Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunset in Louisiana


  1. boomerangcomesbackMay 18, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Poetically Perfect Picture, M.

    Very melancholy for you; like a dirge, rather than a clanging cymbal and beating drum. It captures the sadness humanity should feel.

    Next up, must be a seething vengeance chasing down the megadeath profitkeepers and complicit administration and regulatory reptiles who think they will slink away from responsibility and accountability.

    Nice Work!

  2. I'd start investigating the survivors and find out who really stood to profit. Follow the money to George Soros and Russian Mafia oil cartel in cohoots with the South American exporters.

    BP may be the victims here. The committee cares not for our shores.

  3. Oh, there's more ... this has been taking up a lot of my time lately. If you think this is melancholy, you aint seen shit ...

    Funny though, today a really nice couple, that I use to work closely with, just called, informing me that they just moved back to town. And here I am thinking, why?

    And my day started out with my landlord informing me he has a potential buyer for the house. And again I'm thinking, are these people crazy?

    I wouldn't buy a hot-dog stand in this city right now. And the guy the wants to buy the house, WORKS ON THE RIGS!

    Do these people not have televisions? Or doesn't it matter what they see on it anymore, as long as each day is exactly like the last?

    Do they know something I don't know? Do I know too much?


    Whose driving it?

    Where are they going?

    How do we get off?

  4. some accidents are made to happen ...

    Either way this shakes out, it may well be a simple case of engineering over-reach, mixed with corporate greed, and political corruption, all meeting in a perfect shit-storm that was just waiting to happen, they're are all still masters at turning every disaster into their chance to turn a profit.

    There are times when I do shutter at the thought of the evil we face, and I wonder when the time comes how I will handle myself.

    It reminds me of when people would ask as to the reason why the Illuminati would want to kill us? The "golden-goose" division of thought, as though we're too precious to be exterminated.

    My answer is always the same; when I stop them from trying to kill me, that's the first question I plan on asking them.

    It's not enough for people that there's ample evidence that whoever "they" are, that they're poisoning or water, land, air and food, and if that can't kill us their medicines, vaccines, pandemics, and continuing wars, on all levels, will, and yet a great many people STILL can't grasp the idea.

    Of course I know my COTO brothers and sisters have a pretty good idea as to the "whys" that they are targeting us. And some of those reasoned answers are not beyond my approach, but it still does amaze me that with all the evidence, people actually go about their business aiding the every people that are trying to kill them.

    I swear, I'd jump off this bus, if I wasn't so curious as to see where it's going?

  5. It's hard not to look for a rational reason, but I'm also quite sure there isn't any. Murder-suicide is the best explanation I've seen so far.

    So save your energy, fluff up your sweet disposition, and give em hell when you can!

  6. The devil is driving this bus and he's hellbent on taking us over a cliff in it.

    I'm with you, M. I don't get why people would want to move to Nola at this particular time. I know it's a great city and well loved but it's ground zero for the worst ecological disaster we've seen and the destruction is spreading. What are they, nuts?!

    Like Patrick, I'm not so sure this was just a case of criminal negligence caused by greed. I'm waiting for the real lowdown on what really happened. I know we've only touched the surface of this oil slick and don't know the full extent of the involvement by the slimey overlords. I'm sure more pertinent info will "leak" out later.

    Btw, sad and telling little graphic M :(

  7. We may be able to apply the "breaking a few eggs for the omelette" here as we see with all these events.

    The fact that they have neither the means, plans or urgency necessary, it harkens to the glaring differences in the committee corporates versus you and I.

    M, if we were trying to start or operate a small business, we'd have MMS or the equivilent bureaucratic authorities dogging us in and out daily, on everything we did.

    MMS failed, BP got lazy and cheap and the committee for nuclear, Soros and his carbon killers or the competition committee went to work on this triad agenda for global governance and UN controlled energy grid.

    Like I have theorized, they look at you (us), your welfare and lives as assets to be used in the the only real thing they value. THEIR EMPIRE! The Queens and Drones exploiting the Workers is recorded and scientifically evident in the insect politics and corporate wars historically.

    The Horizon is just another battle plan and maneuver as was Greece, Haiti and Iceland. We are going to be getting our massive IMF offer we can't refuse, soon enough.

  8. Welcome aboard the inaugural express to the abyss
    January 17, 2009 - Leave a Response

    Want Ad for Justice

    The Obama express has left the station. The passengers, a large group of hopefuls fighting for position to get the best seats. Where is this train heading? Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.

    It’s being conducted by a man who supposedly is a driver for change. I can’t see that based upon his actions so far. He’s decided to look forward and forsake the past. Does that denote change? For years we have seen the pardons, absence of justice and Potomac two-step when it comes to finding and holding culpable figures who conducted these actions, agendas and crimes in manner as to railroad them over the constitution. Obama chooses the same.

    As to putting an end to conflicts and wars which have left death and destruction of millions in it’s wake for reasoning that appears to be a lie or at least the largest single misjudgement ever conceived and perpetrated on civilization, Obama’s continued silence and sidestepping of the added conflict in Gaza seems to be business as usual.

    Wasteful spending, bailouts and failure to address foreclosures are the list toppers while this expensive, overblown and grandiose of a spectacle is taking place early next week. I suggest a mock hanging of Mr. Madoff might help add some needed relevance to this pompous and bloated ceremony.

    Yes indeed the Change Express has left the station. With fear as it’s conductor. The enemy is the engine you never see. The seats are promises, soft and comfy. The scenery is propaganda, beautifully choreographed. The ticket is bought and paid for by pride, greed and hatred. The rail is ideology that unlike logic and reasoning is sinuous and chaotic but the destination clear. You have boarded the express to the imaginary land of milk and honey. Please watch your step as you disembark into the abyss.

  9. Damn Patrick, I can picture the words from that last paragraph coming out of the mouth of Rod Serling in an intro from a Twilight Zone episode. Excellente' !

  10. It's very sad M that "we the people" have allowed a hand full of rapacious bastards to ruin the only known planet in the Cosmos's which sustains life. So dam F'n sad.

    Through HAARP technology, they knew exactly how much oil and gas was beneath the surface of the ocean and were creaming in their corporate jeans at the thought of all of that oil and money, while paping and pillaging Mother Earth, like she was some two bit hooker.

    She is now showing her wrath. They had NO right drilling that far down and they knew it.

    Sadly, my brother-n-law was a fisherman who frequented the Gulf of Mexico for rock shrimp and grouper. Three years ago he and his family had to relocate to GA because of my sister-n-laws job, which she wound up losing anyway. However, he stayed with fishing and would trek from Woodstock, GA to St. Pete Florida where he and few other guys would venture out miles into the Gulf for days to shrimp and fish.

    That's now gone, destroyed for thousands of people, including tourism, while these evil bastards at BP continue to reel in billions in profits.

    What have they done to the Earth? What have done to our fair sister?


  11. boomerangcomesbackMay 19, 2010 at 8:01 PM

    Listen to the shill Anderson Cooper grilling an even more disgusting shillfish, Bob Dudley {B.P.'s embarrassment of a spooksman} this evening. This guy is slimier than a politician, slimier than fucking oil and that's nigh impossible. He's a teflon don of evasion of a question. I want to put him in a headlock and choke the truth out of him!

    Fuck Satan! The World is awash in Liars and Sociopaths. If no one ever will just plain tell the truth, what shall we do with the volcano of lies?