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Holy See -  Money Flow – Currents (currency/fiat) .   You were born into slavery when your mother gave birth. You were not birthed but berthed like a ship that comes from the sea into port.  When your mother's water broke you arrived  from sea to land. You were given a strawman name under the corporation known as USA Inc. (all in caps)

You are registered on New York and your contract is held in Puerto Rico. (IRS)

Trade - Buy - Sell  But Agenda 21 is mostly a LIQUIDATION!!! Admiralty Law uses the terms of water as we are not living persons but human chattel and when we become sovereign and no longer citizens   we are true sovereigns. When you gain the knowledge of the real world you may find your self a persona non gratae.

Zebranomixs is the system of economics that deals with the deception of money and human assets.  fiat paper currencies are just smaller instruments and not really the reality of debt. You were born into a bankruptcy held by the trust and these private financiers hold, trade and administrate your fictitious person.  In all economic matters you are dead or non living. From the British Accreditation Regency BAR, the non-Judge agents for the Crown to the Corptocracy that transacts on your financial and legal contracts, you are under the rule of UCC. You are a utility, an instrument of energy.  human capital under the auspices of the Federal Departments of Energy, Commerce, Transportation etc. none of which recognize you as a living being.  UCC governs all these organizations. and includes all Federal Prisons and the private, for profit ones as well. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Who killed Ray Taliaferro and why?

Ray Taliaferro Missing

Who killed Ray Taliaferro and why?

Longtime Bay Area journalist Ray Taliaferro found dead

Exclusive: Wife of late Bay Area radio legend Ray Taliaferro breaks her silence

"I feel there was foul play in bringing him to that area to start with," Raphael Taliaferro, Ray Taliaferro's son said. "There's something going on."

After Bay Area Radio Host Ray Taliaferro went missing in Kentucy he was found dead.


Ray Taliaferro, an award-winning radio broadcaster, was missing from November 10 to December 2. In a heartbreaking conclusion to the search for the award-winning journalist, he was found dead on December 2. Taliaferro was 79. Here is what you need to know about what happened to the popular and respected radio journalist.

22 DAYS - #22 is a real clue to the Satanist Jesuit Luciferian occult.


1. Ray Taliaferro Was Last Seen Talking to the Manager of Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky, Before He Was Found Dead Nearly a Month Later


Mellow Mushroom | Out Of This World Pizza 

 Sadly, his story came to a heartbreaking conclusion. On December 2, ABC 7 reported that he was found dead behind Brooks Stadium in Paducah, Kentucky after he had been missing for three weeks. His son gave the following statement at the time: “It is with great sadness that the Taliaferro family has to announce the passing of Ray Taliaferro. His body was found in Paducah, Kentucky in a wooded area approximately a mile from where he was last seen. The family appreciates the support and help we received in our search for Ray. This is a devastating ending to our search for him over these past weeks. The family is in the process of working with the police to learn the matters surrounding his death. At this time, we are processing this turn of events and ask for privacy as we work through our loss.”

source: Ray Taliaferro Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ray Taliaferro Missing

Facebook Ray Taliaferro Missing
Ray Taliaferro, an award-winning radio broadcaster, was missing from November 10 to December 2. In a heartbreaking conclusion to the search for the award-winning journalist, he was found dead on December 2. Taliaferro was 79. Here is what you need to know about what happened to the popular and respected radio journalist.

1. Ray Taliaferro Was Last Seen Talking to the Manager of Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky, Before He Was Found Dead Nearly a Month Later

Taliaferro was a native of San Francisco but later moved to Illinois. He was last seen in Paducah, Kentucky, talking to the manager of the Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant in early November, Mercury News reported.
Sadly, his story came to a heartbreaking conclusion. On December 2, ABC 7 reported that he was found dead behind Brooks Stadium in Paducah, Kentucky after he had been missing for three weeks. His son gave the following statement at the time: “It is with great sadness that the Taliaferro family has to announce the passing of Ray Taliaferro. His body was found in Paducah, Kentucky in a wooded area approximately a mile from where he was last seen. The family appreciates the support and help we received in our search for Ray. This is a devastating ending to our search for him over these past weeks. The family is in the process of working with the police to learn the matters surrounding his death. At this time, we are processing this turn of events and ask for privacy as we work through our loss.”
If you have any information about what happened to him, contact the Massac County Sheriff’s Department at 618-524-2912 or the Paducah Police Department at 270-444-8548.

2. There Were No Signs of Foul Play, But His Son Believed ‘There’s Something Going On’ After His Body Was Found

Ray Taliaferro Missing
Raphael hired a private investigator to look into his dad’s death. He said that his wife said he had driven away, but his dad “wasn’t a driving person” and always took a cab.

3. His Wife Reported Him Missing the Morning of November 10, & He Was Seen Six Hours Later About 20 Miles Away

Taliaferro turned 79 in February.
Charlotte Crawford married Ray Taliaferro just a few months before he went missing, ABC 7 reported. She told ABC 7 in a statement: “We are all so saddened at the loss of my beloved Ray and hope that all his friends and family can come together to honor the man and the legacy of a great pioneer.”

4. His Car Was Found in Paducah, Kentucky & He Was Showing Signs of Dementia

 Taliaferro’s car was found in a parking lot of a bank in Paducah, Sheriff Ted Holder told the SF Chronicle. Several people said they spoke with him that afternoon, but no one had seen him since.
According to a missing person flyer, Taliaferro “may be experiencing disorientation and signs of dementia.” His wife said he had “forgetful spells,” KFVS 12 reported.

5. Taliaferro Was the Nation’s First Black Talk-Show Host in a Major Market Radio Station

 In 1976, Taliaferro became the nation’s first black talk-show host in a major market radio station when he joined KNEW AM 910, Mercury News reported. He was also head of the NAACP in San Francisco and was the first black member of the city’s art commission.
Taliaferro was a very popular radio commentator, hosting KGO Newstalk AM-810 from 1 to 5 a.m. starting in 1986. He was inducted into the National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Fame in 2011. He helped found the National Association of Black Journalists in 1975, and was awarded the Black Chamber Life Award in 1994, SF Chronicle reported. He was noted as a “forerunner in broadcasting.”
 Link 1
It is almost 400 miles from Chicago to Peducah KY.  There is inconsistencies in different articles of locations.

 The 79-year-old had worked for more than three decades at radio station KGO in San Francisco. Taliaferro was the first black talk show host at a major market radio station in the U.S.

Ray Taliaferro (left) talks with Brian Henry, the music director of West End Baptist Church.
Taliaferro was last seen at West End Baptist Church in Paducah on Nov. 10.  Surveillance video shows he arrived at the church at around 4:45 p.m. that day, then talked with Brian Henry, the church’s music director.

  There is way too much disinfo implanted in this event to be seen as a supposed Dementia patient and the immediate "no foul play" meme. It is NWO baseball and the umpires are directing it. Any autopsy by "officils" are suspect. We learned that from JFK.   There is no such thing as a Quincy anymore.  The  Fraternal Order has police, FBI and medical officials in sync with media to steer, narrate and deflect the truth.  Thanks to the leviathan known as the Googleplex, the information is left to FOIA which itself is sequestered and redacted to the black holes of history..

“He came to the door and knocked on the glass, and said that his name was Ray Taliaferro, and he had been by this building several times is the way he described it. And he just wanted to stop and introduce himself,” Henry recalled. “Then he proceeded to pretty much tell me his life story about growing up in San Francisco, being involved with music at Second Baptist Church there, and he was the first man of color, as he put it, to be hired by KGO Radio.”
Photos courtesy: Karl Mondon/The Mercury News
Henry said Taliaferro was very eloquent and polite, but he did notice a pattern that concerned him.
“The conversation pretty much repeated itself. It seemed like he had forgotten what he was saying or had forgotten that he had told me that,” said Henry. “Reintroduced himself several times. One thing he did say that made me think that definitely, he didn’t know what year it was, as he told me that ‘Obama is a great President, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to get reelected for the second term’.”
After talking with Taliaferro for about 15 minutes, Henry informed Taliaferro that he had to take a phone call. Henry said Taliaferro then walked out.

What we can learn from the books of the past is how the Jesuit and Vatican Assassins have taken over the churches and infiltrated the denominations.  This was the case for Billy Graham and what we have proof of is the clergy response and the pressure put on churches to keep their tax free 501(c)(3) status.  We also have seen multiple cases of church involved staged mass shootings events as well as refugee terrorist network hubs. Profit centers for illegal and unconstitutional programs under resettlement. What is is is another Gadio c AGENDA 21 PROGRAM TO TRANSFORM AMERICA'S CULTURAL IDENTITY AND DESTROY THE NUCLEAR FAMILY.  What do we know about Ray and his religion?

Henry said he had thought Taliaferro was a local man who was just out on a stroll. He recalled that Taliaferro — who was wearing a black coat, black sock hat, black pants, and dark shoes — was well-kempt and upbeat.
Photo courtesy: Karl Mondon/The Mercury News
“There were no indications that he may have been in trouble or someone was after him or anything like that,” said Henry. “He was very courteous, very kind.”
 Still, Henry said he was concerned for Taliaferro’s mental state. So Henry looked online for Taliaferro’s family members and found the man’s son on social media. They communicated back and forth before Henry learned from investigators that Taliaferro was reported missing.
Taliaferro had still lived in San Francisco but was in rural Massac County, Illinois, with his wife on Nov. 10 to look at a property she inherited. The wife told deputies that Taliaferro suddenly drove away. Hours later, Taliaferro was spotted in Paducah at three locations: the Mellow Mushroom pizzeria, the Independence Bank across the street, and the nearby West End Baptist Church.
The staff at Independence Bank said Taliaferro walked in, talked a bit about his life, then went on to admire the architecture. The car Taliaferro was driving was found abandoned at the bank’s parking lot.

Has anyone ever dealt with Dementia patients?  Do they drive hundreds of miles to specific locations and converse with numerous people at multiple locations? My experiences were far different. My patients were incoherent, confused and unable to know where they were or where they were going. Usually they were completely lost and could not provide any information regarding where they were or where they were going.

Is it possible Ray was a TI? A targeted individual in some nefarious agenda? Yes. Is it possible but I focus on the numbers and it is apparent the time and numerology connect Ray's death with GHW Bush. As an admitted atheist and white man GOP attacker, Ray had been a strong critic of  Magog Bush and his kin. I believe Ray was murdered in a sacrificial slaying for Magog who the media reported dead on November 30. Some think Bush's death is a hoax and some think at least his evil spirit lives on but I think this death raises much suspicion and the events appear to be scripted.  It has been over a moth since Ray's body was discovered and the information is very weak.

Coroner: Legendary Bay Area Radio Host Likely Died Of Exposure

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Retired Bay Area broadcast legend Ray Taliaferro, whose body was found in the woods in Paducah, Kentucky, likely died from exposure to the elements, the coroner announced late Tuesday night.
In a late night news release, the Paducah police department said foul play had been ruled out in his death.
“An autopsy was conducted today at the Regional Crime Lab in Madisonville,” the statement said. “A report has not been finalized, but exposure to the elements may have been a factor in the California man’s death.”
The Criminal Coroner Consortium has deemed the death to "Exposure" But what is exposure. In NWO Climate science it is not just elements of weather. As I have written on numerous occasions, climate change is beyond weather and includes the elements of human conditions and metaphysical elements of reality over the empirical delusions we accept as our reality.  This includes my concept of human bondage, economic slavery, mind-control, universal conspiracy and full spectrum dominance by a organized central complex of technologies and committee of intelligentsia.  This scrum enterprise is a complex alchemist driven system of social, financial , medical and natural science controllers and manipulators. A case such as this where someone disappaears and dies is a very simple algorithm.  It's I and O and 1-9.   

 "I feel there was foul play in bringing him to that area to start with," Raphael Taliaferro, Ray Taliaferro's son said. "There's something going on."
 The only truth is in the above revelation from the son of Ray.  This "Foul Play" is part of the vortex. The "Exposure" a component of the false paradigm. There is something going on and it is not ubiquitous. The biblical Genesis to Revelation provide vectors of truth better than any source of information.  All we will ever know about this particular event is that something was going on. The Vectors and vertices of the numbers are undecoded and the data random and unreliable.  Is it possible Ray was saying goodbye on his way to the grave? Is his new bride involved? Is the Bush Crime Syndicate exacting revenge?  Is it the NWO sacrificial rite at play?  Is there a deeper Pizzagate Pedophile factor behind this?  Did Ray go to the woods to meet  'Indrid Cold?' A meeting with the men in black from Thule Ultima?

We can forever ponder these conspiracies and yet once again arrive at one conclusion that the official narrative is a fraud and that the truth may be one or all of these explanations. This is how our world operates and how all things connect inside the matrix where we are forbidden.

 The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep,. 
And miles to go before I sleep,. 
And miles to go before I sleep.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019: Ultima Thule And NWO "New Horizons"

Oh those crazy eights.  Yes friends we have arrived at the start of another Vortex Cycle. 2019 as I have stated for Agenda 21 goals will be a critical year.  This 11 year marker for the criminal mafia and techofascistswill present some real divbersion for the deep cover of the Project known as Bluebeam.

I will finally decode the Economist 2019 Cover with some predictions but more to the continuing mind control, predictive programming and secret astrological alchemists fabrications to induct you into the Godless R4ealms of the Transformation.

NASA's New Horizons Just Made the Most Distant Flyby in Space ...

Nancy Roman, 'Mother of Hubble,' Has Died at 93 -

 Funny is it not that the time of the NH event coincides with the Hubble Roman Mother, The cover was released prior to both these events but as we know, the news is fabricated, fake and fully scripted for fodder for the empty headed sheeple.

This is the first image of the rotation and certainly the most important reminder of the Bluebeam covert program by the NASA, NAVY, NOAA, NIST, NSA team who operates the earth based and low orbit mind control and fraudulent space force. This black budget money hole has only to do with the "Dark Matter" of the program and reminds us of Apollo 11 and Capricorn One and the huge conspiracy of the US Space program.  I have explained the "Earthraker" meme as an elaborate component of the Bluebeam beta testing for the coming Grand Delusion and great deception that will precede the Agenda 21 goals of depopulation and transformation.

No greater deception than the Hubble con have we been funding in this elaborate rouse by the Jesuit Luciferian Thule Society using Jesus to perpetrate the human experimentation from children on milk cartons to the missing passengers of planes from 911 to MH-370.  Meanwhile they continue the CERN, D-Wave and 5G warfare programs to renew the same Nazi agenda that IBM and the Third Reich began decades ago. 

Yes, we know it is complicated but all the vortex math arrives at 9.  The measurements and details all connect to Bluebeam and the ultima thule of 811. This year will present us with another major false flag and one of such extreme nature and to move major political events through the process of a totally full spectrum dominance order that has already been designed and fabricated like 911 and the Patriot Act.  It is merely the Hegelian Dialectic and vortex 3-9----------------6 sequence with the Trump #7 "wildcard"


There is a reason for the four horsemen to be under Putin versus China. The elaborate fake news has no better conspirator than Vlad. As another Jesuit fake, I proposed back in 2015 that the Russian actor was put in place for the real Putin that was taken out. It was clear that the news was asking where he disappeared to  but it is complicated and so I refer to the vortex and math instead. The truth is that the entire G-8 7+1  leaders are trained Jesuit Global Actors. The Group of 8 as well as EU and Asian leaders are as well. It is here where the statecraft and political theatre is manufactured in a dialectic of intrigue to confuse, dumbfound and frighten the masses. This Putin narrative and Trump collusion is such a pathetic attempt to deflect the model which Agenda 21 is really based upon. That being the China Model and Rockefeller "Silent War." 

The weaponization of space is not coming via Trump's SPACE FORCE but has been in place for years being mostly earth based. Russia and US-EU forces operating in the poles and manipulating the ionosheric heaters, the magnetic scalar fields to create the real transformation of our environment. Years of mamal beachings, bird kills and insect phenomenon that indicates massive disruption of migratory pattern in earth based technology and low orbit SATCOM electromagnetic transmitting.
We can tag these two as one. China Model Eugenics.  What do we know now? The China Model is the death of humans on an unprecedented scale. The US traitors love the model. The US has murdered 50 million but China has surpassed that ten times over.  What trade is as seen with the Panda is just another symbol of the Zebranomics and black and white of reality that we are berthed and bred as slaves to serve the economy. We are just assets of the Corporation, You can see the Stork bringing the designer baby, the Chimera robotic singularity of the transformed Technocracy.

While reading the latest from Google, China, Amazon and the techocracy news, one should begin hopefully by now to see the writing on the "wall" and not be focused on the borders but far beyond the firewall of NWO brain box dumbing. It is from China we get the sum of all our fears because the secrets in China are better guarded than here in the US. But that has changed rapidly since JADE HELM.  The JH program was another deception and narrow minded agenda and psyop to cover the real helm which is China and the NWO eugenicists program to control the economy and society by rule of the vortex. Your induction will come at 666 by way of the technocracy..

Cryto currency, Zebranomics, Social Engineering  and Political Corr erectness, the terrorists have created as a WAR ON HUMANITY disguised as climate change. The sheeple just have not understood the weather versus climate. It's not as much global warming as global dimming.  This is where the Thule resides and the reality of the deepest and furthermost realm of the trade are located. Not Neptune mind you but a Antarctica of secret knowledge held in trust by the ancient scribes who knew the truth of this world. The knowledge has been sequestered and used for what we could never have imagined based upon our brainwashing and ignorance. Transhumanism is the barcode and 666 is Buy Sell Trade of which the code and mark is a prerequisite. 

As for the hands and foreheads the cover depicts the iPhone, Cannabis, Baseball (entertainment) and social equity as some of many pursuits for the consumers of junk and diverted masses lost in the commerce of zebranomics. There are other more important clues on this cover but none as obvious than the Pinocchio which tells us lies are all political in nature and that regardless of the conspiracy Trump and Putin are one minded and the Double Helix on the arm of the Cannabis is not a GMO weaponized Marijuana but a Vitruvian Man who based upon the DNA and goggles has accepted the total spectrum of medical alchemy, transformation and virtual reality marked by the goggles of the googleplex.  

The Brave New World is a  con of New Horizons. A Thule of bigger and better lies and deceit on a larger scale for the Ultima event and global change in the climates of our minds and bodies. Our souls will follow if we do not wake up and prepare for what is to come.

The vortex is well represented in the cover.  Remember all roads lead to Rome. The Jesuits are in control and these crypto-Joos Khazarian bloodlines are financing this great deception.  All disclosure coming this year will be lies regardless of who presents it.  Alternate sources and the Anonymous included, Look for action not words, See the numbers and map the codes. Tie the biblical with the political and see Rome and Jerusalem  Once again the meme of 2012 Mayan calendar hoaxes include 2019. December is the cabals best month for numbers. The New World Order will keep the secrets of Saturnalia close to the vest.  In that remark I say we will receive a message from the googleplex that will present an Armageddon based event for the market and human race but it is only another predictive programming narrative and will deflect the Davinci styled code for final phase of the one world transition as depicted by the Rothschild publication and accountants for Jesuit Military and Societe Generale  who will be hedging the no-Brexit con. I have stated since the vote that Brexit will never happen. The deal will never happen in hard terms but like the scales may depict the Supreme Court 5-4, the Brexit may be a case for the EU and UK Supreme Court.

In 2016 I called Trump Mr. Surveillance. It was important to do this because of how the War on Humanity is a con based on a phony and completely staged War on Terror.  Facial Recognition is just a mere speck of the Full Spectrum Surveillance apparatus but Mile-22 is a predictive Programming and 911 connected psyop that may play into the Hollywood and Holyrood plan for a larger scale attack to finalize the transition to the 666 Buy Sell Trade Surveillance Grid.

In this movie psyop, Mark Wahlberg is resided by another stooge that the 911 Arabs were trained at Florida Naples airport and reminded that they stated they did not need to learn how to land.  Wahlberg has been real busy with this and others like Deepwater Horizon to push the official narratives which are as ludicrous as his acting.  But this does refer to 911 Mile 22 and it may involve the Russian Terror team and Cesium or another biological agent from the Gladio Actors Studio.

No greater Hollywood Holy agent is there than Angle Jolie. Her Satanic experience documented and as an ambassador for Lucifer, the title on top regarding Humanity to Refugees is really rich. They hate humanity and loathe refugees.  As depicted we are soon to be extinct. It just has to happen.

Finally I add the woman and the voting ballot boxes as a global feminist and #me too combination.
This may be the rise of women leaders but I expect more the fact that the ME TOO is over man's heart. This means the end of white men? The family and destruction of gender and roles is mild to the goal of controlling the most dangerous adversaries to the global mafia, that being smart and strong white men.  Granted these days it is a real minority.  The power shift is going everywhere but here now.

Time to buckle up and get ready for a year as wild as 2001.  The deaths or D. Rockefeller and MaGog G.H.W. Bush created a vacuum and the sucking sound right now will be followed by some explosions just like any other bomb.



Saturday, December 22, 2018

HQ TRIVIA - Who killed Colin Kroll and why?

HQ TRIVIA - Who killed Colin Kroll and why?

December 16 2018 (811)

From the Vine - This is a clear ritual killing by the vortex numerology. It is a 811 designated sacrifice for another satanic blessing. HQ-Trivia (88 and 11). Reports are indicating dead at 34 and 35. This is by design as it is a Jesuit message that this is a TRUMP (7) Wildcard while the 35 (8) is a clear death by numbers as I have ID'd in many killings of Hollywood - Holyrood  ritual killing. Those like Prince, Seymour Hoffman,  Robin Williams and too many more to mention.

Based on the vortex numerology and date of death the rule of 78 is interesting. It carries both positive and negative indicators which plays into my theory that 2019 will be the most volatile and transitioning year since 911 2001. This is the 18th year since 911 and 811 is a repeating cycle using the three vector vortex of 258 and 147.


Also his death occurs on the first day of the Jesuit satanist  Pagan Saturnalia, a ritual sacrificial gift to Satan and a feast of blood. Saturn and sun for Lucifer the bringer of light. Our XMAS holiday is only a cover for the Roman Crypto Joo and Jesuit celebration of their god.  Christ was killed by the hands of this chymical wedding of the Joo-joo-bees.  From December 17-23, the high days of these hellions is very active.  Colin was murdered likely at midnight on the 16th. Pumped with drugs or worse.

"Colin" 36395 = 26 (8)
"Kroll"  29633 = 23 (5)
Age: 34 or 35 = 7 or 8


English Ordinal

Full Reduction

Reverse Ordinal

Reverse Full Reduction










 English Ordinal

Full Reduction

Reverse Ordinal

Reverse Full Reduction








The uniqueness of the 34-35 is also is fully containing the 3-6-9 cycles.  

This HQ  and OD reference is important. HQ and OD are both 7 and this is a Trump designation and includes the 4 which was Obama's designated number.

As we watched the fake stock market drops of  numeric significance, the reality is the liberation, and time of Saturnalian importance. We are at the turning point of a new 8 year cycle and Jan 1 2019 beins the 11 year period to the 2030 Agenda goals. This will in my data begin with a bang for the new year.  Colin Kroll is another of the pagan sacrifices for what will be a major year of debauchery and according to my information a year to invoke 811 as another 911 event year. I expect no information as to what really happened to Colin Kroll but the usual rich kid on drugs. The KROLL reference to KROLL ASSOCIATES? Another of many clues to the next False Flag we can expect from the Joo-suits Freemasonic Military Kabbalists for 2019.


Mr. Colin Kroll is a Co-Founder of Vine Labs, Inc. Mr. Kroll serves as Chief Technology Officer of Jetsetter. He serves as Engineering Manager of Yahoo. He serves as Advisor to Twitter. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Applied Data Finance, LLC.

Corporate Headquarters (811)

Read this bio - Please note the vortex in all numbers

The interesting info says a woman made a welfare call to police. This was a setup after the murder and then the police arrive after the event. These police are always staged and those that arrive are FREEMASONS of the Jesuit order and as timely as their Gregorian calendar and Rolex's, the times and dares are always on target for the sacrificial ritual killing. They may have just returned to the scene of the crime. They list Colin's religion as Christian, but note as with other death by number killings I have posted, the parents and siblings are unknown and that is a new feature of these Satanic sacrifices. It is meant to keep the public from exposing the truth.    

I have not seen such a volume of Vortex and Gematria connection in some time. This IT entrepreneur has some connection to the events coming next year and if the current events of  market drops, supreme court (Ginsburg) and other Trump Co. exits plays into the mix is unknown.  Too many 11's here

11 x 11 x 11 (x11)


51 East 12th Street
New York, New York 10003

Tuesday, December 18, 2018



China and Russia have modified the atmosphere above Europe to test possible military application, scientists say

Countermeasures to US HAARP and Chemtrails!  China and Russia have modified the atmosphere above Europe to test possible military application, scientists say

Five experiments were conducted in June, and one of them created a physical disturbance over an area as large as 49,000 square miles, or roughly half the size of Britain, The South China Morning Post reported Monday. The heating experiment, which took place 310 miles over the small Russian town of Vasilsursk in Eastern Europe, generated an electric spike that contained 10 times “more negatively charged subatomic particles than surrounding regions,” the publication noted.

In a separate experiment at the time, the temperature of thin, ionized gas in high altitude rose up to 212 F due to a particle flow. The electrons were pushed into the sky by an atmospheric heating facility in the Eastern European town, which was created by the former Soviet Union during the Cold War years. After the facility ignited a host of high-power antennas to introduce a considerable amount of microwaves into the high atmosphere—which reached 260 megawatts, the necessary amount of power to light a small city—the Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite named Zhangheng-1 gathered data with state-of-the-art sensors, the Post added.

The use of such practices over the ionosphere has raised concerns among critics. They argued that these tests could affect the operation of human brains or spur weather changes and natural disasters (even late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez once said that the U.S. used this technology to cause the 2010 Haiti earthquake) but others dismiss these claims as mere conspiracy theories. Faculty members at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have noted the amount of information that debunks any myths surrounding the experiment.

"Space Force 911"

 Well we have been reporting on the EISCAT and HAARP ionospheric heating facilities for a decade to replies of tin-foil conspiracy. Now the weaponization data has arrived and we have realized the sum of all our fears.

The Climate Change to most people is weather but to the global technocracy and Mafia cabal, climate change is depopulation and the Agenda 21 goals on the UNCCCC and wildlands /wetland project to migrate and mitigate populations in a slow kill program to eliminate and move masses into SMART grid slum cities and slaughters via force majeure's which is nothing more than a UN based sustainability pogrom. You are target of change and climate is merely the environment of mental and physical health.Your environment will be changing and it will be frequent and deadly.

Trump revives US Space Command for military operations

Space Based Directed Energy Weapons
Ionospheric Endothermic Scalar superheating
Chemtrail (Geoengineering)
5G mesh wireless microwave network 
Smart Meters and appliances
EM ELF Pulse Mind Control 
Morgellons RF nanotechnogies
Full Spectrum Surveillance....  


Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025 - 1996



Saturday, December 8, 2018

Tucker Carlson, Rooster in the Fox House

‘I’ve come to believe that Trump’s role is not as a conventional president who promises to get certain things achieved to the Congress and then does,’ Tucker Carlson said to Die Weltwoche.

Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated?

Media activist recently promised to publish revealing Obama videos

Tucker Carlson, the Jesuit trained replacement for Bill O'Reilly was as directed by the Rome Club Jesuit Order.  He would replace one of many when the cabal media and combine went into action at Fox News.  Tucker, the trained actor is somewhat mystery but that's the M.O. for high placed Bonesmen and other deep state SPECTRE agents for the global mafia NWO committee.

Yes Tucker is an actor. His outrage and rhetoric merely a role in the machine of the lefty righty theatrre in political puditland. Look at his bio from IMDB and Wikipedia and see the Catholic trained son of insider came to be in the prime-time 666 FOX News slot replacing Bill "O" for reasons we know now.

I like Michael Savage believe Andrew Breitbart was whacked after the dinner Tucker invited him to with the Satanist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. It was poison or electromagnetic death by heart failure, a weapon that has been refined since the Church Committee hearings of the mid seventies.

Savage does not indict Carlson as a conspirator but I do. Tucker was born in San Francisco and then went to school in Connecticut. Funny that both main HQ's for the Church of Satan reside. Tuckers career swiftly moving from actor to political pundit with stints at CNN, MSNBC and now FOX.

 IMDb -  Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson

 Son of former American journalist and U.S. Ambassador (1991-1992) to the Seychelles Dick Carlson.

I love the Seychelle,s full of secrets lake Diego Garcia and this was where the Korkki sisters were murdered.
Tucker has never confessed to any conspiracy theory but was guested on Jesuit Alex Jones program as a preamble to his Fox Position. The Jesuits are a crafty bunch and this rise of TC';s star is well timed for Trump Theatre and 2019, a year we will all remember like 2001.  

Pearl Harbor - Tucker attacks

Fox News attack dog Tucker Carlson turns on Trump: 'I don't think he's capable'

In what is shaping up to be one of the lowest weeks of his presidency with the departure of the chief of staff, John Kelly, reportedly imminent, a week-long funeral for George HW Bush that put his leadership style into stark contrast with his predecessors, and the findings on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort from special counsel Robert Mueller set to drop, Donald Trump may have just suffered the type of blow he can least afford: someone on Fox News has called him lazy and stupid. 

Of course Tucker is right, Even I like some of his views. But what is so obvious is the Jesuit Lefty-Righty theatre and how the singularity of the Jesuit game works. Just like General Sun Tzu, the game is one of real  collusion and the likes of Trump, Carlson, and other Jesuits in Congress and Media, they are all working in a singularity and their party politics and hatred is all a staged act and as phony as the Antifa staging at Tuckers homein November.  Who believes this crap anymore. It is so sad to see the grunion run on these so obvious of fake news and staged photo ops.

Wolves in sheep clothing, Roosters in the Fox house, liars on the Hill and the planned exit of the Kelly's, Haley.s and Sessions are all part of a well scripted barn burner for 2019. It is a bit exciting waiting for the next episode. I find myself somewhat anticipating Trumps final demise and how the Zebranomics and Climate will change after the new year. But ultimately I know the ending but still find it fun to predict the events coming next year. All the world countries controlled by the Vatican Assassins and Rome Club SPECTRE group. This committee of 300 or more have finally taken complete control of the globe and their arrogant stink is palpable and Tucker's sworn enemy is lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. Unless it it theirs.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pedophiles and Presidents


How sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein is connected to Trump, Clinton | Miami - Herald


Alexander Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein the deal of a lifetime | Miami - Herald


Alan Dershowitz

 You can see the Trump Obama handover was an important part of the initiation into the committee and Club of Rome. Trump was an epstein "Lolita Express" card member and likely racked up mileage points only eclipsed by Bill Clinton.  All the Presidents are perverts and sodomites, not just those from Yale skull and bones. What intersects all of them are the Joo-joo-bees of the Illuminati Kabbalah from the ancient times of the Roman Empire in Jerusalem. The Herrod's and the Pilate's of Pedophiles and perversion continues throughout the higher planes of Royals and their Mafioso minions and bankers. Human trafficking is the nature of Zebranomics and we continue to accept the economy of slavery and depopulation. We assume Presidents are in charge but they are merely consiglieres and accountants for the Joo-hoo. Simply the "Fixers" for the Archons of Satan. The Miami Herald just points to another "Fix" for those in the Freemason Fraternity who are protected and privileged personnel of the praetorian guard.

The World is run by Pedophiles ~ Stanley Kubrick

Yes people, it's EYES WIDE SHUT!!!



LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers

Dershowitz on the Defence

Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

Who killed Ronald Bernard? We know who!