Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trumpocalypse: 2018



Super blood moon APOCALYPSE: Bible prophecy predicts 'return of Messiah and end of days'


APOCALYPSE THEN What is the blood moon prophecy, what are the end time theories and when did the first total lunar eclipse in the tetrad take place?




Check your Permindex Calendars., There are blueblood bluebeam games afoot. This is 911 time for Trump. A Trumpocalypse is coming. I think the natural events are in play. The earthquake activity has been strong and unusual but beyond the weather wars, North Korea, Cuba and Iran, there are financial markers too. The votex is tightening for a series of blue or black swans and I think the financial event occurs first.

Bringing the historical theater in perspective shows us some current events, most obviously Jerusalem. This is the year for a major shift. Recent Financial News is speaking of a SELL SIGNAL. The peak has happened? A major correction is due. Is the FISA memo a trigger? Watch the DRUMPF closely now.

1866 - THE PANIC

Civil War, Trade War, Other Wars - Coming to a theater near us? Figure on the rhetoric to rise and the Jesuit Military to get their funds. Time to beef the real infrastructure which is military and not civilian. No new roads or repairs to bridges, but more money going to match the Russian and Chinese military  growth. Trump's SOTU address was a well scripted mind control feel good pile of steaming crap for the "dreamers" of Donald.  The Jerusalem Joo-joo-bees were happy and the Vatican Joo-joos will go into gear now.  No better way to trigger that than to have the CIC puppet explain the four pillars of Gladio.

Trump invoked the Babylon Whore very nicely in between his gratuitous  parading of victims and heroes to bolster the Jesuit War Machine and all paths he pointed to lead to Rome. So when the family was discussed, the real family is the Mafia.  The writer should be commended on the craftsmanship of this scripted address. It was a Joo-joo thing of beauty. Now we only need the horror to go with it.

Let's agree that  when he said Americans overcome, he gave you an order to come together for coming event. Just like George Bush did with his "you are either with us or against us" post 911, the global stage is ready to explode, with or without the US Aid.  All the nation Jesuit Coadjutors are prepared to play their roles. Time to get your home and homeland ready for the reality of global governance and Full spectrum dominance.  America First was the message. That's not a motto or meme but a warning!

What is the state of the union?  It depends on the union in question. America or the One World Order.



  1. First Responders challenged to ID GOP versus the Garbage

    GOP Congress Members Caught in Train and Garbage Truck Wreck!!!

  2. Mark Your Permindex Calendars: JFK

    It's not a coincidence that Joe Kennedy was selected for the SOTU response. Watch the Permindex Program shoot the tising star to the moon for the 2020 Wildcard.

    Progressive: Joe Kennedy III, picked for Dem response to SOTU

  3. PANIC keyword

    Panic Grips U.S. Financial Markets As The Dow Falls 362 Points – Worst Drop In More Than A Year

  4. Bill Blain On Blood Moons & Why The "Market's Parabolic Rise Was Getting A Tad Weird"

  5. As reported 2016 the SPECTRE (Bilderberg) they had another meeting with Bergoglio, the wannabe butcher. There is a reason why Italy is on Russia's border and why Bild-a-borg is meeting in Italy. Big moves and a global shakedown coming. - "AMERICA FIRST"

    Bilderberg to Meet in Italy in June

    Keyword: PANIC

  6. boomerangcomesbackFebruary 4, 2018 at 6:49 AM

    It is Super Ritual Sunday COTO!

    Let us gain some insight into what a piece of S$IT Justin Timberlake is, and we can guess what he might be doing at Halftime of the Super Ritual.

    {Warning -- you will have to wash off the Stench after watching any parts of the videos below}


    Also, note today a 2nd train wreck has occurred early this morning, between a freight train and a passenger train in Cayce, SC. Workers were said to be working on the track for the last week. Intentional?

  7. boomerangcomesbackFebruary 4, 2018 at 6:53 AM


  8. I cant bring myself to watch it. Any if it.

    What is the secret if three? Train wreck = infrastructure


  9. boomerangcomesbackFebruary 5, 2018 at 4:17 AM

    "Life Gets Weird - NFL Lawyer Publicly Claims Superbowl Is Rigged and Totally Corrupt - Shot Dead Hours Later"

    Next Distraction up? The Olympics.

  10. boomerangcomesbackFebruary 5, 2018 at 4:30 AM

    People are Crazy.

  11. NFL has been rigged for years. Seems that people have not been following the real news. Referees are Joo-joo judges and have been able to call penalties on every play. Some of them are so bad you know the game is rigged. The hardest part is guaranteeing the over.under points.

    CHINA just HAARPED Taiwan: 9km depth

    Magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes off Taiwan's coast - CNN

  12. 9th CIRCLE - VATICAN is the Philadelphia Pedophile Xapital

    BROTHERLY LOVE is alice and well. It was a no brainer the game was rigged.

    I hate Pennsylvania. Totally corrupt and depraved.