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[When incoming freshman descend on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley this fall — there will be a little something extra in their welcome package.]

Well it was just a matter of time until the Committee would pass off a Genesis Grid Program as a freshman hazing.  Leave it to UC Berkeley to attempt this voluntary databasing and DNA project.

The KTVU article indicates the information is for genetics department for banal research into diets and chemistry studies for health purposes, though I know it's part of the Genesis project for isolating Mitchondrial markers and Y haplogroups as part of the ancestry DNA project which will eventually become an important part of the final solution.

Obviously UC Berkely is very involved with the  Genetics as are the major universities in the state.

Stanford University CA
University Of California - Davis
University Of California - Irvine
University Of California - Los Angeles 
University Of California - Riverside
University Of California - San Diego
University Of California - San Francisco 
California Institute Of Technology CA

The California University system is thick into Genetics Research in cell biology. UC Berkely included. The students in California's schools provide a diverse ethnic cross section and that makes them especially convenient.

From their website

Gates foundation awards $100,000 grants for novel global health Research

Jennifer Doudna and John Ngai, both UC Berkeley professors of molecular and cell biology, are among 78 grants announced today (Monday, May 10 2010) by the foundation in the fourth funding round of Grand Challenges Explorations. The winning proposals, selected from almost 2,700 in this round alone, were submitted by scientists in 18 countries on six continents.alth research

 Faculty of the Division of Immunology and Pathogenesis (IMM) conduct advanced research to understand the mouse and human immune system. Various division members are interested in the structure and function of cell surface receptors, the assembly of antigen receptor genes, and other aspects of immune recognition. In addition, we focus upon immune surveillance in cancer, apoptosis, tissue transplantation, autoimmunity and infectious disease. The faculty offers a cohesive program of training in modern molecular and cellular immunology that contributes to and benefits from its close ties to research in the allied fields of biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, cell biology and genetics being conducted in other Divisions. The Division, in conjunction with the Cancer Research Laboratory, supervises and maintains state-of-the-art instrumentation for advanced microscopy, flow cytometry, and the construction of transgenic and gene-targeted mice. The Division sponsors a weekly seminar series by eminent immunologists, and jointly holds its annual retreat with the immunology program at the University of California, San Francisco.

Pathogenesis is the production and development of disease. Under the Genesis 6 program, one of the six is the eugenics segment which includes the research into marker specific Pathogenesis development.

Similar research started in Nazi Germany and since has been carried out by the committee in numerous countries.  The university systems in the U.S. have done much segmental research without knowledge of the ultimate convergence of all the research for the UN global grid and the Genesis 6 project. This little diddy represents a small  example of the massive network of research and development for the components of this corrupt agenda.

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