Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japan's China Syndrome & the MSM Blackout

Chernobyl was a walk in the park compared to Fukushima.  That statement isn't meant to downgrade the devastating effects Chernobyl has had on the people that have been suffering from the after effects of that horrific nuclear disaster but rather to illustrate that the Fukushima event is far worse. 

So, why then is the main stream media ignoring what's happening in Japan?   Please watch the second video about Chernobyl.   The bold, ridiculous lies told by governments and officials  about the severity of that  event will give you a clue.

Lying is a way of life for the "authorities."   It's pure  evil to tell the people affected by  radiation poisoning that they are simply suffering from a mental  condition they termed  "radiophobia".    So that is why the media, a mouthpiece for the " authorities",  will never report the news (truth).   They will,  instead, find a way to blame the death and illness that follows this tragic HAARP induced nuclear annihilation of the Japanese people on the people themselves.   The same tactic they used after Chernobyl.   As they keep raising the safety levels for radiation exposure, they will tell them and the world in general, that any health problems claimed to be associated with the nuclear explosions at Fukushima are all in their "radiophobic" heads.  ~jg




  1. HAARP the weapon of choice>>

  2. Aw oh...spagettios...turn to da bowl a snakios...


  3. freakin timely...i'm just gob-smacked ovah-heer

    just get back from a barroom argument about the dangers of fuckyoushima and my girl from NJ has this shit all up in my face.

    some kinda cosmic messagin' goin on

    had been wanting to ask/postulate a connection between HAARP and chemtrails (both of which I am on record as seriously questioning the hype) being used to deflect/diminish the positive flow of spirit juice bombarding us to help our species grow and reach positive'm just all like.....damn.....and i got a sister with children just east of tokyo.

    its late...i'm kinda some odd sheets to some wind...yet all a sudden sober as a devout nun. THIS SHIT IS REAL.

    watchin that kat with the suspenders, OMG....the holes been drilled all down through momma earth. fuckin/ with shit shunt be fucked with...

    nuke-u-lur evil genies gotta be stuffed back in the bottle and soon, and this dumbass at the bar sez NOBODY died from Cherynoble. People are really buying the MSM hogwash! We are in deep, deep trouble my friends, as if all here dont already know.

    what can a poor boy do? all i see as a last ditch hail mary is keep on pluggin 911 truth. Its their achilles heel, where they over reached in plane sight. we got the facts, the science, the TRUTH. I'm w/a group getting out in the streets, trying to wake the sheep, in the heart of the beast(DC area)'s a daily struggle to not give in to pessimism, but I'm gonna fight, till my last breath...............good night and see u in the light

  4. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    At the about the 15 min. mark of this (part 2 Dutch Sinse Audio with Project Camelot)

    Dutch explains that a number of the nuclear radiation isotopes break down into barium and strontium -- main components in chemtrails. He ties this to Bluebeam.

    There is some more interesting info here before they run into audio problems. I suggest folks listen to Part 1, 2, and 3 of this audio series. Much is covered over the audios.

    Part 1 is located at

  5. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 7:26 AM

    NOTE: Rained a good share of the night last night. Massive chemtrailing this a.m. above an already heavily clouded sky in upstate SC.

  6. Heck and howdy doodie...apacolypse is breaking out all over...even boiling out in some MSM droolmafuckations...

    I do agree with Camusius, "911 truth. Its their achilles heel.."

    That one can pop all the enchantment in one pin hard as it may be to get the pin close enough for the plunge.

    We're going to have to run the race with those we've been able to wake up by October, s'far as I can tell...


  7. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    Japan radioactive plume dispersion rate graph shows it spreading into the sea:

  8. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    You've probably seen this shill talking up the Bluebeam Alien Attack...what a putz! His onscreen demeanor is so "matter-of-fact" like he's announcing a ballgame -- Super Shill!

    Anyways, the latest FireFox update to my computer shows a detailed Alien Spaceship Arrival to Earth depicted. I tried to get a screenshot to show all, but could not extract it. More Hyper Space Hype earthlings!

  9. So why then don't even the sheepiest of people see the connection to U238, EMR and ionizing chemtrail transportation?

    The Samurai are all but gone. Folks think the financial fiat founding fathers were giving Japan a message? I hardly think the financial system is the motive but just a means. Japan and other co-ordinates in Memphis TN and Libya are key to the greater schematic laid out way back. Tennessee Tuxedo and Mr. Whoopee know because they used the 3DBB. Mr Peabody and useful idiot Sherman used the WayBack machine.

    So what if the average USA changling is dipping to 86. An imbecile can grasp this information. How long is going to take the meek to inherit the earth? It appears it will take longer for the weak to inherit the truth.

    TP - tipping point tea party

    So how can you emerge from a EMR scalar assault, a false flag operation and a financial catastrophe at the same time? You break from the simple Lie group, identify the hysteresis and reconnect the umbilical.

    Start with Rogues posted;

    accept the plan as a working program,

    review simple pieces I've posted on energy and matter; cern, bluebeam, bluebrain and bluegene and decide if you see the connection between EMR, matter and space with every conspiracy we discuss here and look at every MSM-Committee broadcast whether digital print or radio transmission and move opposite to their chaos self-fulfilling prophecy.

    EX: 2 British men sentenced for encouraging rioting on Facebook

    The virtuous circle and vicious cycle - Soc Eng.

    reject initial conditions; differentiate future trajectories with previous ones and avoid predictable response. Plan response to spontaneous symmetry.

  10. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    What language are you speaking P.D.? Ha Ha Ha!

  11. I had hoped ingleso :(
    Sorry for the confusion, when in Chaos do as the chaosians do?

    Jewels to some Jabberwocky to some as well. I find the example so perfect and of course if you know the committee chaos formulas as we do this was a predictable.

  12. boomerangcomesbackAugust 21, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    Ahoy Mate!

    Straight Financial talk here from Bob Chapman of the Int'l Forecaster with Saturday's newsletter --

    The Ship is Sinking!!! I believe the Captains will go down with their rotten ship. When they scream for a life preserver, I'll be happy to throw em an anchor.

  13. CR you need to find another bar ! BUT not before you set those dumbass sheeple straight ;)

  14. It must be your turn Boom. Our skies have been blue with normal puffy clouds for a few days now. Unheard of !!! Somethins up!

  15. Wow Boom, what a load of alien crap that is! They sure are talking up the alien invasion aren't they? It's all over tv and the internet.

    i remember when speaking of ufos was as verboten as talking about 9/11 truth is today. Now it's all the rage. Buncha BS

  16. PD's intellect is way above mine but I get the gist of what he's saying, I think.

    Btw, Patrick LOVE the stone henge header !!!

  17. Love the Hillwitch switch. It keeps my energy level up and raises the alpha bar. Your hansome face and those sexy glasses just made me too soft and sweet.

    I thought you'd like that header JG. Thanks. I like the quote.

  18. Michio Kaku, he's been one of my favorites for years. I have posted several of his tremulous dog and pony shows. He's the Liberace of physics virtuoso's and about three amps short in his tricorder readings of 2012. This guy makes David Copperfield look like a scientist. If this is what the type 2 is I'd rather take the big swan dive.

  19. Yea boom,

    Bob Chapman lays it all out like a straight shooter, while the smiley faces parade their costumes and make up on TV...

    I see nothing but [FFWD>>] to the abyss from this point on...
    Werph Aucht.

  20. 3AOC-"agents of change"
    c=Fukishima - #3

    Why tipping points? Why Paretos rule? Why depopulation from 7 bil to 1.4 Hey Folks it's all there in the link. It's right in the facebook.

    book - façade - twitter: connectors. disinfo agents, charismatics, carpetbaggers and the stickies. The stickies are crucial.

    Black Swans, highly improbables aside, the connectors themselves take you to at least three degrees inside the google-plex data mining domain where you are catalogued and driven to the centers for processing.

    Social Signaling - identifying your stickies - transformation
    Provide the proper classification and deliver to you the proper corresponding associations.

    Enter the energy and chemical and transgenic introductions directed at the 80, isolate the 20 and allow the world order to happen without any notice to the hive at large. Just the order of progression and epidemic. Momentum is increasing as you can observe and the viruses manifest in all psychological, physiological and the planned cosmic psychophysiology
    agenda we believe they have in store.

    Predictability is a killer. preparation crucial. We will likely live though I do not believe we will survive without a serious consensus off the grid.

  21. Hmmm...I understood every word Puddy said at 2:30pm yesterday.
    Sometimes when he gets into some of his complex formula's I lose him, or have to read over several times...but this one to me was straight forward lyrical.

    Guess it has a lot to do with how our receivers art tuned...

    Been somewhat distracted myself...out jousting with windmills. Boy the sure LOOKED LIKE giants. Oh well.

  22. Thanks Rogue. Observing the two men sentenced

    "The sentences passed down today recognize how technology can be abused to incite criminal activity, and send a strong message to potential troublemakers about the extent to which ordinary people value safety and order in their lives and their communities," Thompson said. "Anyone who seeks to undermine that will face the full force of the law."

    We've yet to see the actual documented evidence. Virtuous vicious circles. Does anyone still want to socially network? I cannot imagine any reason or explanation for people to offer information that twenty years ago they would never make public for anyone to know whether they were living down the street or on the other side of the planet.

    Now I know Wordpress is not much different but it is hardly identifying the family and friends connections and the digital imaging and facial recognition access.

    Connectors to connectors to administrators to the PTB and thats just the beginning. The Blue omnibus programs are advanced and the digital virtual reality is a reality. This thing we call internet is a weapon, armed and dangerous and people are not respecting it as they would a firearm or biological hazard.

    When the ENMOD, Financial and Al-qaeda Tea Party tipping point is reached, this grid will be the basis and vehicle for your loss of liberty, harrassment, stalking, incarceration, soft kill or assassination.

    So if Albury goes missing they are coming to Rogue's house for questioning. Who's albury? Albury is al-qaeda. Bin-Laden never existed as al-qaeda. He was just a facebook, twitter web surfer hiding in cave and transferring money. That's Wallstreet!

    Now you accept on facebook all the ghosts and imaginary bin-ladens as friends. Good for you sheeple. Now you have indelibly link yourself to white, black, brown, yellow, red, green al-qaeda and you are but a mere FF, Black Swan or improbable event away from Guantanamo.

    The virtuous circle and vicious cycle – Soc Eng.

    reject initial conditions; differentiate future trajectories with previous ones and avoid predictable response. Plan response to spontaneous symmetry.

    Disclaimer: Mr Dunne does not support any MI6-CIA-Mossad media, terrorist set up social networking site nor the views of any fictitious shill or agent of the military or intelligence community.

  23. see also Jim Willie CB articles at for some straight talk on global financial perils, and of course the archives of the late Christopher Story (penname) at