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Who killed the Korkki Sisters and why?

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Seychelles - Diego Garcia

I got immediately suspicious  when this story broke. Two high finance women die while on vacation at a luxury resort in the Seychelles.

American sisters found dead at Seychelles resort 30, 2016

I immediately  connected their relationship to the banks but also and most importantly connected the mystery of Malaysia  Flight 370. But this reported death is really just too bizarre to be swept under the radar.  There are many strange things happening being deflected by the 2016 race to the bottom, and these Island events are happening from the Ascension Islands to the Falklands and Diego Garcia to the South China Sea. Along with the continuation of the buildup in Antartica, the Bluebeam factor continues to rear it's head from the depths of the Leviathan.

Around the world, the MIC complex is rapidly working along with the rocket launches to get cargo (WMD) to the ISS and secret "earthraker" orbital island facility. But what about the lovely, healthy, physically fit sisters from Minnesota?

Robin and Annie Korkki
Resort management discovered Robin Korkki, 42, and her sister, Annie Korkki, 37, "unresponsive" in their villa on Sept. 22, according to Seychelles police spokesman Jean Toussaint.

922 - the double K (11) and the Korkki triple K 911 = SKULL AND BONES 322.  It is an easy decode by name, age and date to link this sacrificial death for the illuminati as a gift tho Lucifer for some  blessing on one of many of their projects. Whether the Banking fraud or the moving forward of world war chaos to a new world order is the difficult part of this mystery.
Thousands of miles away in the United States, relatives said they are looking for answers. In Minneapolis, their brother told a local paper that the family is getting no information on the case. Some family members have traveled to Seychelles to gather details and bring the sisters' bodies home.

The GPS says the family sits right at the end of the bloody 1-35 corridor in Minneapolis  and yet they were living independently in Denver and Chicago, two key cities in the NAU program. Denver will be one of two capital cities according to documents and Chicago may be "carbon central" in agenda 21. The sisters

Strange Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue

It could be as simple as another banker sacrifice to the dollar lords, but there may be more to this than just JP Morgan wealth management lawsuits and maybe a deeper crime was exposed. Annie Korkki did not work for the Dimon Jim Madoff group but instead worked in Chicago where she was the Head of FX and Metals at Allston Trading.

Was there a link between JPM and Allston to manipulate or even cover tracks beyond the forex scandal?

Korkki Sisters Double Death Solved, But Not the Mystery

"A coroner announced today that the Korkki sisters died of symptoms related to high altitude sickness, solving part of their double death mystery, but not all of it."  

Robin was living in Denver, a mile high city for years. Altitude sickness is a joke, a ridiculous assertion from a witch doctor indian coroner who just got a real nice paycheck. Seychelles Highest elevation: ‎905 m (2,969 ft)

Please spare us this drivel and let's assume they were not free flying in the clouds that day or free diving to the depths of the Indian Ocean.  Let us assume the same old bullshit we get daily from Coroners from Sandy Hook and the MSM who regurgitate the NTSB and other forensic frauds.

No illegal drugs were found. The heavy drinking is bullcrap as well.  What is not bunk is that they were cremated quickly and privately buried and the family was likely paid off and this will evaporate as quickly as possible into the X-files of assassinations and sacrificial world order deaths. What poison or Breitbart weapons were used will remain a mystery.

They strangely extended their stay for a few more days. Did they meet someone who offered them a ride to Diego Garcia, the pivot point to Antarctica?  Maybe they decided during the Jet Flight to depressurize the cabin and kill them. This would cause findings of the edema  due to hypoxia  which causes a rapid uptake of water when oxygen is deprived to the lungs blood and brain. The cells panic so to speak and swelling ensues.

Rapid decompression could be at play here if the autopsy was not forged and fixed.
Were they then returned to their hotel room in the dead of night? Authorities said they were suspicious when the sisters had not been seen for a day.

We can check this destination and affluent resort of our list of vacations spots because for a few thousand dollars a night the accommodations seem a bit high even if they did have a private butler. Did the butler do it? Who knows now. Medications were found in the room?  They were not illegal drugs, but Pharma is as lethal as any. Were the sisters both on the same medications? Acute Pulmonary and Cerebral Edema. I think not.  

Why were the  bodies cremated before family arrived to take possession? Why? I think we know why. The autopsies were done in Mauritius nearby Reunion Island where supposed pieces of Malaysian Flight 370 were found. It's all too fishy in the Indian Ocean these days but nothing is more fishy than the the Indian Ocean Vortex, one of several vile vortices like the Bermuda Triangle. There is much more here than the fiction we have received.


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    East coast Internet service attacks 'coming in waves'

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    What you had here was an inside job from the get-go. Another Russian blame job coming. Meanwhile the NSA has allowed a data breech for years and we are supposed to believe they could actually find a turd in a shoebox. I think not.

    The problem is that these agencies have been running cover for the criminal CEO's, Bankers and Politicians that they have forgotten how to actually catch a thief.


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