Saturday, December 8, 2018

Tucker Carlson, Rooster in the Fox House

‘I’ve come to believe that Trump’s role is not as a conventional president who promises to get certain things achieved to the Congress and then does,’ Tucker Carlson said to Die Weltwoche.

Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated?

Media activist recently promised to publish revealing Obama videos

Tucker Carlson, the Jesuit trained replacement for Bill O'Reilly was as directed by the Rome Club Jesuit Order.  He would replace one of many when the cabal media and combine went into action at Fox News.  Tucker, the trained actor is somewhat mystery but that's the M.O. for high placed Bonesmen and other deep state SPECTRE agents for the global mafia NWO committee.

Yes Tucker is an actor. His outrage and rhetoric merely a role in the machine of the lefty righty theatrre in political puditland. Look at his bio from IMDB and Wikipedia and see the Catholic trained son of insider came to be in the prime-time 666 FOX News slot replacing Bill "O" for reasons we know now.

I like Michael Savage believe Andrew Breitbart was whacked after the dinner Tucker invited him to with the Satanist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. It was poison or electromagnetic death by heart failure, a weapon that has been refined since the Church Committee hearings of the mid seventies.

Savage does not indict Carlson as a conspirator but I do. Tucker was born in San Francisco and then went to school in Connecticut. Funny that both main HQ's for the Church of Satan reside. Tuckers career swiftly moving from actor to political pundit with stints at CNN, MSNBC and now FOX.

 IMDb -  Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson

 Son of former American journalist and U.S. Ambassador (1991-1992) to the Seychelles Dick Carlson.

I love the Seychelle,s full of secrets lake Diego Garcia and this was where the Korkki sisters were murdered.
Tucker has never confessed to any conspiracy theory but was guested on Jesuit Alex Jones program as a preamble to his Fox Position. The Jesuits are a crafty bunch and this rise of TC';s star is well timed for Trump Theatre and 2019, a year we will all remember like 2001.  

Pearl Harbor - Tucker attacks

Fox News attack dog Tucker Carlson turns on Trump: 'I don't think he's capable'

In what is shaping up to be one of the lowest weeks of his presidency with the departure of the chief of staff, John Kelly, reportedly imminent, a week-long funeral for George HW Bush that put his leadership style into stark contrast with his predecessors, and the findings on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort from special counsel Robert Mueller set to drop, Donald Trump may have just suffered the type of blow he can least afford: someone on Fox News has called him lazy and stupid. 

Of course Tucker is right, Even I like some of his views. But what is so obvious is the Jesuit Lefty-Righty theatre and how the singularity of the Jesuit game works. Just like General Sun Tzu, the game is one of real  collusion and the likes of Trump, Carlson, and other Jesuits in Congress and Media, they are all working in a singularity and their party politics and hatred is all a staged act and as phony as the Antifa staging at Tuckers homein November.  Who believes this crap anymore. It is so sad to see the grunion run on these so obvious of fake news and staged photo ops.

Wolves in sheep clothing, Roosters in the Fox house, liars on the Hill and the planned exit of the Kelly's, Haley.s and Sessions are all part of a well scripted barn burner for 2019. It is a bit exciting waiting for the next episode. I find myself somewhat anticipating Trumps final demise and how the Zebranomics and Climate will change after the new year. But ultimately I know the ending but still find it fun to predict the events coming next year. All the world countries controlled by the Vatican Assassins and Rome Club SPECTRE group. This committee of 300 or more have finally taken complete control of the globe and their arrogant stink is palpable and Tucker's sworn enemy is lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. Unless it it theirs.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pedophiles and Presidents


How sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein is connected to Trump, Clinton | Miami - Herald


Alexander Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein the deal of a lifetime | Miami - Herald


Alan Dershowitz

 You can see the Trump Obama handover was an important part of the initiation into the committee and Club of Rome. Trump was an epstein "Lolita Express" card member and likely racked up mileage points only eclipsed by Bill Clinton.  All the Presidents are perverts and sodomites, not just those from Yale skull and bones. What intersects all of them are the Joo-joo-bees of the Illuminati Kabbalah from the ancient times of the Roman Empire in Jerusalem. The Herrod's and the Pilate's of Pedophiles and perversion continues throughout the higher planes of Royals and their Mafioso minions and bankers. Human trafficking is the nature of Zebranomics and we continue to accept the economy of slavery and depopulation. We assume Presidents are in charge but they are merely consiglieres and accountants for the Joo-hoo. Simply the "Fixers" for the Archons of Satan. The Miami Herald just points to another "Fix" for those in the Freemason Fraternity who are protected and privileged personnel of the praetorian guard.

The World is run by Pedophiles ~ Stanley Kubrick

Yes people, it's EYES WIDE SHUT!!!



LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers

Dershowitz on the Defence

Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

Who killed Ronald Bernard? We know who!



Tuesday, November 20, 2018




Time to catch up on the Jesuit Military complex and how the UN plans to create the Hegelian Dialectic for a One World Order. Coming from the Gladio model, the organizational chart may be revealed as a product derived years ago by the Club of Rome. The power brokers and Mafia money network have stolen, swindled and accounted for the financing of the operation for nearly a century. While they still use the peoples credit card in massive zebranomioc fashion, the covert coffers are brimming.

The Jesuit trained and old Nazi assassins like Macron and Juncker are powering up for their EU Army, NATO is still running the Middle East operations but soon the merging of all covert ops and the NATO group. What appears to be the Trump wildcard is again as I have said prior to the election, a rouse and staged divide and conquer game that an eight grader could solve.

The massive main stream Trump vs World con has been running 24/7 at peak amplitude since his official coronation.  Even  today anti-Trump right wingers are supporting this global Jesuit fraud as if he really is a nationalist.  All the little actions he has taken are for optics only.

Take a picture, a snapshot right now.  The defense budget trillions, the real US economy tanking. 100 million Americans not working, His China game so obvious and China playing it's part on trade to temporarily bite the bullet.  Make a list of real accomplishments after two years. Refugees arriving in droves, and the Pentagon back in the chips with your money.

Even knowing that the Pentagon DoD audit would never pass, the lion share of the budget is going to foreign war games and to non-citizen entitlements. The theatre that is "the Caravan" is just another optic that seems to mesmerize the Trump supporters. Just like his Tweets, they are vacuous puffs of air that act as an opiate on the sheeple who accept this actor fraud and never read the real news.  Watch as the migrants slowly come through the legal ports just like the midnight refugees landing in Midwest airfields.

Video: Pentagon fails audit | Defense News Minute, Nov. 16, 2018

What Trump says and what he does are non intersecting orbits that stay in motion as to never be confirmed. The vortex just continues at a pace that most AADD sheeple cannot disseminate. Only freezing time at this point could show this crossfire con.

EU greenlights new wave of military projects, secret agents training

EU Chief Juncker Attacks Nations Leaving UN Migration Pact, Slams ...

Now that Macron has pumped up the volume, the "PESCO CARD is revealed.  The next phase of Agenda 21 and the global transformation.  It is nothing that you cannot see from the written words from UNESCO, the Club of Rome and hundreds of documents that explain the quiet war behind the din of the MSM diversions and narratives of useless emotion filled rhetoric and theatre designed to bury the actions of the NWO Mafia programs.

Please review the PESCO plan and the Triad of the NATO-PESCO-GLADIO/SICARIO dialectic and how the war on terror was designed with YOU in mind.  I defined the war on terror in 2001 as the war on the world. Like the war on drugs is the takeover of all drug trafficking by the Mafia and eliminating independents, the war on terror is the takeover by the mafia of all covert terror groups and eliminating "the rejectionists" of the one world authority.

Notice the PESCO EU initiatives and see who is most involved as LEAD and PARTICIPANT in the US version of the enterprise global total surveillance grid. That's right, the Vatican Assassins and Jesuit Club of Rome which is depicted as the big boot.  The World Trade Terror Organization is just as I stated back when Obama was elected when I predicted the largest migration in human history after the biblical Genesis and Babel.

Now that the EU and US are nearly full of the Babylonians, the Army of Satan is ready to go operational and the chaos begins. Not too difficult to see how the plan was constructed and how all the parts are coming together.  The world is controlled by the Illuminati Crypto Joo-joo-bees a mafia of Dons, Capo regimes, enforcers and their corporate accountants. Politicians are mere actors and no longer members. Most are too stupid to know and require only idiot scripts.  It is time to leave the theatre and return to the sunlight to see the real world and the real ending.

Saturday, November 10, 2018




After the 2000 election we were given a great look into the future. Once the Clinton-Bush Crime syndicate had taken over the national federal mafia reins we saw the upswing in the fabricated fake news false flag political and social media complex directed by Hollywood West and Holyrood East  (DC)

Not that they weren't already engaged but the marriage was consummated in the new millennium. It was no shock that Trumps West Palm Beach Mafia family and Clinton's Broward County crew would again be center stage for the Midterm  Mayhem of  voter fraud.  I posted years back after leaving south Florida that it had become the most corrupt territory for the Zionist global banksters, drug money launderers and the Freemason Fraternal order of crooked cops.  So we enter another cycle of protocols from the elders  and their capo-regimes.  Nothing seems bizarre anymore. Just repetitious.  The likes of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have shown us the example of a "fixer" and enforcer for the mobs.

BROWARD COUNTY: Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America

SOTN Editor’s Note: The individuals listed below have unfortunately become household names in America.  It’s quite telling, then, that they all share the same county of residence —Broward County.  How is that possible except by purposeful design?

One can easily see the events from the Pulse Nightclub hoax and Parkland farces as just a few of many  local events but maybe indeed the Broward Cartel do now control and create the scripts and narrative as well as the production and direction of the theater that is the spearhead of Agenda 21.  


Thursday, November 8, 2018

2019 2nd Amendment Showdown


Midterm elections: Democrats capture House as GOP holds Senate

House democratic and Senate GOP. The battle begins for 2019. There is a major event planned for next year.

‏ @cotocrew

12 Dead in another staged 2nd Amendment  Staged Event! Borderline Bar and grill in Ventura Cal. HOAX  via @YouTube

Another staged hoax or a Military MK-Ultra Targeted Individual?????

‏ @cotocrew

2019 2hd Amendment Showdown : s there a Pelican brief?  Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall @CNNPolitics

Did Donald push her?  A Pelican Brief like Justice Scalia coming? Look here for all the gun legislation on the news.

Buckle up and lock and load!!

Police launch investigation after Antifa activists descend on Fox host Tucker Carlson's home

Staged Evebt by the Holrood DC clan. The police should investigate Calson's role in the death of Andrew Breitbart who died the day after Carlson and Bill Ayers invited him to dinner.

But this is the clincher .....

Ron Perlman Says Lindsey Graham Wonders ‘How Many D*cks Do I Gotta Suck’ to Be Attorney General


Friday, October 26, 2018

Peace Pipe Bomb!


Posted by: Coalition Of The Obvious | October 23, 2018 (edit)

Willa Killa Thrilla

Your fall blockbuster has arrived. The convergence of vortex in a crossfire hurricane. The Jesuit Military Industrial Congressional Complex has provided the mother of all Climate Change Triads for the viewing pleasure of NWO patrons.

We have a vortex US election cyclone and a raging CIC on the road in Texas meeting a Caravan vector of unknown origin and composition being steered as well as the Willa wind vortex being guided into the eye of the storm.

The fluid dynamics of the three make up this crossfire hurricane and the fourth vortex will be the MSM and fiction that converges with the three vortices.

So here is the MSM fourth vortex. Now we have the Willa Killa but we still await the Thrilla

The Peace Pipe Bombed big time!!!!

  • Cesar Altier Sayoc, 56, was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida

  • He is an avid Trump fan with an interest in bodybuilding who says he is a member of the Seminole tribe 

  • FBI discovered suspicious package addressed to Senator Cory Booker in Florida on Thursday night

  • Then a postal inspector intercepted another package to James Clapper in Manhattan Friday morning

  • The suspicious package was addressed to Clapper at headquarters of CNN, where he is a contributor

  • NYPD bomb squad's Total Containment Vessel responded to postal facility in Midtown to remove package

  • Discoveries mark the 11th and 12th suspicious packages targeting outspoken critics of President Trump

  • FBI warns the public to be on the lookout for similar packages and says there could be more bombs 
Stinks like a Mueller

6 bombs - 9 bombs -12 bombs  = Cesar Sayoc 56 (11)

3-9-6 811- STAGED EVENT

The full vortex numerology is included in this 8-11 staged hoax. The left eight cabal and deep state MSM are milking this con for all it's worth.

This leads us to the  THRILLA which will time at Caravan and Election


Is it a Jesuit assassination?  Border attack and real bombs?

SayocĂ‚ is Native American, and according to social media posts, he is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida

The person who took the photos was not aware of the connection to the investigation, but noted the odd amount of stickers


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Willa Killa Thrilla

Willa Killa Thrilla, a staged Production

Your fall blockbuster has arrived. The convergence of vortex in a crossfire hurricane. The Jesuit Military Industrial Congressional Complex has provided the mother of all Climate Change Triads for the viewing pleasure of NWO patrons.

We have a vortex US election cyclone and a raging CIC on the road in Texas meeting a Caravan vector of unknown origin and composition being steered as well as the Willa wind vortex being guided into the eye of the storm.

The fluid dynamics of the three make up this crossfire hurricane and the fourth vortex will be the MSM and fiction that converges with the three vortices.

In Quantum terms the forces and vectors could motion a multitude of movements and yet they would not require timing at any single point but will surely intersect before shifting and rotating on to their final destinations.

It will require pinpoint accuracy for simultaneous intersection but even if it does not time out exactly, the MSM can provide the convergence of climate change by the usual deceptions of fake news and fudging data and facts.

All weather is climate but not all climate is weather. The real climate change is mostly human and nature. What we are being bombarded with is the clockwise and counter to the NWO one model agenda. Watching the Brazil election of Brazil's Bolsonaro is another Duterte and Trump like move by the shift / shaper Jesuit MICC pushing for a clash of global proportions. The North American Union is being compressed into an ever tightening wind and eye. Which ultimately must implode and from the result the system fails and something else must emerge. Something we here already know quite well. The same holds true for Mexico's new leader and Venezuela's Maduro. These are earthquakes and cyclones in human suffering. Yet we can see that they are all inflicted by leaders of extremes. Philosophies over economics and political paradigms made up of histroric failures. These forces working the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic to a synthesized new world solution.

What is planned for this event weather wise or otherwise is irrelevant. True or false also not a factor. The spin will guide the objective and the agenda and we will just be swept into the electromagnetics, visuals and and audio streams and MSM frequencies to be transported somewhere further in the false paradigm reality construct and ever closer to their rule.

Huuricane Willa: Will it hit Texas? The Latest Spagetti Models

Donald Trump raging as growing caravan of migrants marches toward US

Where is the migrant caravan now?

Hurricane Willa track