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Zebranomics 101

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World War II (aka GATT)

GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade]
GATT was signed in 1947, took effect in 1948, and lasted until 1994;

THE NINE ROUNDS (aka assent to Agenda 21)

WTC 1993 War on Terror (al-qaeda "the Base")

WOT War on Trade / WTO World Terror Organization

Four other states, China, Lebanon, Liberia, Syria, were parties to GATT but subsequently withdrew from the treaty prior to the establishment of the WTO. The remaining WTO members acceded after first becoming WTO observers and negotiating membership. China has since acceded to the WTO.

List of observers - wikipedia

The following table lists all current observers.[12][29] Within five years of being granted observer status by the WTO, states are required to begin negotiating their accession to the organization.[12]

CountryDate of membership application
 Afghanistan21 November 2004
 Algeria3 June 1987
 Andorra4 July 1997
 Azerbaijan30 June 1997
 The Bahamas10 May 2001
 Belarus23 September 1993
 Bhutan1 September 1999
 Bosnia and Herzegovina[a]11 May 1999
 Comoros22 February 2007
 Equatorial Guinea19 February 2007
 Ethiopia13 January 2003
 Holy SeeNone[b] (Observer since 16 July 1997)[30]
 Iran19 July 1996
 Iraq30 September 2004
 Kazakhstan29 January 1996
 Lebanon[c]30 January 1999
 Liberia[c]13 June 2007
 Libya10 June 2004
 São Tomé and Príncipe14 January 2005
 Serbia[a]23 December 2004
 Seychelles[d]31 May 1995
 Sudan11 October 1994
 Syria[c]10 October 2001
 Uzbekistan8 December 1994

  1. :a b Successor state to a state that was a party to GATT.[13]

  2. The Holy See is exempted from having to negotiate full WTO membership.[12]

  3. a b c Was a party to GATT prior to withdrawing.[15][13]

  4. Membership terms agreed upon pending approval by the General Council in December 2014.[31]

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement (aka New America Free Terror Association)

Intellectual Property (aka monopoly)

TRIPS Agreement [Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights]

WTC 911 September 11, 2001

Doha Development Round (aka ISIS) 2001-2014

Doha Declaration [Signed in Doha Qatar November 2001 [Qatar Terror Network and the country where the US has it's largest Military Base of Operations] Qatar ISIS

2013  Bali Package (aka Monsanto Monopoly GMO)

2007 Bali Declaration (aka Climategate Hoax)

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPP (aka ISIS - Trade Profit Proliferation)

PP Intellectual Property Chapter
TPP Agreement Documents
TPP Environment Consolidated Text
TPP Environment Chairs Report
Updated TPP Intellectual Property Chapter
“Give your money to the ones who will spend it on jihad, not aid,” -Sheikh Hajaj al-Ajmi, Doha Qatar

Do like the USA and Americans and spend your blood and treasure to support the ISIS effort

AID = Jihad

Zebranomics and the UNWO Mafia

Behind the "thousand points of light", the secret united nation world governing body, the foundations, NATO MIC and corporate sponsors and other corporate administrators operates the brain-trust of the transformation team. Behind the Club of Rome, Le Cercle, KOM and all the other enforcers and caporegime governments are the architects and designers of the global agenda.  Ultimately its about possession in all its true form.

What separates the laws from the rules is possession. The degree of possession ultimately determines rank. Seeing beyond the Monetary aspects of the world financial hierarchy is where the real power lies. Though money is the root of all evil, the real rot of the root has nothing to do with money but the illusion of power over life and death. Money just facilitates the illusion and buys the energy needed to maintain the power and forces.

When you look closely at the basis of the financial system and how it functions you can make your own decision about the reality or illusion it represents in your life personally and what degree you are willing to be possessed by its power and force.  Then you can go beyond that and see how it played out historically since the introduction of paper currency.  I have taken just the Market from World War II to date and corresponding Trade Secrets that illustrate the concept of Human Assets, Carbon Economy concepts and Slave Labor.

World War II was an extension of WWI, an uncompleted process to implement a global framework that failed with the League of Nations. Obviously the wars accomplished the main objectives of population excesses, debt bubbles, and opportunity for central bank Rothschild  consolidation as well as treaty and declarations toward global authority and acceptance.  Never wasting opportunities the creation of the state of Israel and the balance of power for Japan and Germany were bonuses.  Possession of the hearts and minds were key elements of post war profit reallocation and redistribution to the global mafia and accountants.

The inducements to join central power centers and globalist regimes are always monetary and history has repeatedly shown us that they always fail or at best come up way short of the assurances during the sales pitch.  It was necessary though in order for the Caporegime to be possessed by the Boss and its consiglieres.

If you look at the GATT project (811) you see the Base of the Trade Terror network. You can review GLADIO as the foundation for the foundations to operated within the nation states for the ultimate possession of the sovereigns.  Further review should offer you a perspective to many events that were required to ratify the objectives of the Globalist Mafias agenda.  Though you may come up with slightly different players and avatars, the events always coincide with forces or power plays that were needed to move the agenda forward.  The Kennedy Round for example was the notable action taken to assassinate a president who risked the whole system. Not just the Silver certificate but the trade agreements and treaties that would form the present European Union. The French veto was a prelude to the Malta regime assassination. Later the Chicken Wars would have direct connection to LBJ and the Vietnam War.

The WTO of 1994

The timeline hits the mark at every pre-accession to the WTO by nation states. From the Marrakesh Agreement to the Doha Development Rounds of 2014, the observer states have had their persuaders and possessors applying the Terror Force Majeure that coincides with their adoption of the agenda and all it's rules.

[Four other states, China, Lebanon, Liberia, Syria, were parties to GATT but subsequently withdrew from the treaty prior to the establishment of the WTO. The remaining WTO members acceded after first becoming WTO observers and negotiating membership. China has since acceded to the WTO.]

Time is Money and there is always interest to pay. In the fact above we have seen the action and forces that have shaped events and ultimately won the hearts and minds of the caporegimes in China, Lebanon, Syria, and  Liberia. Though China is complicated by Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau, the rest are easily identified by events and the timeline of Observer and the entry into force or forced to entry move. Regardless they all feel the hand of ISIS in play. Syria, Lebanon and  Liberia are either not meeting their obligation of accession  and are subsequently being targeted as the list above shows for prior accession observers. Libya, Bosnia, etc, etc etc, going back to 1948 and GATT can lay out a roadmap from Kissinger in South America Treaty of Rome to Herman Van Rompuy.and the Treaty of Lisbon, the underbosses and caporegimes are completing the Agenda 21 political and geographical design of the master architects for One World Government.

The TTP Trans-Pacific Partnership aka ISIS will complete the Terror Trade Network and consolidate the Pareto Bretton Woods IMF global financial monopoly over the entire unsuspecting peoples of all nations.  Under the cover of chaos and confusion for the average citizen is a carefully crafted Declaration of World Order and dominance controlled by a United Nations based authority and international banking monopoly that will emerge from these seemingly separated regimes. The unifying process works the same as the process to induct the member states independently. Persuasion tactics and  possession will still dominate the force of entry into the world authoritarian council by way of financial, health and employment factors controlled by the intellectual rights, patents and trade regulations of this global development elite and the rules of force over life and death that have historically placed a value on a human being.

The DOHA ROUNDS are a series of programs much like ISIS or  Fiscal Ebola presented as an audio-visual version of compliance to the Force Majeure of this invisible authority of enforcers who are funded, aided and promoted by the accountants of the Global Security apparatus and Mafia Bosses.

The Bali factor has married the Climatology  of Weather Wars, Chemtrails, Carbon Economy, Food Supply and Control in such a way that the UN will have no problem getting the consensus of the Caporegime Unions formed by GATT, EEC, NAU-SPP and TPP to one mind. Population control, Climate change and Malthusian dynamics require drastic measures. What difference does it make at that point whether they accept it or not. The possession process is already complete. Comply or die under a Mafia Family ultimatum. We have seen this process in smaller micro-events around the world.

We watch the famine in countries at the same time the farm subsidies are being doled out.  The TPP will make sure those subsidies will  remain in place, only under the TRIPS/DOHA scams that look to dump GMO, PhrMA and Toxic Products into the LDC's (least developed countries) to eliminate the glaring reality of facts.

The USA people have been the lab rats for eugenics and the health nazis for decades. The disease vectors and statistics follow the trade open markets of these toxic economies to the letter. The least developed countries have no disease excluding the Mafia's pre-planned and aided campaigns from water contamination to GMO food imports under AID and the medicines and vaccinations and virus spreading programs from AIDS to Ebola. If not for these there would be no disease in lesser developed countries. Famine by  Environmental Modification have kept mortality numbers in sync but there has always been a glaringly obvious discrepancy to disease in First World and Third World nations.  This will be easily remedied by the DOHA AID and exceptions for third world dumping in exchange for their treasure and resources as payment.

The Pareto Progression for Profit Proliferation has been modified from the original IMF based formula to the ancient Rothschild principle. Competition is a Sin. More like competing is a sin when you can monopolize the trade and hold the patents on life itself.  It helps keep the Pareto rule 80-20 in this crime family moving ever so higher as time goes on. The TPP will go further to assist the UN funding for the modified Pareto Efficiency in depopulation which is projected to be 80-90% reduction.

The rule of allocation of resources in which it is impossible to make any one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off will work with extreme prejudice against those who fail to be persuaded or refused to be possessed and it's the innocent people who will succumb. We the assets are assessed against the resources and though both are manipulated through the forces of the global syndicate we see the enormous numbers of citizens who have already been persuaded and-or possessed by the Zebranomics of the Master Architects and Magicians.

There are coming events to time with the ongoing vortex cycling of the DOHA ROUNDS and TPP processes.  There are abundant disagreements by the twelve nation members as was the case with GATT and  WTO but the process continued to operate on the force and principles laid out here until they were put into force and the consensus had been reached.  Agenda 21 is the granddaddy of the TPP and all previous trade and environmental accords and if progress isn't achieved at pace the level of force will be far greater than the WTO-911-Al-qaeda triad. We will see exponentially greater power unleashed and increased death as it works in favor of the main agenda anyway..

Malaysia has been targeted as others previously. If you want a scorecard here are the Salt Lake positions in a well-formed document. This information from WikiLeaks is well presented and a very good initial education on a matter of life and death.


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