cares, Walmart sells it cheap? Of course they do and Walmart was instrumental in selling the surveillance and eugenics toxic products for the Chinese and your $800 on sale Samsung flat screen LCD is watching you from Beijing and soon from Utah.


The Mormon and Zionist Jew segments of the Committee wing are well versed in surveillance and spying as we have seen with "The History of Israeli Spying" and "Under the Mormon Tree." I recently provided information on and all it's Mormon affiliates.  Scientology and the Vatican can hunker under the black umbrella as well.  My point being that when these master architects of the New World Order put the plan down in black and white, they were savvy enough to spread the systems out to many organizational administrators. The hierarchical heads were involved with implementation, technologies and operations. That creates the distraction of the unified agenda to divide and conquer.

enhanced-buzz-10740-1370910117-9Snowden or Snowjob?

You have read the details offered by MSM and Alternative sites regarding the validity of Mr. Snowden and his wikiLeak to Mr. Greenwald of the Guardian and other frequency transmission sites. I have never assumed anything but that whether we are reading it from NBC or INFOWARS, we are just being mined for our dossier. Should we be so bold as to comment as well, this information is being mined, recorded, analyzed, categorized, run through psychological and linguistical or lexical algorithms and rendered in an extensive dossier that may contain as much as a gigabyte of data or more. Since the administrators such as google, ebay, Amazon, Huffington, OPED and any others who have had known funding by government for the purposes of data mining, they have no problem or no knowledge they are contributing to this grand social and marketing network and that they are being grossly underpaid for it. We too are grossly underpaid for our information but by the time we are on our deathbed we can know that we paid for a kings funeral and yet we will get $225 from social security.

Mr. Snowdens revelations on Verizon were already known from the Bush era with the patriot act and we had the assurances that they were going through the proper judicial channels. Oh please, tell me that it was so. Mr. Snowden is a pawn in a game and whether he is an MK stooge, sacrifice or operative matters not. He is an operation in himself. I suggest the agenda of killing him as a warning to anyone who wishes to bring the darkness to light. Or at least make it look good for the camera. I am reminded of the old soap operas where everyone is rich, a spy, politician, surgeon, artist or writer and in every episode they are never working,  just acting out. So seems Mr. Snowdens rise to fame wealth and his lonely, hot girlfriend.

black-octopus-blackgound-hiDISCLOSURE,  I have used the term Disclosure, taken from the UFO meme that has had it's day. Though I expect ufology to play a role in the final solution, I use it as a term for a planned program by the committee to begin to dump.execute us with hundreds of these revelations. Another part of the psyop for transformation where you gradually disclose the FOIA redacted information in incremental disbursements to plant the seeds of full spectrum surveillance until it has identified all citizens who will be either wolves or sheep. It comes down to how much can you take. At what point will you resist, rebel and react. Too many already think that the fake war of terror is real and that this wall-to-wall panoptic surveillance is a small price to pay for safety from the terrorists who are the ones surveying them.
e21337ca4066d25e5307672212a90c9bcee0463fNow once the disclosure has been sufficiently distributed as to become an accepted inconvenient truth, the historical information suggests a new false flag. Those of us who are wolves will be the target. The senate, house, Governors, ACLU, legal organizations, sheriffs or whistleblowers and any citizens who protest the NDAA, Assassination list, drone american program and full spectrum surveillance will be marginalized, hushed or mad fools when they begin to preempt false flag stagings or allow the big one to happen in 911 II, the sequel.

By creating 911-2 with the lone wolves and a prominent Pack Leader in a conspiracy of terror, they can then move ahead with the junk they have been collecting in armored vehicles, fema camps, plastic coffin liners, ammunition and fifteen billion dollars worth of drones. It is in their best interest to do this in conjunction with a major string of ENMOD HAARP events that may help in getting a FEMA DHS martial law scenario in action. It does not matter whether the event in Los Angeles in an earthquake is combined with a terror attack in Chicago, they can put the authorities on the streets in New Orleans or Orlando with a mere staged intelligence yellowcake alert.

biglogo-blackAl Gore was given the Climate Change and a convenient fortune for giving up his election win in 2000 and Mit Romney may get the surveillance contracts to share with the Chertoff Zionist Group but we already know the data-center complex in Utah is under Mormon control. They have Utah wrapped tighter than a microwave cavity resonator. We can call it the granddaddy Black Site.

It all will eventually merge under the United Nations which will soon be renamed to something like the "New World Assembly"


lucis trust

|||| ||  | ||| ||  |||| || |

The News Brought to You Today, is Heavily Weighted on the "Red" Side


Turned on a couple MSM sNews shows for a few minutes, and it "SLAPPED ME RIGHT IN THE FACE!", that Amerika has been turned into the Soviet Union I heard about while growing up -- Totalitarian, Communist/Marxist, everybody feared their neighbors and everybody else because they might be criminals or worse, a Stasi/KGB State police force, zero privacy and maximum surveillance, state-run media, shitty jobs and worse economy -- YES...a Police State on Steroids!

So, look around folks! What do you see, what do you hear? Amerika has become Russia of last century.

Just read down through Wayne's news snippets for today:
Take a Scroll this morning and Wake Up!

[caption id="attachment_23386" align="aligncenter" width="320"]Klowns are Scary Klowns are Scary [/caption]

Look at the pieces here:

Turn on the TV, and watch some of the faux, state-created-and-run sNews shows. Grok the subjects, and listen to the rhetoric. You figure it out! Do YOU see RED when you start comparing the USA to the previous version of the USSR?

Read around on the web today and contribute some other information in the comments section here that corroborates the premise of this thread. MOST things are RED now. The Truth is buried under layers and layers of Lies. Check it out for yourself. You live in the "Land of Fear"!

Monday, June 10, 2013

When is a "Whistle-Blower" Not Really a Whistleblower? But, Altogether Something Else? When Does Everybody Blow Their Whistle AT ONCE, AND NOT STOP UNTIL THE EVIL IS BLOWN AWAY? were told via "the media".

First off, read Rappaport's line of questioning here:

Then, digest Creighton's questions here:

And then, you can read other Willy Loman threads on the subject (scroll down) at, and look around for more info to distill on this matter. Should you so desire, and have the time.

[caption id="attachment_23370" align="aligncenter" width="251"]You're either on the Inside looking out!  Or, You're on the Outside looking in! You're either on the Inside looking out! Or, You're on the Outside looking in![/caption]

Frankly, this subject of outrageous and illegal govt. surveillance is so unsurprising to COTO as to merit a "Yawn" and a thunder clap of flatulence.

What AREN'T they doing is a better question? They do the illegal and unconstitutional 24/7. I'm sure you've read Herr Kissinger's quote stating this?

To the stupid sheeple citizenry with their noses up the butts of the sheep in front of them, maybe, MAYBE, this is some kind of revelation to them? Dough No. They haven't cared a whit that they root for, and rah rah a system that decimates entire cultures, and countries -- so, now that they figure out they live in a fish bowl, what's the big?!

What's it take to "Wake the Sleeping Giant"? Moreover, what's it take to wake a flock of sheep? Having the taxpayer-funded, Chertoff-Profiting TSA lowlifes grope your grannies, mommies, and kiddies, sticking their hands down their pants to "Make Sure" they're not terrorists hasn't been enough to wake the sheeple?! Men of all stripes still queue up for their own gropings at the hands of the TSA blue gloves?

There has been no consensus, and widespread public outcry to stop this Homeland Security raping? The fondling and pillaging of you and your family's "privates" for "security & safety" seems so much more of a personal intrusion to me and criminal affront, than "information" collection on tyrannical level?

Where's the line-in-the-sand sheeple?

Obviously, I'm only barely, b-a-r-e-l-y, scratching the surface of egregious, hegemonic, fully tyrannical Actions perpetrated by The Beast which wants to masquerade as a lamb! What's up Sheep Heads?!

When does a state rate the moniker, "TOTALITARIAN"?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Freedom In America - Rest In Peace

"Freedom In America - Rest In Peace" By Stephen Lendman 6-9-13

Sourced from

Political philosopher Montesquieu (1989 - 1755) once said:

"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."

International, constitutional and US statute laws no longer matter. Obama declared them null and void. He does so by disregarding them.

He consigned them to the dustbin of history. They've been heading there for years. Post-9/11, state terror accelerated.

Bush administration rogues enacted numerous police state laws. Previous articles discussed them. Constitutionality was ignored. Obama added his own. Doing so exceeded the worst of his predecessor's policies.

Unconstitutional mass surveillance is official US policy. What Bush began, Obama accelerated. He did so straightaway as president.

Free societies don't tolerate these practices. Obama authorized them secretly. He subverted constitutional law. He violated the public trust. He broke a key campaign pledge.

On January 8, 2008, he promised to end Bush/Cheney practices. Under an Obama administration, he said, they'll be no "wiretaps without warrants."

Friday, June 7, 2013

"We Live in Hen Houses" -- One Man's "Story" About "Waking Up" to the "Greatest Conspiracy"

A Terrific article by Dave Hodges! Excerpted Quotes below, Link to the ENTIRE article at the bottom -- GO READ IT!

"America, and the rest of the planet, are coming in for a planned crash landing. It is really time to brace for impact".

"For those who continue to ignore the rapidly encroaching tyranny, you chose to do so at your own peril".

"I don’t claim total victory because John McCain is like the turd in the toilet that will not flush {No Shit!}. At least for now, life looks normal for my family, except for what I write and broadcast. I may be a slow learner, sheephowever, unlike the other times, I refuse to continue to inhabit the Kingdom of Sheep ever again.

This was my journey on how I awakened as to who and what seeks to dominate and ultimately destroy most of us. I subsequently set out on a mission to wake up humanity after I took 20 years to wake up. I am ashamed to admit it took me 20 years to be moved to action and I only did so after I was forced to. I was slow to act for the reasons that so many other Americans don’t want to hear our doom and gloom message, my life was working. I was making money, I was happy and thought I could ignore the problems. I understand the mentality of a sheep, because I was the biggest sheep of them all. And because I am a competent “sheep psychologist,” I understand one thing:

We do not have time to wake up most of our fellow human beings. Most of us are too engrained in the system, to hypnotized by the media and are absolutely stuck too far inside of their normalcy bias to wake up. We do not have 20 years to accomplish the task of waking up America. We do not have 20 months in my estimation. We need to save who we can, beginning with ourselves".

[caption id="attachment_19094" align="alignleft" width="210"]You Were Told Beforehand You Were Told Beforehand[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_19298" align="alignright" width="300"]Phoenix Rising, Capstone on Zion Olympics Closing Ceremony Phoenix Rising, Capstone on Zion Olympics Closing Ceremony[/caption]


Bush Sr.

[caption id="attachment_19862" align="aligncenter" width="138"]Clinton as well. Clinton as well.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_19860" align="alignright" width="150"]Yep, Bush Jr. Yep, Bush Jr.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_19859" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Obama?  Christian, Muslim, Khazar? Obama? Christian, Muslim, Khazar?[/caption] Photos of "Policy-Makers" in their yarmulkes... Scroll down for pics.

What's it mean when "out-of-respect", Policy-Makers for the Masses don the don's beanie, and worship in obeisance at their "wailing wall"? This is of course left open to speculation...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

James E Holmes…. oh yea Mk-Ultra'd Indeed (Redux)

James E Holmes…. oh yea Mk-Ultra'd Indeed



Congrats to Jersey Girl whose post has broke the coto record for consecutive views.  The MSM and recent news on his insanity plea have spiked the interest. 90% of  June views were on June 4th and today.  (2000 views for each day) They were also directed through FACEBOOK. Thanks to Zuckerberg for that. See Mark, not all facebookers are idiots.

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To ride the wave, I am posting all MK-Ultra for the last two years and see if we can get more bang for our buck before it collapses completely.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shadow Government bringing Mental Illness out of the Shadows


Remarks by the President at National Conference on Mental Health
East Room

10:00 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. Welcome to the White House. And thank you, Janelle, for that introduction and sharing your story, and making such a difference through your organization. We’re really proud to have you here.

I want to thank Secretary Sebelius, Secretary Arne Duncan, Secretary Ric Shinseki for their leadership and helping to organize this event. And I also want to acknowledge some outstanding members of Congress who are here and who care deeply about this issue.