Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Political Science Fail


  1. He failed the tax argument. Tax should be on profit, sales and capital gains only. Labor should be excluded. Even the theirs, the elite. Trades as well. So payroll taxes should be gone. Now let's look at the robotics. If the IRS was scrapped and went to flat tax and sales tax we could turn it around. If the sales tax for the technology was there and the investment tax credits were gone, there might be some second thought. The issue for AI, robotics comes down to the lack of work ethic from the millennials. Of course that was all created by the elites as well. What are the intentions of the IRS to tax robots? The idea in Britain is to give them rights. If they have rights, they pay taxes? Hmmm.

    As a political scientist, can he understand that the climate is changing just a did when we were not here? So if the data is correct the culprit is still unclear. The ice age predictions in the 70's were never realized instead the trend to warm. What can a few billion breathers do in a universe changing every minute and a sun that flares and spots on it's own?

    Let's stop the chemtrails and HAARPING, radar etc. for a year and see what climate changes occur. This guy was under mind control. His textbooks and symposiums did the trick. I could never do what you do.

    Bilderberg, a secret meeting annually since 1954, that invites the powerful and requests a blackout by Main Stream Media who obliges is not known by the political scientist. I think he knew who they were. If not he's not watching.

    You should tell him that you watch and read what he does and you watch and read what he doesn't. That wins your argument from the get-go. If you do not know both sides then your often wrong. The coin has TWO sides and not just Tales.

  2. I find that most so-called "professionals" get caught up in their own self importance. There live in the echo-chamber that produced them. "This" is "good," and "this" is "bad." And there's no questioning what they have been taught. Garbage in, garbage out.

    People of his ilk think that the world begins and ends within the conscript of their knowledge. He thinks his work has more effect on how things operate more than the elites that own the schools he went to, the business he works for and the government he studies.

    The fact that he's making judgments on things without having all the variables makes his conclusions invalid. The only point I found valid in his statements was that because the data will be easier to assess by tracking people's online activity it will be easier to an analysis. Which ironically will eventually make his job meaningless. If it isn't already so.

    He's just another useless hack collecting data that will be skewed to fit whatever predetermined conclusions they wish to spew.

    I believe that he was sincere in saying that the doesn't know about the Bilderberg Group. Why would he lie? No, admitting that there are elites that are controlling the levers would have him have to admit that this job is basically meaningless. And even if he looks into them he still will not admit that they are of any consequence. "Just a bunch of rich people getting together to chat," you know. If it doesn't fit into their paradigm it doesn't exist.

  3. I guess it's possible but a political scientist should know even if a Harvard Professor may not. I would have told him he cannot know the science if he doesn't know political committee who shapes all world events. It's like claiming the 911 official story and not knowing building 7.

    Davos is a deflection for the Bilderberg Group. You know they cater to the ignorant political Scientists from Hollywood and Holyrood and bring them together so they can "get caught up in their own self importance." They get their egos stroked and asked to join MENSA and sip their Montrachet and eat their canapes and prawns and cry over the climate and income inequality before boarding their Lolita Expresses and heading off to ski.

    Poor George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio. An academy award is like a Pulitzer or Nobel. Once you get one you become gelatinous bag of hypocrisy who love spewing CO2 and liberal flatulence.


  4. "EL TIO"

    Trump Assassin? Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman lands in New York to face charges

    You could not make up a better patsy than the CIA's top Manchurian and Drug Mule El Chapo. What a coup if they could get Chapo to escape and go "DELTA" on Donald Trump. The Story of the century and a made for America event.

    You have to laugh at why they picked now to fly him to New York. After he targeted Trump during the primary, it did not escape this conspiracy theorist. El Trump-El Chapo. I said it then and I say it now that there is some connection between Trump and Mexico and El Chapo and DC.

    I love this news bite. It's just so full of mystery.

    "Guzman, who's in his late 50s, first escaped from prison in 2001 and then spent more than a decade on the run before he was recaptured, only to escape again in 2015 via a mile-long tunnel dug to the shower in his cell."

    2001 - 2017 = Lucky number 7

  5. CIA outed "FAKE NEWS" whistleblower dies......Right!
    Merkel & Co. in charge.

  6. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 21, 2017 at 3:36 AM

    Living in the "Land of Make Believe", Hollywood/Holyrood, CNN honcho just can't stop lying in the face of Mr. Obvious! Like HRC, Obama, and the rest of Them, They will LIE every time, thinking that repetition, and the fact that They stated something makes it fact and true. We're done with That!

    Heh, heh..."Ironically, Zucker's comments come just a week after Rasmussen conducted a poll on the credibility of the media finding that, at least in the opinion of their viewers, CNN is, in fact, the least trusted cable news network with only 33% of respondents saying they trust their political news. Here is what we noted last week in a post entitled "CNN Is Now Least Trusted News Network Among Viewers". 33% -- Just happened to land on that number, right?

  7. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 21, 2017 at 3:46 AM

    Brother Nathaniel, a Jew, does not like Jared Kushner or any of the other Jewish/Zionist "players" within the new administration. I don't wonder why?

  8. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 21, 2017 at 4:26 PM

    Are there 2 Donald Trump's?

    We've read and heard things like this --

    and other negatives regarding Trump's views on the CIA.

    Then, we get this --

    COMPLETE FLIP FLOP (INVERSION). Guess we'll have to watch and see whether he loves them or hates them, to make any sense out of the words which came out of both sides of his mouth.

  9. "Guess we’ll have to watch and see whether he loves them or hates them, ...".

    Indeed. As much as I try to understand the intricacies to the layers of power and the games that they play I'm still a blind-man stabbing in the dark.

    At some point you trust. Few points to your trust unconditionally.

    Trump is smarter than I am. That of course doesn't make him pure. I simply trust he's privy to information few people have. He just may be keeping his enemies close here. And he also may be telegraphing that there are some he trusts, and others ... not so much.

    Not ALL in the CIA are corrupt. Not ALL Jews are bad. Although at times it may look otherwise you'd be falling into areas thinking in this manner that could hinder you.

    Fact is we're about to find out what Trump is up to. Myself, if Trump can do a few good things to slow-down the hell-bound train we're on, I'd be a happy man.

  10. The Pompeo buffer will be a real trick. Assuming the Trump double and Clinton double you can wonder if the CIA as the created Bretton Woods, Wall Street inside traders are a double as well. Therefore it may be time to push out the left leaners and beef up the right siders while maintaining the financial aspect that has but trillions into the coffers of the banks. This risk/monopoly board must be something to behold.

    China has a huge stake in L while Russia has the R . The REDS are running scared while the BLUE are just giddy about the prospects. But as usual only the house wins.

    Listen to the dark web news. Trump never thought he would win. Trump never wanted to give up his business. Trump was vetted at Bilderberg but was not to win. Russia was involved. The Vatican Assassins/Joo-joo-bees have scripted this like JFK and 911. Who dun it? Nation-State actors are planted throughout the MMICC Military Media Industrial Congressional Complex. No one knows who is in or out except the core committee. They must be as confused as we are.

    Trump flip-flops! Wow are we surprised? The EO's are ceremonial. Until a bill runs the gamut, guannlet and gambit and is signed by the CIC, it is all fluff. Watch the UN OUT bill and watch the Embassy move to Jerusalem. That will tell us if he's for real or not.

    Remember when the story came out years ago about the double government? Harvards and Rhodes have made this claim as shadow, or duplicate or secret underground COG facility coming from Iron Mountain. Let's just call them Bilderberg and Committee. It's like deep running water currents that have no visible effect on the surface. All this staged parade called elections and administrations appears to be moving but it does not change at all. Meanwhile the deep currents are changing every minute and huge amounts of assets, organic human and derivatives are moving en masse. We think its all pretty real but the truth is nothing changed from Bush to Obama and Obama to Trump will be even more obvious a no change climate on the surface. Weather excluded. But down under the currents are not affected by climate or weather. They just keep moving the agenda and assets to their planned destinations and do it with force that cannot be stopped.

    I like the program at times. Pretty entertaining over Obama, not as funny as Bush but more entertaining. I think Hillary would have been far less entertaining and if the audience tuned out, the mind control would begin to wear off. Trump keeps both sides tuned in and gives us the constant of assassination in the plot.

    South Park - Reality TV "EARTH"

  11. Look, for all I know South Park could be running this show.

    But I don't think that the powers-that-be, whomever they may be, have a handle on what's going down.

    It's just fascinating on so many levels. Today I found myself drifting off into the "why?" Why any of this? Why the battle? What game are we playing? Why do we even exist to play this game?

    Whatever those answers are they seem to be the most elusive of all things. And being the impatient type I'd like to get some answers now, before I journey off into where ever it may be I drift-off to, that is if there is a place.

    But seriously, if there is another there there, and there is someone there, the first thing I'm asking is "What the fuck did I just go through and why?"