Monday, December 1, 2014

Fearing God & Giving Him Glory Again "Cut Short" Due to "Technical Difficulties"

This is just another prime example of The Incorporated State (and her corporate bastard children appendages} blatantly slapping down Free Speech out of FEAR! I find this particular example laughingly OBVIOUS! I mean, cannot the dullest individual discern the Director dude in the backroom shouting "Pull it! Cut it! Go to anything but THAT!).

You can well imagine that many other amoral topics which have no business being broadcast would have been preferred than an individual taking a stand on Jesus Christ, as The Saviour! For those into Bible Prophecy, this is a sign post here in America at this time. For those who are atheists, or don't care, perhaps you would care to comment why the well publicized Creator God Jesus Christ should engender such fear & loathing in a small piece like this? I find this interesting. And suppose, just suppose that Creator God Jesus Christ, should he choose might take offense at having the plug pulled on a plug for Him? CNN and others have NO IDEA what karma they may be bringing down on their own heads for "protecting" listeners from hearing about one man's brief testimony regarding Jesus Christ. I smell a conspiracy -- especially considering the amount and low quality of crap MSM viewers have to put up with on cable and network channels.

"CNN Brutally Cuts Off Benjamin Watson As He Proclaimed Salvation In Jesus Christ.

The name that is above all names still makes lost people crazy"

“For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Tight End for the New Orleans Saints Benjamin Watson wrote a powerful essay on the troubles in Ferguson. It was received very well online and got over 750,000 likes on Facebook. Mr. Watson is a strong, bible believing Christian. He was invited to come on CNN and discuss his essay that had garnered all the attention. Everything went fine until he mentioned that most-hated name with liberals. Watch and see how it played out…"

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  1. That's a CNN green screen interrupt. It wasn't even a real transmission loss screen.

    Another perfect example of 'killing the messenger' which we have learned throughout the yeas. Meanwhile please take note of the St. Louis RAMS and NFL who are tighter than a compression wrap right now.

    The little stunt of coming out of the tunnel with their hands up "dont shoot" MKutlra Brown move was genius by the new reality committee. Then you got Eric Holder who is now going to go undercover for the remainder of Obama tour and Barry himself is now into full gear on project "Dont Shoot" which is just another tentacle of "Fast & Furious"

    Keep in mind that the violent crime rates have tanked. This is a catch-22 for the Agenda 21 team. Granted they want a dumbed down, sedate population but they need a reason for draconian martial decrees. Seems the awakening is seeping into the black communities and hopefully hispanic. Dumb whites as well have climbed out of the garbage klans and seen the light.

    They ship a billion dollars of wmd mil. equipment into the inner cities and then they reverse action and hold a meeting to discuss excessive police militarization. Who are they kidding? The textbook HEGELIAN DIALECTIC. Seems the stagings are being cracked wide open as well. Another catch-22 when the mind controllers of bluebeam find that the technology and hackers are winning the war.

    Too much first amendment, too many camera phones and too much viral communication. This is the tipping point for the event. 811 will have all components of EMP, system failures, communications and short wave jamming.
    Obviously the chaos and blackout would send the masses to riot.

    Do we believe it was not by design that the Obama Agenda was too create the largest firearm buying spree in world history? And of course in the TRIAD antithesis, they were trying to legislate them out of existence. Data Mining and GunWalker. People just don't get it yet that "Fast & Furious" isn't just about the guns going south but a program to track all US purchased guns and monitor.

    This they learned from problems they had in the Staged HAARPing of Katrina in Nola. It was a real issue for them with mystery guns. Now they expect rapid data on a visit to know just what you have. I expect the next move to be legislating some gun lock or trigger ID scheme so that like the IRS crawling in your basement. the FEDS will have to make sure you comply with gun lock or else it's gun walk.

    Historically this admin has been very transparent. Much as was the Learned Elders of Zion back in 33AD on that black Friday in May..

  2. P.S. - Festus in Fergusson coming. CNN Reuters has started the ISIS lone wolf program. This will tie a group of radical Farra'kon' types in a Manson type slaughter. This will invigorate the Race War to I$I$ to Martial Exec Action. You cannot miss the trajectories and vectors of these merging forces and frequencies. Talk about Obvious. Lenin and Trotsky were less obvious The reichstag fire too. We will get both from the Fergus Firestarters.

  3. Speaking of the Joo-Joo eyeball I offer this, my XMAS card to the spinal cracker

  4. boomerangcomesbackDecember 2, 2014 at 7:37 AM

    Good points Puddy. I believe the "system" is too colossal to manage, and will fall apart unexpectedly. "Chaos" will be endemic as "citizens" throw wrenches in the works and act uncharacteristically against the programmed outcomes. This is all 2BX pected as Evil slays itself in its mad rush to control and destroy. Sure, stuff will come off well in instances, but we've seen enough FF's now, to grok that these are almost immediately taken apart piece-by-piece by wary alt-citizens watching from the sidelines with a brain and the internet.

    "Gun Watching" isn't going to go well once the guns are aimed and start going off on the evil bad guys. Nobody is shooting at the "authorities" at this time, only with words. THEY keep pushing, but The People keep holding their fire and keeping their powder dry -- watching the machinations play out as you, COTO, and others have delineated over and over again. How much "proof" is needed for The People's Court to judge those in power with crimes? The internet provides more than enough evidence as these corrupt clowns incriminate themselves multiple times over and over again on The Big Stage!

  5. boomerangcomesbackDecember 2, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    Yeah, but they'll be "made" about as soon as they frag. As you said -- just too obvious. We see reruns of old shtick, but the crimes will stick against the elite who order them up "on their watch". Riots are only going to happen in certain areas where a particular "element" who has been heavily trodden upon and has nothing to lose, will "lose it". I see more farce and fomentation, but with certain "signatures" upon it. The All-Militarized-with-No-One-to-fight will just keep marching around trying to pick fights, and justify the brutalizing they get up to, and most people will sit back and watch from a safe distance. This is almost becoming a Spectator Sport, no?

  6. Spectator Sport for sure. Beats the NFL. I can't imagine what people find enjoyable about the game. It's dull, slow and full of regulations and delays. Shit, America just watch Obama & Congress if you want that.

    Carbon sequestration. Targeted at the what the committee sees as the useless eater "pecking" order and Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton are the race traitors who are trying to get this misery moving "forward"

    If you are white, right about now you are supposed to be self loathing and full of fear. If not you need some more CNN and Liberal News Network programming.

  7. I see it much like Katrina. The vast "Black" outs will be targeted in urban centers. The authorities will be a no show for help. Just running the streets shooting down looters.

    Emergency response will be Bush playing his guitar and Obama singing Kumbaya. The cops will be fortifying their HQ's just like Fergus-sun. Thats what the heavy equip was for and the real death sqauds will be the I$I$ HB1 visa sleepers who have invaded this country for just this occasion.

    Billions of tax dollars have paid these people to sit in back rooms and babble on these plans. This was the Saul Alinsky/Terrorist Bill Ayers and their communist manifesto.

    See the vectors. Obama did not pass immigration three years ago for a reason. He needed to time it with Ferguson, New York and one more event we have not been assaulted with yet. Then the Southern Poverty Law Center goes to work. We will see why the timing was so important. I suspect a staged blackout following a HAARP winter storm.

    NEWS FLASH: Detroits power went out

    Whether they create an ISIS / Russian-Iranian cyber crash or Winter HAARP, the whole event will be a staging. It's always better watching fireworks when it's dark, right?

  8. Obama Amnesty as Feds Bust Illegal Aliens That Got $7.2 Mil from IRS with Stolen IDs

    The Inspector General for the Treasury Department said that fraudulent claims for tax refunds from state and federal prisons rose from $166 million in 2007 to $3.7 billion in 2011, and still amounted to over $1 billion in 2012.

  9. Hey guys...good to see you still as outraged as ever and so eloquently still expressing it here :) Could this country get any more f'd up? First Brown, now Garner in NYC, I'm wondering when the next staged shooting/beating death will take place and a another verdict, which is devised to cause civil unrest, will go down? Only a matter of time, eh?

    Hey..what ever happened to our good friend named Ebola? Ebola... Ebola... where for art thou Eeeeeeeeeboooooooooolllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

    <3 you both

  10. I hope you stick around Jg. Things are going to really heat up under the World Wide Wunderland. The events for DECember indicate the blackouts before January.

    The Banksters are all but forced to make it happen. After the Y2K, the 811 should be false flag. Where? Would you believe Israel? Yes. That's what it indicates.

    Many here will feel a payback sense, but it's the perfect move for committee nd it follow the prophesy. The Vatican move to save the financial system is deteriorating rapidly. Ferguson, Garner's Occu-Pi is really about Wallstreet. The Police are merely the Palace Guards.

    Simple bluebeam logic tells you the thin blue line is where Obama wants to target the assault. I love the Vortex. It makes the six human and three world, one in a synchronized dance. The Sheeple ought to be pretty ripe after another year with a shitty XMAS season. The change is simple. Kill the money, kill the bankers, kill the american dream and forever change "going back" bye bye american-pi

    It's all forward now at any cost. The guns will have their day and a bankrupt nation will bleed whats left of it's energy and resources. 2017 Time for reconstruction and what it looks like will be painted in institutional green to keep us passively sedate in our servitude. This is the vortex and trade agreement TTP WTO war on terror.

    ///////////// CHINA MODEL \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    (as usual, China excluded from all protocols, agreements, ratifications, regulations and laws.