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New Video Documentary on CHEMTRAILS/Climate Engineering/ENMOD


History:  Twas a Blue Sky some 4 days prior to the Freaky Freezing "COLD" Snap in SC.  Then...the horrific chemtrail spraying began.  Then..."They" began hitting the area with I assume Microwaves and whatever they use to cause Their newly created cloud cover to "washboard".  2 days before the "COLD" snap manifested, the sky was so heavily chemtrailed that it was a "Whiteout" soup.  I would say "Their" man-made cloud cover "cooled" the area because Zero sunshine could get through it.  The "Air" during the 2 days prior to ridiculous cold arriving was seriously unhealthy looking.  A cold gray pall covered everything from Atlanta north into NC (what I could see).

Make your own conclusions.  Was this frigid Bombogenesis "storm" manufactured, or natural?  Heavy work was done by jets prior to it.  Then, "they" left off for the most part for two days this week, leaving the sky clear, but the temps plummeting some 15-20 degrees below historical "normal".  It ain't right, folks!





Have you checked your Iguana's lately?


Original post:  Bloody Bad Chemtrails lately in upstate SC.  A real flocking mess.  Saw this below, here you go!  Piece & Video sourced from: .

"OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary directed by Matthias Hancke and produced by Tristan Albrecht about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind.

Recent studies show that man-made cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering.

OVERCAST brings light into a phenomenon that should be part of the public and climate debate, but instead has been mostly ignored so far.

At 1.02-1.07 Prof. Michel Chossudovsky focusses on Weather Warfare and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)".

The Swiss filmmaker Matthias Hancke worked on his first documentary OVERCAST for almost seven years. In 2007 he realized for the first time, that the man-made cloud cover was not a natural byproduct from aviation.

Therefore he started his investigation with the intention to finally get a conclusive answer for an ongoing geoengineering program.

Matthias conducted over 40 interviews in 10 different countries and spent 1,000’s of hours on research and investigation to find out more about aerosol spraying and why our public officials are not investigating it.

OVERCAST incorporated both sides of the controversy, the debunkers and established scientists as well as the activists. The film brilliantly shows how the debunkers debunk themselves with their limited argumentation and lack of scientific data.

For the first time in the movement’s history Matthias took samples directly out of the trails back in 2009. This research flight is not in the film but can be seen under the following link:

The other two flights are building the red line of the film. After the film was almost completed, a very rare study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology came out with some groundbreaking results; unregulated metals of aluminum and barium were found in the jet fuel, as described in many geoengineering patents (e.g. Welsbach, Huko).

OVERCAST is a movie that every activist should watch in order to get the best arguments. Show it to your skeptical and unaware friends to wake them up. It is a film that gives the whole issue and movement the credibility, which is needed in order to stop this crime.  OVERCAST has already been shown in over 12 film festivals worldwide".

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Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman and why?

2 found dead at home of Apotex founder Barry Sherman

Toronto billionaire and philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their mansion Friday, and police said they were investigating the deaths as suspicious.

Apotex pharmaceuticals billionaire and wife found dead in 'suspicious' case

Canadian police are investigating the mysterious deaths of the billionaire founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife, Honey, who were found dead in their Toronto mansion on Friday.

The couple was found dead after police responded to a medical call just before noon local time at their home in an affluent section of north-east Toronto.

“The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” said police officer David Hopkinson. Homicide detectives later told reporters gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry.

Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the home and loaded into an unmarked van on Friday evening. The property is listed for sale for nearly C$7m (£4.1m/US$5.4m).

Does it seem strange to mention the property being listed for sale?

Murder-suicide now being investigated in death of Toronto billionaire

Police are investigating the deaths of Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, as a murder-suicide.

A Toronto police source told the Globe investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife and then took his own life

Eerily reminiscent of Ex Senator Nancy Shaeffer 's supposed murder - suicide which is total BS>
Police services spokesman Mark Pugash would not confirm any details of the case, only stating the homicide squad is involved in the investigation. "Homicide is working with 33 Division on this until we get the post mortem. When we get the post mortem result, that should give us a good indication of where the investigation goes from there," he told The Globe.

There was no sign of forced entry to the home. There was no note left behind to explain what had happened, the source said.

The Shermans had just put their house on Old Colony Road up for sale for $6.9-million.

More home for sale information?
A Toronto police source said their bodies were found Friday at the edge of their basement pool, hanging from a railing that surrounded the pool. Investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife, hung her body and then hanged himself at the pool's edge, the source said.

Creating the narratve is more like it.  Typical suicided by freemasonry where you have a happy couple in a murder suicide with no message or note and clearly not a random robbery where knives or guns would be the trauma tool.

Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at 11:44 a.m., Constable Hopkinson said. But he would not say who made the call. He said the pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Shermans, the family said, had just welcomed a new grandchild. Mr. Sherman was 75 and Ms. Sherman, 70. They had four children.

On Monday, Mrs. Sherman e-mailed friends to book social dates on the couple's upcoming Florida trip.

Canada's Riviera is Florida. As a forty year resident I can atest to it. Seems a great and fun trip for the holidays was at hand. Not likely a murder suicide would be on the itinerary, huh?
"Looking forward to getting together in Florida. I am coming south Monday, December 18 - Friday, January 12," Ms. Sherman wrote in the email. "Barry is coming south for Monday December 25 & going home with me Jan. 12. Please let me know your dates south asap so i can place in my calendar... Looking forward to hearing back asap. Xoxo Honey"

Looking at the big picture, Sherman's generic company was growing, moving into US markets heavily and would surely cut into the US Big Pharma profits. It also is important to note the Philanthropy angle and Pedophile angles that have been exposed in Canada. Refugee and child trafficking always a possibility.  The article is full of the Numerology of Freemasonry (33) using 11:44 time and 11,000 enployees and 4.77 Bln net worth. All three vortex points are covered in this article [2-6-9] with multi references to 11.
Mr. Sherman's net worth was recently estimated to be $4.77-billion by Canadian Business, an online magazine, making him the 15th-richest person in Canada. He had donated widely to political and community causes after making his fortune in the pharmaceutical world.

This has all the Jesuit Masonic earmarks and Barry Sherman's political ties could include Trudeau, Clinton and other Jesuit politico orgs.
The Sherman's have handed out millions of dollars to hospitals, universities and the United Jewish Appeal. Honey was on the board of governors at York University, the Baycrest Foundation and Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also the past chair of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and former chair of the Holocaust Education Centre.

A nice sacrificial Joo-joo-bee killing for the Sabbatean Satrurnalia Season?

"We don't know what happened. A family member got information and called me.… We don't want to interfere with a police investigation, but on the other hand, the kinfolk want to know about their kinfolk."

Lights were on inside the home last night, as police officers worked inside, illuminating what appeared to be a Frida Kahlo canvas.

Very important clue here. If you know Frida Kahlo art then you know her and hubby's romance with the dark side. Illuminati? Yes, Freemasonry? Yes. Rosicrucian? Very likely. Next to Van Gogh, a very tragic life as well. A clue to a real murder suicide? Maybe.

There is more than meets the eye here. We can expect the 33rd Division to keep the truth from the sunlight. Maybe more clues to come will confirm more. Some more history and philanthropic connections will shed some light.

Big Pharma Boss With Clinton Foundation Ties Found Dead at Home

Sherman was one of the most powerful and highly-connected men in North America and was perhaps most well-known for securing a deal with the Clinton Foundation during to provide vaccines in Haiti. In September 2014, in response to the spread of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Apotex worked with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate more than $2.2 million in medical aid to the country.

Apotex struck a deal with the Clintons' Direct Relief organization to provide drugs to treat victims of the virus, saying in a statement: "Apotex is in a position to help (in Haiti), and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief..."

Apotex worked with Direct Relief in Haiti, who was a "particularly active" member of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative community, supporting post-hurricane "relief efforts" there. The huge pharmaceutical company airlifted vaccinations and medical supplies into Haiti that was funded through charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation and other connected charities.

It just gets easier and easier doesn't it?


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Clinton Crime Syndicate and a Dead Doctor

 Dr. Dean Lorich, 54

This has so many possibilities it is too hard to decode.  Anyway you can tag it as another Clinton Assassination. Link to Haiti, Bono, Clinton Foundation, John and Tony Podesta and the  major child trafficking and stolen Haitian Money and trial that never came to be.


SUICIDED? Notable surgeon who treated Bono found dead at home: NYPD via

Mystery Death: Celebrity Surgeon Found With Knife in Chest in His Manhattan Apartment

US Surgeon, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti, Found Dead


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Make America Great Again? Oh no!

President Trump says we’re going back to the Moon


“This is a giant step,” the president said during a ceremony.

Giant Step for who?

Eyes Wide Shut! Yes it's almost as large as Project Bluebeam. You can't miss the Jesuit Moron's idiot rematks and the MSM using the word 'back.' Back to the future maybe, but this NASA blackhole where billions of dollars has been stolen is going to get another round of funding to test and provide the next shift towards the extraterrestrial, exopolitical agenda of 21. By 2030 we should have plenty of new one world government lies and space based dominance to keep us in line.

It's like a bad dream that never ends. Over and over again we are supposed to buy into this left right dance, this completely manufactured reality that pits us against the Russians again and the fact that the space and weather dominance never alters the global mafia and the leaders from teaming up for the big plan of a New World Order. Were going back to the great America swindle in a big way.

Not worth going back since 1976? Cold War CIA psyops have home to roost. Now we are not sure if this is all fluff like the Bush Team did during their campaigning for a second term but I suspect the Trump agenda making America Great Again has met the Agenda 21 operations moving forward to the Bluebeam agenda. This makes it more credible than the team Bush bull crap. They had their 911 Patriotism BS to hang their hats on. Spending a dime elsewhere other than Iraq oil and Afghan Poppy was too costly, Now the international corporate complex and the DoD need to ramp up the space dominance and China may be the next boogeyman that forces a JFK type speech from Mr. Drumpf.

With all this fake news and hype, the convergence of "Owning the Weather" and the NWO climate tells me that there will be further moves to dominate space for purposes of the Agenda 2030 deadlines, The dead and the lines as well. We can see the players in this global cooperation as indicated in this article but the wording in this text is full of clues. If you read it you will see why the human landing on the moon never happened, The militarization and surveillance made huge gains though and it continues to move forward with their advanced technology. Climate change deniers are included. This is clear. If you are a denier you are likely one who knows that man-made warming is what NASA and it's affiliates specialize in. Revelation can explain how this project bluebeam will transpire. Control the weather and you control food. Control the food and you control the world.

There are only certain things now that NASA needs to do and that is be able to defend the weapons and system that they have in low orbit, fine tune the weapons, create redundant systems for data and communications and then create and manage the Moon and Mars hoaxes and keep the sheeple dumbed down during this next giant step towards the transformation of all life on earth.

For those who have spent the time to watch all the information on the Apollo Hoax (11) we are are right on time for #18. There is so much preparation going on now you should have no doubt where all that stolen and missing money had gone. Donald Trump can pretend to make us great again but I think those of us over fifty might be experiencing Deja Vu.


OPERATION AVALANCHE - 2016 (watch for Free)


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Get Smart


Smartphone addiction creates imbalance in brain, study suggests

Get  Smart Smarter!

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 46 percent of Americans say they could not live without their smartphones. While this sentiment is clearly hyperbole, more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones and other portable electronic devices for news, information, games, and even the occasional phone call.

Is it hyperbole?  Not according to my research and observations. The likely scenario in extreme cases is depression followed by suicide.  Though the research suggests and proof can only be confirmed by empirical evidence, the relationship between biology and radiology is plentiful.  Not only can you find the studies but you can see the MSM avoiding many of the issues that are plaguing the masses. It was only after the War on Drugs that they "disclosed" the Opioid  Crisis. Not like the seeds and sowing were not an orchestrated plot on America and other nation states.  Once the proper saturation of CIA drug smuggling and operations were completed, the Main Stream was free to run the psy-op and narratives. Then the needle and the damage done, like a setting sun ends another day, another cycle.

We can only follow the same course here as the information leaks slowly out about the danger of 5G and the biochemical assaults and how they work as a tandem for not only brain imbalance but health in general pathology. I focus on the link to gut and brain and have posited the neurological targeting  of people, especially those of children for twenty years.  Now the evidence of introduced synthetic proteins and the blood brain barriers exceptions indicate the electromagnetic spectrum are vulnerable to the psychological effects as well as the biological effects.   It's a chicken and egg proposition whether depression causes illness or illness causes depression, but I have always assumed the egg is a chicken.
The researchers performed MRS exams on the addicted youth prior to and following behavioral therapy and a single MRS study on the control patients to measure levels of gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain that inhibits or slows down brain signals, and glutamate-glutamine (Glx), a neurotransmitter that causes neurons to become more electrically excited. Previous studies have found GABA to be involved in vision and motor control and the regulation of various brain functions, including anxiety.

I have posted dozens of article regarding the issue of EM and environmental hazards. This includes studies and simple observations. Following the progression of epidemics such as diabetes, rapid onset cancers, Autism, Alzheimer's and other afflictions coming to light now, can anyone exclude the wireless and high frequency agenda of the NWO surveillance grid?  The next rush to a 5G society is in full swing and though there are many conceptions of how it will be designed, the fact is that the US is lagging far behind the rest of the industrial world in addressing, regulating or outright banning of some of this technology. I again remind folks that even the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs would not his children to use 3G technology.  But like the needle, it seems that the reward is just too great to consider the risk.  It's a live fast and die young world and we saw the results of Big Pharma and anti-depressants in the lawsuits of sequestered research regarding teen and adolescent suicide.  I have stated several times if the World Wide Web and enterprise system were to go down we would see suicide over the withdrawal of this addiction.

The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signals - Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 10, 2011

It's not that NWO and committee are not happy about the decrease in surplus population. It's not a Dickens thing only but a year around obsession for the cabal and the financial ramifications of losing this cash flow is as unacceptable as the American GDP which is healthcare.  If you wonder why the Obamacare pogrom was meant to fail, you can easily point to the future and the continuing declining life expectancy for Americans. Yes it is cycling now and falling to acceptable levels for the failing bankrupt Medicare and Social Security System.  In Vortex terms we are shifting into the Logan's Run as I have laid out in operation Bluebeam.  The Big Blue Omnibus is laden with the soft kill combinations of toxins and EMR in a ballet of the dying swan.  It connects the dots of the Chemtrails, Vaccines, GMO, Climate-Change, Monsanto ready roundup of nutrient killers and most importantly the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Spectrum.  This network, this leviathan must include 5G and higher frequency, longer and stronger exposures. The Mesh Networks will provide this as they begin to appear more and more prevalent along our streets and avenues. It is not a crime but a constitution by the eugenicists who have conceived the most insidious agenda, that of 2030.

Imagine the perfection of a asset from liability project. In this case the redistribution of wealth remains constantly upward from Tax Cuts, Healthcare Horror, billions in 5G revenue, continued Big Pharma amnesty from legal action while creating worthless toxic meds for the epidemics and ultimately and most importantly, obtaining the means for mass mind control and full spectrum dominance once they decide to execute Bluebeam. We over 50 may not see the event but in my opinion it is very possible a deadline at some point around that time.

When I wrote of the DOOMSDAY IMPLANT, I had just begun to delve into the nano chip and the biological  aspects of it's technological importance in human terms of medicine and especially neurology.  It was when Morgellons came to light that I could easily conclude the technology was underway.  The doomsday chip became less likely if they could instead concentrate and build a neuro-network in the brain from millions of nano-bots which would hive like the Borg in the deepest parts of the brain and maybe into the endocrine centers as well. The PINEALL WARS was a theory that presented itself based on the Fluoride Crimes and like all lies from the committee finally come out after the damage done.  They can now bind anything to nano, in bucky balls to Morgellon's fibers.  It's carbon credits for them and CO2 mitigation disguised in seamless onslaught of things you cannot see.

If we stand a chance of winning on any level, it will not happen by the Military Industrial Congressional Corporate Complex. They are their own hive and have likely already received their antidote.  We cannot stop the planes, but we can turn them off, avoid the products, spread the word and fight as best we can.  Nothing will stop this juggernaut but drastic measures are needed in my opinion regarding EM exposure and our rights not to be irradiated.  It will be on the local levels and on your own to do what you can. Get Smarter


Bushes & Clintons Exposed by William Binney as 9/11 "Players".

Excerpt taken from 12/03/17 article:

"More from reader: Testimony from whistleblower William Binney can take the Bushes down".

"From anonymous reader:
Remember MegANON kept telling us to Keep "Whistleblower Binney's testimony in mind" as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups.

So I found this documentary about Binny on youtube, which anyone can watch. IT IS A MIND BLOWER!! MAN HAVE WE BEEN LIED TO!!

Documentary Film on Binney: A Good American

"I see now why we were urged to get to up to speed on Binny's testimony: BOTH PRESIDENT BUSHES ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!

Lets just say if anyone still has ANY doubts AT ALL about 911 being an INSIDE JOB, you owe it to yourself and everyone you know to WATCH William BINNEY'S TESTIMONY IN THIS DOCUMENTARY!"

Lets put it this way, his EVIDENCE is so explosive, I am surprised he is still alive!

This is a 1.5 hour documentary, well worth your time watching, but if you can't manage all of that, then fast forward to 38 minutes into it, and for heavens sake at least watch the last half hour starting at 1 hour and 06 minutes into the film, where key events leading up to 9/11 took place."

"From Memory just some of the highlights of Binney's Testimony:

William Binney and 5 other guys designed and created a very unique mega data tracking computer program that was able to monitor WHO was connect to WHO else in the world. The purpose was to identify terrorist cells and id everyone in the terrorist cell, by who they contacted electronically. They were very careful to program in encryptions, so that people the government was not concerned about for terrorist activities would be protected. The output would not show names phone numbers, sim cards, etc of private citizens who are not a threat. The program was called "ThinTHREAD". They were VERY successful at identifying terrorist threats BEFORE they happened and locating all parties to the terrorist cell, so that the other government agencies could act on the threat, to stop it before it happens. 6 NSA guys ran the program/system, and the cost was about $150Milllion.

But at the tail end of the Clinton Presidency, (a year or two before they left), suddenly Clinton appointed a new Director of the NSA, Hayden. Hayden bamboozled Congress to get Multiple Billions of taxpayer money out of them, so they could build a new program/system called "TrailBlazer". 500 highly paid contractors were hired to build this other system.....all to no avail.  TrailBlazer was never operationally effective.

Meanwhile, Binney's group of 6 long term NSA employees, got sidelined (moved aside) and they were not to work on ThinThread any more. This was about I think the year 2000. So NO ONE was monitoring or using the very EFFECTIVE ThinThread surveillance system.

January 2001, the Clintons hand off the White House to their bosom buddies the Bush Crime family! Then boom, 911 happens on 9/11/2001! Binney said the morning of 9/11 he had taken his elderly father to a doctor's appointment, where he watched 9/11 unfold on a tv in the waiting room. After the appointment he made a bee-line to NSA headquarters to help find out what happened, because this was CLEARLY THE BIGGEST NSA INTELLIGENCE FAILURE IN THEIR HISTORY! HE WAS NOT ALLOWED INTO THE NSA facility!

The next day 9/12/2001, he went back to the NSA office, this time dressed as custodian floor sweeper, and the guards let him in. Friends from Trailblazer told him they had just come out of a meeting where their boss just told them "They were not to embarrass any corporations, and not to worry there would be PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYONE"! Money??? This is the Day AFTER 9/11!

Anyone remember those stock option SHORTS for huge amounts that had been place on American and United Airlines? Did American and United Airlines stock go down? YES!! Did someone make huge bucks? YES!
Remember we NEVER heard WHO placed those stock option SHORTS? Who profited from 9/11?? We were never allowed to know. Smell a rat yet?

We don't know if the "money for everyone" was from the excessively inflated Billions in the budget got funneled to these guys or if it was these stock options shorts. In any case the MONEY was A BRIBE to keep their mouths shut about the biggest NSA Intelligence FAILURE in history, and why it happened! And THIS is why Binney and his little 6 man team WAS BARRED FROM THE NSA BUILDING ON 9/11 and 9/12. They weren't supposed to know about THE PAYOFFS!

Remember all the MISSING BILLIONS of dollars in the Defense budget? Could THIS be it?.....used for payoffs?...and for a worthless program?


Furthermore, Binney said that after 9/11 happened it was decided to open up the system, but this time, they were told to remove all the encryption designed to protect the privacy of innocent Americans! Mind you this is 9/12/2001. What did Bush get pushed through Congress in October 26, 2001? THE PATRIOT ACT! Why?? So if they got caught spying on innocent Americans, they were covered by the Warrantless Spying provisions approved in the Patriot Act!!! And what has happened to the Patriot Act every time it came up for renewal since 2001? It got renewed and extended this WHOLE Time! The Patriot Act is STILL IN EFFECT TODAY!


Binney and his group were ticked off about the fact that ThinThread was not used, so without approval they ran the system, collected and ran the data over 36 hours over a weekend. When they came in to get the results, THERE IT ALL WAS! ALL THE INTEL that would have been necessary to KNOW what this attack was, WHAT the Targets were, The Date this attack was planned for, Who was involved, WHERE these people were located at all times!! In other words, IF ThinThread had continued to be used, in the months prior to 9/11, they would have had actionable intelligence TO THWART IT!!!

Not only that Binney's group discovered there were actually many other TARGETS for 9/11 morning which did not happen for various reasons. (I remember reading about some "box knives" found taped under a airplane seat on a Plane in Canada scheduled to depart for the USA, but the flight got delayed, until after the Alert went about 9/11 attacks, so another attack was thwarted. I guess there were several others too.) Binney said it was eye opening how large this attack was supposed to be. The word "Amsterdam" was included, so I guess there were some over seas flights that were supposed to be involved. JFK airport couldn't exactly turn an international flight away full of people after they pass the "point of no return" where it is closer to continue the flight, than to turn around and go back to departure location. 9/11 was horrible but it was supposed to be even worse than it was.


Once Binney's group shared their results from ThinThread, guess what happens to them? Do they get a gold medal or anything or an apology for shutting them down needlessly for the months running up to 9/11? No! Binney's group gets LAID OFF IN TOTAL! They all get "retired" on October 31, 2001!


After these guys all got "early retirement", they decided to start their own consulting business and market their ThinThread progam to other government agencies, like the Pentagon, Border/Customs and other agencies. Everyone they showed their program to, wanted it. They would just setting it up, and then suddenly without warning or explanation, their project got shut down. NSA (Pres Bush) did NOT anyone else to have this EVIDENCE that 9/11 not only could have been prevented, but clearly by now you can see that laying off Binney's group and shutting down their efforts with any other gov't agency IS A COVER UP OF THE CLINTON/BUSH CRIMES!! Both Crime families were in on this. Clinton appointed the evil Hayden to take over the NSA a year or so before he left office.....and Bush just picked up where Clinton left off.

The GOAL was to SHUT DOWN the BEST Intelligence surveillance system known to the world, with built in privacy filters so that nothing would be collected on innocent Americans ......why????? Because 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad PLANNED INSIDE JOB! No doubt CIA/Mossad gave the idea to Bin Laden's terrorist cells through undercover agents. We KNOW Mossad came to the USA under the cover of a fake "Moving Company" in New Jersey, and then at night and on weekends went to the World Trade Center and laid all the explosives for a professional demolition job! Remember the "Dancing Israelis" seen on top of a Truck when the buildings collapse? A citizen reported them, and they were detained by the police AND THEN LET GO, and the whole moving company folded up shop and flew back to Israel!

Remember the ONLY plane allowed to fly ON 9/11, after all flights were grounded, was a private plane full of Bin Laden family members??? I remember that sounded very ODD to me at the time. Now we know, the Bin Laden Saudi Arabian family and Bush Crime Family ARE PART OF THE DEEP STATE, they are GOOD Buddies! Bin Laden is probably a CIA agent!.....ok, I am digressing.


After every business attempt to provide very effective ThinThread system to SOME U.S. government agency got thwarted, THEN Binney and his group began to smell a rat. They were piecing things together from their homes going over all the ODD events in their work lives, ThinThread was effective but shut down, Billions spent on a worthless program, Binney's team being sidelined in the months leading up to 9/11, Binney's team all getting laid off at once right after they exposed ThinThread's results would have protected our nation, and then finally ALL efforts to GIVE ThinThread to ANYone in our government all got Blocked. They connected the dots and realized what had happened to them, and the USA. So the 6 of them drafted a Memo and sent it to Congress explaining this whole Inside Job and Cover UP, including the Billions wasted on another system.

What happens? NOTHING!!! More coverups! The Memo was confiscated by the NSA, and the last time these guys saw it, it was redacted so much the Memo was almost all BLACK! It was blackwashed.

Meanwhile, Bush, Jr. is dragging his feet about doing a thorough investigation, but the 9/11 victims families won't go a phony investigation was completed with complete garbage as the result. Remember they concluded "Well they just didn't "connect the dots"? Anyone remember that lame excuse??? NOW WE KNOW THEY DIDN'T WANT Binny's Group in operation, or Binney's group would have discovered the Terrorist cells and would have been reporting the CIA's own project! So that is why they had to shut that down.

Binney says they are just building profiles on every single innocent American. He says what they have is Stazi's or KGP's or Gestapo's wetdream! The information is being used to bump whistleblowers off.......these people get tracked, NSA knows EVERYTHING about them, all their habits, they know everyone they have ever talked to, seen every email, follow them around with the sim card in their cell phone, so bumping them off and making it look like an accident is like shooting fish in a barrel. Case in point: Las Vegas eye witnesses of multiple shooters, all getting bumped off: car explodes, hit and run, bolts removed from critical components of their car, so an "accident" happens, suicided, you name it.

THIS IS WHY MegANON urged us to get up to speed on Binney's TESTIMONY! Apparently, he has managed to stay alive (hopefully Trump has in a secure place), and we are watch in particular for Binney's revelations in relation to the domino take down that FLYNN has started.

Trump can easily use this information to expose all the lies of 9/11 and the BUSH Crime Family's fingerprints all over this massacre, they will FRY!

One more tidbit I know from my research on 9/11, The WTC was a White Elephant after the 1993 bombing. Plus it was loaded with asbestos, and was targeted to be torn down. Silverman happened to buy the WTC the summer of 9/11 and loaded up with Insurance! So 9/11 demolished the buildings for him AND Silverman got reimbursed from the insurance companies rather than take a loss! Remember the youtube videos showing an interview with Silverman where he says that on 9/11 when the fire dept (supposedly) called him and asked what Silverman wanted to do about WTC #7, Silverman said "Pull It"! "Pull It" is an demolition industry jargon for "demolish it". Then instantly the WTC #7 fell into its own footprint, just like WTC #1 & #2. HOW COULD ANYONE "PULL IT" IF THERE WERE NO EXPLOSIVES IN WTC #7! And why "pull it" since it wasn't hit, wasn't on fire, nothing! That was a major slip up by Silverman, or done deliberately because he was mad at Bush about something. Anyway, that is a critical piece of evidence, that 9/11 was an INSIDE Job. So is Binney's testimony.

Do you see things adding up? Bush got his justification to invade Iraq to finish off Saddam Hussein (a CIA agent that went rogue on Daddy Bush....remember Daddy Bush worked for the CIA for decades), and justification to invade Afghanistan in order to harvest and profit from the opium/herion trade. Notice how we can never quite pull out of Afghanistan? Notice we can never quite win the war on drugs?

The CIA doesn't want to pull out of Afghanistan, they want their opium crops protected so they can enjoy the massive profits on heroin sales in the USA...this helps fund the CIA black ops budget....otherwise, they would have to go hat in hand to Congress for every little penny. This way they earn their own money, and don't have to be accountable to anyone. (Trump recently bombed those opium fields, it is rumored.)

OK, all the above is from memory. WATCH this Documentary for yourself! Pass the word around to others, to every American you know, liberal or conservative who is horrified about 9/11. Let's reach a ground swell, a tipping point where more people know the truth, than those still dumbed down.

The Bush Crime Family are going down!

The Patriot Act gets passed 10/26/2001.

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Just PLEASE pay attention to WHO was sending anti-Trump texts, WHO his DIRECT BOSS IS (McCabe) and then KNOW that McCabe hasn’t been overseeing Mueller’s investigation for the last week and a half because Wray, backed by Session, DEMOTED HIS ASS and RELIEVED HIM of a few VERY SPECIFIC and important “INVESTIGATIVE DUTIES”.

Keep Binney’s whistleblowing and testimony in mind like I posted in detail about a week and a half ago, as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups. You also wanna keep your eyes peeled for things mentioning or highlighting Rogers and his increased but temporary roles/oversight. It’s gonna start to get really good and even though you know I don’t mean or like to seem vague, hopefully you’ll start realizing how these vague things are tying themselves together now and over the next couple of weeks".

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This below is an aside.  I've been drawn into some conversations recently with other people who are reading and thinking about certain popular subjects in the "alternative" category.  Once again, Secret Societies, Allegiances, Symbols, Signs, and Such have popped up on the radar.  I hadn't seen Mr. Trump swinging the same sign ALL the recent former "pResidents" have thrown (along with their wives/partner).

I saw this Jesse James/Donald Trump photo on a video, and was surprised (not) really.  It led me to do a quick search, and you'll find it interesting to scan down through the photos and see WHO's doing it.  There is OBVIOUSLY a common denominator among them all with their signalling.  This is now obviously an International hand sign thrown by World Leaders and those up and down the ladder of power, prestige, and money.  It ain't that they ALL love those Texas Longhorns (sic).

WHO is doing this hand sign and WHY?

jesse james and trump

Why Donald and Jesse James?

Scroll through these images and contemplate: