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Silent Weapons: Listen to the Crickets


There is plenty of readily available information on Microwave and ELF sonic weapons and experiments. The Russian Woodpecker, the Utah State Prison experiments, MK-Ultra and other accoustic and ultrasonic inventions.  What gets missed is the combination of these technologies and the coming 5G Mesh "net" and devices to create a total surveillance grid, GPS targeting, SATCOM and interfacing with your personal cellular and WiFi devices. All cabable of RF and audio receiving and transmitting.

Add to this the extensive work on the Monarch Project which they would have you believe ended the MK-Ultra program back in 1976 after the Church Committee Hearings. Are we so stupid as to believe these programs did not move to the Technocracy private sector and/or off the USA plane and to some US controlled territory or Military Vessel? Martime Law and Sea (see) Treaties were perfect for a USA Inc. War Flag executive order. The CIA specialty.

So how stupid do they think we are? What no anwer? I am hearing Crickets.....We better turn on our iPhone tune app to drown out the crickets. But lets not forget that crickets are included in the insect species that are disappearing along with the Bees and Butterflies.  If you are excited about new 5G fun and games, you may consider yourself a victim of mind control.

All the issues the Cuban Embassy victims experienced are those being experienced by citizens of Anytown USA.  The CLIMATE CHANGE is not just their weather manipulation but the climate change to a new world executive order.  If you missed Trump pushing the 21 agenda regarding Socialism and standing behind the people of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, we should expect that the weapons of war are well in the hands of the Techno Deep State and that the new Cold War is one of many frequencies to meet their goals and deadlines.  This will ultimately peak when we see Project Bluebeam and the greatest of all mind control delusions and grandest of all deceptions.

Mysterious Sounds Recorded at Cuba Embassy Were … Crickets 

In late 2016, dozens of staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba fell sick after reportedly hearing mysterious noises in their hotels or homes. Afterward, they reported severe physical symptoms, including vertigo, headaches, ear pain and even cognitive difficulties and hearing loss.

Researchers obtained a recording of the sounds captured by embassy workers in Cuba, and analysis of the acoustic signal revealed striking similarities to insect calls. Further investigation identified the sounds as the call of the Indies short-tailed cricket (Anurogryllus celerinictus). 

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for April 2018 - RF Cafe

A Word from Sam Benzacar

“Mysterious” Cuban U.S. Embassy weapon: It Wasn’t Crickets

There seems to be no limit to how weird the investigation into the mysterious illnesses suffered by U.S. and Canadian diplomats and their families in Cuba can become, and how limited in scope the report resulting from the investigation turned out to be.

As you may remember, late in 2016 diplomats headquartered at the U.S. embassy in Havana began reporting health effects including cognitive impairment, hearing loss, tinnitus, strange sounds, headaches, insomnia, blurred vison, balance and speech problems, and even nosebleeds. Some of these people continue to experience what may be life-long effects. The events occurred not just in the embassy but in hotel rooms and homes, as well. Somewhat later, 14 “employees, spouses and dependents” who were either stationed at or visited the Canadian embassy began to experience similar problems, and last month Canada reduced its staff by half.

In an attempt to solve the mystery, a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania performed a preliminary evaluation of 21 people identified by the State Department as having been exposed. No firm conclusions as to the source were determined. And just a few weeks ago, biologist Alexander Stubbs from the University of California, Berkeley, after hearing a recording made available by the Associated Press of what some embassy workers heard, came to another conclusion: bugs.

Yes, bugs. Stubbs and colleague Fernando Montealegre-Z, an expert on entomological acoustics, searched a database of insert recordings and found that the Indies short-tailed cricket makes a sound almost identical to what is on the recording. Both the recording and the offending sounds were emitted at 7 kHz with a repetition rate of 180 pulses per second, lowering in pitch as they decrease in amplitude. However, the cricket sounds, and the AP recording didn’t entirely match, as the pulses in the recording were more erratic. Stubbs chalks that up to echoing from surfaces in an indoor space. So, he played the sounds indoors and they matched perfectly. Case solved, right?

Nope. This and the other theories have been cast aside and microwave energy is now considered the most likely source (even the U Penn study’s lead author has become a believer), which would have been my first conclusion and I suspect that of many readers of this column.

The U Penn researchers concentrated on sonic or ultrasonic sources, as many of the reported symptoms were related to hearing, and even viral infections, and “contagious anxiety”. There is no mention in the report of RF and microwave energy, and it was never even considered. Second, this is hardly the first time microwave energy has been used by another country for nefarious purposes --the Russians have been using it for many years

In 1976 it caused a major incident when the U.S. complained that the Russians had been irradiating the U.S. Embassy in Moscow at between 2.5 and 4 GHz since 1953, causing health effects. In addition to Cuba, the Russians are apparently still at it, as a USAID offer reported health effects in Uzbekistan in 2017.

Although microwave radiation will cause damage to tissues, and especially the eyes, when exposed to high-levels of non-ionizing (i.e., microwave) radiation, the cause this time is presumably the microwave auditory effect, also called the “Frey Effect”, which causes the perception of audible clicks or even speech induced by pulsed or modulated RF, and at higher levels significant health effects. It was first reported by people working near radars during World War II and first reported publicly in 1961 by American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey. It causes similar or possibly identical effects as those reported in Cuba, Russia, and China.

So, what’s to make of this? A cynical person might suggest that the Department of Defense, which is well aware of the Frey Effect and may also use it, might be tight-lipped. However, from a microwave technology perspective, the fact that microwave energy was never considered by the researchers who according to Smith were “very skeptical at first” when finally concluding the microwave energy was the prime suspect, is sad indeed. A little historical background goes a long way. As George Santayana famously noted: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Sound of crickets 'could become a thing of the past' - 

 Chemtrailes, Geoengineering, HAARP, EMR. Monsanto-Bayer, etc represemt the real Climate-Change. But the deep state has a cricket to replace the others.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Who killed Michael "Doc" Thompsom and why?




Thompson, 49, was struck while jogging along the train tracks in Haltom City, Texas, according to the Dallas News.

Witnesses and the train's crew told press the incident occurred at approximately 3:45 p.m.

Wireless earbuds were found at the scene of the tragic accident, though it's not yet clear whether they belonged to the radio staple.

Thompson's "Daily Mojo" co-hosts Ron Phillips and Brad Staggs mourned him on-air Wednesday morning.

Thompson used to host a show on Glenn Beck's The Blaze, and the former Fox News personality remembered him fondly.

"Doc was one of the more gregarious guys I know. He was the ultimate entrepreneur. He left us to start his own business," Beck told The Blaze.com. "He loved new businesses and because of Doc, many businesses are flourishing because he would take them under his wings. He just always had a positive attitude and a can-do spirit, and we are devastated as a family and devastated for his family."

Thompson is survived by his wife, Yuna, and three children, Tiger, Cubby, and Wythe, who reside in Bentonville, Ark., from where the "Daily Mojo" host commuted to the Dallas-Fort Worth area weekly to record.

A GoFundMe campaign for Thompson's family was created with a $20,000 goal.

As of Wednesday morning, it exceeded $100,000 from nearly 2,000 donors.

 I wonder why they always want to give you the money amounts?


Doc Thompson Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael “Doc” Thompson is dead after he was hit by an Amtrak train in Haltom City, Texas, on February 5. The tragic news was made public by Thompson’s production company, MoJo 5.0 Radio. His death was announced on February 6 (8). Thompson is survived by his wife, Yuna, and his three children, Tiger, Cubby and Wythe.

Witnesses told the Dallas Morning News that Thompson was seen jogging alongside the train tracks in Halthom, about 30 (3) miles west of Dallas, at around 3:45 (3) p.m. The Dallas News report says that a pair of earbuds was found near the scene of his death. Nobody on board the train was harmed in the accident.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the engineer of the train said that Thompson was not on the tracks at the time of the accident but was close enough to be hit by the train. Haltom Fire Marshal Fred Napp told the newspaper, “I don’t know how you could not hear a train, but it happens all the time.”

1. Thompson Referred to Himself as a ‘Conservative Libertarian American Radio Host & Political Commentator’

According to an official bio, Thompson was a native of Ohio and had worked in radio in Alabama, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Michigan. Thompson called himself a “conservative libertarian American radio host and political commentator.” Thompson goes on to say he uses “humor to reflect a conservative libertarian political philosophy with economic views supportive of the free market.”

Thompson also said as a description, “I’m just like Jon Stewart, except with very different views, and I host a radio show not TV, and I’m not rich, nor from New York. Okay, that was a really bad comparison! Don’t print that!” In addition, Thompson said he is a “self-admitted “pizza-snob”, Doc also enjoys cheap wine and expensive beer!”

2. Conservative Icon Glenn Beck Has Led the Tributes to Thompson

Among those paying tribute to Thompson is conservative media icon Glenn Beck. In 2018, Thompson left Beck’s The Blaze network to start his own show. Beck said Thompson was “one of more gregarious guys I know. He was the ultimate entrepreneur. He left us to start his own business. He loved new businesses and because of Doc, many businesses are flourishing because he would take them under his wings.” Beck said that Thompson had a “positive attitude” as well as a “can-do spirit.” Beck described himself as being “devastated” at Thompson’s passing.

Thompson’s producer at The Blaze also paid tribute saying, “He was always pushing the envelope. When me and Jeffy [Fisher] got the call [about his death], we thought he was about to release something or pulling a fast one on us. He was the real deal.”

3. A GoFundMe Page Has Raised Close to $50,000 at the Time of Writin

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Thompson’s colleagues for the late radio host’s family. At the time of writing, the page has raised close to $50,000. The original goal of the page was $20,000. The page calls Thompson a “great husband and father” who “loved his job as a radio talk show host.” Thompson lived with his family in Bentonville, Arkansas, and commuted weekly to the Dallas-area for his media work.

4. Thompson’s Wife Is a Reporter & Anchor With an Arkansas ABC Affiliate
Mike Thompson wife Yuna Lee

Thompson’s wife, Yuna Lee, is a reporter and anchor with KHBS-KHOG, the ABC affiliate for Fort Smith and Fayetteville in Arkansas. Lee has been based in Arkansas since September 2014 when she moved to the station from WHIO in Dayton, Ohio. Previously, Lee worked for WHSH in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and WPBF in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lee and Thompson were married in Richmond in March 2012.

A profile of Lee on her station’s website says that she is a native of South Korea where her mother was a ballerina and her father was a chemical engineer. Prior to their marriage, Thompson traveled to Seoul to get her family’s blessing before they were married. Lee attended boarding school in the U.S. during her high school years. As part of the Maryland Youth Symphony, where Lee was a violin player, she performed for Hillary Clinton on one occasion.

5. In 2017, Thompson Co-Hosted ‘The Snowflake Awards’ Alongside Tomi Lahren

In February 2017, Thompson co-hosted The Snowflake Awards alongside Tomi Lahren. The show, which went up against the Academy Awards, saw liberal activists such as Colin Kaepernick, Amy Schumer, Debra Messing and Michael Moore up for awards. During the show, Meryl Streep was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and an in memoriam segment ran that celebrated Madonna’s career

 So What was the bombshell he was going to release? Or was Thompson a post SOTU Sacrificial Lamb? Why does the Arkansas Death Count remind of Bill and Hillary Clinton. 3:10 to Yuma! I can remeber a couple of boys who found themselves on the tracks. That was the MENA AIRPORT CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE and DRUG CARTEL of the BUSH CLAN. 

 It's pretty clear that there will be no further details regarding the regular jogger and the freak accident. The Coroners and Cops are all Freemasons at the top and will cover the lid tight on this highly unlikely event. The timing is just too close to Trump $ Co. and DNC Pelosi to be true.  Keep in mind the witnesses did not see the actual impact. So lets just say that Thompson was running. the train passed and someone ran behind him and bashed him with an aluminum bat right between the EARBUDS. 

Just add this to the ARKANCIDE Column of the US Government Body Count.



Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Wormwood - Superbole

Of all the Lucifferian and NWO jumbo in the recent Superbole Halftime show this image was most interesting to me. After peeling the layers of Marron-V, MK Ultra Monarck imagery and Pyramidal Vortex References, we got the Wormwood image

It is most revealing that it comes to the point of the Cumbre Veija Scenario and seems to be located near Canary and has the 'cistern', for the meaning of water and the link to the "wormwood" biblical bitter water cannot be ignored.

As I have concluded in the space-time vortex, we are on a pivotal course with an apocalyptic event coming this year. Some major occurence to push the agenda 21 deadlines closer to completion while boosting the collective towards Project Bluebeam and the Grander Delusion.

The Horns on this projectile just add the the Satanic feature to the cistern of El Hierro and the real revelation that will occur at some point in the future.

Something is coming!!! I expect fire and water.  It also was no surprise that SpongeBob made his appearance which can only confirm the H2O.

As for the corrupt fixed and rigged NFL who is the leader in mass media mind control I did not partake in the Gladiator event but SpongeBob gave his review.