Thursday, January 25, 2018

2018: Let's play Permindex

How transparent. The Secret Society leak is just as advertised. A lame bogus leak to deflect, disarm and debunk the grand conspiracy.

It's a low level operation and psyop that is designed to further bolster the Trump /anti-Trump divide. The Jesuit trained CIC is in Davos and meeting with the Bilderberg and real secret society CIA and MI6 team, their banking and political agents and the rest of the Jesuit and Krypto-Joo conspirators. Watching this nonsense and looking at the markets, the economy and current immigration flippity flop, it is becoming clear that some bigger staged media event should be coming soon.

The midterm elections aside, there is no method to the madness that the left wing is bringing to the table in this folly. Other than the benefactors Trump has played to and counting the broken promises, I see nothing less than a Clinton first year performance here. Granted the border and immigration rhetoric is still a big deal, Jesuit Trump cannot take credit for TPP, Climate Change or any other of his executive moves. He's done nothing but deregulated his benefactors. The markets are a joke and the DOW is a roulette wheel fixed by the house. So why are Dems so rabid? You tell me. Paris and TPP were dead on arrival or at least on life support before Obama vacated. I give Barry more credit for killing TPP and the Dems helped.

So what is at the core of this DC divide? The game. Trump and anti-Trump sheeple and the huge diversion off the coming transformation. Seems like a good time to diffuse the growing evidence if the Global Jesuit rulers from the Vatican to the EU and Western leaders who are all for the most part Jesuit trained or Islamic (Vatican trained) agents.

This begs the question whether or not we see a game of Permindex this year. On the heels of the bogus JFK dump, the death of Jim Marrs and the rest of the vortex coming back from history, the possibility of War, False Flag or better yet a staged assassination would be in order. Not only to fabricate further theft of money, reimburse and refresh the coffers of the real secret cabal, but to reboot and restore what appears to be some softening of the people from both sides regarding the vurrent administration. The objective I remind, is to destroy all credibility in the sovereign government, the three branches and eliminate all trust in the federal agencies at which time an event to seal the deal arrives with pinpoint timing.

"Seems kind of depressing. Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society.”

Trump goes to Permindex (Davos) while Melania goes to Florida. Seems odd on what is more or less a social event for the shakers but like Trumps quiet trip to Scotland and his Bilderberg meeting in 2013, there seems to be more to the Davos trip like there was when he went to Scotland to pose on his Golf Course for pictures. When the little clues appear, just look to the vortex and start to piece it together. The "secret society" staged leak was just too obvious to be ignored. Much like a Kubrick script and film you have to pay attention to the small details and see how they tell the real secret story hidden behind the plot. JFK and Trump via STORMY DANIELS. Too obvioius!

“Are you even going to give out your calendars?"

I think North Korea's been a little too quiet, as well as the steady climbing market. The refugee influx seems a bit off and other things seem to be less visible lately. As if we do not remember this during Dubya Bush's time, the 911 period approaches for Donald Trump. We can only guess what comes on some sunny Tuesday this year should the vortex be correct and the committee of 322 have some sanctioned play to present for 2018. Let's play Permindex! I'm game if you are Stormy.



  1. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 28, 2018 at 4:34 AM

    I thought this was good --

  2. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 30, 2018 at 3:45 AM

    Jim Stone posted last night:

    (He's got a screen capture at the site) Maybe its a Drill?...

    Obviously if that is the case, the government is expecting an enormous false flag. The planes launch with key people aboard for the continuation of government. Having all 3 in the air at once is an unprecedented serious issue. If the swamp is on those planes, Trump is going to be killed. The problem is, we don't know who is on them - the good guys, or the shadow state.

    Heads up: If the shadow state is on those planes, there will probably be a "nuclear attack" and that is not an empty statement.
    If Trump and white hats are on those planes, they are on them to avoid being killed.

    Take your pick, it is anyones guess.
    Fisa memo to be released. Let's hope it is not a pile of redacted crap. WAITING . . . . . . "


  3. TRUMP SOTU ADDRESS: Message? Omen? Prophesy?

    Trumpgave his SOTU spiel on the eve of the Blue Blood Moon.

    Civil War? Trade War? Other War? See the Panic of 1866 when last we had a Blue Blood Moon.

    Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Complete Lunar Eclipse Coverage!