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Bab al Podesta



This is your transition time as we move from 811 ro 711. The False Flag- Black Swan event period for 2017 and four years oif Trump 7 as the Wildcard.

The old part of the city is surrounded with 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) thick walls, pierced by the nine historical gates (many of them are well-preserved) of the old town. These are, clockwise from the north-east of the citadel:

Turkey, Russia, Israel, Syria, NATO-GLADIO (ISIS) Onto Damascus Gates and then into the Gate of Jerusalem. Watch for the time.  The vortex runs 417-528 (639) Keys are 14, 41 and 52 and 25. Watch December 14th  and the DC Peaceful transition of power, as it will not be without violence.

The gate to Palmyra, Syria. A moving Temple of Ba'al - SPECTRE (Illuminatus)

Seismic -

Brexit was  first then to New York for Donald Trump.

14 of 17 Global Goals -NWO Agenda 21

The World: To save it first we must destroy it. Controlling the Vortex - Quantum

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="478"] A message for all[/caption]

SDG - Sustainable Development Goal : SDG =147 You need to expect 258 and destruction for the next eight year cycle. Focus on 14-17

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

Long before September 2015, the real goals were conceived and the trail of sacrifices has killed billions. Some of the sacrifices of late were from Andrew Breitbart to your neighborhood MILK CARTON.  Behind the Sandy Hooks and Bab al Pizza is the eye of Horus staring down on the Osiris and ISIS projects that link Syria to USA events in a prophetic manner to force the hand of Christians everywhere. Please look at the Globa-List goals and mark your calendar where we are at the current time (hour)

Obama left off and Trump & Co. will pick up right where he left off. Trump meetings with the Clinton Bush crime syndicate has taken precedence over everything. The phone conversations must be really good code.

Expect a real sacrificial event between December 14 and the 25th. Podesta's 14 and Jesus Christ (decoded message) says it's about the killing the White. Like SPECTRE Mr. White is the place and group represented in Milk for the pedophile rings. In case you did not know why they started putting missing kids on Milk Cartons, now you know. A sick joke "in your face" as you munch your morning granola. They stopped when it started to work. You can't hack track and monitor a milk carton like you can an amber alert.

Image result for Obama Got Milk?



We may expect the "fishkill" and the milking of the NWO over the next phases of Transformation. Pay  special attention to Lebanon, Somalia and Pennsylvania for our December sacrifice to Saturn for the sun-worshippers and the Joo-joo-bees.

Image result for Madeleine Beth McCannEnter Madeleine Beth McCann


Project Orange

Photo: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women during a special event entitled “Orange the World: Raise Money to end Violence against Women,” commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November).

‘Orange the World’ kicks off 16 days of activism to fight gender-based violence - Transgender World meaning


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Same old SPECTRE, just new tricks.

A cryptic message from the past leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome, where he meets the beautiful widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting, 007 uncovers the existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. Needing the help of the daughter of an old nemesis, he embarks on a mission to find her. As Bond ventures toward the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.


SPECTRE, a Quantum Leap? - Puddy Dunne  - October 27, 2015

Not since Diamonds Are Forever, (1971) has the franchise used the familiar “Special Executive for Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion” appeared in symbol, spoken word or title. Not this year.  The release of SPECTRE yesterday gives us an opportunity to put the Hollywood facade to the global covert unseen committee that provides all the aspects of their organization acronym. ...continued

How “Spectre” is Really About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite - Vigilant Citizen

SPECTRE, the newest film in the James Bond franchise, is about a secret group taking control of world governments and imposing world-wide mass surveillance. Under the guise of a typical James Bond adventure, viewers get a solid dose of the occult elite’s predictive programming agenda.

Earthraker and Skyfall Puddy Dunne  June 30, 2013

London controls the world and the world is not enough.

I had to wait sometime after the release SPECTRE to really put together how the Hollywood and Holyrood or Zionist Jesuit Joo-joo-bee operation was established and nurtured through the propaganda and mind-control operations from the centers at Tavistock Chatham House to the Skull and Bones Media conglomerate and news consolidation.

We have witnessed the new meme of "Fake News" and the coming internet passing ICANN to the WikiLeaks NWO clearing house and all the SNOWJOBS that have come since the NWO Millennial inauguration. This Agenda [21] rapid deployment cannot be overlooked and best to marked by the time of James Bond. For anyone who is a Bond Psyop aficionado, you can map all the clues from past movies that have become reality. Truly these films are unique as they are totally constructed now to control the narrative, implant the mind-set of transformation to the One World Government and total spectrum surveillance and dominance. From the information from Huxley, Lippman and Bernays along with the elite master plan, the provided psyops are now better seen by the discriminating observer.
“Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”
– Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

In Skyfall, Bond remarks "A Brave New World" after meeting his pimple faced new Quartermaster ("Q") played by Ben Whishaw, who as a computing genius points to Bond as a relic and how the world of MI6 is changing to a digital operation. Not withstanding our current look at the ever dwindling competitive media market like the AT&T-Time Warner merger or the Verizon -Yahoo acquisition or even the rise of NETFLIX Monopoly, the greater signals and clues are almost verbatim to the movie SPECTRE.

"the mass hysteria driven by irrational fears of the invisible concerned."

Theresa May unveils UK surveillance measures in wake of Snowden

'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper

In SPECTRE the term "New World Order" is used again and if I am not mistaken the last time was in 1997. Tomorrow Never Dies
What you are about to witness, Ms. Lin, is not so much a missile attack, but the launch of a new world order. In precisely five minutes after your countrymen have attacked the British fleet, I shall retaliate for dear old England by sending this missile into Beijing, where General Chang has just called an emergency meeting of the Chinese High Command.

Please note that Tomorrow Never Dies revolves around James Bond trying to stop a media mogul’s plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage. "Fake News" not being the fact but "False Flags" making the news real. I have said the inauguration of Earthraker (moonraker) was officially launched in 1997 or 1998 with the deployment of the explosives in the WTC after the 1993 event was false flagged in order to get the means to access all areas. I do believe this is the only two times the term "New World Order" have been used in the movie series.

So now we have the Nine Eyes (Five Eyes) bill passing , allowing for a global intelligence network sharing but this nine is not a multinational alliance but the all seeing eye of the nine which in the Vortex Masonic Illuminati is the top of the pyramid, the all seeing but unseen place. What nine are supposed to be represented are unclear but in the movie South Africa is the lone veto 8-1 but succumbs and votes yes. If I were guessing I might say the nine were FIVE EYES and BRICS with UK back in the EU. Why?

The very heart of my theory for two decades is that the MI6 City of London run the show. The Mossad, CIA and Interpol subordinates to the Crown of the Committee.  SPECTRE is the Illuminati based control over them and are based upon money elite that have infested into every major corporate conglomerate (media) , banks, International Organisations (UN, IMF. World Bank, ICC etc.) This is Quantum, the smallest group of power required to control the forces of society and finance.  Important to SPECTRE because they are the eyes for nine eyes which may be the total number of the core committee itself for all we know. Ernst Stavro Blofeld may be a number eight or six but who these people are are likely names most have never heard of. Like Eyes Wide Shut they are masked, likely unassuming recluses that never front the cabal like the Soros' or RothRocks. They are more like the higher degrees of Quantum.

Image result for SPectre one eyed blofeld

SPECTRE provides more projects for mind-control, Pharma concoctions and MI6 introduced "Powdered Blood" (smart blood) a nanotechnology for the bloodstream with all the tracking I have posted in the doomsday chip.  The technology is a MI6 creation for good. That's part of the psyop and media normalcy bias. The fact that we are constantly being clobbered with the propaganda and fake news is overshadowed by the real possibility of a complete controlled opposition.  This is how I have operated since Trump announced his presidency.  Like James Bond he is against the NWO Agenda yet while we believe in the good guy bad guy, they are again the dual paradigm totally controlled, operated and narrated for our induction into the transition to the NWO.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

As always, once the narrative and bias under repetitive beta programming is accepted, it passes into our brain like the nano-blood powder and we are willing to take the pill. This is the manipulation of the vortex and it uses all the technology and techniques  of advanced science as well as old world alchemy, black and white magic. Is it too hard to believe this is what we have working against us?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="328"]Image result for SPectre one eyed blofeld One Eye [/caption]


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="325"]Image result for SPectre one eyed blofeld One Eye Shut[/caption]

There are good exposés to be found regarding the SPECTRE  psyop of the Bond franchise but I suggest you watch for free and consider my interpretation or advance your own conclusion.  As I prepare predictions for 2017, I will be looking at two major moves. Brexit Fails and Trump Fails. The focus is two fold. The One World currency and the One Eyed surveillance grid.  That I bet my ranch on. I said nothing will happen until the financial black swan followed by the white cat. Trump can do both as the front for SPECTRE.  The clues are the very locations for Trump. Mexico (Wall), Austria (Money), Italy (Jesuits Trump) Morocco (the rest) Funny that Morocco shooting was done at Tanger and in Bab al-Assa the "Gate of Beatings," and the nine hells we will come to know under Trump.

In the Daniel Craig movies, Mr. White is Quantum, but Mr. White is the evil of the World and so are we. Right? Have we not gotten enough attention as of late. Are you still not convinced you are evil? Well Bond finds Mr. White in Austria and he commits suicide after being near death from Thallium assassination. How will we commit suicide. According to SPECTRE one operation is to kill L’Americaine which is a place in Morocco. It is not Mr. White but it is.  Since Mr. White is a place we must figure out where it is. Most have not figured that out but now White is dead so you have to accept it. The opening scene is Mexico and the "Day of the Dead" celebration. That is the represtation of the masses as alive but dead, zombies to the elite, drones of servitude to be manipulated. It is by far the creepiest and most powerful confirmation of the insignificant minutia of we, the lower class.

SPECTRE is an open ended operation for the NWO reality and the next installment which should provide us with the next series of clues to where we are going. Whether Daniel Craig, Aidan Turner or Tom Hardy, the mission of controlled opposition and brainwashing will come once again courtesy of the committee.


Doctor at Standing Rock Comments on What He Witnessed at the Hospital

Whilst we are consumed by all that is going on around us, some 2000 fellow concerned Americans are standing in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The clash is over the pipeline crossing Tribal Lands.  But COTO would notice that other issues have been stacked onto this "Lands Rights" squabble.  And they are serious.

The beat-down of protestors by government public servants (sic) reminds us of historic clashes and other uses of excessive force.  The recent Malheur "event" comes to mind --

The facts reveal that this latest "event" once again highlights government corporate police forces using excessive force upon Americans  (unarmed in this case) protesting under Constitutional "Rights" -- 1st Amendment:

"The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in the United States" --

Well, actions speak louder than words, so it is Obvious that the corporate "government" feels it is Above the Law-of-the-Land when it suits their narcissistic purposes.

Is this dustup in North Dakota worth a moment of Americans' time to consider the import?

It is occurring at a time of great chaos in America.  We have a sElection that is dominating the news.  What have the VIP's to say on this important matter?



CLINTON:  I could not find anything recent in November from the HRC camp

Conclusion:  The factual Constitutional premise that the American People do have a "Voice", and can legally "resist" corporate government diktats by peaceably protesting is once again being shown to be a fallacy.  The Rule-of-Law is shat upon once again by the very PTB who supposedly "represent" The People's interests.

Mr. Trump, as pResident-elect has a duty to show where he stands on this Constitutional issue by bringing it to the fore, which is more than just selling his stock in the pipeline --

Like holding the Clintons accountable for their crimes, and draining the Swamp, accountability to Constitutional Law is a MAJOR ISSUE here.  He cannot remain silent on this issue, while lawful protestors are abused by corporate government agencies and their goons.

True Colors are about to come into full bloom before us on many different important issues.  Americans and the World are watching closely Mr. Trump's actions.

Article below sourced from:


"A few Seattle doctors returned this week from a rotation in Standing Rock, North Dakota. That’s where an estimated 2,000 protesters are demonstrating against the Dakota Access oil pipeline. We talked with one doctor, who was part of triage team as the standoff escalated Sunday night.

Below freezing

Dr. Robie Sterling finished his residency at Swedish Medical Center a few months ago. Not long after, he traveled to North Dakota with two other doctors from Swedish.

But he was alone in the medic tent when the radio call came in Sunday evening. There was a confrontation happening at the front line.

Sterling: “Police were starting to shoot the rubber bullets.”

Police also used water sprays and tear gas.

It was dark, below freezing, and injured people started to pour in.

Sterling: “The initial ones were nearly all head shots. Pretty much everyone had a concussion. Some of them had lacerations to the head. One woman had an eye injury.”

Sterling says the camp had just started to prepare for incidents like this, but they were far from ready.

Physicians and volunteers worked through the night as protesters and police clashed. Camp organizers estimate more than 200 were injured, and at least 17 hospitalized.

Sterling says people arrived with sheets of ice hanging off them. They were treated for hypothermia.

Some were crying, others in disbelief. Sterling says images of that night will stay with him.

Sterling: “Seeing that degree of violence inflicted upon unarmed Americans who are exercising their freedom of speech was really shocking. And that it was done by police officers was all the more appalling. So that’s what’s been on my mind most since coming back.”

Opponents of the pipeline fear it will harm drinking water and Native American cultural sites. The developer disputes that and says the pipeline will be safe.

Sterling says he and his colleagues may return to Standing Rock later this winter. But he’s hopeful a solution can still be reached before President Barack Obama leaves office".

By: Liz Jones From: KUOW

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Highlander - Trump@Bilderberg 2013

Reddit Bans "Pizzagate" - "We Don't Want Witchhunts On Our Site"




For those not familiar with the movement, the "Pizzagate" subreddit was started by a group of Trump-supporting internet sleuths who were attempting to use WikiLeaks' leaked Podesta emails to connect the Clintons and John Podesta to the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.  That said, when the Podesta emails failed to reveal a "smoking gun" linkage, the sleuths instead turned their focus to mulitple "pizza" references in Podesta's emails which then led to the speculation that those "pizza" references must be code for something far more more

Comet Pizza

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to decode the "COMET" and the ISIS Islamic Pedophile Muhammad references in the Project Orange operation.  The Front offers all the clues that this is part of the larger scheme for the American Spring and coming  Terror war slated for the Trump Transition to NWO destruction of America and the merging of EU-US and the NAU.  As they line up Trump as the Nazi, White supremacy, all whites (Christians) and those who know the pedophile scandals running through thirty years of Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate will have no other option but to side against the Islamic socialist anti-Trump army being raised as we speak.

The move to build this force includes millions of illegals, muslim ISIS Gladio recruits that have been smuggled in through VISAGate, Refugee and other border operations. Contemplate the millennial movement added to this and see how the numbers line up.  Also add the LGBT false flags and the rest of the Soros Orange revolution.  Project Orange is a huge operation and the purple revolution will be our D-Day. It's all Masonic and comes from the core committee and Joo-joo-bees.

PizzaGate goes beyond their child sacrifices which have been a mainstay in the cults through the ages. Any historian knows that sacrifices are just an offering for success of  a really "Big" idea or agenda. That we have been exposing for years here. your date with destiny comes with the caveat that the PizzaGate - Wikileaks can be a mere addition to the staged psychological operations that come with Jade Helm and UWEX to push the agenda or provoke an event. Deception is key for me as a student of the art of war and tactics by General Sun Tzu

CHRISTIAN PROPHESY is a powerful agent to move the agenda to the trigger point. Seems that these disclosures are too conveniently times in a series of limited hangouts that there may be no smoking gun other than the proof of an enormous psychological operation targeted to groups by a complex profiling, data mining and surveillance program by the committee apparatchiks.  The timing and nature of these disclosures seem to be gravitating America to an event horizon yet to be determined. Yet Trump seems the perfect 7 wildcard in the vortex mathematics of NWO  and biblical prophesy.

Image result for Mohamen Mehdi OuazanniImage result for Hollywood Shhh!

Trump Supporters started PizzaGate? I think they might be surprised.

Why was it necessary to keep Trump away from Bilderberg? The CFR!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200"] Ivana[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="534"]Image result for Trump in Scotland William II in Scotland - Bilderberg 2013[/caption]

He's II in Scotland and III everywhere else. This is the Masonic Orange Order, member of the Royal Arch Purple, Royal Black Preceptory, all parts of the Templar and Malta order, Jesuits as well as being Freemasons of Scottish or York.

As I said in previous posts, Trump is no stranger to Epstein, Clinton and Bilderberg. Trump was secretly brought in to Bilderberg 2013 held in the UK through a rouse. The timeline of the Trump Decision was based upon a plan that came from the Jesuits and NWO Club of Rome (ie. Kissinger & Co.) The team is clear that KKR Kravis , Peter Thiel and other money and power factions were involved from CFR and Bilderberg. The dumb-down masses would not dig deep enough and would lazily accept the longest primary and election season bullshit to cover up the complex staging that has exceeded those of Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama.


Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign during 'mystical experience'

The former pope Benedict has claimed that his resignation in February was prompted by God, who told him to do it during a "mystical experience".

Yeah, this mystical experience was the assault of the Club of Rome at his throat telling him it was time for Bergoglio and the Jesuits to take the white Robe along with the black.  Why?

Remember lightening struck the Vatican twice that day.  Feb 12 2013

Lightning bolt hit Vatican not once but TWICE hours after Pope's shock ...


BEGIN NARRATION - Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 18, 2013

Lightning Never Strikes Twice -- Really?!

Lightning Never Strikes Twice — Really?!

No not really, but in your narration it is all prophesy played out by the Masonic order, club of Rome and the jesuits. I said that Trump was a highlander and the King of Orange and the perfect triad for Brexit. Numbers 3,6,9,18 and 27 play heavily into all the events that will transpire. Nothing is higher on this highlanders list than the global currency transition. It was well marked by the Davos Crisis and the events that led up to meltdown (staged) refugee crisis (staged) and the next event to capstone the final black swan  as Planet Ponzi wraps up it's successful climax to a world order. At that point, all the other Paris and TPP deals will fall to earth in place of our current national landscape.

But what you may not know is this ...

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth was actually convicted on February 28, 2013 in the disappearance of ten native children from the British Columbia Catholic Kamloops residential school on October 10, 1964? Pope Ratzinger resigned from office that same day on February 28, 2013. So, how does the Queen retain her title and stay out of prison? Pope Francis’, Pope Benedict’s and Queen Elizabeth’s use of a Vatican agreement called “Crimen Sollicitationas” prevented release of information to legal authorities for prosecution of crimes against an estimated millions of priest child abuse victims. A Vatican source claimed to ITCCS’ Kevin Annett that Queen Elizabeth signed the document with Pope Benedict on September 16, 2010 at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh. Evidence pertaining to the Feb. 2013 international court could be found in Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” and at Child Abuse Recovery.

The Web from UK to Vatican to US and all other masonic realms from Holy See to the "Shining" sea, the pedophiles and child killers traffic in death. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult lives and breathes in Philadelphia and points across the nation.  DC and the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria may be a psyop but pedophiles and child killers are rampant in high places.

I did quite a bit of exposure on Project Orange focused on the color of the false flags from Virginia Tech to Orlando (Orange Ave) and the pulp fiction nightcluyb hoax but the Masons and Orange are a deeply satanic and occult driven group for centuries of power and wealth management.  Funny how MSM offers subtle clues in their odd and deflective reporting. I am always amazed at their attention to detail in scripting our world.

Examples from MSM from October and November 2016

Donald Trump Could Become The First Orange President - Forbes

A New Clockwork Orange in the Aftermath of Trump

Donald Trump Parody Results in Clockwork Orange Copyright Suit

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of the Illuminati insider Stanley Kubrick and I have carefully studied and researched all of his movies from Lolita to Eyes Wide Shut. “as queer as a clockwork orange” is not out of the realm of what Kubrick was giving us in what I call Project Orange. Like Bluebeam it has an enormous scope and purpose which along with the historical correlations from William of Orange and the Glencoe Massacre to the Orange revolution. Oh yes and BBC Pedophile Jimmy Seville who was at Glencoe as well.


The Royal Black Institution  of the Orange Order - Clockwork my friends!

ARE YOU WEARING ORANGE - Puddy Dunne June 14, 2016

The facts are presented. Hollywood to Holyrood, the highlander is here. He fills out the bill of Royals, Elites, Politicians, Celebrities and Corporates who cater to the prince of this world. All the points of illumination are aligning for a showdown. I expect our December sacrifice should come in a grander style than previously in Sandy Hook, where a staged event covered up the deaths of children across this country and the world.


Money Where Your Mouth Is

I'm not out to just prove them wrong, I want to humiliate them.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weather Wars - Japan a victim again

Image result for Tsunami Strikes Fukushima,

Tsunami hits Japan after earthquake strikes off Fukushima

37km ESE of Namie, Japan 2016-11-21 20:59:49 (UTC)A shallow HAARP assault was perpetrated on Japan today. This 11Km depth attack comes after recent political events.

Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Fukushima, Japan: Imminent Tsunami Warning - Forbes

A tsunami warning off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, on 22 November 2016. (Credit: NHK World Japan)
A major 7.3 magnitude earthquake just struck off Japan’s coast nearby Fukushima, triggering tsunami warnings. You will remember Fukushima as the site of a 2011 earthquake which triggered a deadly tsunami that killed almost 19,000 people and took out the nearby nuclear power plants.

The Japan Meteorological Agency calculated the earthquake’s magnitude at 7.4, however, this disagrees with the U.S. Geological Survey’s calculation of a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. There is an ongoing tsunami warning for the Fukushima Prefecture and residents are urged to immediately evacuate low-lying areas. The first wave hit the Onahama port in the Fukushima Prefecture at 4:49 EST on Monday, luckily the initial wave measured 2-feet tall. However, there is an imminent threat of a larger 10-foot tall tsunami as predicted by the local tsunami warning center.

The variance in Magnitutde is always present with the space based  HAARP assaults. This one varies from 7.4 to 6.9 as reported by USGS.  Just like 2011 the same M.O. present during Japan political  movements. This one comes after the following points of interest.

45km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:10:21 (UTC)
10 km


30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:28:25 (UTC)
10.0 km

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

Shinzo Abe Trump Have Secret Meeting: What's Cooking?

A closed door meeting between Shinzo Abe Trump could be related to Trans-Pacific Partnership. Both have been tight-lipped on the specifics

Japanese Troops, Armed With New Mandate, Arrive in South Sudan

USE OF FORCE - A contingent of Japanese troops arrived in South Sudan on Monday to join U.N. peacekeepers — a mission with an expanded role that critics fear could embroil them in their country's first overseas fighting since World War II

Watch a scalar plasma beam and the light it produces outside the vacuum

  1. A 'meteorite seen across the sky shortly after the earthquake  (credits: )

    The Tsunami has done some damage to Fukushima Daiichi coolers according to this report

    Tuesday, 22 November 2016 | MYT 8:30 AM

    Tsunami hits Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant

    TOKYO: A powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Japan on Tuesday triggering a one-metre (3.3-foot) tsunami wave that crashed into the coast at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Public broadcaster NHK urged residents in the region to “flee immediately” to high ground, reminding listeners to heed the lessons of the “Great East Japan Earthquake”.

    A massive undersea quake that hit in March 2011 sent a tsunami barrelling into the coast, leaving more than 18,500 people dead or missing, and sending three reactors into meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters.

    An official from plant operator TEPCO told a televised news conference that a one-metre wave had hit the coast at the facility, but a spokesman for the company told AFP there were no reports of damage as a result.

    TEPCO earlier reported that a water cooling system at a reactor in the separate Fukushima Daini facility had briefly stopped but that it was back up and operating.


All the signs are here. This was a NASA-NAVY or other Actor assault. I suspect Obama & Co. were upset with Abe's secret surprise meeting or his troops in Sudan under the new mandate, but maybe there is more under the radar here.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ping Pong and Pedophiles in High Places

Up to date info from PIZZAGATE NASAGATE Comet Coming....


From the Clintons, Obamas, Bush's and Trumps, and bankers and corporates like Buffett and the Pentagon,  DOJ, FBI and NASA these rings have covered all positions of power. The Boystown scandal that never aired on Discovery was the RNC and the latest is the WikiLeaks DNC PizzaGate.

The Ties that bind them ....

This is an excellent video and all the Posts I have done on Project Orange. Pizza fits in well. I have covered the NASA money-honeyhole that has connected the Bush Crtime Syndicate from MaGog Bush , the Franklin Savings and Loan from the expose of JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratories and Jack Parsons and satanism through the Crowley SET. Coast to Coast from Bohemian Grove to Newtown Connecticut, from Hollywood West to Holyrood East, the corrupt law enforcement is not willing or able to expose and prosecute them. Comey and DOJ are totally compromised as was Justice Scalia.


From Boystown to LSJ Lolita Express and Pedophile Fantasy Island, the foundations of the Cabal, child trafficking is big business and how the Clinton's made their fortune. Drugs, Sex and Sacrifice. It's how they control DC and the criminals through the Joo-joo-bee blackmail operations.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza
Little Red Fox
Besta Pizza
Bucks Fishing & Camping
Spirit Cooking


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="498"]Stanley Kubrick James Mason ping pong Stanley Kubrick - James Mason  "Lolita" SET[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Barack Obama David Cameron ping pong Obama Cameron "like Bush Brown and Clinton Blair"[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Lady GaGa singer ping pong MK GaGa[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Queen Elizabeth Royal ping pong QE II[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Warren Buffett rich ping pong Ice Cream Loving Warren Buffett[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Kim Kardashian model ping pong MK Kim Kardashian[/caption]


Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

Posted by: Puddy Dunne on January 5, 2015

LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers

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Dershowitz on the Defence

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i’s Wide Shut – pt2

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FInancial Crime, False Flag and Pedophiles

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Pedophiles in high places – Columbine Update

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Kids and Guns, the Predators want both.

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Who Is In Donald Trump's Cabinet? Updated List Of Everything We Know So Far - IBT

This story will be continually updated as news of the cabinet nominees breaks.

Chief of Staff: Officially chosen. The appointment of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was confirmed by Trump's transition team Sunday.

National Security Adviser: Officially chosen. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn has been offered the post, the Trump transition team confirmed Friday.

Secretary of State: Not chosen. Candidates include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former ambassador John Bolton and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, Reuters reported Friday.

Secretary of the TreasuryNot chosen. Applicants include ex-Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin, Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon — the last of whom reportedly rejected the job, according to CNN.

Secretary of DefenseNot chosen. Candidates include Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton, former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Politico reported.

Attorney General: Officially chosen. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions will be nominated for the position, Trump's transition team confirmed Friday.

NYT: WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Representative Mike Pompeo, a hawkish Republican from Kansas and a former Army officer, to lead the C.I.A., his transition team said on Friday.

Of course this was arrived at after Trump met with transition team member James Woolsey ......Remember?

Woolsey told CNN's "At This Hour" that he met with Trump on Friday and has agreed to advise the campaign "principally if not exclusively on national security matters such as defense, intelligence, maybe some aspects of energy ... whatever he needs."

One reason Woolsey said he supports Trump is that the Republican presidential nominee "seems willing to keep a secret and not to blab everything to the public and our opponents.


He also gave Trump a protege in Mike Pompeo and this is true for the other positions. Case in point.  Woolsey is a CFR Bilderberger and a NWO soldier. CIA heads are all CFR members , including Richard Helmes, James Schlesinger, William Casey, William Webster, Robert Gates, James Woolsey, John Deutsch, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, and Leon Panetta.

Michael Hayden gave us a clue in "Clear and Present Danger" and that's the truth. Look at the Treasury and Jaime Dimon who rejected the offer but watch this Goldman Joo-joo-bee move by Trump for Mnuchin. But the real clue is in Henry Kravis CFR member and Bilderberg specialist for Finance. As noted in their 2016 meeting and as in all previous meeting the Kravis team is there. As a major Joo-joo-bee for Israel and the NWO, Kravis is going to decide the Treasury and Pentagon. I suspect David Petraeus gets in as State or Joint Chief. Watch Kravis and the Chertoff Gang here.

Bilderberg wants Romney in as well, but Kravis / Chertoff will decide on Treasury.

Rumors Of Henry Kravis For Treasury Are Trump’s Latest Attempt To Force Jamie Dimon’s Hand (bullllllllllshit!)

Of course Kravis won't be the Treasury Sec. but he is the mouth for the deciders. Watch the final choice for Sec Treasury and State. Also watch for Bilderberger Peter Thiel a real new and coming big Joo-joo-bee. He's the power behind Facebook and not sweaty Zuckerberg. As Paypal made him big he came into the picture for more than the Technology Czar position. Watch his two cents in the Joo-joo-bee arena including his ties to Kravis and Chertoff Group. (see  KKR Global Institute) This Petraeus link could be a bigger War Money Terror coup than Hillary and the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate.

We can talk predictions about the coming crash, Thiel Bitcoin crypto currency and the big NATO push by Trump who once said it was useless. Now he commits to it. Beyond Broadwell and everything else Petraeus has come out very clean. Like Hillary, no charges will be forthcoming. What a deal America.  We are going to get the best people Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral can buy with your money.

This cycle will be a bonanza for the NWO and elite billionaires. What we get is another con that too many do not see. Clinton-Bush ties to the KKR Chertoff is back in business big time and even George Soros will make money. Soros would like Mnuchin but I suspect another comes to deal the cards. The first hand will be to clear Hillary of all investigation and charges. That's the KKR, Chertoff royal flush.

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

That backdrop is what makes Clinton’s new list of advisers so significant.

It includes Gen. David Petraeus, the major architect of the 2007 Iraq War troop surge, which brought 30,000 more troops to Iraq. Picking him indicates at partiality to combative ideology. It also represents a return to good standing for the general after he pled guilty to leaking notebooks full of classified information to his lover, Paula Broadwell, and got off with two years of probation and a fine. Petraeus currently works at the investment firm KKR & Co.

Another notable member of Clinton’s group is Michael Chertoff, a hardliner who served as President George W. Bush’s last secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and who since leaving government in 2009 has helmed a corporate consulting firm called the Chertoff Group that promotes security-industry priorities. For example, in 2010, he gave dozens of media interviews touting full-body scanners at airports while his firm was employed by a company that produced body scanning machines. His firm also employs a number of other ex-security state officials, such as former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden. It does not disclose a complete list of its clients — all of whom now have a line of access to Clinton.

This is the War Economy at it's best. No doubt Trump will be the next stooge to front a criminal organization I fondly call Quantum. Kravis is man of stature near the power of  David Rockefeller, George Soros and close to the Rothschild's. But the roads lead to Vatican and Tel-Aviv. We are in serious trouble.

tag: CFR, Trilateral Grp, Bilderberg, KKR Co LP., Chertoff Grp

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="320"] REMEMBER, REMEMBER[/caption]

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Owosso Moon?

From the timekeeping orb of our odd spatial reality. Check the time.


Predictions of Trump loss echo infamous 1948 election for Owosso native

Donald Trump's victory in Tuesday's election may have had a familiar feel for fans of Owosso's most famous politico.

With most of the polls predicting a win for Democrat Hillary Clinton, the outcome caught much of the world by surprise.

But if anyone can relate to Clinton's disappointment, it may be onetime presidential candidate and Owosso native Thomas Dewey.

Dewey, who was governor of New York at the time, ran against Harry Truman in the 1948 presidential election.

It was widely predicted Dewey, a Republican, would win the election by a landslide -- so much so that speculation in Washington centered around the make-up of Dewey's cabinet. Owosso residents were preparing for a tourist boom.

Many Democrats had resigned themselves to an impending Republican win.

In a shocking defeat, Truman won the election, but that's not what The Chicago Daily Tribune reported the next day.

The front-page headline: "Dewey Defeats Truman."

Similarly, polls in the 2016 presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton consistently showed Clinton as the victor.

Much of the country was shocked by Republican billionaire Donald Trump's win.

Bridge magazine examined how the results from poll after poll led people astray, and, what ultimately lead to this year's echo of the 1948 headline with an early online headline by the Detroit Free Press proclaiming Clinton won Michigan.

Trump ended up winning Michigan by 13,225 votes with all 83 counties reporting, according to the Michigan Secretary of State website.

While reasons for the 1948 polling errors are still a matter of debate, reasons for the polling miscues this time around included less money from news organizations for quality polls, the unpredictability of people and an increasing number of voters that no longer have landlines and don't answer cell phone calls from unfamiliar numbers.

Read more about what may have led to inaccurate poll results and what led to the Detroit Free Press headline from Bridge Magazine here.


In Americas? Watch supermoon tonight

The full moon of November 14, 2016 is not only the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of this year. It’s the closest supermoon since January 26, 1948. Should you watch for this full moon on the night of November 14? Sure, and, if you do, it’ll be beautiful. But, for us in the Americas the moon is closer to full on the night of November 13.

The moon turns precisely full on November 14, 2016 at 13:52 UTC. This full moon instant will happen in the morning hours before sunrise November 14 in western North America and on many Pacific islands, east of the International Date Line. (See worldwide map below.)

In Asia and Australia, the moon turns precisely full during the evening hours of November 14. In New Zealand, it actually happens after midnight November 15. Around the longitudes of Europe or Africa, look both nights.

Better yet … everyone, look both nights!

The moon will look plenty full and bright all night long on both nights – November 13 and 14 – as it rises in the east around sunset, climbs highest up around midnight, and then sets in the west at or near sunrise.

The moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.
This coincidence happens three times in 2016. On October 16 and December 14, the moon becomes full on the same day as perigee. On November 14, it becomes full within about two hours of perigee—arguably making it an extra-super moon.


syzygy - 1948 - 2017

Trade and Tariff GATT  - India and Pakistan - Marshall Plan - Israel recognized State - International Conference of American States COA

We can watch as we approach two more supermoons like October 16 a day for the Jesuits and new Black Pope Superior General. The worshipers from the Joo-joo-Bees and Khazarian ISIS moon worshipers should offer us some interesting syzygy for the next month. Also note we are prime for our Saturday December Sabado Saturnia sacrifice which should happen in anytown *USA*. Not necessarily Connecticut, but quite possible around the Great Lakes

3-9-6 : Sun-Moon- Earth

Next Date 12-14-16

Three large quakes in Two days

Added note : Seismic HAARP assault

Preliminary Earthquake Report

  • 13 Nov 2016 11:02:57 UTC

  • 13 Nov 2016 23:02:57 near epicenter

  • 13 Nov 2016 05:02:57 standard time in your timezone

Location42.779S 173.129E
Depth10 km

Trump is 7 and a Wildcard, so anything can happen now. As a Jesuit Sun Worshiper and with the shift from the Khazar Obama, Russia plays very "big League" in this transition to 2017.  Lots of things should happen and Mercury is the last Supermmon on Wednesday December 14.  Watch your calendar. Time for the big message? We are at high tide for the American Spring.

Image result for Puddy Dunne Freemasonry

BETTING:  Michigan wins NCAA football Championship

Friday, November 11, 2016

Did HRC "Really" Win the "Popular" Vote?

Considering "whom" created this map, and the MSM outlet that put it out, We must be suspect of it.  It too has been "Rigged".  For HRC.  Why?  Because there is no way in Hell she won the "Popular" vote across America.

It has been postulated that Trump was winnng with 85% of the vote.  The race was never anywhere near close.  So, figure it out.


"Popular" vote goes to Hillary?  No Way.

Why is this little fact important?

Because some individuals believe the "sElection" is still "in play" for Ms. HRC.


Better call BS on this "Popular" vote BS right now!

Trump may not be the answer, but HRC is a "Destroyer", not a builder.

Today's date, 11-11-16 may be significant.

Looking at what happened to the Precious Metals on Friday, the 11th is interesting.  Real money has tanked, while fiat has gone up?  There's a WTF!!!? right there.  But then, a rigging cabal has had a hold of these markets for a long time.







Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now What, Voyager?

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The Peso was up and now its down. The Wall Street fell but the Wall is not built. Nor will it ever climb up to Trump heights, no tower to be found on this voyage, no treasure.  Just a great wave of hysteria. soon to break on the banks of discontent.

She took the dive, deep into the abyss, like the champ she was eight years before, she took another one for the crew.  From her perch in the nest  of crows she swanned with such grace. The challenger thanked her for all her hard work and years of service, for who, gratitude, not attitude, this latitude of victory.  After such a change in the weather I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.

Hope and change again the coordinates say, this time change and hope under the skies of a storm and the guise of open seas but we know the trade and war ships and pirates will come to flank our shores, no borders for these voyagers, rough seas are their stock in trade and their cargo, full.

What port can we find to save our souls, not Russia, China or Mexico. Does Britain message for our Brexit from hell?, alas there is no call.  But what can we learn from voyages past, the sails full of wind to a promised land.  The captains and helmsmen of the brave new world will navigate us through the jaded seas yet again to the destination we just departed.

The Admiralty and Naval Lords call for calm blue seas, but the rogues and high crests to breach our peace and the ornament and perfume of war to adorn the TTIP  of the ship. Imagine the wreckage of this vessel on the rocks and know this final voyage and sails to be set.

The Black flag of her majesty's ISIS, the pirates we are to fear, mock our dreams as mere mirages, yet pirates are real on the land and the sea, their John Hancock's are canons and fodder for the quorum of transit to whom we must serve. Our captain has spoken and we elected our fate, if we could fly would we not see the peril of our heading, not remember the maritime strategy, like a familiar coast, one found using  a compass and rule.

The elite design and subtle lines should not fool us seasoned sailors, this ship is flagged for conflict and it's new captain assuring a bligh over bounty, will master the art of illumination over the crew, but for this mutineer, before the perfect storm,  I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Coughs, "Love Trumps Hate".


In final rally, Clinton says NC ‘is key.

[caption id="attachment_37231" align="alignnone" width="311"]show-love-trumps-hate "Love Trumps Hate!"[/caption]

WOW!!!  Just, "Wow..."  Feel the "Love".

"Hillary Clinton stretched out her 2016 campaign schedule to the final moment, closing out the calendar with a post-midnight rally in Raleigh, N.C.

Flanked by her husband, President Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and pop music stars Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga, the Democratic nominee called on her supporters to help her sew up the key battleground state.

"Bring out your friends, your roommates, strangers on the street, just stop and talk to them about what's at stake in this election," she said.

"Because North Carolina is key."

{Paraphrasing} Blah, Blah, Blah...

"Her closing argument echoed her stump speech, an optimistic appeal to better days ahead similar to the tack she took hours earlier in Philadelphia, where she stood alongside her family as well as President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

"We don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for America," she said.

"Tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America."

WOW!!!  Just, "Wow!"...

From Jim Stone Freelance at


See more on the "Rigged" American sElection at Stone's site, or many other alt-media sites.  For fabulous coverage of a Hillary Clinton "Victory", continue watching ALL 6 Zio-owned MSM News/Media outlets.  {This fact is well established}.

Understand -- there are dual-realities being created and sold.  Actually, a Multi-Plex of "Paradigms" you can choose from to establish your "preferred" reality.

Somewhere...out supine repose, rests the unadulterated and unchangeable TRUTH.

Only the diligent, the wise, the well-read, the historically experienced, the thoughtful, the morally superior "deplorables" can see through the "Fog-of-Psyops-War", to make sense out of the nonsense.

For Alternate Realities presented in the Alt-Media, peruse:

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