Sunday, October 30, 2016

Planet War - Scorpio and Leo

[caption id="attachment_11409" align="alignnone" width="462"]cotoknows1.jpg Masonic Lightening[/caption]

You cannot avoid the astrological,  biblical  and political angles and alignments right now.  After Hillary's exposure via emails and her deplorables and attacks on Catholics, the Jesuits have responded and so have the Khazarian Zionists.

Look at the current UNESCO decision, look at the assaults on Italy. Two earlier HAARPINGS near Rome and then today 10/30/16


Preliminary Earthquake Report M6.6 - CENTRAL ITALY
Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.6
Date-Time 30 Oct 2016 06:40:18 UTC
30 Oct 2016 07:40:18 near epicenter
30 Oct 2016 00:40:18 standard time in your timezone

Location 42.856N 13.089E
Depth 1 km
Distances 6 km (3 mi) N of Norcia, Italy
31 km (19 mi) ENE of Spoleto, Italy
33 km (20 mi) ESE of Foligno, Italy
39 km (24 mi) W of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
117 km (72 mi) NNE of Roma, Italy

This is a scalar ELF HAARPING from some facility. 1 km depth
is highly unusual for 6+ Magnitude. This is third quake less
hundreds of aftershocks.

Astrology indicates a Trump loss.
Seems Venus and Mars are not aligning with Jupiter
Jupiter by JunoOutbreak on Jupiter Solar activity high
CME's recorded

We are primetime for CME / Geomagnetic phenomenon

Watching News for China's space station and Antarctic/Arctic

Look for a big event on Monday Tuesday or Wednesday.

The numbers say Wednesday 11/2/16

but the three dates are all possible

Italy hit by strongest quake in 35 years, but no deaths reported

UNESCO decision

Tiangong 2 space station

I remind you not to be taken in by the bogus 'research' objectives of the ISS and Tiangong 1 facilities as they are pure weapons deployed instruments and the T2 is yet another component of the Joo-joo-bee preparations for bluebeam and the transformation of the One World Government.

Julian Assange & Co. are a timed operation given the dates of release of this "slo-leak" agenda. The polls are going their job as well to monitor the nation division. The powers that be are tweaking the completely staged and fraudulent race in order to split the electorate evenly (or as even as possible) in this Jade Helm style campaign by two certifiable megalomaniacs. I have said many times that Snowden and Assange are limited hangouts and completely operated by the committee and after the last release and James Comey's 11th hour letter (disclosure) which was timed in typical Vortex Mathematical timing, it is certain to me that the November event will see the third stage before the 8th.November 2 is the date but UTC says 11/1 possible.

I am almost certain that the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum will be implemented in November, post vote and under the duress of a recount or legal action being played into the staged narrative by the completely corrupt MSM.

I also see a death for November 2 as well, but not necessarily a candidate psychopath, but a sacrificial ritual killing for Jupiter/Mars  as we will certainly see in December for Saturn. What we can watch for now is clear.  Why the POTUS 8 (SCOTUS) event was necessary. Why Scalia was murdered. Why Assange dumped his data in pieces.  Why Trump derailed so fast. Why a martial law national or global catastrophe is ready to be triggered. Who of the thousands of ISIS operatives in the country through VISA and open borders will stage post vote is  potential nuclear event.  [EMP]

 PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER - Treat this like the WAR ON TERROR, WAR ON DRUGS and WAR ON POVERTY. We know the UN Peacekeeping program runs concurrent with ISIS and GLADIO via NATO.  The Security Council is the Insecurity of our current situation and all recent military movement indicates war. But I am certain it will begin in India and Pakistan and like the planets, other nations will align accordingly. When is unclear though, and it may be well into the next 8 year cycle with whoever the puppeteers have at the Helm. Financial Armageddon and a Banking Holiday is where we begin in my opinion. Brexit and BRICS have to play a part in this.

Watch for Media clues. Be prepared.  The Media is hyping post election violence, gun sales peaking, Russian aggression and earthquake vulnerability. The Googleplex has the hits to prove it. More Kraftwerk to come.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016




THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE IS  Computer-generated imagery

Friday, October 21, 2016

Who killed the Korkki Sisters and why?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="363"] Korkki Kocktails[/caption]


Seychelles - Diego Garcia

I got immediately suspicious  when this story broke. Two high finance women die while on vacation at a luxury resort in the Seychelles.

American sisters found dead at Seychelles resort 30, 2016

I immediately  connected their relationship to the banks but also and most importantly connected the mystery of Malaysia  Flight 370. But this reported death is really just too bizarre to be swept under the radar.  There are many strange things happening being deflected by the 2016 race to the bottom, and these Island events are happening from the Ascension Islands to the Falklands and Diego Garcia to the South China Sea. Along with the continuation of the buildup in Antartica, the Bluebeam factor continues to rear it's head from the depths of the Leviathan.

Around the world, the MIC complex is rapidly working along with the rocket launches to get cargo (WMD) to the ISS and secret "earthraker" orbital island facility. But what about the lovely, healthy, physically fit sisters from Minnesota?

Robin and Annie Korkki
Resort management discovered Robin Korkki, 42, and her sister, Annie Korkki, 37, "unresponsive" in their villa on Sept. 22, according to Seychelles police spokesman Jean Toussaint.

922 - the double K (11) and the Korkki triple K 911 = SKULL AND BONES 322.  It is an easy decode by name, age and date to link this sacrificial death for the illuminati as a gift tho Lucifer for some  blessing on one of many of their projects. Whether the Banking fraud or the moving forward of world war chaos to a new world order is the difficult part of this mystery.
Thousands of miles away in the United States, relatives said they are looking for answers. In Minneapolis, their brother told a local paper that the family is getting no information on the case. Some family members have traveled to Seychelles to gather details and bring the sisters' bodies home.

The GPS says the family sits right at the end of the bloody 1-35 corridor in Minneapolis  and yet they were living independently in Denver and Chicago, two key cities in the NAU program. Denver will be one of two capital cities according to documents and Chicago may be "carbon central" in agenda 21. The sisters

Strange Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue

It could be as simple as another banker sacrifice to the dollar lords, but there may be more to this than just JP Morgan wealth management lawsuits and maybe a deeper crime was exposed. Annie Korkki did not work for the Dimon Jim Madoff group but instead worked in Chicago where she was the Head of FX and Metals at Allston Trading.

Was there a link between JPM and Allston to manipulate or even cover tracks beyond the forex scandal?

Korkki Sisters Double Death Solved, But Not the Mystery

"A coroner announced today that the Korkki sisters died of symptoms related to high altitude sickness, solving part of their double death mystery, but not all of it."  

Robin was living in Denver, a mile high city for years. Altitude sickness is a joke, a ridiculous assertion from a witch doctor indian coroner who just got a real nice paycheck. Seychelles Highest elevation: ‎905 m (2,969 ft)

Please spare us this drivel and let's assume they were not free flying in the clouds that day or free diving to the depths of the Indian Ocean.  Let us assume the same old bullshit we get daily from Coroners from Sandy Hook and the MSM who regurgitate the NTSB and other forensic frauds.

No illegal drugs were found. The heavy drinking is bullcrap as well.  What is not bunk is that they were cremated quickly and privately buried and the family was likely paid off and this will evaporate as quickly as possible into the X-files of assassinations and sacrificial world order deaths. What poison or Breitbart weapons were used will remain a mystery.

They strangely extended their stay for a few more days. Did they meet someone who offered them a ride to Diego Garcia, the pivot point to Antarctica?  Maybe they decided during the Jet Flight to depressurize the cabin and kill them. This would cause findings of the edema  due to hypoxia  which causes a rapid uptake of water when oxygen is deprived to the lungs blood and brain. The cells panic so to speak and swelling ensues.

Rapid decompression could be at play here if the autopsy was not forged and fixed.
Were they then returned to their hotel room in the dead of night? Authorities said they were suspicious when the sisters had not been seen for a day.

We can check this destination and affluent resort of our list of vacations spots because for a few thousand dollars a night the accommodations seem a bit high even if they did have a private butler. Did the butler do it? Who knows now. Medications were found in the room?  They were not illegal drugs, but Pharma is as lethal as any. Were the sisters both on the same medications? Acute Pulmonary and Cerebral Edema. I think not.  

Why were the  bodies cremated before family arrived to take possession? Why? I think we know why. The autopsies were done in Mauritius nearby Reunion Island where supposed pieces of Malaysian Flight 370 were found. It's all too fishy in the Indian Ocean these days but nothing is more fishy than the the Indian Ocean Vortex, one of several vile vortices like the Bermuda Triangle. There is much more here than the fiction we have received.


From Swedish kork.


  1. cork

  2. cap, top, lip (of a bottle)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Abandon Ship!


The Jesuit Bilderberg Dinner 2016

Masquerading as an Al E. Smith Dinner, the jesuit infiltrators come to celebrate death and loot money in the name of innocents. Watch the day of dead reference, see the Jesuit symbols, watch Trump and Clinton play their game and enjoy knowing this is another farce, another cult of the Illuminati and a royal flush for the NWO. The usual; roasting has some good zingers but the skulduggery is clear. The two clown puppets separated by the Black Pope's hitman Archbishop Dolan and covered by the New York elite consiglieres like Cuomo, Bloomberg, Giuliani and De Blasio .

Enjoy the media dinner and entertainment.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump, Clinton Leaks, Soros & Syria – Jay Dyer on Red Ice
The show begins with a discussion on the geopolitical quagmire that is Syria. Jay tells us that the American establishment has wanted Bashar al-Assad gone for some time; as such, allegations of chemical weapons use and human rights violations are nothing more than psyops. We then discuss how Russia, over the course of the 20th century, was ravaged by Communism and later plundered by the Clinton administration’s cronies in the 90s. Jay mentions that he doesn’t think a cataclysmic world war will erupt anytime soon but that we will instead see more regional conflicts similar to Syria. On the subject of Syria, Jay argues that most of these supposed jihadists are, in actuality, little more than mercenaries lured in by the promise of food and pay. The first hour also touches on the possibility of a globalist fifth column existing within Russia, fake ISIS propaganda, and the relationship between Evangelicalism and Zionism.

In the members’ hour, we begin by discussing how Trump, through being unapologetic, represents a break from the politically correct status quo. Jay also points out that Trump has effectively revealed the mechanisms of the New World Order: mass immigration, free trade, and neoconservative wars. We then shift gears to consider how the Clintons fit into the globalist power structure, with Jay arguing that they are simply part of a greater web of corruption. Jay then outlines how the Clintons have operated in a manner common to globalists, namely by creating a foundation to serve as a cover for the trafficking of arms, weapons, and money. We discuss how, in the past, psychological warfare has been often used against foreign countries; today, however, it is primarily wielded by Western governments against their citizens. The members’ hour also explores Milo's antics, how to spread the Alt Right message, and the power of humor.

Jay's Analysis
Tragedy and Hope
Gene Sharp
Former CIA Officials Admit to Faking Bin Laden Video
Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton
Aleksandr Dugin on the Russian fifth column
Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank
HSBC Judge Approves $1.9B Drug-Money Laundering Accord
Operation Mockingbird
Burn Notice: Milo Yiannopolous
Blaming Russia for everything
Putin 1 - International Vampires 0
Soros to invest 500 million in help for 'refugees'
FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’
Soros-Sponsored NGO in Syria Aims at Ousting Assad, Not Saving Civilians
Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3
Christian Zionism
Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3

Best Video this week!!! Way to go Jay.

The Cold War was a fraud. The WWII axis of evil were Germany, USSR and USA. No nuke threats no WWIII just the technological war for the financial markets, EMP, Psyops, Secret deals and trade. Remember Soros works for the Committee. The RothRocks do as well. The deepest core of unknown names has manipulated all wars and all finance.

When Rockefeller praised the China model, the truth was seen as a global China model. Playing Putin up for another round of Cold War is as phony as the War on Terror. Just recycled to give a nation state front for the next wave of Hegelian dialectics.  As the ISIS scam plays out as another bogus al-qaeda, the move to a nation state enemy like in the Iran-Syria-Russia axis, is no different.  Watching people fawn over Trump is as sickening as playing Putin up to be an anti-globalist.  World Order is end of the game. All players walk  away with Boardwalk and Park Place and other real estate, all the railroads, utilities, energy and your luxury taxes.  Meanwhile we are left with monopoly money, eternal debt, carbon tax and derivatives along with the CDO's of human death traded openly by the corporations. And then there's those "get out of jail cards"

Now we can see the big deflection off the triad of Paris, TPP and International finance. Everything that comes to us is toxic from it's packaging to the  core.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Therion on the Horizon


Time to update the Revelation of the NWO and Weather Modification.  As we watch the timing and controllers go to work. We are a nation against all nations and current headlines indicate 4th seal.


2010 Haiti earthquake

Hurricane- Matthew 24:9

6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. 10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

The Hour of the Time: It's not steered it's just bizarre due to climate change.

Climate Change by the Therion is the Beast of Revelation. A Leviathan, a fabricant of hell.

Hurricane Matthew is just the beginning of the new 11 year cycle and the project to run their death campaign through the Caribbean and US south. Targeting Christian Populations.

[gallery ids="27044,27042" type="rectangular"]

As we saw with Katrina, Matthew is a developed and steered vortex taking advantage of the North Atlantic Cold Blob and La Nina ala HAARP  scalar  and ionosperic heating. What has aided this new heightened manipulation is of course; The Deepwater Horizon-Corexit con we lived through.  If you find it coincidental that Holyrood-Hollywood are pumping the NOVEMBER PARIS DEAL CLIMATE FRAUD on the world and that the mind controllers in Joo-joo-bee land are releasing the MACONDO PROJECT by the name of false flag Deepwater Horizon, another 2010 event courtesy of the committee military Industrial complex.

The purpose of which was clear in Macondo. This was to target and kill the Gulf and effect the Gulf Stream for the purposes of depopulation, weather manipulation and mayhem for a Paris Agreement on global warming.  This is the 4th seal of the New World Order transformation and appropriately Matthew is spawned.

From one of many Therions, the Daily Beast says

‘Immense Human Suffering’ Predicted as Hurricane Matthew Turns Toward Florida

Forecasters were sounding the alarms as the first outer bands of Hurricane Matthew approached South Florida on Thursday morning. They warned that the strongest storm in the Caribbean in nearly a decade may cause “immense human suffering” and “loss of life” if precautions are not taken. National Weather Service officials said the storm, which is expected to return to Category 4 strength

DEEPWATER HORIZON The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010

Deepwater Horizon: Disaster Movie with American Workers as Everyday Heroes

What a crock! The triple cross is easy here. The coverup of the coverup. All by design and after 6 years, the job is done, the damage done and the next 11 years of engineered African weather and steered cyclones will wreak havoc just as the Pacific Blob did on South Asia.

When the Climate Pimps started this con-game, they provided phony data and fabrications regarding the Atlantic currents disappearing and when that and other data were deemed manipulated through email evidence, the DW Horizon and Macondo event were there to assist in making the science needed for climate change. Now after years of experimentation, toxic eco-dumping (210 million gallons) and the course of the corexit wave through the Gulf Stream and up the Atlantic current, millions have been poisoned by  few only know, this mixture.

The thought of suffering through Mark Wahlberg and the propagandist's version of this obvious softkill and ENMOD event nauseates me.  If you want to see the reality and true story, just watch the sick kids in TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL and look at the BP skin cancers, autism, respiratory diseases and brain tumors.

Paris Climate Treaty to Take Effect in November - WSJ

President Obama hails chance ‘to save the one [world order] planet we’ve got’

HAARP fingerprints shown with this scalar quake which always follow a scalar assault. Always shallow (approx. 10km) and aprrox. between 4.9 to 5.8 magnitude

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake

35 km from Imias, Cuba · Sep 30, 7:06 PM

Revelation 6:7-8

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.


Remember, Christianity dies before ISlam is destroyed. I expect Haiti to suffer the pestilence of Zika (bioweapon) and Cholera, Dengue and whatever else they can manufacture.  I also suspect another big payday for the Clinton Bush Soetoro crime syndicate.  I predicted in 2015, the re-emergence of the Atlantic storm season return and Matthew is a good start, followed by Mark, Luke and John in a series of weather related, terraqueous seismic events for the death knell of American Sovereignty and a nation under GOD.



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why Would You Donate? Seeing What You Now Know?

This thread began with the question below:

"Where is Matthew?", because when you look at's radar screen there, Haiti looks pristine.

Subsequently, I input "Haiti" for the area for to find, and lo and behold I found the weather formations shown in the second photo below...

But, now I have to post my own "WARNING!" for kind-hearted folks to NOT DONATE to "The RED CROSS" to help the poor Haitian people STILL LEFT STRANDED IN TENTS from Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr.'s overseeing the Haiti Earthquake Fund administered by "The RED CROSS".

On's site you will now find a link to ostensibly "help" the Haitian people due to Matthew's WRATH -- if you click on "How You Can Help" you'll get sent to

Why would you donate, since you have taken a few minutes to do a web search on what happened to the money donated for the earthquake funds?  Why did a forecaster announce last evening that 66,000 people STILL LIVE IN TENTS?!

I urge you to GO TO THIS LINK --

Read some of the stories PLEASE!

Make up your own mind.  But don't donate to political parasites unknowingly.

"Where is Hurricane "Matthew" in this radar pic at 12:40EST on 10-04-16?"


All over they are warning about hurricane "Matthew".  I don't see squat around Haiti so what gives?

O.K., this pic off at 12:55pm EST to be exact shows actual cloud formations.  Why the other radar does not show much of anything I don't know...?


I don't know about Florida or Georgia or NC, but SC is closing schools and guv offices ahead of the storm --  Or see,

I do know for a fact that schools are being closed on Friday a full 4 1/2 hours inland from the coast in Upstate South Carolina.  Friday football games have been moved to Thursday night.

This story is still developing, along with the Precious Metals take down today, the war rumors, the political BS, etc.  Have a Nice Day!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Americans are Being Taken for a Nowhere.


Here's how much Americans have in savings in each state:


I would have embedded the slide show, but don't know how, so inspect it at the following link:


Bad "Policies" make Paupers out of you and me, while making Super Wealthy the "policy-makers".  Isn't this Obvious?

See articles at