Sunday, September 23, 2018

What's Cooking?

VIDEO REPORT: US Diplomats Involved in Trafficking of Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret Military Program
In her latest investigation, we learn about the Pentagon’s biolaboratory in the Republic of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, and the diplomatic cover provided to traffick in “human blood and pathogens for a secret military program.”

It follows the nine eleven vortex for the Pandemic, epidemic and false flag extravaganza slated for 2019. It may be the most exciting year of the Millennium since 2001 and 2010 to 2019 completes the cycle. Incrementally the third year for 811 was 2004 and the flu and anthrax staged events were interesting. What has been also quite interesting is the recent closing of the Solar Observatory and local post office *tunnel undergroiind bunker" in New Mexico and the recent Novichok event with the Syrian Chemical attacks staged by the covert ISIS white helmets and aided by UN and associated NATO Gladio operatives..

Timing is perfect for the release of the Kracken in a biological threat which will likely be chemical event to cover a biological viral agenda. The everything vaccination scenario will be at play I predict. This is not your mothers  ricin,, anthrax or pneumonic plague and not the ones that the U.S. created and used in Africa including HIV Aids, Ebola and Lassa Fever but better and more specific genome targeted killers.

Resurrection and refinement is the ticket for new and better bacteria and viruses and more creative vectors, their hosts and staged releases under the cover of geo-chemtrails and volcanic ash releases or the controlled war on terror narratives of state actors such as Russia, North Korea and Iran.

As Russians were expelled from the EU after the Novichok fraud, you must wonder why the US Military were welcomed in Africa after the Ebola outbreak. Africom is just another method of invading and then controlling a foreign sovereign nation as they did post 911 in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the NWO dialectic, the triad always offers multiple opportunities and profit in theft, redistribution of wealth and power grab or regime change. The deep state has had more problems with Syria than previous WMD coups because Assad has not attacked the U.S. As weary as we are with the false flag it will never go away and therefore we should be prepared for this before they make their move for Syria, Iran and Russia.

The leaders are all corrupt and know the game. African leaders as well. It's possible Gaddafi was the last one to realize he was not in the loop. When he pronounced "this is not supposed to happen" before his death and  I took notice. Sometimes the SPECTRE team goes off script. When the stakes are high enough the ante is always thousands and millions of lives.

2019 fits the year for another 911. This time, the Agenda 21 goals have got to be considered. All the Trump Theatre cannot cover up the real news and clues to a pandemic, biological attack or black swan coming from the Masters of the Human Domain.
"The accusations you outlined are totally absurd and likely an invention of the fanciful Russian disinformation campaign against the west," Defense Department spokesperson Eric Pahon said on Friday. "The United States is not developing biological weapons in the Lugar Center. These are also not US facilities."
Earlier this week, former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze said during a press-conference in Moscow that he has reports about deaths that could be the result of vaccine tests in the US-funded laboratory known as the Lugar Center.

Giorgadze said he had received documents revealing the laboratory could be running experiments related to Hepatitis Type C. The documents reveal that 30 people had died in December 2015 and 43 more in April and August of 2016, and the probable cause of death could be the use of medicine, Giorgadze added.

READ MORE: US Lab in Georgia May Have Engaged in Lethal Experiments on People

There are many new MSM predictive programming transmissions coming from the Googleplex regarding all the chemical and biological possible scenarios. This algorithm tells me we are in for an exciting climate change year in 2019. It may be triggered by another Ft. Detrick or UK false flag.

We will wonder who will be the 'actor' state or lone wolf to play the Patsy for NWO spinsters and Agenda 21 narrators. Trump Theatre isn't able to deflect the  clues to a Luciferian Lord of the Flies event. I give it a near 100% chance of this event post midterms to the 3 year and 9 cycle that is 2019. So the date will be subject to vortex rules which would be November to April. I would not be surprised with a Hollows Eve chemical or poisoning before this event.
:ocations are always clued to other events and I pick some obvious targets like Ukraine, Geogia, Belarus, Syria and vectors to include UK and USA through the flying economy and refugee programs. Information still indicates the midnight flights are coming into midwest hubs.

If this holds true to the cycle we could see a high profile assassination and sacrifice before the event. Matbe Hollywood or Holyrood. This could be the lingering McCain from the grave. As for the Kavanaugh (11) Scam, I said he would not be seated on the SOTUS bench but that the Jesuit Amy Coney Barrett who the vortex and I believe was the real anointed pick by the Joo-joo-bee committee. We will see but there is no doubt this whole Kavanaugh Caper is all theater and planned. This is the "Hook" in a Triad that sheeple just cannot grok. The phony narrative is obvious and I'd stake my horse on the fact this party never existed. They want you to know this is a political hatchet job, with all the trimmings to divide and deflect the real world climate change coming very soon.
Story image for biological weapons from Washington Examiner

US Lab in Georgia at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims ...

Oct 15, 2013 - The laboratory, formally known as the Richard GLugar Center for Public Health Research, became the target of a renewed attack by Russian ...

Can you say Novichok? Can you say Spirit Cooking?   Can you name the dish  and the chefs?

Never forget Malaysia 370. It was all biological as was MH-17!


  1. UK spies help THWART Russian plot against Swiss chemical and biological WEAPONS laboratory

  2. Keywords Bern and Florence, New Bern, Spiez


  3. 8/24/18
    Hypoxia': MH370 Pilot Slurred Words As Cockpit Filled With Smoke – Reports

    Where do they get the human subjects and blood? From the frequent fliers from 911 through MH370.

    We will never find this plane until they use it in another staged event. No telling what experiments the passengers have been subjected to,

  4. How are you doing? I have been very badly affected by a smart meter at my brother-in-law's. Thank goodness it is not at our house. If so, I'll have to make my move to a hut in the forest. I suppose it is inevitable. It takes me a long time to recover, and I have to limit my time on the computer, so I don't drop by as much as I would like to.

    The EMFs people are so addicted to will make them more vulnerable to pathogens, both by weakening their immune systems and by strengthening the pathogens.

  5. Hi Pat - Sorry to hear your tales of the EMR. We were in Florence EMR zone and were sick for those days.

    Softkill is all about 5G and bio-Immune kill. Funny how MH-17 was full of Biologists and virologists and MH-370 was full of Electronic Warfare experts. huh?

    It's funny how much propaganda is emerging regarding these topics. I suspect we see the 12 monkeys soon. Human trafficking and experimentation has been state sponsored for decades. I assume they have quite an arsenal by now.

  6. You know something is afoot, and they are trying for all their worth to engineer a genocide that somehow does not include themselves. I reckon not all that much faith in their vaunted vaccines, or they'd have turned something awful loose on us already. It's mostly psyops to distract us at this time. OTOH, I think 5G may be a real threat. It uses phased arrays, i.e., mini-HAARPs, and is beamed to its target, penetrating walls and people. I'll bet you see the same potential for mischief that I see. I just finished helping translate Firstenberg's appeal into Japanese:

  7. 5G is the death ray. Millimeter size assassins that act as kryptonite to normal cellular function. This is where the rubber meets the road for victims, Blood brain barrier, free radical, protein malformation, Lipid distress and a host of other introductions into the host via PHARMA, VAX, GMO, Nano aerosols from ge0engineering and Mogellons RF fiber antennae.

    Your phase arrays are a MESH Network coming to every street pole and home in blocks. Smart Meters and Cellular will enable upload and secure private enterprise monitoring to the cloud D-Wave based hubs. The kicker is that Apple and Google Amazon will have the APPS to give you for free (the Hook) to monitor your location, vitals and thoughts. Voice to skull may still be in beta stage but its likely already here.

    Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos may be the two most ruthless and dangerous beings on earth. When they concluded the Chip 666 was too controversial, the answer was introduce the chip, sensors and transmitters in three separate components. I released a small black foreign object from my temple last year. It came as a pimple and left as a microdot. No telling how far it traveled.

    China is their proving ground and they are years ahead in this state-sponsored total spectrum surveillance and dominance agenda. its sad to know that when the 5G and Cloud come to users as gifts, the mind controlled Borg en masse, will opt in. Also sad is the fact that no amount of resistance by health experts or awake citizens will derail this train and chain of events of the Buy-Sell-Trade express.

    On their MARK, Set. Go we will all be running a race against death.

  8. Thanks for the link. I recently rejected the new smart meter. I know it's there. They made me sign off and I informed my neighbors to do the same. I doubt they rejected it. This is how 5G will spread. I have already set monitoring 6 - 60 GHz on my spectrum analyzer. I will report findings here. Today the HAARP rains have returned to the saturated Carolinas. Fell the typical flu and joint symptoms this AM and know they are churning the Gulf systems to continue the southern Jet northerly while continuing the Pacific el HAARP-NINO in the west.

    I have seen huge spikes in Police Calls regarding suicides. Here they call it a "Welfare Checks" These you cash by cutting your wrists or expelling your gray matter on the wall.

  9. They are thorough, aren't they! Cell phones were an obvious Trojan horse a long time ago. Suddenly everyone had a ball and chain, most considering it a "life saver," some loathing it, but forced by work/dependents/etc. to accept it. They considered me lucky for having a good excuse to refuse one. My husband usually considers himself lucky to have me, though occasionally the inconvenience gets to him. You have to sacrifice a lot to avoid them, and it's only going to get worse.

    About the time they take down COTO and other dissident sites, then there will be nothing good about the Internet at all. Anyone dependent on the convenience will be setting themselves up for misery, no matter how you slice it. The sensitive who spotted this a long way off are probably most fortunate, if they can find means of coping, but it will be torture.

  10. You know, that's what it is for most people. I went for officer training in the Air Force, and expected it to be stressful but exhilarating, like everyone said. But it was stressful and, uh...depressing? I was totally mystified for years. I also became a grouch with no way of telling when I would feel irritated. I blamed myself. This is how it is hitting most people, except by increasingly larger factors. Learning about EMFs helped me psychologically. I could tell when I was going to get irritated, and apologize up front, quit blaming myself, and even tolerate those situations better. We are both so lucky to know what is going on and how it is affecting us. Way ahead of these poor phoneheads. They are saying smartphones are more addictive than heroin.

  11. How many would you expect commit suicide if the social Wireless media enterprise were to crash? Not joking but this is a tipping point I am certain. Others would have to go bask to face to face interaction and speaking again. They would eventually come out of their coma and realize it was not as advertised. No more thumbs for the dumbs. :)

  12. Moving out of South Florida for the mountains and ditching phones, PHARMA and the stress of traffic and phoneheads was the best thing I ever did, Quitting all alcohol was also a great decision. GMO, Corn Syrup and alcohol is now a cancer risk. Heroin would be better than all of these.

    Better living is all about 'less is more' and Death by Progress is their game

  13. Good for laughs....

    Presidents from Reagan to Obama ultimately recognized the importance of science and high-level international cooperation in addressing climate change

    Declassified documents show pendulum swings in U.S. policy – from climate commitment, to rejection, and back to engagement under Bush 43

    You can decode the first paragraph and see the global mafia and technocracy that is 'man made climate change' ala weather modification weapons. After making their billions destroying the planet it was easy to create climate change to snuff emerging countries from competing.

    MAN-BEAR-PIG, by our 43rd President, Al Gore.

    Carolina Weather Forecast for October 2019

  14. This is one of those recent shylocks still standing vertical:

  15. 50 G's for 5G


    Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$ From AT&T, Verizon and Comcast??


  16. Made in the USA!

    WHO official warns Ebola outbreak may turn into 'perfect storm'


  17. Anthrax- Made in the USA

    DOD Fails to Implement Biosecurity Years after Army Lab Mistakenly Sent 575 Anthrax Samples

  18. Well done. My first website was devoted to the Clinton Body Count,

    Jesuit Rhodes Scholars like Billyboy are connected well to Bush, QE2 and Zecret Service of her majesty. Like Diana, no one is immune outside the circle. [COR]


    U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

    The US currently maintains the largest stockpile of both chemical and biological warfare agents of any nation on the planet, and continues to expand its biological weapons research and development on a scale far larger than any other country.


  20. Gene editing - Designer Death - Denver Underground

    Terrorists potentially target millions in makeshift biological weapons ‘laboratories’

  21. Bad News

    We are not in Kansas anymore/


  22. As the third case of monkeypox is reported in the UK, we take a look at this rare, little-known disease.

    What is monkeypox?

  23. Executives are selling off their company's stock at a record pace


    Look at this screenshot from 9-28-18 12:08pm EST. Examine what's going on off the western U.S. coast, namely California. It appears the winds that hit the CA coast simply bounce off (if you're watching it with movement on Apparently, some kind of barrier is still in place not allowing precipitation into CA

  25. There is some pushback now. The overreach has hit such an absurd level that the frogs in the pot are starting to wake up. We'll see how the cooks respond:

  26. I suppose they want to start by dealing with the "excess" population of California? The "flyover" states would not object.


  28. That will be a novel experience for the Sonoran! Right now we have Typhoon What's It Called (Tranny? They never tell us the names, only the serial numbers) headed straight our way as apparently a Cat 2. We bought extra repair supplies for the greenhouse.


    Worth a short minute.

  30. I count 6 "storms" now whirling; see and

    A 2nd storm now behind Trami which is still over Japan. Rosa parked down south off U.S. west coast, and a huge storm, "Leslie" which looks like it will hit the U.S. east coast.

    This is fascinating about Hillary being shot by her Seal bodyguard in Iran, who was subsequently suicided, while Hillary probably cloned/doubled --

    Just rumors, remember...