Friday, November 30, 2018

Pedophiles and Presidents


How sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein is connected to Trump, Clinton | Miami - Herald


Alexander Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein the deal of a lifetime | Miami - Herald


Alan Dershowitz

 You can see the Trump Obama handover was an important part of the initiation into the committee and Club of Rome. Trump was an epstein "Lolita Express" card member and likely racked up mileage points only eclipsed by Bill Clinton.  All the Presidents are perverts and sodomites, not just those from Yale skull and bones. What intersects all of them are the Joo-joo-bees of the Illuminati Kabbalah from the ancient times of the Roman Empire in Jerusalem. The Herrod's and the Pilate's of Pedophiles and perversion continues throughout the higher planes of Royals and their Mafioso minions and bankers. Human trafficking is the nature of Zebranomics and we continue to accept the economy of slavery and depopulation. We assume Presidents are in charge but they are merely consiglieres and accountants for the Joo-hoo. Simply the "Fixers" for the Archons of Satan. The Miami Herald just points to another "Fix" for those in the Freemason Fraternity who are protected and privileged personnel of the praetorian guard.

The World is run by Pedophiles ~ Stanley Kubrick

Yes people, it's EYES WIDE SHUT!!!



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Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

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