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I had someone tell that St. George's University was a bad school to go because of the fact that not every student there is trying to be a doctor in the U.S. most students are trying to become doctors in other countries so they do not have to pass the same board exams like U.S. students. So they told that St. George's University has a very playful atmosphere and no one is really serious. Most students are hanging out at the beach instead of studying. Is true or not? If it is not what are the students like there and what is the atmosphere like?

Thank you to anyone of gives me feedback because i am really considering on going to St. George's.


Man, you really hit the nail on the head. Everything you've heard is totally true. But look at the bright side: while everyone is partying away, you can burn away the midnite lamp, study hard, and ace your classes. I'm confident that well-informed and hardworking people such as yourself will have no difficulty staying on top of things and honoring every class.

Its true. No one is totally serious. People are just playfully taking out a quarter million dollar loans to finance a 2 year party by the beach.

And yes, most students are not there to become doctors in the US. The whole venture is financed by the International Monetary Fund. The idea is that after finishing your medical education, you will head out to Papua New Guinea and study the effect of prions on cannibals. Its a subspecialty of infectious diseases, and the standardized test for that is a real breeze.

Another area of study frequently undertaken by SGU students is voodoo magic. Is it real? To answer that question, the school has set up special apprenticeships in the New Orleans area...Currently, there is cutting-edge interdisciplinary research across the areas of acupuncture and sticking pins in dolls.

With all this in mind, I'll be matriculating at SGU in January. Should you have any further questions, feel free to post on here.