Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Friday Night Humor


All the Leaders of the World suddenly die...

And naturally,

most of them are immediately sent to Hell for their sins.

Once they get there,

Satan invites them all to his palace and offers them a special privilege:

The use of his special telephone line to make one personal phone call back to Earth.


One by one, all the World Leaders anxiously line up to make their calls.

Mahmmud Ahmedinejad goes first.

He uses the phone to make a 20 minute call back to Tehran...

Once he's finished... Satan says to Ahmedinejad:

"20 minutes... That'll be 5 thousand dollars, please"

Ahmedinejad reaches for his checkbook and writes Satan a check for 5-thousand dollars.

Next is Vladimir Putin...

He uses the phone to make a one hour call to back to Moscow...

And once Putin has finished, Satan says to him:

"One hour... That'll be 34 thousand dollars, please"

Putin reaches for his checkbook and cuts a check for 34-thousand dollars.

The Queen of England uses the phone for two hours...

And Satan charges her 100-thousand dollars for her call.

The Queen cuts Satan a check.


Barack Obama uses the phone.

He makes a FOUR HOUR phone call back to Washington D.C.

Obama hangs up the phone and Satan turns to him and says:

"That'll be 50 CENTS, Please"

Immediately, all the other World Leaders are angered with Satan and say:

"Hey!!! We all used the phone for a shorter period of time than Obama... Why did you charge him ONLY 50 CENTS???"

Satan turns to the World Leaders and says:

"Well... That's because since Barack Obama has been in office, the Country has gone to HELL...

And that makes it a LOCAL CALL"


  1. hmmm....mildly humorous,

    but certainly the pre-Barry cabal had us already deep in the heart of hades, yes?

  2. Oh absolutely. That goes without saying around here. BUT Obama has been in charge for two years and has continued and expanded Bush's policies so now HE gets the blame ;)

  3. Reads like some of the stuff my mom gets on emails from her Republicoidal friends.

    But it's a chuckle just imagining all those pukes standing there in Hell.
    Did anyone read Dante's Inferno?
    Vivid fricking balderdash that.
    Scare the hell right outcha {grin}

    Hi Flak, how ya doin' ol'buddy?

  4. BushCo was Hell...Obama is more like Limbo. Both are the pits.

  5. We can only assume FISA wasn't involved that collect call.

    Guess we all ended up co-signers as well.

  6. Hey where ya been Big Daddy?

    The lettering on the last banner was bizarre...some photoshop filter effect? It looked three dimentional fuzzy.

    My knuckles are bloody...but you aught to see the other guy {grin}


  7. I wonder how many hoops they have to jump through to get to COTO from China?

    I see three Chin flags on right at this moment.
    I doubt their government would approve of the goin's on here.

    Smatter a'fact...I don't figure ours much cares for


  8. But Barry started out with such a bang-- his porn novelist dad waxing poetic and his mom posing nude on a hardwood floor. What was Frank's novel about, his life of "gash" I think he said it was? What a great mentor he must have been teaching young Barry the poetry of lies. And then to get a job with the CIA. Both Frank and Obama Sr. were unfortunately already married making poor Barry illegitimate.
    That's why the Satanists give him a break on calls.

  9. True indeed Mary.

    As for the disgruntled Obama supporters. Aren't you always more angry when you are betrayed by one of your own than you are by the "enemy"?

    Bush took us to the pit of hell but Barry kept the fire going full blast by adding more fuel.......

    Obama's campaign was right out of a hollywood movie and the suckers fell like a long line of tipped dominoes. You guys should be pissed... very pissed!

  10. Scoring white chicks was rite of passage. For Presidents it's sodomy.


  11. What a poopie thing to say Puddy.