Saturday, October 2, 2010


Let's all get connected


  1. Osama
    Please tell me who's your Mama
    I'm workin' on this Phobia
    that's sounding quite Islama

  2. Ha ha ha...brilliant.

    “Osama bin Laden yesterday criticised relief efforts in Pakistan and called for action against climate change in what appeared to be a new audio tape from the al-Qaeda leader.”

    Right...Osama speaks from the grave. And we are supposed to buy this bullshit?? Who makes up this crap?


  3. My favorite was the one where he used the evil Jedi mind-trick to stand down the entire US defense department - from a cave in Afghanistan.

  4. The authenticity of the tape and its precise release date could not be immediately confirmed. In it, however, Bin Laden congratulates Muslims on the holy month of Ramadan, which started on 11 August 11 and ended 9 September.

    “The authenticity of the tape and its precise release date could not be immediately confirmed.”
    But they are going to pretend it is authentic anyway and post this drivel as if it were...That is journalism?

    Osama is disembodied now like Obiwan, he is calling "Luke, Luke, remember the nuke on the way home from work."

  5. Lol ! I love it Patrick ;)

  6. Mine too Zaza. And trading in the light sabres for boxcutters. Those darksiders are amazing!

  7. Yeah I read that too! When you think about the transition from 3GW to the fifth element you cannot help but see at some point where the population will eventually embraced Timmy as a prophet, green savior and the masses of idiots following this agenda to the wire.

    Replacing patriots, freedom, work ethic, manufacturer, self-sufficiency as a renegade viral contamination to the World Order Borg society. Once global panopticon and Eagle Eye are in place and every Faceboob is identified, sending those of us to FEMA for recycling will be as common as carjacking. Only in this case your car goes to recycling with you in it. [Dual CO2 exhaust-100o credits]

    Capturing carbon will take on a whole new meaning and systematic soft kill will replace Cap and Trade. If they cannot tax on the front end they will collect it under the eugenics thinning of the herd process through techno-bio 5GW RFID-EM attacks.

    These NASA satellite GPS targeting systems will incorporate a grid that will run lightening fast terabyte processors and unlimited DUMB storage. They have chemtrailed the nano-receptors that already exist in our systems.

    The carbon-tubed nanochip proteins and EM receptors are just waiting for the right Hz frequency introduction to set off the chain reaction desired. Pinpoint accuracy is simple because you carry several IDENTIFIERS in your credit cards, cellphones and Drivers Licenses.

    When they decide to go Genesis 6, the party is over. The COTO survival manual is a priority.

  8. COTO has a survival manual?


    Mine must still be in the mail than.

  9. To the extent that there are people that believe this tripe amasses me.

    I'm obviously a very sick man, I wake-up everyday (or almost everyday) thinking surely by now, 9-years after, that the truth of that day starts to create the rage that's needed to rid ourselves of this crop of demonic cretins.

    By the end of today I will most likely will have made a contribution to that end, but it will be a bitter-sweet victory reflecting on the apathy and willful ignorance that one encounters.

    "Hope makes for a good breakfast and a lousy dinner." from the movie: Tom Jones

  10. I lasted 5 whole days on Facebook. Somebody tried to get into my account with a different IP address and the security question is by cell phone and the # wont open it back up. Sixxed by the gatekeepers or the zionists,,,,or both.


    Check out this site Zaza...I was banned here in a matter of just a couple of posts.
    The article is full on Islamophobic lunacy...but then, the comments...woowoo...

    SAMPLE: { reply to post about DU munitions and birth defects }

    Dave from Atlanta | October 4, 2010 at 5:06 am | Reply

    Birth defects? Maybe you should google “muslim inbreeding.” Islam condones first cousin marriage and the percentage by population of birth defects and special needs children is much higher in Muslim populations than in non-muslim ones.

  12. Too bad you're such one dimentional flat surfaced one subject guy could join in the fun.
    I see your flag from time to time.
    I won't bite you if you don't bounce into your ragmop jazz.