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Airbus A321-231 MetroJet EI-ETJ.JPG

USA-ISIS Shoots down Russian Passenger AIRBUS  [711-811]

The USA-ISIS Crisis team went into full assault mode here. Boeing and team ISIS went for the Hallows Eve assault on Russia and France in this TRIAD as part of the World War III, setting for the eventual NWO.  It was relatively predictable that we would see the false flag in a jet airliner under the psyop of Malaysian TTP.

Figuring the vortex, Egypt was chosen. The vectors would indicate that Libyan missiles in the US covert military rebel arms cache can be used, though these staged events are usually scalar magnetic assaults on the avionics or french style sabotage (ala Jade Helm)

Targets: Russia, France, TPP Targets: MetroJet Kogalymavia


Cairo (AFP) - International investigators have begun probing why a Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashed in a mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing everyone on board in one of the deadliest Airbus incidents of the past decade.

Questions swirl over Russian plane crash in Sinai that killed all 224 aboard - CNN

All 224 people aboard Kogalymavia Flight 9268 died in the crash Saturday morning that left debris strewn across a remote area of a region plagued by a violent Islamic insurgency.

Footage from the scene showed mangled wreckage and piles of belongings from the plane spilled over a largely flat, barren landscape.

Many of the passengers on the Airbus A321-200 aircraft, which crashed en route from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, were reported by Russian state media to be returning from vacation. Russian officials said there were 25 children aboard the plane.

My best guess is Israeli MOSSAD or al CIAda ISIS on orders from the Illuminati for a major sacrificial slaughter.  25 children is a pretty good tally in the 217 passengers. No manifesto yet to see if any "special targets" were neutralized. The typical BS Narrative is in high gear. METROJET had an excellent record.

Image for the news result

Relatives and friends of those on the Metrojet flight that crashed in Egypt comfort each other more

Metrojet Crash In Egypt Is Third Airbus A321-200 Hull Loss - AviationWeek

According to initial reports from the crash site there were no survivors. An Egyptian official claimed the crew had declared an emergency because of unspecified technical problems and requested diversion to the nearest airport. The Egyptian government was fast in ruling out a terrorist attack. read article

This was a World Trade Terror Attack and an Illuminati holy sacrifice. A TRIAD of Scalar, Trade and Banking war being waged against human beings and spun for their political purposes for their NWO ends. Obama, Bibi and the rest of the MICC administrators must have climaxed and creamed in their costumes last night over this sanction.  Putin and Assad will be licking their chops soon with a BOEING comeback.

3-9-6 (711-811)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Speaking of Skyfall, is JLENS a Quantum of the NWO?

Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS comes to rest in Pennsylvania

[caption id="attachment_28348" align="alignnone" width="500"]cotoJLENS A View to a Kill[/caption]

Here is a classic planned and staged drill from the Holyrood East NORAD Productions team. We are supposed to believe the incompetence and failure meme that they use with regularity.

In the classic TRIAD formula, incompetence plays the dual role of thesis and antithesis to provide the synthesis desired. Also as in all vertices perpetrated for the MCC Military Corportate Complex, the events are not only drills but active beta testing.

Here in this case the project was to run the test, (layer one) promote the psyop and mind control for future blimp and recon drones trips over the AMERCIA landscape. Skyfall is the flying economy that ties the corpo-military wings to the financial in the economy of the War on Trade (WOT) and World Terror Organization. (WTO) In layer two the incompetence or FAIL issue requires further financing, added regulations and additional components to an already complicated apparatus. In this case as many others, the purpose is to cover the premeditated layer one while adding additional layers or benefits to the complex.

Like 911, the exercises of VIGILANT GUARDIAN were not exercises but cover and protection of the deception, hoax and subsequent fraud from official reports and MSM. Regardless of whether you think four commercial jets actually existed as reported it does not change the use of VG to either fire the missiles that were holographic aircraft, or to run interference for Drone commercial body vessels and keep radar and other eyes out of view, while the B-thing is in progress


We have here in the JLENS event a throwback to the Philadelphia Experiment. When running operations and beta tests, the object is to create situations that appear plausible but in reality are absurd. From Aberdeen MD to Bloomsburg PA in Montour County (Montauk)


This is early reporting and I have to explore more details and information. This TRIAD may be a deflection though I suspect certain factors at play here. Firstly, the Raytheon aerostat may likely be the diversion, though Raytheon was heavily involved with the transmitter work in the experiments of the 1940's. There are numerous immediate correlations to the hyper magnetic resonance experiments as well as the psychotonics and acoustic research of Montauk. Psychotonics, CERN, Magnetic flux, Artificial Telepathy, Scalar Field Theory and other research could be in play here. What I believe may be at the heart of this is the environmental and psychotonics aspects of the war that in my mind is being waged on the human beings worldwide at this time. Weather weapons and magnetic manipulations in the scalar experiments of both harmonics and HIGGS are possibly at play here as well.

What stands out in this psyop event is both the MSM aspect of Full Spectrum Dominance and what was being done under this cover. I have some real doubts about the areostat 2 devices and the tethered cable make-up.
The tethered cables relay data and provide power. As threats are detected, information is sent to anti-missile and other fire-control systems including Patriot, Standard Missile 6, Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, and the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System. Its relatively low-power usage and over-the-horizon capability makes it less expensive to operate than existing fixed-wing systems and provides significantly greater range than ground-based systems.

This could be a VLF -LF transmitter wire and not just power and data transfer cable. Being the tether was over 6000 feet and more than a mile long. It will be interesting seeing further details regarding what I believe is a major hoax and cover-up of more monkey business for the upcoming Project Bluebeam and Jade Helm domain event. One thing for certain, the SPECTREs of the machine are hard at work and the excited states of AmerCIA are busy controlling the air traffic of the flying economy.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SPECTRE, a Quantum Leap?

Not since Diamonds Are Forever, (1971) has the franchise used the familiar "Special Executive for Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion" appeared in symbol, spoken word or title. Not this year.  The release of SPECTRE yesterday gives us an opportunity to put the Hollywood facade to the global covert unseen committee that provides all the aspects of their organization acronym.

It follows Skyfall which was an essential installment for the NWO to advance the "Disclosure" of what we face looking forward in the progression of this grand delusion, this master plan for single world authority, by this unseen league of extraordinary psychopaths and their demented Utopian vision of a transformed society and new order for earth and it's life forms, which as always they have license to make extinct.

Skyfall was an extraordinary script with unique elements of the terror groups trade, unlike many of its predecessors. I offered a post with the collection of the films, Earthraker to Skyfall , June 2013


The Past becomes the Present. Yes, it does. The 2012 release of Skyfall came during the Mayan Calendar Psyop and end of the world. Not to be confused with SPECTRE, was the ghost of the past who came to play with MI6's number one "M." (Mother) played for the last time by Dame Judi Dench.

Robert Alpert wrote an interesting article entitled Skyfall: a mother and her twin boys. He connects similarly  in what is a basically an entertainment review, to what the might be the deeper suggestive theme of the franchise in Bond #23. It is interesting that now as we move to Bond 24 [6], the man is resurrected while the story is about relinquishing the old for the new.
In a post-9/11 world in which technology has overtaken privacy and nation states have increasingly merged with global, corporate interests, Skyfall self-consciously subverts its audience’s expectations about the triumph of good over evil even as it simultaneously caters emotionally to those expectations.Cloud-Climate-Cashin

This transition is so clearly apparent in Skyfall, that I have used it often as a tool for talking about the flying economy and WOT or World Terror Organization. Well, enter SPECTRE and have them sign in please. You could not have had a more crystal clear view to a kill.  Without presenting any spoilers, I can offer some insight into SPECTRE. SPECTRE is the real secret committee who manages all assets in the entire world. Though we see the administrators everyday in media we never see the nine. That is the heart of Holyrood, the freemasons, the organizations and core committee that make up the cabal.
On his return to London Bond is indefinitely taken off field duty by the current M, who is in the midst of a power struggle with C, the head of the newly created Joint Intelligence Service, which consists of the recently merged MI5 and MI6. C also wants to create the "Nine Eyes" intelligence co-operation agreement between nine countries, and close down the '00' section in the process.

So what we have is basically a backdoor into Five eyes or STONEGHOST expanded to nine? But maybe it's expanded to ten. It was Danny Casolara who was assassinated in the Octopus affair that connected the PROMIS software for intelligence to known backdoor access. Also known as the Inslaw affair.  Why the Octopus?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="170"]SPECTRE Logo.png ALIEN +8[/caption]

It's more interesting, the transition of the SPECTRE insignia from the octopus to the alien to the spectre, but not as obvious to the deep connection to the psyop of the mind that is this spectrum-quanta connection. That is the hidden meaning behind the hidden nine behind the seven and one.

Some will say SPECTRE-QUANTUM, but I use Spectrum-Quanta. In Bond #22 Quantum of Solace, the reference to Quantum was not connected directly to SPECTRE. The ghost was noticeably absent for quite a while.

In the EON series of films, the layers of truth to fiction are evident but at the turn of the century they shifted to a far more cryptic mode. Changes in screenwriters, producers, directors and other factoring has made these by far more difficult to decode. Unlike other offerings for the masses, the 007 series are like Rubik's Kubricks.

This year Hunger Games will take us to gun confiscation and revolution with its "in your face" Operation Mockingbird while Krampus may backdoor the attack on Christian values in a capitalistic X-masse bloodbath. All good for the Tavistock Group and Holyrood mind control operatives in Hollywood but not too complex by design.

The 007 series on the other hand in my opinion have become very complex. It is by design I believe that though they are relegated to political correctness and certain dumbed down action, they carry very cryptic clues and disclosure.  When we begin to look at Mr. Snowden, a major psyop limited hangout, we have to decide on true or false. The same goes for the Sony Hack where supposed emails regarding SPECTRE were released. It is here the real triple cross and phony false flags really get their wings.

I still realize many believe Edward Scissorhands is real. I came from the Cold War school and cannot buy a nickels worth of snow from this Manchurian candidate. Neither Korean or Chinese fingerprints can be found here. But it does allow Obama and Xi to meet to discuss much deeper aspects of SPECTRE based upon a bogus talk for cybersecurity. Skyfall was an 'eyes only' look into the technological reality of the panoptic full spectrum surveillance apparatus that is being justified by the very false flags supposedly giving us the necessity for acronyms we cannot even count. One thing has been missing in the cabals arsenal of weapons. Weather Modification? Why after all the fifty odd years has the Scalar and HAARP weapons scenario escaped the script? Even Hollywood has its taboo.

In Quantum of Solace, we had the villain looking to control the water in South America's, Bolivia. It's not too hard to write good fiction based upon globalized efforts to destroy nations. Nestle wants the Great lakes and T. Boone Pickens wants the Ogallala aquifer. MI6 and the CIA want to know. It's the economy stupid in your face sure, but the reality is deeper than waters and plots thicker than blood. Countries are assets just like slaves. Corporations are the banks and borders are illusions. The Quantum is merely creating the value and if you control the experiment and variables or are able to set the parameters, then the successful outcome will be realized. The science is knowledge and information and the quanta is the system in which the SPECTRE to be the ghost in the machine, able to quantize the physical world and control the system using the variable scientific methods.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="287"] Bullet hole or Eye-9?[/caption]

When the writing chores came to the team of Purvis and Wade and the directorship to Sam Mendes, the tone of the movies changed. All being Brits is somewhat interesting. The theme as I stated in the Earthraker to Skyfall piece, is about man. The Craig as Bond character has shifted from the gadgetry to the internal mind of the man. The plots have all included the Jade Helm human domain and more psychological. More anger, less restraint, more rebellion, less obedient are these four films with Craig.

When the Sony Hack released emails event occurred, they contained some discussion by producers to staff regarding act three and ending rewrites. It is possible that writing these scripts becomes more difficult when you are given cryptic material that must be presented in the final script. Same goes for Mendes who must also shoot the graphics and symbology designated in the treatment. Along with the usual political correctness modifications such as color changes for Felix Lieter and Eve Moneypenny, the usual no smoking signs and dialogue no-no's, there are scores of cryptic keywords, phrases, imagery and marketing bullets used in these films. Other little nuances and messages include the recurring Mr. White. How inventive! Mr. White (blue eyes), the bane of all our problems.  Also as always the CIA is subservient to the British Intelligence but that really is accurate in the true reality of global finance and intelligence.

SPECTRE should seem familiar to all based upon the clumsy acronym. SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion is the best description I can come up with for the POTUS and military industrial congressional complex excluding the ring but no less obvious in membership. But membership aside, the vortex mathematics says it is Quantum that controls them. Therefore without knowing the film's plot of having seen the trailers or spoilers myself I will predict that this film will expose the corporate banking mafia known as SPECTRE.  It will involve membership in government. I say this because they made a point in Skyfall to have M (Dench) quote Tennyson and remark that our enemy is not known and our world is more opaque and that Silva (Javier Bardem) was once the trusted but betrayed. Who are our friends and who are our enemies? Borders and nations are non-existent in Quatum. The enemy is in the shadows or right in our faces? Quantum will betray SPECTRE, consume them, absorb them, neutralize them. What is Quantum really? What will the transformation entail?  The ghost in the machine?  The ET or AI factor, is it earthly?


The end of the story may be "the past becomes the present" but we have no truth of the past therefore no idea of the future, let alone the present. We have enough disinformation to fill volumes but I think the underlying message is that SPECTRE takes a permanent holiday very soon. This is the basis of everything from revelations to the NWO. Simply stated, SPECTRE was our world up to the 21st century. All the crime and control was operated by government, corporate movers and shakers, financiers, Mafia crime syndicates with all their corrupt political connections. Just as the characters throughout the EON Bond series, they were used and necessary in order to control the progression up to the point where they are no longer needed.  Now we are on the precipice of the change and transition and those who were insiders, administrators and enablers now find themselves betrayed or on the outside like the rest of us.

Spectre (2015)[edit]

Main article: Spectre (2015 film)

In the aftermath of Raoul Silva's attack on MI6, a cryptic message sets in motion events that will see James Bond come face-to-face with the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. As Gareth Mallory, the newly appointed M, continues fighting political pressures that threaten the future of MI6, Bond follows a trail from Mexico to Austria and Morocco as he is drawn into a confrontation with an enemy from his past; one who holds a dangerous secret that will force him to question the value of everything he has fought to protect.[15][16][17]

The concept of the triple cross, mind control, the NWO Hegelian Dialectic and vortex mathematics all play here. Whatever changes for the better is a wolf in sheep's clothing. A betrayal or disclosure is just a tool to transition into another dimension of the continuum.  All that is required is that they have you attention, your body and your mind in a quantum state with the information. Should they have discovered the human particle and secrets of the genome and the black hole matters, then maybe they can not only control, but predict outcomes. I expect a real twist in this release of Bond #24. It may be realization of all we ever suspected.


SC Female Student Slammed to the Floor, Backwards in Her Chair for "Sit-In" Non-Compliance.

Any adult, parent, school administrator, public servant, etc. should be able to analyze the following deplorable action, and provide a number of alternative methods to handle the situation, which don't escalate to raw, brutal violence immediately.

Methodically Pulling/Sliding the stubborn child, chair and all out of the room and to the Principal's office would suffice for shaming a non-compliant "student" perhaps?  ANYTHING, but applying the head lock, backwards WWE "take down" of a student just doing a "sit-in" in a chair in protest...

I think if a parent did this at home to a child, they would be liable for "assault & battery" upon a minor.  In our school "systems", it is defended, even from the top levels.  Are you kidding?!


The comments at the Blacklistednews link above reflect a low caliber of citizen input on this subject.  This in itself should be taken into account as an individual analyzes this situation thoughtfully.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Just as Hurricane Patricia Hoax, the architects of ONE GLOBAL AUTHORITY cannot escape the conversion of experts from all staged events from 911 to crisis shootings to Environmental Modification. We are to find out soon just how serious they are. I predict the tipping point is much closer than we expect. Great work by these people will free the minds of many. Project Bluebeam is the end game and your mind will be the target of the project and the means by which to take you out.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Predictions 2015: BRICS and Drones (and help from EL HAARPO NINO)

2015 BricsandDrones


BRICS and Drones may break my bones...but names will surely kill me.....

I predict tragic events for [3] Belarus, [1] North Central  India (Bhopal) and [2] Mexico City.

[1] NAPAL QUAKE]      [2] Hurricane Patricia          [3] Belarus Pending

Tsunami warning for Alaska, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State after 8.0+ event
Semidi Island Aleutian subduction zone.

I expect a bad Tornado season again and severe weather for Texas and Oklahoma due to the Vortex shift in Mid Atlantic Arctic dips.  Climate change will be back on the Carbon Exchange of Media propaganda

Pacific vortex and cooler temps will keep storms constant over the US and there will be more rain for Northeast with flooding. The Winter and Spring will be very wet with record levels in the Southeast.  Sunny days will be few and far between.

The Name is Patricia-15

A potentially catastrophic landfall is expected Friday evening as a very powerful and dangerous Hurricane Patricia moves towards Mexico's Pacific coast. Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere on Friday morning as its maximum sustained winds reached an unprecedented 200 mph (320 kph).

The hurricane is forecast to make landfall in the Mexican state of Jalisco Friday evening as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane capable of causing widespread destruction. Residents and authorities in Mexico are rushing to prepare for what will likely be the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall on that country's Pacific coastline.

In addition to its unprecedented 200-mph (320-kph) sustained winds, Hurricane Patricia now holds the record for lowest pressure in any hurricane on record. With a minimum central pressure of 880 millibars (25.99 inches of mercury) at the 4 a.m. CDT advisory, Patricia broke the record of 882 millibars set by Wilma almost exactly 10 years ago.

P15 Patricia Mexico

Tracking Patrica - LATimes

Hurricane Patricia grew over a 12-hour span and was upgraded to a Category 5 storm overnight. The hurricane has the strongest winds ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.

We need to watch the tracking on this and see if the Master Engineers of the New World Order NASA, NAVY, NOAA team will steer it towards Mexico City on an more easterly track. The rumor of the Cabal regarding Mexico to kill the CIA drug running business may be a factor. If Mexico moves to legalize the Marijuana, it's a big payday for Mexico. The CIAISIS crises team may provide a serious warning shot for them.

12 tons of drugs seized in tunnel along US-Mexico border - 10/23/15

Will Mexico say sí to weed legalization by the end of October? -10/23/15

We will have to track this TRIAD but I suspect this is serious business and potentially a major move in the dialectic process for NWO Global Carbon Trade. It also provides huge redistribution of wealth.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Twin Pines Comes the Atlas Cedar (NWO)

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11


ISAIAH 9:10 -The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.”

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="412"]The Beatles' final photography session, Tittenhurst Park, 22 August 1969 8/22/69[/caption]

ISAIAH 9:11 -Therefore the LORD shall set up the adversaries of Rezin king of Syria against him, and join his enemies together;

Image result for New Trade Center

I remember being laughed out of a forum in 2007 for commenting that thermite may have been in the very steel of the WTC when built in the 70's. I think it's not so hard to believe for those who heckled me now.

From the 911 Loose change to the GELITIN – GELATIN THE B-THING to all the TV that has mystically connected the event in advance, you really begin to buy into the cosmic hippo and the elephant in the room which is Project Bluebeam. We now have floating cities in China and Britain. The holograms and EVAN Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network are in high gear.

The UFO team is 'uping' the sightings and news from CERN is looking good for ET civilizations.  Meanwhile we can't even agree on Scalar Weapons and hologram airliners used on 9/11/2001.  Fourteen years later and 26 pages short, we are sitting ducks for 811 event. The thing about 811 is it will be infinite and forever. Take 911 and run it in a loop.  We have no "hope" for any back to the future now.

Fata Morgana = Bluebeam

I still cannot connect the meaning for LIGHTHOUSE but this is all over my radar and the googlplex. If someone has some thoughts please advise.

From the Illuminists and Illusiionists comes “The Lighthouse”

China constructs two lighthouses on disputed South China Sea islands

The Search for El Faro (The Lighthouse): What We Know

We know the lighthouse went DOWN!! Or did it. Can we add the crew to the MH370 gang from Kuala Lumpur and some other missing agents for a Spielberg floating skyline close encounters of the fourth kind? It's a B thing all right.

[caption id="attachment_26863" align="alignleft" width="208"]8-11 = 53 811[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_26864" align="alignleft" width="200"]911lives 911[/caption]


911 ~ Jello, is Larry there?

Sofia Smallstorm Maps the Corporatized You

Sofia Smallstorm podcast via Memoryhole Blog

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obamacare's Brain Initiative - It's all blue skies and apple Pi.

Mapping and Zapping the Human Brain - Project Bluebeam

bovbrain copy

Magnetic brain stimulation 'reduces belief in God, prejudice toward immigrants'

Disabling certain areas of the brain with transcranial magnetic stimulation can reduce a person's belief in God and negativity toward immigrants, claims a new study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

[caption id="attachment_12247" align="alignnone" width="500"]cotomkpineal.jpg Joo-Joo-Care[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_15795" align="aligncenter" width="300"]blue_brain_3 3Hz - 8Hz -11Hz NASA's NEW SCHUMANN[/caption]


Simply stunning, the committee's focus on conspiracy attributing to terror. Debunking Bluebeam is a case where they don't openly debunk it as they would rather not acknowledge it at all. Yet all the events and psyops seem to follow to the tee, the progression to the NASA, NAVY, NATO, NIST, NOAA and NSA team and the collective brain-trust and banker-financiers. In a world near economic collapse and universal suffering, the money for human brain studies and the black hole of space based research never seem to fall short of budget requirements. Even Israel has signed a deal with NASA recently and we are aware of the Russian involvement in USA contracts. Cold War? Syria? Terror? Nothing interferes with the trade and development of Project Bluebeam and the ultimate full control of the human domain and the satellite prison complex on which we live.

(refer to Utah State Prison experiments 1988 - Iraqi "Slam Dunk" EMR - WMD) Pure magnetic scalar waves

Google Backs Obama's 'Moonshot' BRAIN Initiative

Obama launched the BRAIN Initiative (short for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) in April 2013. When you connect the dots and the Department of Energy, Googleplex and major funders of the science you begin to see a complex, a confederacy, not a conspiracy. This research from Soetoro's pen (WMD) is thinly veiled in hopes of finding autism, Alzheimer's  and other vaccine, EMR, PhRMA and GMO ailments. But there is not a dime going towards looking into these plagues. Instead more dead doctors and down the road can kicking on human advancement.  More psychotic science aimed at eradicating populations and controlling the rest in my opinion. The magnetism of these criminal corporate, banking and political hacks are as transparent as the EM we are being lambasted with on a 24/7 basis. Furthering the Pineal Wars through MSM lies and deception only shows that these theories are a reality and our future.


EU-US Brain Research: “We Can Form a Memory, Erase It, Reactivate It at Will, Cause Fear and Delete It” – even Read Your Mind.

If you have any thoughts on Project Bluebeam you might be advised to write them down.

related: More From The Big Blue Omnibus  - Tesla and his Merry ELF

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vaccinations, Autism, GcMAF and Dead Doctors. The beat goes on.


October 11th - Dr. Marie Paas

Twelfth holistic doctor found dead, alleged suicide - Health Nut News

I never wanted to write a twelfth article. After writing the eleventh about our colleague: prominent Holistic oncologist, Mitch Gaynor MD in NYC, I was truly hoping that it would be the last. I’d recently read his book as he’d sent us advanced copies. My better half (also an author and holistic doctor) and I were […]- Read more

Sep 16, 2015 - Mitch Gaynor MD

11th Holistic MD & Best Selling Author Mitchell Gaynor Found Dead In Woods - Health Nut News


July 24, 2015

James Jeffrey “Jeff” Bradstreet, was a controversial American doctor, alternative medicine practitioner, and a former Christian preacher who ran the International Child Development Resource Center, He was recently murdered for his efforts. So were these colleagues

Dr. Ronald Schwartz, age 65

Dr. Amanda Crews age 38

Dr, Teresa Sievers age 46

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal,  age 67

Dr. Lisa Riley age 34

Dr. Baron Holt, DC age 33

and several missing

FOCUS: Bradstreet
Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet has now treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. In 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of them 15% have their autism eradicated. In all 3,000 children have been treated with GcMAF with similar results.

And Dr Bradstreet has published a paper: Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections which is ground breaking in its discoveries.

No telling how many introductions we all are receiving and through how many vectors. Dr. Bradstreet was killed down the road from where I live Chimney Rock, NC and others have been silenced. The Powers that be are on high alert to kill this.  Better view and save. The FDA and NWO will kill anybody. Some deaths may be to divert off Bradstreet but they may also have been colleagues and collaborators. Either way the truth is on the video


I expect more deaths disappearances and many frightened  doctors under OBAMACARE and the genocidal government that is killing our children and veterans.

Even Disinfo government run snopes had to quell the conspiracy

Sunday, October 11, 2015


[caption id="attachment_28283" align="alignnone" width="500"]cotoHK16 HC=811  HK=811  Hillary Clinton 2016 = 911[/caption]

Benghazi has become a partisan investigation’ hyper-focused on Hillary Clinton via @YahooPolitics

I don't think so Major. I think you were fired and now you are working for someone else. Let's look at the Hillary email servers. (number of server yet to be identified) Let's look at her foundation and the contributors who some may be transacting with the enemy (yet to be determined) Should the investigation just bypass the connections between these investigations?

To be honest I think the committee has almost handled her with kid gloves by the conspirators from both parties.  What appears to me to be shaping up is a war between the New York Clinton Crime Syndicate and the Soetoro Chicago Crime Syndicate with the Bush Crime Family seeming to take a backseat. The Bush Crime Syndicate wants Iran. Clinton will give them that.

There are things I cannot shake regarding my prediction for no election in 2016. Those are numeric in nature but there are frequencies that are detectable now.  Tonight's 60 minutes of PHARMA ads and propaganda included Barry Soetoro talking about his ISIS rebel failures and his decision to end rebel forces training.

Why are the moderate opposition so hard to identify? Because they don't have a name. How about the proxy ISIS anti-Assad regime change GLADIO army? Too long? Okay call em ISIL. The real reason we are not boots on the ground besides military morale is that it would expose eye-witnesses to what we already know here. The sheeple are who they want to keep in the dark. Can't have their sons, daughters brothers, sisters or parents getting a real view.

This Climate Change and Iran prop piece was  clear.  Obama has screwed Hillary, the GOP and Dem elite corp who want the same thing the zionist joo-joo-bees want. Real Estate and one less rejectionist of the Global transition to climate based carbon economics under TPP and WTO.

He touts we are stronger and safer which is an open invitation for a gotcha moment to come in the very near future. I think it is certain. Hillary would love to see it happen. Can she make it happen? It appears she has some secrets.  Cleverly she has jumped ship on TPP to counter the Chicago teams move to get Biden on the card.  I stated back when the news hit the MSM that his son's death was a great opportunity for him to get the sympathy vote, yet I think the conspiracy goes much deeper. Was it an assassination like others? John-John comes to mind among others but it seems that Obama and Biden were made for each other. Clinton and Biden are not.

McCain says Obama Would Be 'Wise' to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary
"I'm not sure if I were Hillary Clinton I would want to be on that team," the senator added, "I think her ambitions frankly are for 2016 and I'm not sure that would enhance that likelihood."

Obama says not being on the ballot in essence has made him loose, relieved his fear and concern over the small stuff. (you and me)  He really meant the operations are out of his hands and his lame duck is all show. It is amazingly a talent of Kroft and 60 minutes to sound tough while actually just letting Barry lie through his teeth. From the Gun Rights to the economy to ISIS to Clinton email and Joe Biden. Just a testimonial from the horse's mouth on the horse. Shameless.

I believe the truth is that Obama is campaigning for Biden. Moving from coast to coast he is orchestrating the financial and political moves to make sure the Clinton Crime Syndicate does not win. I think it has been that way with Benghazi and all the other leaks from Bills trips to  Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Island, the email servers and the Clinton Foundation revelations.

Clinton is a Bush minion. Jeb is a loser, Hillary is not dead by a long shot but there is a war and McCain would see Hillary in before a TTP tea-party prop or Trump.  It is a very strange group of alliances here. Not what the normal left right paradigm prisoner thinks. There are more liaisons and provocateurs in this election cycle than ever before.

I still predict no normal election. It's not repealing the 22nd Amendment, it's not a third term for Obama which he says he would win, but more a Diebold Grid failure or false flag which Obama virtually challenged the Blue team to stage with this  60 minutes pile of crap.

You should really watch this theater or read the script here.  I know this is the prelude to a most bizarre alliance of the strangest angles and a real war to rage between the two mafia families which make the joo-joo-bees very excitable. I have never seen a global stage so full of possible events. I have heard the rumor that Bergoglio is being death threatened for Boehner and US domestic interference. I also heard someone say he will be gone before the election.  I think several may be gone before the election.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shooting Down the "Myth" of Gun Control, with Truth-Telling Statistics

Sourced from:

and initially located at

"But the famous ride by Paul Revere was not to alert hunters that deer season was now open. It was to notify free men that it was time for gun owners and free men to grab their muskets and finally free themselves to fight tyranny".  That's a sentence that generates a laugh due to its obvious irony.  Yet, there are more quizzical quotes from a piece at
Which brings us to why we have a Second Amendment. No, it is not to protect the right of states to have their own militias. George Mason, called the father of the Bill of Rights, said, "What is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

James Madison, called the father of the Constitution, said of tyrants, "(They were) afraid to trust the people with arms," and lauded "the advantage of being armed, which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation."

The "historical reality of the Second Amendment's protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer," observes Judge Andrew Napolitano, a constitutional scholar and Fox News contributor. "It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, thus, with the same instruments they would use upon us."

A commenter at the Youtube link for the Bill Whittle video posts the following well-known quotes:  Political power grows from the barrel of a gun  --Chairman Mao / One man with a gun can control 100 men without one  --Comrade Lenin

I simply observe that being armed, provides an obvious peace-of-mind that an individual at least has the means available for self-defense if required.  I also notice that it is not the populace of America clamoring for "Gun Control", but the obviously corrupt politicians never wasting a good crisis to bray for regular folks to surrender their Rights to self defense.  Since this makes no sense to most freedom-minded individuals, and especially to those with instincts for survival in an increasingly chaotic and violent world (highly manipulated at that from the top down), the clamorings of "politicians" and their ilk can be dismissed with righteous indignation by the hoi polloi.

The True department of "Homeland Security" is every responsible gun-carrying citizen.  They aren't rubber-gloved crotch and grandma breast-grabbing pervs or badge sporting control freaks.  They're just freedom-loving, go-to-work people who have each other's backs when the time comes to stand up for what is right.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Celente Discusses the Obvious Regarding Current Events, Covering Many Topics

Gerald Celente speaks TRUTH about the B.S. going on around the world.  Not that you haven't picked up on the continuous LIES sold to The People by the corrupted media dirty "mouth pieces".  Concise discussion on Current Events and perspective from the bleacher seats we all are sitting in:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Decoding FEMA, EMS, POLICE on a trunking digital network

Three radios running on a drone, monitoring on a WINDOWS VISTA Duo Core desktop running HDSDR x 3 and DSDPlus decoder. This live recording and visual.

The DSDPlus program records files in increments you select. The recording is voice activated so you have no dead air. 24/7 monitoring with 1 hour recordings with no dead air. This is the live recording and visuals.



This is one hour of voice activated recording for October 7, 2015 1:pm - 2:pm


Contrasting the Viewpoints on Gun Control and Unalienable Rights

Not withstanding that the Oregon "shooting" has been flown up the pole by many as a "False Flag" based on lack evidence, and other notable factors, We-the-People are once again forced to take a position on "The Right of Self Defense".  Unalienable?  Or, determined by bureaucrats?  Pick one, because there is no fence sitting on this one.

Contrast the viewpoints, and decide which position you would take?

  1. Bent over

  2. Fighting for your life and for the others present

  3. Ambivalent.  Read, dead.

What would your family, loved ones say if YOU decided to NOT DEFEND them when they were attacked by a gun-wielding aggressor?  You let them die for...what...reason?

"Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is a leading Republican presidential contender, has intensified his defense of gun rights in response to last week’s Oregon campus massacre, arguing that the Second Amendment is more sacred than spilled blood.

He also suggested that the victims should have had the courage to attack their assailant and accused President Obama of politicizing the tragedy by embracing the families of the dead".

"I would not just stand there and let him shoot me!"

“I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away,” Mr. Carson wrote.

As you read the piece linked above, you will be presented with anti-gun rights rationales from other people.  To me, I think you must ask yourself the question, "Should I, my family, or other innocents be confronted by an 'active shooter' with intent to kill me/us -- would I prefer to have a gun specifically to defend?"  And would you have the mindset to use it?

Read why the father of an Oregon "victim" will not attend Obama's visit -- .  

"My daughter said to me, 'What if somebody would have had a gun?' Gun-free and gun control takes that option off the table," Boylan stated. "I don't think that's the right course."

Contrast Carson's views on the subject with Mr. Obama (you may lump him in with the other "Gun Control" crowd).

Jim Stone says, "Shooting updates / Too much has happened, and I just gotta puke. Ok, onto the goodies - CNN has called for a gun ban, with it being a felony to own a hand gun or any semi automatic rifle. Here is a nice salmonella tamale - They are trying to link Donald Trump to the shooting, by saying the shooter's mother read Donald Trump's book to him before he was even born (gag) and yes, ISIS has stepped into the scene, saying they did it but I don't know how that could be when the FBI wiped ISIS out in America less than a month ago. I guess Pamela filled in . . . . . and I find it interesting that the same lying liberals who claim they can confiscate 300 million guns can't keep tabs on 11 million illegals.

October 5 2015

An update about my core statement with the Oregon shooting: This time they killed people because they learned they need real blood to convince people, but the event did not happen as stated. I believe this was carried out by a clandestine group. Too many oddities suggest this".

On "Being Sold Down the River". The FICTION of U.S. "Democracy"...

As revealed here vividly in these two articles below; it can be readily seen that PTB (Transnational Corporations) operate solely for their own benefit (corporate shareholders), BLOWING UP the unbelievable meme of "Democracy".  A "Republic" in the U.S.A. was long ago killed and buried by the architects on the inside.




[caption id="attachment_28268" align="alignnone" width="300"]U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with agriculture and business leaders about the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the Department of Agriculture in Washington October 6, 2015.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with agriculture and business leaders about the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the Department of Agriculture in Washington October 6, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque[/caption]

"Obama makes pitch to win support for Pacific trade pact" -- "U.S. President Barack Obama kicked off a sales pitch on Tuesday for a 12-nation Pacific Rim trade agreement, urging farmers to push their lawmakers to approve what he said would boost their sales in a fast-growing region".

"Just in case you’re still under the infantile illusion that you reside in a free country".

“I think the American people should be extremely concerned about their personal rights and privacy. As I was being searched at the airport, there was a Latino couple to my left, and an Asian couple to my right also being aggressively searched. I briefly had to remind myself that this was not North Korea or Nazi Germany. This is the land of the Free.

– Anthony Silva, Mayor of Stockton, California

At every turn, WE SEE evidence of totalitarianism creep.  Note it.  Don't stand for it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chemtrail Activity in South Carolina. About 1 1/2 hours West of Columbia, SC, Scene of Much Flooding

I happened upon this story regarding a documented lithium chemtrail program in Oregon, experimenting upon specific populaces.  Yeah, don't be "Shocked!".  You don't have to imagine this "might" have been going on for years now -- all you have to do is look up, look around, and pay attention.

WE will note Here, that TPTB and those that Wanna-Be, who are running now for pResident surely are aware of these programs.  You gonna vote for more of THIS?!

Please Read the Article Below Regarding What Was Done in Oregon here in 2015:


Today, the first sunny day in SC following the massive moisture funneled in from off-coast, I was impressed to photograph and document some chemtrail-created cloud formations.  These "experimenters" just cannot seem to get enough of spraying shit in the skies and raining it down on the people and environment.

I suggest you CLICK on each photo to better see what I was looking at:


Xing the Sky in SC

Upstate SC Chemtrails 10-06-15

Upstate SC Chemtrail Drip Up

Upstate Chemtrail Drip Down

I took the picture below, as I was driving up I-85, because the clouds presented with an iridescent pink and green sheen like an oil sheen seen on water.  I have enhanced it with "color saturation" so you can more easily see it.  It was pretty wide-spread over the left edge of this scalared out chemtrail cloud formation.

Iridescent Scalared Chemtrail Cloud 10-06-15 SC

Monday, October 5, 2015


[caption id="attachment_27601" align="aligncenter" width="500"]cototppaper.jpg Obama goes down on the Globalists[/caption]

Deal reached on Pacific Rim trade pact in boost for Obama - WAPO

ATLANTA GA - The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations reached agreement Monday on the largest free-trade accord in a generation, an ambitious effort led by the Obama administration to knit together economies across a vast region....more

Mark your calendars 10/5/15 - The Fifteenth has just attacked us again. Obama has just given the rimming to the elites of committee. Get ready for your new jobs America. Yes you the 94 million out of the work force. On the job training is provided. Can you go down? Can you lick the problem?  Then you have a great future in the new Babylonian whore Terror Trade economy.

Zebranomics and MSM whitewashing cannot begin to hide the horror in the secret negotiations. Only your silence will allow the terrorists, pedophiles and profiteers to enslave us in the transformation to the TPP and coming Buy-Sell-Trade economy. Next comes the digital currency and the Mark.  No election will stop this so get on board the love boat with our leaders.


6 Things You Should Know Before Giving a Rim Job

(please provide your own dental dam, not covered under Obamacare)

slavery_memorial cc Murky1 flickr

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Disbelieving the Farce of "elected" leadership and Their Propaganda


So, they're just getting around to "investigating" this glaring problem?  WTF We ask?!  But, relax back into your Toyota seat, because -- Toyota, he said, has a "strict policy to not sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities."

Excuse my COTO-like cynicism here, as it is warranted.  Might we suggest any of these tracking devices easily found at the following links, so Toyota can know where their products are at all times -- ?

It is amazing how they think a terse "statement" will refute all reality, relieving them of accountability.  READ -- "Lewis said most of the Toyotas appearing in the videos are not new models, and the company cannot track down stolen vehicles or ones that have been bought and re-sold by middlemen. An Iraqi military spokesman told ABC News he thinks trucks are being smuggled into Iraq by outside middlemen, and Toyota distributors in the region said they are unsure how the trucks are getting to ISIS".

EPIC FAIL on all levels by the Toyota company "spokespersons",


Take the "War on Terror" farce for example.  You've seen the photos of long lines of ISIS "terrorists" in tennis shoes and Toyota's carrying light weaponry.  Yet, they kept expanding, supposedly threatening even Western nations now, with the fallout of their murderous campaigns in the middle east.  WITNESS -- Mass Immigration into Europe, U.S., etc.



I have a Toyota pickup, and ISIS has newer, better trucks than I, a hard working American.  In fact, I just had to spend $1000 for 4 new tires and shocks, just to keep rolling and working.  We are told by Western media outlets and Western leaders and administrators that ISIS seem to be invincible (I'm told to get a flu shot to, so there you have it).  At least, ISIS are a scourge in the M.E., and have been remarkably successful at continuing expansion of their "tennis shoes and Toyota" ground "war".  2 seconds of consideration of the history of war-making, tells me that to "expand" requires continuous re-supply of all the necessities -- in these groups case -- food, water, weapons, ammo, communications devices, fuel, nice white tennis shoes, and new Toyotas.  Tires I imagine too.  It quickly pops into one's mind that interrupting the supply lines for these rogue bands of murderous marauders would be Strategy #1.  Yet, we've heard the stories of U.S. and allies being absolutely lame at doing anything to make a dent in the expansion.  STOP THE TOYOTAS, STOP THE WHITE TENNIS SHOES might be a place to start.  We've heard of the U.S. and allies actually "mis-dropping" supplies supposedly intended for the war-ravaged innocents right into the waiting arms of ISIS.  OH, STOP THE MADNESS!

Yet, of course.  The Western and M.E. forces have been completely ineffectual in doing squat.


Do you believe that?  That the Western forces are that inept?  C'mon!!!



So, now whaddaya got?  We see Russia making fantastic headway within 72 hours (read the line-up of reports at,, and others for alt-news stories on the docket).

Can we deduce about now, that Western forces (mis-leadership) have pointedly avoided striking any meaningful blows against ISIS over the last years or so?  Lets see -- We witness "words" & "actions", and form an informed opinion.

Russia is in the act of embarrassing the U.S. military and "leadership", by showing the world what Air Power can do to rag tag "terrorists".  Hiding this Obvious Fact of a policy of U.S. "dis-engagement" in the conflict is gonna take some real propaganda efforts in the West!

We reflect on 9/11 and all of the Really Strange happenings and non-happenings during and after that "event".  Something is stinky, stinky, stinky.  And the administrations' and leadership, their agencies, and all of Humpty Dumpty's cadre of furiously writing script & meme flatulating corps cannot write out of Reality the OBVIOUS -- This entire group of parasites on humanity's ass are useless LIARS by commission and omission.  I see no other conclusion.


We are seeing the knee jerk Constitution-kicking commies committing themselves to the false meme of "Gun Control" for solving domestic problems (after the "latest" False Flage in a continuous string of False Flags).  The resident leader puppet, Mr. Obama goes on record with his 2nd Amendment bashing (eradicating) thoughts on the subject of people owning guns:

People point out the Obvious about this dangerous and stupid line of thinking --, and

Don't think I believe anything or everything that comes off of Infowars by-the-way.  I'm just using stories from there to highlight the point of this thread.

AND -- We get dirty politicians like Ms. Hillary Clinton, a wanna-be pResident, also trying to sell the meme publicly --


Insane McPain in-our-ass also sells the gun control meme whilst his state of Arizona funnels and funds drugs and illegals into the "United States of Illegal Immigrants" faster than you can say, "Are You Kidding, McCain?!

Then, there's Trump at least speaking truth-to-reality and taking the opposite approach to bolster his run for the Puppetry position --

You might appreciate this piece that is making the rounds on the alt-net news sites --  Of course, you're not gonna even be steered in the direction of THINKING FOR YOURSELF by the MSM, so I imagine the idea of legitimate "INQUIRY?" into things that make no sense will not rise to the level of conscious thought of the ginormously propagandized citizenry.  When things don't make any sense, they are erased, omitted, or dis-infoed by the thought-control crowd.

STOP MEMEing ME You Assholes!!!

I'm outta steam on this issue for the moment.  But it bears intense scrutiny and careful consideration by Americans whose taxes fund massively inept institutions of "control & profit", which are murderous in their design, and treasonous from their foundation.  I disbelieve the BAD CARTOON that is running before me.  No apologies.