Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Willa Killa Thrilla

Willa Killa Thrilla, a staged Production

Your fall blockbuster has arrived. The convergence of vortex in a crossfire hurricane. The Jesuit Military Industrial Congressional Complex has provided the mother of all Climate Change Triads for the viewing pleasure of NWO patrons.

We have a vortex US election cyclone and a raging CIC on the road in Texas meeting a Caravan vector of unknown origin and composition being steered as well as the Willa wind vortex being guided into the eye of the storm.

The fluid dynamics of the three make up this crossfire hurricane and the fourth vortex will be the MSM and fiction that converges with the three vortices.

In Quantum terms the forces and vectors could motion a multitude of movements and yet they would not require timing at any single point but will surely intersect before shifting and rotating on to their final destinations.

It will require pinpoint accuracy for simultaneous intersection but even if it does not time out exactly, the MSM can provide the convergence of climate change by the usual deceptions of fake news and fudging data and facts.

All weather is climate but not all climate is weather. The real climate change is mostly human and nature. What we are being bombarded with is the clockwise and counter to the NWO one model agenda. Watching the Brazil election of Brazil's Bolsonaro is another Duterte and Trump like move by the shift / shaper Jesuit MICC pushing for a clash of global proportions. The North American Union is being compressed into an ever tightening wind and eye. Which ultimately must implode and from the result the system fails and something else must emerge. Something we here already know quite well. The same holds true for Mexico's new leader and Venezuela's Maduro. These are earthquakes and cyclones in human suffering. Yet we can see that they are all inflicted by leaders of extremes. Philosophies over economics and political paradigms made up of histroric failures. These forces working the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic to a synthesized new world solution.

What is planned for this event weather wise or otherwise is irrelevant. True or false also not a factor. The spin will guide the objective and the agenda and we will just be swept into the electromagnetics, visuals and and audio streams and MSM frequencies to be transported somewhere further in the false paradigm reality construct and ever closer to their rule.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYJJ55oD02A

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKUJoClUNEw

  3. boomerangcomesbackOctober 24, 2018 at 6:25 AM

    Immigrants and prisons for profit, unlawful voting by immigrants, and all the rest are money-making scams from root to branches. Here's an example in Canada. It appears this type of "activity" is international in scope:

    BOMBSHELL: NAV Centre ILLEGAL MIGRANT Camp Found EMPTY While Toronto Hotels Are Full!!!


  4. Denier claims ‘Hurricane Willa may stop migrant caravan’, is quickly debunked by other denier

  5. Wow! I guess they need a safe place for their Gucci dhoes and iPhones.

    Think abbot our FEMA camps and what they knew then.......
    Climate change drives the bus and moves these caravans

    Control the weather ...control food, water, people, Control the climate///control the mind [EMR\

    everything is connected

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    Suspicious packages sent to Clinton, Obama contained crude explosive devices


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    NIETO-PENA to AMLO happens on December 1 2018


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