Friday, November 28, 2014

Criminals Can't Handle the Truth! And They Don't Wan't You to Even Imagine It...

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Apparently, False Flags-R-US, the decrapto group(s) behind some of the most blatant psyops to rumble up American's Pike in the last few years, can't seem to handle the HEAT of exposure ala the "Light-of-Truth" or even folks asking questions or, (harumpf!) DOUBTING the "official story lines" promoted by MSM and their lackeys.  If there is anything "un-American" it would be bending over for the foreign terrorists, and letting them skew reality into their twisted machinations -- Truth be damned.  So...I figured this deserved a post here at COTO, as the COTO mind "KNOWS ABSOLUTELY" that treasonous conspirators are running around trying to destroy every last vestige of good on this continent (if not the world -- yes -- they are megalomaniacs of the most sick kind).

I envision False Flag players without their "Human skins" as looking much like The Gollum, and possessing the same characteristics if not worse:


So, see what you think, and I hope you will fight for the Truth individually and tell usurpers like those behind and acting within these False Flags to "go walk the plank" -- 'cause WE ain't going to take this anymore!

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Hi Folks,

This really is the epitome of arrogance. These Sandy Hoax actors want to prosecute anyone who tries to expose the fraud known as Sandy Hook. I'm not sure if this psy-op will ever be exposed because it has ties that go all the way up to the top of the pyramidal control. Not only is it a bunch of actors playing the roles of parents and 'dead children,' etc.. but the government (at local, state and federal levels) are involved and also muti-trillion dollar Corporations too.

Youtube is scrubbing all Sandy Hook videos that are exposing this hoax. I have personally seen many videos taken down and also seen youtube channels being terminated that deals with Sandy Hook.

They are trying their hardest to keep this fabricated story from being exposed to the masses..

Here is a link to the website:

To bring awareness to Hoaxer activity and to criminally and/or civilly prosecute those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high profile tragedies and/or their family members. We intend to hold such abusers personally accountable for their actions, in whatever capacity the law allows.

And check out the About us page:

In the aftermath of such horrific tragedies as the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Aurora Theatre, Santa Barbara, and even the Boston Bombing, an offensive element of society, known as ‘truthers’ have seized the opportunity to advance their conspiracy theorist mindset upon the masses by posting a litany of various forms of speculation and disinformation on YouTube and social media sites. We refer to these individuals as ‘hoaxers’, because the core of their belief is that these violent tragedies were simply hoaxes, perpetrated by the government in order to more easily limit civil liberties, especially those involving the second amendment.

Rather than focusing their delusional grievances and accusations on authorities, the ‘hoaxers’ take the path of least resistance, harassing and emotionally abusing the victims’ family members online, on the telephone, and even in person. This practice allows them to feel as though they are doing something productive to have their voices heard, while staying safely away from the clutches of the authorities. This is a cowardly approach to having their grievances heard, and we need to ensure that they find some other method of doing so which doesn’t directly affect victims’ family members, or anyone else involved in the management of the tragedies, such as emergency service workers or those who were in any way involved. Even these individuals have found themselves the target of hoaxer hostility and harassment.

More at site

This is absolutely sickening... They hoax a 'shooting tragedy' and then call people "hoaxers" who are only trying to get to the truth of what really happened.

Here's one Sandy Hook researcher who's channel was terminated:

Here's her backup channel that connects a lot of dots of Sandy Hook:

Don't know how much longer that channel will stay up before it gets scrubbed too.



  1. How can any rational person fault someone for having doubts and wanting a better investigation that might help prevent a recurrence? These guys are really sick! I felt like leaving a message to that effect on their page, but why attract attention from psychopaths and their lackeys? This is a good example of what Lobaczewski meant by the term "paramoralisms." On the surface, it appeals to people's moral sensibilities ("those poor families being reminded, boo-hoo!"), and if unexamined, can lead people abandon actual moral behavior. It is one of the tricks of the pathocracy to manipulate people into fighting against their own interests.
    Thank you for reporting on this!

  2. Thank you for your comment Patricia. I read the following 2 articles in the order I will list them. They are additive to the subject matter here, especially for those who are introspective, analytical, and seeking to understand others who just seem to walk along as too obtuse to all that goes on around them in this exciting period of time: (Les Visible wrote this Thanksgiving, but there are some nuggets that are worth picking up and applying to our daily lives and perspectives.

    Good Will to All! Accountability to the karma chameleons.

  3. If you want paper like me follow Wolfgang Halbig and his effort. I support him.

    Sandy Hook Justice (

    Anybody, organization or government official who received money and conspired to commit fraud under the money exchange falls under the RICO act. That now includes Eric Holder, Barack Obama, United Way and every fraud parent who set up a website and that includes any actors who were paid.

  4. Don't know if you saw my post on ericKa artZ the St. Louis firefighter who works for RSI Risk Solutions International., but heres some hanky-panky. Tha cars burned too hot. They had accelerants for the blaze.

  5. Mubarak verdict fuels protests, mockery in Egypt

    The Criminal Committee has been milking Mubarak almost as long as Fake Bin laden

    The surprise: The Israeli website "JSSNEWS" was released in the month of August 2011 that Mubarak died in 2004 and was replaced by a "Zionist! "According to the source, the Egyptian lawyer, Hamed Siddiq who disclosed this information in full hearing. A lawyer at the bar and says "Hosni Mubarak died in 2004, immediately, the United States and Israel have set up an international conspiracy, replacing Mubarak a Zionist double. I ask for a DNA test to prove what I say ".The judge was astonished. He did not expect such a statement. He gets mad when other lawyers also hold the same speech. The same lawyer had already noticed in 2004 just when he denounced the secret death of Mubarak and his replacement by a Zionist agent.