Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017: Prepare for the DT's

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Can anyone explain it?  What the delirium associated with Donald Trump is can be called bipolar. It defies reality clearly in both spheres. From the extreme terror tremors to the sycophantic idolization preoccupation with anything Trump.  Unlike any other political campaign in my lifetime, this seasons theatrical election was beyond the scope of reason.  Not even Ronald Reagan and his superb actor guild pedigree,  provided more rabid partisan extremes than this last cycle.

Hillary Clinton obviously aided greatly in the production and her sycophantic cartel was instrumental in creating the vortex of this whirlwind and turbulent year. The DT's were everything the committee wanted and they are most pleased I expect. But now the onset of the Donald Tremens begin. With less than a week to go for the formality and pageantry of anointing the next fake decider, I expect the global HAARP assault will subside until the transition is made. Yes, it is my belief that we have been under the assault of electromagnetic weapons and ELF, anti Schumann resonance attack. I believe it peaked once during the week of the election and sustained through this date with some minor shifts for Christmas spending.

I currently monitor over a dozen EM services periodically and record the calls. Along with monitoring ELF with a long wire and DC-K Band frequency counter and spectrum analyzer, I feel I can submit the theory  that  just like the Iraq war invasion we were and have been under assaults for various programs, beta tests and data collection and other experimentation.  So if you can attest to certain states of confusion, lethargy, anger, depression, fear, anxiety and physical deficits over the holiday season I suggest you not feel singled out or exclusive.  These are the gold standard of the new world order, where chaos in a normal system is changed using confusion and fear in quantum dynamics merely by shifting Schumann (earthly resonances) with other weather modifications involving positive scalar magnetic wave changes and solar blocking which not only has external and internal entropy considerations. There are other factors to consider but needless to say that Donald Trump is as much a factor as any when looking at a micro level of change and effects on the entire system.

I'd like to go into detail of the human system and the environmental effects of the assault but this post is about deprogramming and not prescriptions for combating the effects of the DT's.  The technology of Order from Chaos has been hacked. It is not the hacking of the election, media, information and social engineering but the hacking of the human domain by those at the helm.  The system outside the mind is in full control by the committee and it's only in the mind where disorder is still free. Freedom is disorder for those who CONTROL and SPECTRE wan't that domain securely in the system's realm.  Predictability in molecular systems yet uncharted are rapidly becoming known based upon years of testing from every component of spaceship earth.

From CERN and the GOD Particle to MK-Ultra and Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) that has been fully operational since the Kuwait Desert Storm.  In Desert Shield the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of this technology were so severe that 200,000 Iraqi troops surrendered without firing even a single shot against US led coalition forces. We know what the storm was now. And when they use the term "bombing" we can reject the exploding projectile theory. When one encounters the massive assault of psychtronic weapons and (SSSS) frequency messaging the results are pretty clear that confusion, fear, depression, will and resolve are are effected.

Some reported hallucinations as well.  This brings me to wonder if we are not under the same assault and like the Iraqi's, we are not under the shield.  What the long term effects are is unclear but after the suicide epidemic of returning vets, I'd be on this factor as much if not more than vaccinations or chemical exposure.  Even Agent Orange did not create the number of deaths reported by those who had time in the Middle East theatre from 1990 to date.

With this in mind I had to reevaluate the effects on myself and how it has effected by mind and my view and perception of Trump. To begin I can say that many  are subject to bipolar reaction based upon party or mere love for Hillary. That isn't the case with me and many others who share no infinity with either, the left or right arm of the establishment but see both as two armpits only.  But the real elephant is that when DT was elected I was more distressed than if Hillary had won. I dislike her and know her far better than Trump. What gives? I have to conclude that the assaults are to blame. Maybe the internal system knows and even under the external assault, the mind is aware of the outcome and time has no factor in what his presidency will represent knowing the charade of CIC is merely ceremonial and the election, pageantry.

So are we afraid? Depressed? Confused? Fascinated?  I have to admit to all.  I have a hard enough time during these assaults to find the words to express my thoughts. I do better with math than English but really am having a tough time as of late. All day long I hear the EMS services getting calls for welfare checks on young adults who are dazed, confused,  Suicidal,  in a fit of rage, having problems breathing during what appears to be an anxiety attack. Meanwhile older citizens are having Alzheimer type episodes and wandering naked down the street or highway. Really crazy stuff. Can we call it the DT's "Going off the Furrow?"  I can equate to the whole  reality right now where you cannot really know up from down or night from day.   The Silent War is the war on the mind. I think Orwell's 1984 begins January 21, 2017 and the Matrix will reveal itself sometime in the new year. I am certain of a few predictions but wonder in a total false reality and completely fictional world can anybody predict anything any more.

I offer a few interesting visual and audio frequencies for your entertainment.  As the signs point to predictive programming, psychological operations, electromagnetic weapons and holographic virtual reality I suggest it's not fake news but a quantum of truth in a vortex of propaganda, stagecraft and symbology.  The truth is black in a sea of white noise and composite snow.  The real information is an invisible spectrum of which is as thick as a brick and has us dancing and dying in a box.

"The disperser, the light-bearer and the plasterer of lies."

The Jesuit Cassock is unmistakable.









  1. Fort Hood is the MK-Ultra dot-mil for mind-control. Today number 12 just died.

    Alex Mathew Dean Taylor? Lee Harvey Oswald - They must be doing some real groundbreaking manchurian programming.

    US Army soldier based at Fort Hood is found dead - making him the TWELFTH GI from the Texas base to die in the last two months as investigators probe bizarre cluster of suicides, accidents and fatal fights at the base

    Army, local police probe recent mystery deaths of 11 Fort Hood soldiers

  2. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 16, 2017 at 8:00 AM

    The Dumbing Down of Americans apparently has been working like a "charm". This is so sad that its not even funny. Shocking, actually.

  3. Dave Hodges makes some obvious points here.

    The venue should be changed or do it via a video from "somewhere". A "virtual" inauguration would be easy to do. Why expose yourself, family, and cabinet to such risk?

    Only a few people know how this week and that inauguration are going to go down, because they've scripted it, or are letting it play out. It doesn't sound like there is much that would be "secure" around the pale house that day.

  4. Time to say Goodbye!

    Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of Trump inauguration after receiving death threats

  5. What does not happen at the inaugurl venue will occur elsewhere. A large sacrifice is in order. I can see a China event or a BRICS (with emphasis on "S" taking plce.

    There is one driving key to the whole charade in my opinion and it is ISRAEL. Time for some Obama payback. There are more push pins on the map as of late and I think South Africa, Tel-Aviv and the French Cercle Grp could have some plans.

    History repeating in a sideways sort of way from 1947. Donald id 7. He is also 70, 700 and se&en = 777 NWO Jackpot. A good time for market event predicted on a false flag and a nice redistribution of wealth.

    I am looking for a nice spike in Precious metals and Theresa May to shake it up some. Yeeeehaw! It's fun living in WestWorld.

  6. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 17, 2017 at 9:00 AM

    Here's a Number's Guy's prognostications. You might appreciate it. Short vid.