Monday, April 28, 2014

Jim Stone Highlights "Haarp technology - When the Evil play GOD"

{ Worth the reading and contemplation. Interesting discussion of Cell Phone Towers that I was not savvy too. Puddy can also shed much light on this entire subject. }

Current STORMS in the USA occurring AS WE SPEAK have many sources pointing to HAARP as a a catalyst if not originator...

environmental terrorism

Haarp technology - When the Evil play GOD.

"This update has replaced the original Haarp report.

I am well aware that Haarp proper has its limits, and cite the real source I believe is used in this report while calling it Haarp because Haarp is what people relate to (like Kleenex).

If you are a fence sitter with regard to Chemtrails and weather modification, that is understandable because "no one" has come up with "hard proof" that this is going on. But today ought to be the day that changes, because I have cold hard proof that HAARP technology is exactly what people say it is along with a precise technical explanation for how Haarp technology works and this will post today.
Digital Stepping in the Aurora Borealis - Understanding the technical side of Haarp".