Sunday, October 3, 2010

Obama Admin Warns Americans to be Extra Vigilant if Living or Traveling to Europe-OR.. It's Time to Pump Up the Fear

Police officers patrol through the crowd at the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, southern Germany, Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010. The Obama administration is warning Americans about potential terrorist threats in Europe and urging U.S. citizens to be extra vigilant when they're in public places such as tourist spots and transportation hubs. The State Department on Sunday came out with a travel alert for Europe that advises U.S. citizens living or traveling there to take more precautions about their personal security. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

And here we go again.  Setting out to terrify us  with the "terrorist threat" while they put in place the next false flag event just before the elections.  Time to pump up the fear kiddies.  They are so transparent it's hard to believe people still fall for this crap. This line is particularly telling:

U.S. intelligence officials believe Osama bin Laden is behind the plan to attack several European cities. If that’s true, it would be the most operational role bin Laden has played in plotting attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.~jg

Alan Clendenning and Matthew Lee, Associated Press Writers, On Sunday October 3, 2010, 4:40 pm EDT

MADRID (AP) -- A rare advisory for U.S. travelers to beware of potential terrorist threats in Europe drew American shrugs Sunday from Paris to Rome, but tourism officials worried that it could deter would-be visitors from moving ahead with plans to cross the Atlantic.

The travel alert is a step below a formal warning not to visit Europe, but some experts said it could still hurt a fragile European economy already hit hard by the debt crisis.

"I think if someone was looking for an excuse not to travel, then this is just the ticket," said George Hobica, founder of "However, I don't think most people will alter their plans unless the threat is very specific."

The State Department alert advised the hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens living or traveling in Europe to take more precautions about their personal security. Security officials say terrorists may be plotting attacks in Europe with assault weapons on public places, similar to the deadly 2008 shooting spree in Mumbai, India.

Without a specific threat, however, American visitors were not letting the alert disrupt their travels.

"We live in New York. So in New York we think about these things all the time," said Richard Mintzer, a 55-year-old American visiting Italy with his wife. "I wouldn't say we are particularly worried in Rome, no more than we would be at home, or anywhere in the Western world."

At Paris' spring-summer 2011 ready-to-wear fashion shows, W magazine fashion market director Karla Martinez said she gets "worried for five minutes, but then I forget about it and get back to the job that I'm here to do.

"It's a little scary when you're staying in a big hotel with lots of tourists, because we hear that could be a target, but I try not to get too worked up about it," she said. "At the end of the day all you can do is keep your eyes and ears open and try not to be naive."

The nonprofit group IES Abroad sent e-mails Sunday warning about 1,500 college students in its European study abroad programs to avoid crowded tourist spots and hangouts typically frequented by Americans. The message -- also sent to the students' parents -- also told students to leave public places if they see signs of trouble.

"We say, 'Be alert, cautious and aware of your surroundings,'" IES executive vice president Bill Hoye said. "It means, 'Don't be totally plugged into your iPod.'"

Hours after the e-mails were sent by the Chicago-based group, it had no sign of any students who wanted to drop out of the programs.

The impact on travel could deepen if the threat leads to new, tighter security measures, said Henry Harteveldt, a travel analyst for Forrester Research. But the U.S.-based Air Transport Association, a trade group for the airline industry, said it expects "business as usual."

United, Continental and Delta said they were operating as usual on Sunday without any cancellations or delays related to the terror alert. The airlines said customers will be charged the usual penalty if they want to change itineraries.

Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, said business travelers will likely keep their plans and hold onto nonrefundable tickets as long as the warning remains "fairly general."

"The biggest impact will be those people who right now haven't yet made their plans," Mitchell said. "They're the ones who will forestall their decision until the situation is a little bit more clear."

The travel alert noted in particular "the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure."

"Current information suggests that al-Qaida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks," it said. "European governments have taken action to guard against a terrorist attack and some have spoken publicly about the heightened threat conditions."

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., stressed to reporters after talking to State Department and Justice Department officials that the alert "means be careful when you go, but they are not advising you not to go."

U.S. and European security experts have been concerned for days about a terror attack similar to the one in Mumbai, which left 166 people dead and targeted two luxury hotels, a Jewish center, a popular restaurant and a crowded train station.

Britain's Foreign Office on Sunday began warning British travelers to France and Germany that the threat of terrorism in those countries is high. Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May said the threat of terrorism in the U.K. remains unchanged at "severe," meaning an attack is highly likely.

Germany's Interior Ministry said it saw no need to change its assessment of risks to the country and there were "still no concrete indications of imminent attacks" there. France's interior minister said the threat of a terrorist attack is real but that the country is not raising its alert level.

"The terrorist threat exists, and could hit us at any moment," the French defense minister, Herve Morin, was quoted as saying in the daily Le Parisien. "Networks organizing themselves to prepare attacks are constantly being dismantled around the world. It is good for the French to know this,"

A French official said Sunday that Italian police had arrested a Frenchman suspected of links to a network recruiting fighters for Afghanistan. The man was arrested in Naples in early September, said the official, who was not authorized to be publicly named because terrorism cases are classified.

The U.S. alert is not changing plans for three NBA teams to play preseason games this week in London, Milan and Barcelona, Spain, though Minnesota Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis said players were getting additional security when they went out.

Kobe Bryant and other members of the Los Angeles Lakers attended a Premier League game between London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. Lakers center Pau Gasol said he had no intention of spending his time in London sitting in a hotel room.

"It's a great city to be out and walk around in, and experience things. It would be a crime to stay at the hotel," Gasol said.

The U.S. notice said citizens "should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings and to adopt appropriate safety measures to protect themselves when traveling," according to the alert.

The alert wasn't intended to urge travelers to stay away from public places. It fell short of a formal travel warning, which could have had broader implications including a stronger likelihood of canceled airline and hotel bookings and the suspension of many U.S. college and university study-abroad programs.

Despite concerns that the alert could cause a European travel slump, there was no strong opposition to it from European leaders, who were advised privately of the impending action, a European official said.

Marietta Rough, a British tour guide in Berlin, said being concerned about terrorism while traveling has simply become something everyone has to live with.

"It shouldn't affect your daily life, and I certainly don't feel like it is here in Berlin," she said.

U.S. intelligence officials believe Osama bin Laden is behind the plan to attack several European cities. If that's true, it would be the most operational role bin Laden has played in plotting attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.

Eight Germans and two British brothers are at the heart of an al-Qaida-linked terror plot against European cities, but the plan is still in its early stages, with the suspects calling acquaintances in Europe to plan logistics, a Pakistani intelligence official said last week. One of the Britons died in a recent CIA missile strike, he said.

The Pakistani official said the suspects are hiding in North Waziristan, a Pakistani tribal region where militancy is rife and where the U.S. has focused many of its drone-fired missile strikes.

Lee reported from Washington. Associated Press reporters Angela Charlton, Jenny Barchfield, and Nicolas Garriga in Paris, Chris Kahn and Julie Walker in New York, Kirsten Grieshaber in Berlin, Malin Rising in Stockholm, Alessandra Rizzo in Rome and David Koenig in Dallas contributed to this story.


  1. As regard to “terror alerts”;

    I hesitate to tempt fate, but this dog’s dinner of nouns and qualifiers cannot mean anything to the general public. Rather than describing a menace to the state, the words are more a comment on teaching in schools. They are verbal garbage, reflecting a habit of bureaucratic mind and relieving public services – airport security, railway guards, traffic police – of the need for courtesy. They just want to keep the public scared and paying taxes.

    Something in the Telegraph on the subject that I thought was nicely said.

    It is amazing the utter dolts that the public of Amerika and Britain have become--and the example of one, whom I quoted at the beginning of this post.
    Let it sink in, what this guy Albury said. That is pretty much the mental level of the majority of this land of mulch-brained TVZombies.


  2. I had meant to post this first:

    A comment by Albury on COTO2:

    Would you please detail all of the unreasonable searches and seizures that my Messiah has inflicted upon you since relieving us of Chimp and Deadeye? Any by the latter before they stopped infesting the White House would be helpful too.
    Thanks in advance.
    btw, would you like to serve the warrant to Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen:
    or just sit there and hope he doesn’t send another Nidal Malik Hasan who might want to use you for target practice?
    Allah Akbar!

  3. Octoberfest seems to be the safest place to be.

    Hey Barry, why aren't you warning us about the dangers in our own healthcare, offshore energy and airport radiation centers????????

    If it's a choice, the CIA shadow government is more lethal than the Taliban. I may have to sail to North Korea for safety.

  4. TALIBAN, Made in USA:

    "Taliban" means, 'students'. Students of what?

    Students of special schools funded by the US, with radicalizing TEXTBOOKS [propaganda]...
    WRITTEN, PRINTED, AND PROVIDED by the United States.

    This is open source news. But those 'flash in the pan' stories that go by once and then, "down the memory hole"

  5. Yeah if that doesn't clinch it for the sheeple I give up.

    The reality is that if these committee schmucks got on the mic and screamed we are evil and out to kill you, half the population would still call it a crazy consp. theory.

    Hey Jethro, pull that cork you call a head out of your pooper.

  6. This is why I don't care to 'chat' with these 'folks'... just drives me crazy. We indeed live in a vast insane asylum.

    "Aw, he's just a good ol'boy who don't give a fuck..and I raised him to be that way."

    --Louie Autry, Thomasville, Georgia, 2004

    "They oughtta nuke the whole damn place and be done with it"

    About the Middle East--from too many mouths to count...Georgia, Flada, Indiana...anywhere you care to mention in the good ol' oossah.

    ...A psychotic society without bounds.


  7. Its the greek connection. Osama got Grecian Fomula 16 and now he looks 30 years younger. (he's getting ready for those 72 virgins !)


    US secretly shifts armed drones to fight terrorists in Pakistan
    The Pentagon and CIA are stepping up America's *Christianist* secret war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan by secretly diverting aerial drones and missiles from Afghanistan.

    Predator and Reaper drones have been lent by the US military to the CIA as part of a shift in strategy that underlines the Obama administration's view that Pakistan is unable or unwilling to target Islamist sanctuaries on its own soil.

    Tensions between the US and Pakistan have flared after a key route used to supply American troops in Afghanistan was shut after three Pakistani soldiers were killed in an attack by a Nato helicopter gunship.

    { Of course neither 'Islamist' nor 'Christianist' is a real word—Western Intel coined 'Islamist', and I coined 'Christianist' in rhetorical response. }


  9. Hey,

    We've only got 9 more days to wait for that BIG SHOW IN THE SKY that that retired Norad officer promised us.

    It's itchy-kapoo and tired-lard too.

    I'd be bettin' ya...


  10. albury!!!!! I remember him from oped.. He had a buddy too whose name escapes me. The two would show up to double team we 9/11 truthers with their bs. I can't believe he's on coto 2 trying to do the same thing.. ahahahhahahaha.. ignore him willy. He'll eventually go away. ;)

    I'm sure PD & Mr M remember him too.

  11. Yea and he seems to have a nose that expands and contracts with each picture. Oh and he goes from very thin to plump as well. Maybe he's a binge and purger. Not much else to do when you're stuck in a cave all day but eat and order death to the infidels.

  12. Let's not hold our collective breath for that one Will. But hey, it would be cool if it happened on Halloween now wouldn't it? Talk about a trick or treat night for the kiddies to always remember!

  13. Oh come on Patrick. A little radiation is good for ya'. Don't be such a crybaby :)

  14. Yea, Albury Smith. I told him first response that I knew who he was.
    He never figured me, tho' I gave some clues.

    No, I drew him out, it was fun. I was able to deconstruct his zombified limitations for--whatever larger audience we might have. He's such a tool of 'the state', but can be equally a tool in our hands by bright light exposure of his utter lunacies.

    If he is a shill {who knows some people are just loan crazies}..but if he is 'working' then DHS is scraping bottom {grin}.


  15. btw, Zaza, and Mr. M had a few words with him too.
    Albury is particularly incensed with Volaar--who he claims had "threatened" him, or made noises like he should be dealt know how these 'victimoids' are...

    Like that guy Recce on UglyTruty...I called him an asshole, so I "hated him and wanted to kill him" some real twisted noodles out there.



  16. Yea....I think he's cornflakes, but think it would be fun to see how realistic they could actually pull it off.

    If they goofed it up, people would be like, WTF? Tongues would wag.


  17. Oh yeah, Frik and Frak. Albury-Tremlett. When Leutenant Dan wasn't around these guys would fill the hole with pie in sky RA-RA.

    I miss the truly dedicated shills who would come to clean up any poop we dumped with the red,white and blue sanitizer.

  18. "I miss the truly dedicated shills who would come to clean up any poop we dumped with the red,white and blue sanitizer."

    Ha ha ha ha made me laugh out loud with that one.


  19. boomerangcomesbackOctober 6, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    Albury Smith is, and has always been a shill and/or dupe. He has specialized in making a fool of himself on Opedsnews over the years.

    Wow! Think of it -- A fool with tenure. A resume full of foolish remarks and foolhardy statements. He really is fooling around!

    Bush's and Obama's bin Laden rides again! Yee Haw!!! The spook that speaks again and again from the netherworld of darkened caves. A ding bat conjured by the CIA.

    Dude's dead. Think about this...the CIA uses a patsy like this dead guy to sell fear, and to blame 9/11 on...WHAAA?! Wouldn't ascribing the technically sophisticated and treasonous False Flag of 9/11 fly a lot better if an actual Country with 21st century technologies was fingered? Even a dull American should think so.

    But "what the hey!". Apparently, you can fool about 95% of Americans with the lowest tech sophistry story you can pull out of your ass. Why weave a terror shawl using techno wizardry explanations when you can blame the entire shebang on "under a $dollar$ boxcutters" wielded by madmen? Then point at a cave dweller in a far away land and SELL, SELL, SELL THAT FANTASY to the American pie eaters...

    It is not even fathomable any longer that so many Americans are so gullible as to swallow a fish story of such girth and stench!

    Why are they all so stupid?

    Is it the air, the water, the lack of schooling, what?! Heaven help the American people get a clue. Oh yeah -- they've been given a million or more, and they still drink the swill with a lip smack and a drool.

  20. More on the Phony al Qaeda BS:

    If we are to believe the Associated Press, that demmed elusive Osama bin Laden has spoken again
    AP’s sole source for the 11-minute tape, with the oddly contemplative title “Reflections on the Method of Relief Work,” is SITE Intelligence Group. The U.S.-based group, which purportedly “monitors jihadi forums,” provided AP with a copy of the message that it claims was posted on unnamed “Islamic militant websites.”
    SITE co-founder Rita Katz, an Israeli Defense Forces veteran, is an Iraqi-born Jew, whose father was publicly hanged in Iraq after the 1967 Six-Day War as an Israeli spy. Considering Tel Aviv’s obvious interest in having the world’s only superpower fight a “global war on terror” against the Jewish state’s Muslim neighbours, it somehow never occurred to Associated Press, or other mainstream media outlets, to ask the question, Like father, like daughter?

    n a recent video, presumably also found online by Rita Katz’s SITE, al-Qaeda’s California-born spokesman, Adam Gadahn, castigated Islamabad for its “sluggish and halfhearted” response to the floods, and called on Muslims in Pakistan to join the Islamist militants fighting the government.

    Gadahn, who has since 2001 run al-Qaeda’s media wing, As-Sahab, found his way to the Islamic Society of Orange County while living with his grandfather, Carl Pearlman, a board member of the Anti-Defamation League. Ostensibly a civil rights organization set up to fight anti-Semitism, the ADL is a de facto adjunct of the Israeli government which, significantly, has been caught spying on American critics of Israel. Like grandpa, like grandson?



    Of course, it's October, coming up on midterm elections...Israel always pulls outrageous shit when the news is full up with election crap and the distraction level is hightened.

    GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli warplanes fired on multiple sites in the central Gaza Strip early Thursday, witnesses said.

    There were no immediate reports of injury.

    Airstrikes targeted security installations in northern and western Gaza City as well as a residential area in western Gaza.

    Smoke was seen rising over the city as ambulances rushed to the bombing sites. Our correspondent described a scene of panic and fear among residents in the vicinity of the blasts.

  22. “The West is being ''outspent, outmanoeuvred and out-strategised'' by violent Islamic extremism, Tony Blair has warned.”

    Why would any sane person believe anything this proven liar has to say?

    The former prime minister said that there had been a failure to challenge the ''narrative'' that Islam was oppressed by the West which was fueling extremism around the world.

    "He said too many people accepted the extremists' analysis that the military actions taken by the West following the 9/11 attacks were directed at countries because they were Muslim and that it supported Israel because Israelis were Jews while Palestinians were Muslims."

    “extremists' analysis”? It is the ONLY reasonable analysis. The man is an useful idiot in liege to Zion, a handsomely paid shill.


  23. Times Square False Flag Blooper

    Prosecutors introduced a dramatic videotape of an FBI-staged explosion in a Pennsylvania field that they said demonstrated how deadly Shahzad’s bomb could {should}have been. *If he had followed the instructions they gave him as "Taliban" *.

    "The FBI’s car bomb — a 1993 Pathfinder fitted with 250 pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel fuel, three 25-pound propane tanks and two five-gallon gasoline canisters — blew up with a force that ripped the sport utility vehicle in half.

    The explosion caused a giant fireball that overturned and shredded four other cars parked nearby, obliterated about a dozen dummies and shot fiery debris hundreds of feet in all directions."

    Obviously the FBI, and 'prosecutors' were more upset that Shahzad had turned out to be such an incompetent fool. Well, they were the ones who chose this imbecilic for their false flag party. They are the ones who 'blew it'.


  24. boomerangcomesbackOctober 7, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    Blair can't add or compute can he?

    Outspent? Outstrategized?

    Whose offensive and defensive military budgets are bigger than the rest of the world's combined? USA

    If off-budget Black expenses were added to the total, you know how we would all spell Totalitarianism...

    You are right Rogue1 -- no "sane" person would listen to Blair. They'd arrest him for crimes against humanity.

    How long will humanity allow Blair to breathe their air? I hope not long.

  25. "How long will humanity allow Blair to breathe their air? I hope not long."

    Yes, and fresh air is at a premium these days, the MSM and Poly-tit-chuns blowing such noxious gasses out of their asses.



  26. boomerangcomesbackOctober 7, 2010 at 5:42 PM

    The entire political charade going on around the world, with Billions spent and wasted on engineered "races" and faux "elections" presents a cavalcade of clowns clambering for power and money. It is a revolting pageantry of ugly personalities climbing over each other like rats and roaches. (No offense to Kusumi trying to change the world)

    On Taxpayer money and crony donations I might add.

    We reside in a surreal world my friends. As I think of the political spectrum (speculum? orifice?) it occurs to me it is one gigantic fart of hubris. Its purpose is to accumulate power to itself, stealing independence, capital, and self determination from the masses. It is a giant organ that manufactures "Fear", and spreads the Fear Virus throughout the world's populations.

    The more I contemplate this fucking joke of "Leadership" and "Authority" lording it over All Peoples the more repulsed I become. I could get depressed, but I just get angry. I can't remain in that state perpetually, so I bounce back and forth from the normal of air, earth, water and surviving, and back again to general pissedisism.

    It boggles the mind to imagine that humans "choose" this state of being. Since we have "choice", a unanimous choice to cast off the oppression seems to be the only rational solution to an insane existence. What say you?


    High Noon depicts this unfortunate quality of an unbalanced society, and it does it with eye opening precision.

    During the American Revolution, only 3% to 5% of citizens actually participated in the defense of the country at any given time. Many others remained neutral, or even loyal to the British crown. Tyranny almost always starts out with the edge. What is the point? The “odds” of success are irrelevant. All that matters is what is true, and what is right.

    Ideas Cannot Be Killed With Weapons



    Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain• Pakistani diplomat launches scathing attack on White House

    • European intelligence claims raised terror alerts 'nonsensical'
    Hasan, a veteran diplomat who is close to Pakistan's president, suggested the Obama administration was playing politics with the terror threat before next month's midterm congressional elections, in which the Republicans are expected to make big gains.
    "Such reports are a mixture of frustrations, ineptitude and lack of appreciation of ground realities. Any attempt to infringe the sovereignty of Pakistan would not bring about stability in Afghanistan, which is presumably the primary objective of the American and Nato forces."
    Of course Obama isn't “exaggerating”...the threat is bullshit in toto, as it is western intel running the terror show.


  29. "By making it clear that the US drone strikes were preemptive, and were not in any way combating an imminent threat, European officials raised fresh questions – this time directly involving a British national – about the legality of the attacks, which could be viewed as {are} assassinations.

    They said Washington was the "driver" behind claims about a series of "commando-style" plots and that the CIA – perhaps because it was worried about provoking unwelcome attention to its drone strikes – was also extremely annoyed by the publicity given to them."


    “which could be viewed as assassinations.”--Why dice words here? Because of the power of the US. These killings are obviously assassinations, the US has declared its intent to carry out assassinations—where is the mystery here?


  30. Breaking : Monster Tarantulas Invade the USA!

    from the fear factory...


    Be very afraid.

    Don't go anywhere near the border. No no.

    Don't question authority. No.

    Vampires, Burkas and illegal Aliens are abound.

    It's your duty as a good citizen to play along.

    Don't forget to take your pills! Ah, yes.

    Stay tuned. Hourly updates to follow.

    For decades to come.



    your uncle bin Laden from Langley, VA

    bonus track easter egg spider's nest :

    Europe didn't even spend a yawn on this crap.


  31. "Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it."
    --Ben Bernanke said in his "status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve."

    And they "did it" again.....


  32. Shiver me timbers...quake'n in me eyes a'spinnin' like flywheels...all these poisonous friuts...sputter'n kazoo...thar be no toots...but yea can ear the monkeys ah the blitherin' hoots