Thursday, March 30, 2017

Huffington Post: State Department says it will up refugee arrivals to 900 a WEEK!



  1. ’Assad must go’ no more: US gov’t shifts priorities in Syria

    And the DC-Vatican response to come. Never waste an opportunity.

    Let's get ready for government shutdown courtesy of the Clinton Bush Congressional Crime Syndicate.

    Russian Media: Turkish ‘Observers’ Warn Erdogan to Support Assad or Live with Kurdish Rule in Syria

    Wouldn't want to be having lunch with Assad and Erdogan anytime soon.

  2. boomerangcomesbackMarch 30, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    You'll like this...JAMA caught with their pajama's down. Pushing "confusion & lies" to stoke up the dissonance meter and doubt. We got it. Big Pharma & their pajama party pals are fakirs and Not our friends. What a colossal matrix of corruption they have weaved.


  3. Science died years ago. I wrote on it in 2007. 10 years ago I said there was no science for the masses. Only the private science for the elite.

    JAMA is like CDC and every other sci-portal. Is it the Liars Paradox squared? I think the Pinocchio's enjoy the erections and therefore cannot help themselves. They will eventually reach Mars as the massive Proboscis of lies grows.

    You have to see it as design. Think about the coming grand deusion and project bluebeam. Once the masses are completely in the dark like mushrooms growing out of the steamy pile of shit known as science and news, they will drink the Koolaid of the Alien Intelligence arriving to get us all up to speed.

    I have said a thousand times, we are on our own. You are the smartest person on earth when the subject is you. No one else can come close.

    Vitamin D is essential for us Monkeys. Chemtrailing ENMOD sun-blocking is killing us. I have liquid D and use it and C. I have not had cold or flu for twenty years. Just chemtrail and EMR bouts.

    I use D, C and Iodine. I make silver and copper solutions as well. I also use food grade H2O2. And above all I don't eat or drink crap. You sent me the Glutanine which I know is a problem but even worse is the Beer drinkers. It's almost toxic. Even the Sulfites they put into the wine is not as bad. GMO at it's worst in the grain alcohols.

  4. Henry Kissinger: My friend David Rockefeller, a man who served the world

    True News opinion: He served the world, just not the inhabitants who live in it.

    There is nothing in there about humanitarianism for people but his investment in Science and Medicine has produced squat for people. I am sure he has seen some secret breakthroughs which allowed him to make 101 and maybe the fat toad, Kiss of Death is on the same regiment.

  5. Trump Department of State supports the Muslim Brotherhood, White House caves


  6. The Vaccine Reaction
    New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation With Vaccines and Drugs


  7. Official logo for Pope Francis' visit to Egypt......perfect!


  8. NEW MADRID : WE DONT NEED TO WAIT TIL 2024. 2017 path is right over Juan De Fuca Cascadia Plate Pacific and New Madrid. 2024 right through the Cocos and NA plate subduction zone.

    “X Marks the Spot”: Rare Total Solar Eclipse Coming Soon Hasn’t Happened Since 1918… but Here’s Where It Gets Weird

  9. Something or other hit us here in Japan. My husband and I have been sicker'n dogs for more than two weeks, and it reminds me of when the digital phone masts went up in our neighborhood, a few years before we left Tokyo to get our health back. I'm taking to wearing my hat full time again. We start feeling okay, and it hits again. It was particularly notable crossing through the forests northwest of Mt. Fuji, where there is geomagnetic stress as well.

    Which, yes, makes me wonder if something big might be coming.

  10. Well, that lovely Rockefeller-cornered medical system will collapse, but not before sucking everybody in its path dry. Hawkings worries about a future ruled by machines. It's already here. It's barely benevolent enough to keep him on life support. Even he cannot see how he has been hooked into the money-flow matrix. Or perhaps, that's the thing--he really can see it, and he knows it will get the rest of us too if it can.

  11. boomerangcomesbackApril 2, 2017 at 4:18 AM

    Jim Stone debunks Atlanta freeway collapse fire as "cover" for bomb demolition of freeway bridge.

    America's infrastructure being "targeted" we might assume. Get where you are going soon, because it may get a lot more difficult in the near future.

    In Patricia's comment, Japanese "cedar tree" pollen season has hit there, and it affects some significantly. I suspect she is not referring to this?

  12. boomerangcomesbackApril 2, 2017 at 4:39 AM

    Missouri refugee expose'; given passports and Soc. Sec. Numbers?

  13. We got nailed here in Carolinas as well, Pat. People are flu sick, dropping like flies. I know it was HAARP after trails. It came down in rain Friday and now I have the eye infection/sinus thingy.

    Aches in joints increases and yet it goes a day or two later confirming it is not a viral thing. Slo-kill, thinning of the herd and more to the benefit of testing superior weapons of death. The thresholds we have yet to experience.

    For me there is no doubt what the commotion is going on at the polar vectors. Magnetic resonance imagery, killer scalar manipulation.

    How do like this? A day before STORM cyclone :"Debbie" nails Australia........

    Gigantic jets over Pilbara, Australia on March 28, 2017

    This signatures and timing are always the same. Too many watchers and the info war on the web is too great to keep this weaponized weather agenda a secret.

    We are at war with the global Industrial corporate complex. The foundations of eugenics. I see the gradual amplification of weather and psychotropic-psychotronic efforts like the hour hand of the clock.