Monday, December 1, 2014

Monitoring the Mayhem and Malaise

Software Defined Radio - Digital Decoding


If you have not learned the use of computer SDR and /or do not have scanner digital radio capabilities, then you may want to tune in to BROADCASTIFY.COM

Here is the link for Fergu$$on Fire Stagers and Police Band radio communications.  Enjoy while the internet is still somewhat free.  Thanks to patriots around the country for sharing their receivers.

You can see if they have your local gestapo at their website

If anyone is interested in how to cheaply begin monitoring their own local fuzzy force, EMT and fire , contact me at



  1. Hey PD -- Monitor This! Check out the backgrounds of the (2) candidates being bandied about for replacing Chuck Hagel at

    Maybe, we're seeing some prophesying going on here. That the only individuals being talked up for the slot are STEEPED in heeb juice should surprise no one. Only take note, how the Important Positions are filled in the D.C. Corpse owned by AIPAC. I mean, how about Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Snicker...or some other cat that's big on defense low on "affiliations" to groups that could manipulate him? Huh, Huh? Just for something different?

  2. Go see and how he is pointing at Ziopac for wiping his site Right Now! This is the wide net these khazars spread to run their programs/pogroms. When will the World say "No More!"?

  3. boomerangcomesbackDecember 2, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Aye -- How's this to be expected -- "McCain tells White House he wants Lieberman for defense secretary"

    You can't make this stuff up! Bill Hicks would guffaw something like, "Yeah, make that Lieberman double-agent "Sex for State", plus give the fucker Obama's Peace Prize for giggles!"

    I mean -- REALLY!!! All these Khazars just vote their own duplicitous agents into policy making positions in the U.S. (name whatever country they intend to infest/infiltrate/own) and the citizenry don't make a squawk like chickens in the coop at nightfall...foxes running in and out the door like a circus tent.

  4. Yes, you can add Blue Coat to the Big Blue Omnibus.

  5. Chuck Hagels nomination was a head scratcher for me. I never deemed him one of the committee.It was clear he was a lapdog and as you know he is not real shrewd like the Leahy's and Levin's.I expect that Flournoy will get the nod as well. Her ties to Clinton will bode well for Hillary 2016