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Issac Kappy 911 decoded

Buried under the ritualistic and Kabbalah undercurrents of the Isacc Kappy  fake news event is a deeper coded message. If you are following the 911- New War and tracking the regimes invasion of the sovereigns told by General Wesley Clark in 2007 game, it includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran (named players by the Jesuit Military Complex)

This BS psyop and Wiccan Leak was as staged as Sandy Hook.  The interview was the 92Y Joo-joo-bee Center in New York. The Hebrew Y and perfect location in the Vortex  Mathematical global position and the address of the 92 (11) was keeping in the same code as the WTC crisis event. Just a Drill.


IRAN - 666: 911

92nd Street Y is a cultural and community center located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, USA, at the corner of East 92nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Its full name is 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association. It is not part of the YMCA.

This Isacc Kappy event has all the same markers of a staged event as a serious message as to the Jesuit moves for the IS Islamic State psyop. Now we see the chemical weapon head raise once again.  Anybody who fell for this was so feeble and so easily deluded into the later psyops of Snowden and Assange.  These two Jesuits players have carried much water for the MIC and Pentagrammers who have misdirected the awakened masses to the 8-11 black hole.  "Q" is the Quartermaster of the Trump Wildcard 7 transition and like the Presidents before is a product of the same establishment.  As timely as Obama after this Bush Regime news broke in 2007, the same cycle began again. 1-4-7-2-5-8 by 3-6-9. Following the suspicious deaths, fake news, scripted leaks, false clues and other social media psyops, the CLIMATE CHANGES are apparently shifting to a larger event to quell all the real crime and fraud. One of the largest being the missing trillions which seems to follow the published US debt at 22 Trillion which according to the Vortex would be inaccurate and a contrived figure.

Time is shrinking in the vortex and I have posted several pieces pointing to Trump 7 the wildcard and 2019 as the year. We are over a hundred days in and it is no shock for me to see the numbers here in this coded event.

Vigilant Citizen:



IS - A - CC  K - A - PP - Y

This is a perfect Hollywood - Holyrood Freemason fake name, front, cypher and coded handle.  It has the 19 ISIS Islamic State with the #33 CC, the "K" Kabbalah 11, which is always a fools number in the false flag and stagecraft, followed by the Trump PP (77) and the "Y" Talmudic close. Kappy, the Joo was at the heart of Pedophiles in Hollywood and all the media (fake and alternative fake news) was using this Rosenberg to push the agenda of misdirection while coding in many of the same repeating vortex sequences. IK (911) was reported age 34 (7) but there is some references to age 42 (6) which is most likely his real age. He was born in 19(77) Feb 17  (7)

In his suicide note (as a writer) he may have actually written himself or at least collaborated with the Joo-joo-bees to concoct this narrative, but it is 100%  stagecraft like the rest of the story. I find the New Mexico to Hollywood Military Trail always interesting and the connections of Stephen Spielberg a "duel" edged sword.  This suicide by jumping is a metaphor for a Military jump off and Bellemont Arizona (66)  is a perfect point. Like all the Holyrood stars many had fathers doing secret research, military applications and we have tracked these from the Laurel Canyon to Area 51. I also call this MK-Ultra route 66, I-10 and I-40.

Connecting the Joo Dots and Kappy outing of Tom Hanks, Spielberg, Green and other Hollywood alleged pedophiles goes way back to JPL and Jack Parsons.


Pheonix AZ - 911

"When he was 11, Steven Spielberg made a 9-minute western starring his fellow Boy Scouts. The troop went wild when they viewed it. At that moment, Steven Spielberg said he knew what he wanted to do with his life."

What was that? Fiction or pedophilia. No pedophilia in the Boy Scouts, right?

Vigilant Citizen

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them”

NWO I am one of THEM

On May 14th 2019 (22), Kappy found a violent death after plunging from a bridge onto the Interstate 40 highway in Arizona. According to police sources, Kappy “forced himself” off the bridge after two teenagers physically attempted to stop him from doing so. After the fatal jump, Kappy was struck by a passing vehicle.

Shortly before his death, Kappy deleted his entire Instagram history and posted a final letter with the ominous caption: “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect”. In this lengthy suicide note, Kappy writes that he “has not been a good guy” and compared himself to Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus). He also referred to Donald Trump, the QAnon psyop movement and his attempts at exposing Hollywood.

There again are clues to Trump-911 and the underlying message.

The Scripted final clues

The script dated for this July 4th is interesting but the event I refer to here may be somewhere in the calendar year.  He refers to return of the King and the light, but we know not which Luciferian or Christian entity he is referring to.

“No, I did not take a Satanic vow.”

I am not suicidal.”

“I’m not going to tell you what I did because, at this point, it could still endanger people and I don’t want to do that.”

“Can you help me? You can pray for my soul.”

“I did not join the Illuminati.”

Something bad is about to happen.”
“Some things were planted inside my consciousness.”
“Have I been MKULTRA-ed? Well, let’s say there was some things that happened that were not normal as far as things playing in my head that came from outside.”
Even more bizarre, some claim that Tom Hanks “predicted” Kappy’s death in one of his IG posts.

Yet another Kabbalist Jesuit Ritual event. True or false? Not really important in the Vortex and coded meaning and numerology. What is more important is this a predictive programming of another major transformation to the global NWO finality? I have predicted this year as the Wildcard. The 8-11 cycle is here in 2019.  A good window of opportunity might be from July  to November and as the state of the union and Iran, China and the US goes, we have all the players in the game. Some from Bush 911 to new faces in the next major shift and  progression which is diffused and deflected in a totally fake news world. 

Donald Trump is a tool like all the others but as the wildcard 7 he plays a big role in the Talmudic  Cabals prophesies and the Jesuits Military plans.  I suggest further viewing of current news plants on China, Iran, Venezuela, border crossings, US CIA cells and CFR magic bullets. This Isacc Kappy is clearly a 911 reference.


Clues: Bellemont, FLAGstaff, Water, Ba'al Mountain, Phoenix, Pearl Harbor 1941, Route 66, Rhodes, Maine, Judas, Tunnels, Meteor Crater,

Many will just accept the revenge of the Holly-Holy root connection and payback for the outing of their secrets but this is a message of false flag nature. Just as before 911 the predictive programming clues were plentiful, this event has so many clues to something big and I am finding more as I go. I will follow up on this with additional points and parallels.

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