Friday, March 22, 2019

811-What is below the New Zealand Hoax?

Part of Project Bluebeam : Since 2009 I have illustrated and provided much data about staged events being carried out in areas and locations used as deflection and deception in deeper agendas. Following these events are confirmed stagings at antipodal coorodinates which seem to indicate purpose in Jesuit Military (NATO and CIA covert science ops. These include weather modifications, scalar  seismic shallow events, Monarch MK-Ultra, MSM blitzes and biological events.

Follow thew timeline here:

I note the dual pyramidal structure of this UFO as a significant clue to the coming grand deception and great delusion in store we the lemmings when the NWO transformation goes into full live mode. Once the beta testing and stage is fully set the whole fraud of the Joo-joo-bees will become clearer to those who have not connected the dots. 

 222 - Brenton Tarrant - February 22 - On February 22, the North Korean embassy in Spain was attacked

HIDING THE EVIDENCE: New Zealand Gladio-Style Black Op


Good information is provided but not the deeper agenda. Indeed the Jesuits control the Media and Crypto Joos are heavily involved. Operation GLADIO is a NATO-OTAN Jesuit operation.  There are connections to these events which also include the Ethiopian Air Crash and Diego Garcia. Follow the antipodal and Ley line of Canary Islands Spain - GIZA - 

 The forced takeover of a foreign embassy is a rare event.
According to reports by El Pais and El Confidencial, two Spanish news outlets, local police have come to suspect that the embassy attack was somehow linked to the CIA.

According to those reports, two of the identified attackers are known to the Spanish counter-intelligence service as people connected to the “agency.”
On the other hand, on March 15, the Washington Post claimed that it had learned, from some unidentified sources, that the violent attack was actually carried out by a militant group, presumably consisting of North Korean defectors, which calls itself “Cheollima Civil Defense” and is challenging the Kim family regime. Of course, it is equally possible that “Cheollima Civil Defense” is nothing but a front for some other force

What a joke. If you understand GLADIO, you understand all the so-called Terror groups are all trained, funded and operated by the Jesuit Military.  Call it what you want. A spade is a spade.

The timing of the attack looks very suspicious
The scheme did not work, however: the Madrid raid initially attracted surprisingly little attention, and the summit ended without any result, disastrous or otherwise. 

What many do not know is this
Jan 3, 2019 - North Korea's acting ambassador to Italy has apparently asked for political asylum in Europe.

Shadowy Anti-N.Korean Group Promises 'Big Announcement

Here we have the Cheollima Civil Defense days later after the Madrid event in more covert ops involving the VATICAN Jesuit assassins and North Korean defectors?  It seems probable that things have to happen with North Korea, Cuba and Iran as Vatican Rothschild holdouts to the IMF and Central Banks yet the whole thing stinks as usual with the same CGI, Media manufactured narratives and fake news  headlines.

When I discuss predictive programming I like to use the SPECTRE 007 psyops because it fits the likely all seeing eye of NINE EYES (known as Five Eyes FVEY.  What I never ignore are the Vortex numbers, the Ley Lines and Antipodal connections of the events which never fail to materialize when investigated.  But the final solution is Project Bluebeam and a global order of human domain controllers. It is the Mark for the biblical universal Armageddon that will have better than CGI but Astral Projection, holographic, electromagnetic visual audio and mind control EM.  What happens next is already planned and scripted and dates are the numerology of the Vatican, the UN and their GLADIO Five eye complex. 

European politicians and senior Catholic officials have been bought and paid for by George Soros, according to Vatican Bishop Athanasius

Lets get it straight. The Vatican Jesuits pay George Soros, Rothschilds and other crypto-Joos to do their banking, money laundering - drugs and human trafficking etc. and they in turn disperse funds to the eyes of the global cabal and confederates.  This has been the arragement after Christ tipped the banks over at their main branch synagogue savings and loan.


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