Wednesday, May 6, 2015

LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers


DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile billionaire emerges grinning from the shadows with young blonde companion (and velvet slippers) – and is set to rattle Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign over sex scandal links to Bill

Epstein, 62, is a former friend of Bill Clinton who gave him his private jet and donated $25,000 to Clinton foundation after abuse investigation began
Republican campaign strategists are keen to highlight links between Bill Clinton and the pedophile
Epstein took Bill on private jet for tour of Africa and Epstein's close friend Ghislaine Maxwell was guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding
Billionaire was last seen four years ago but retains homes in Manhattan, Florida and on his private American Virgin Island – where he hosted Bill
Has re-emerged after explosive court claims that he provided underage girl for sex with Prince Andrew – which the British royal publicly denied

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Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands

Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation
The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is a private science foundation known for establishing the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University with a $30 million gift to the university.[1] The Program for Evolutionary Dynamics is considered the first department of its kind to study the evolution of molecular biology with the sole use of mathematics. It is also one of the first departments to develop mathematical models of how human cancer cells evolve as well as infectious bacteria and viruses such as HIV.[2]

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is also known for giving one of the largest amounts of funding to individual scientists around the world. Since 2000, the Foundation has given approximately $200 million a year to many notable scientists including Stephen Hawking, Marvin Minsky, Eric Lander, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Smolin, George Church, Ben Goertzel, Kip Thorne, Gregory Benford and numerous Nobel laureates, including, Gerald Edelman, Murray Gell-Mann,Gerard ’t Hooft, David Gross, and Frank Wilczek.[3] Over the years, the Foundation has convened many of these scientists in conferences to discuss the consensus on fundamental science topics such as gravity, global threats to the Earth and language.[4]

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is based in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was established in 2000 by New York financier and science philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein, the Chairman and CEO of a New York investment firm called the Financial Trust Co.[5] Officially registered as J. Epstein VI Foundation, the "VI" stands for Virgin Islands, where Epstein owns a private island called Little Saint James near St. Thomas. The foundation's board includes Cecile de Jongh, the wife of the Governor of the islands, John de Jongh.

In addition to supporting science and education, Epstein sits on the board of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University. He is also actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at theInstitute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania.[6]Epstein is also well acquainted with Harvard's ex-president Larry Summers—the two served together on the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.[7]

Founded in 2003, the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED) is directed by Martin Nowak, a professor of mathematics and biology at Harvard.[8] In 2012, Martin Nowak and PED post-doctoral students, Benjamin Allen and Ivana Bozic, developed the first mathematical model of how human cancer cells evolve and specifically how they become immune to inhibitor therapy treatment.[9] Their research was conducted from the request of the Pathology and Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins University. The Department was trying to understand how the KRAS gene in colon cancer cells becomes activated after inhibitor drug therapy, making the cells resistant to treatment.[10]

By developing a mathematical model of colon cancer cell growth, Nowak and his team, showed how the KRAS gene is not actually activated or ‘switched on’ from inhibitor drugs but rather a small percentage of colon cancer cells with an already activated KRAS gene are immune from the start and come to dominate as the other cancer cells are destroyed by the inhibitor drug.[11] was critical in changing the approach to inhibitor drug therapy. Instead of applying drugs in sequence to one another in efforts to fight secondary and tertiary resistance, the Pathology and Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins are now exploring the use of a cocktail of inhibitor drugs to capture all colon cancer cell types: those with the activated KRAS gene and those without. The same tailored approach is underway for other cancer types.[12]

In 2010, PED's Ivana Bozic and Martin Nowak co-authored a mathematical study showing that most solid tumors contain 40 to 100 genetic mutations, but that on average only 5 to 15 of those actually drive tumor growth.[13] The findings were essential to the researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere because they demonstrated the importance of isolating only a key minority of mutated tumor cells for effective inhibitor treatment.[14]

In addition to working closely with the PED, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports many other areas of science research, including neuroscience, signal cell intelligence, cancer research, and other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s and Colitis disease.[15][16]

More recently, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has backed cutting edge research in Hong Kong and Berlin in the field of artificial intelligence: notably efforts to map and better identify the workings of the human brain.[17][18]


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LSJ = 18° 18′ 1″ N, 64° 49′ 32″ W

Connect the dots and coordinates. Look to the Kabbala and Joo-joo-bees. Epstein is smiling because he wears the Fleur-de-lis and the protection of the unholy Clinton, like Dershowitz, and the Royals (Prince Andrew)

The Zionist, eugenicists under committee will certainly continue their sacrificial rapings and murder of children. The underbelly of Saint James Island is more to the Dr. Moreau than Fantasy Island.  If you connect the dots from Harvard Eugenics to Zionist Israel and Jesuit Vatican and royal scams of the elite bloodlines, you can decipher the power the velvet slippers give this scummy creep and his associates.  Like Freemasonry. Rosicrucian, Fabian and the associated Cabal, the CFR, Trilateral and  Military  are deeply entrenched in the big event coming very, very soon.

We have seen the enormous amount of scandal, (by design) and the 24/7 deflection on race, cop, military exercises and a host of other non-related distraction.  The Lilly of the thorns Fleur-de-lis symbolizes purity and chastity of the  virgin and always the demonic forces love to flaunt the crime.

The Clinton Foundation and all the rest of the charitable paedophile and eugenics groups linked among this particular coordinate are all walking in Epstein's  slippers.  Look to the measly $25K donation by the billionaire to Bubba Clinton and the clue to the treatment Bill is getting for his HIV related brain cancer.  I posted Bill Clinton has AIDS? and was careful to use the "?" though I had no doubt he is dying and has succumbed to his insanity with or without his syphilitic lifestyle.


Bill Clinton has more to do and little time to do it. He has to assist in getting his criminal and fellow child molester partner into the oval office.  You can begin to hear the chatter on how Hillary can still win. But the work is really elsewhere in the committee's operation for TRANSFORMATION. The science of global governance, healthcare, climate change and bluebrain projects are the focus. Everything else are devil details to the coming vortex changes of what we know as reality. The Lilly of the unholy trinity has to be ushered in by the feminine. That is the time we are in now. Just stop for a moment and sense it. When Kate and William birthed their daughter (8 pounds 3 ounces=11) #4, it was a timely event in this agenda. The House of Windsor and the Virgin Islands have the Joo-joo-bees and Holyrood theatres money and backs covered. Epstein and his consortium of Kabbala associates are well covered.

The agenda of I$IS, Arab Spring, War on Women, the 44th, 811 and the entire eugenics agenda is feminine and the googleplex is loaded with diversion, but laced with clues.

Zoo In Japan Reconsiders 'Charlotte' For Name Of Newborn Monkey

Monkey business? Certainly an abundance of that but Fleur-de-lis is the focal point. Jeffrey Epstein playing the part for the cover-up of the real agenda. These include trade agreements, property rights, secret negotiations, Jade Helm and the zebranomics structure, the foundation of global enslavement and depopulation but the psychological agenda of project bluebeam is to bring the white girl bleed a lot  kind of agenda to the forefront.  It is part of the core of Genesis 6 and the destruction of Family and the power shift to the global authority.  All components of NWO are strategically working on the 'BASE'  of NWO and synthesis to One World Order.  Princess Diana, the Joan of Arc of Windsor present day can be marked as one of many sacrificial events of this ancient and advanced plan for world dominance. From Christ to Charlemaine, to Edward III and  the present day  bloodlines, the Heraldry remains intact only stronger thanks to the committee and administrators of this universal psyop and manipulation.

Buckingham realm

We are witness to the letters patent of the NWO and the TPP secret agreements are such instruments of understanding regarding the lives of billions of people being  agreed to by a monopoly of too big to jail.  Epstein, one of many Joo-joo-bees, is just another protected psychopath, pervert and eugenicist being  protected under the realm of USA Inc and EU realm authority.  Hillary is not breaking a sweat either, though Bill may be having some night sweats from his treatments on the Island of LSJ.

AFRICON and places like Haiti have felt the foundation's hands for years but we have had them on our genitalia for as long.



  1. Seems Bill is taking a turn for the worse. In 2013 he admitted to essential tremor in his hands but this is likely T-Cell count issues ans syndrome that often cases moderate to severe tremors. Possible HIV related Graves disease or brain tumor.

    You can see his alzheimers like speech issues as well

    NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO - Chris Hitchens (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011)

  2. Britons Vote in Most Unpredictable U.K. Election in Decades

    I predict Charlie Hebdo wins.