Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Harvard Professor Gets Schooled





  1. Never trust a frenchman. Plenty of them from the early days of New Orleans. He spent some time with you though. Guess that GHW Bush faked illness to avoid the inaugural. They say he is in the hospital,.... critical?

    Intensive care for both he and Barbara? Hmmm.

    Regarding the Bilderberg Grp, We have yet to see any hacking proof from December. Seems Peter Thiel may be hacking his own way to the top of the heap.

    Let's see if Skull and Bones decides MaGog's time has come. It would be funny if he dies on the 20th.

    Nice lesson for the new teacher Michael. I think he was working while he was with you. You may be a paper soon at Harvard. 60 years of Bilderberg. Everyone should know that name. Even Harvard.

  2. Again I'm always taken back that I find more ordinary people seem to know more about the Shadow Government than those that are more closely associated with government and power.

    How can the Bilderberg not be mentioned in any of their talks? How can people that profess to be coming from the most prestigious of learning institutions, from which groups such as the Bilderberg draws not, have knowledge of these groups?

  3. I think they are prompted not to acknowledge their existence. I think any Harvard Grad knows who they are.

    ABC news did a documentary in the late 70's entitled "Who is the Bilderberg Group? It was narrated by a well known news reporter at the time whose name escapes me but as popular as Harry Reasoner. I think it may have been Frank Reynolds. It was a scathing review and after it aired it disappeared. You cannot even find tales of it's existence on google.

    I watched it and I do not think it's a case of the Mandela Effect, but I have yet to find someone else who remembers it. I think it aired one time only and then went into the 86 file for good. Reynolds dies a few years later of a rare bone cancer? Hmmm.

    After Watergate, they could not keep the lid on the meetings and Daniel Estulin and Jim Tucker (RIP) were dogged on the exposure of the clan. That documentary went a long way in my journey through the committee of 300 and the Club of Rome.