Thursday, December 10, 2015

Propaganda by Govt. & MSM is Legal now in the U.S., don't you know?

Robert Lewis Dear on Drugs

Robert Lewis Dear

This alleged "Perpetrator" of the Planned Parenthood "event" appears in court looking suspiciously like the crazed photos of previous False Flag "perpetrators/patsies".

The "3" tall, white shooters initially reported, morphed into the "2" married "muslims" and the MSM "story" continues to appear as a fluid "story" being built to serve the blatant purposes of the "gun control", Muslim blaming controllers, residing within the governmental/policy-making apparatus.  Isn't this OBVIOUS?

dextersinister continues to post about this San Berdoo "event", suggesting the very car was a police vehicle "remote" driven, with the alleged perpetrators handcuffed in the back seat.


"The US government has unbound the legal regulations against using propaganda against foreign audiences and American citizens. The intention is to sway public opinion by using television, radio, newspapers, and social media targeting the American and foreign people in controlled psy-ops.

The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment added that negates the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

These laws made propaganda used to influence foreigners and US citizens illegal. Without these laws, disinformation could run rampant throughout our information junkets.

This amendment added to the NDAA has passed into implementation as of this month".

"First time since 1948, propaganda is now legal in the U.S."

"On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed".

Go look this up, if you are a doubter of the Obvious.  Shouldn't WE assume that a rogue faction at the highest levels is continuing to run anti-american scams for their own purposes -- based on the observable evidence?  What does this say about the faux "government" based in the small country of District of Columbia?  MAX SECRECY on the Obama puppet, while MAX surveillance of every American is Okey Dokey?  Freedom falls on its face by 10,000 cuts.

The really rankling aspect is the gigantic width & breadth of the psyops being perpetrated on The People.  Here, we have an Israel apparatchik (Yarmulke-wearing Rand Paul) calling out Obama!

Its a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, 3 LAYERED CAKE!  A faux world built upon a bedrock of LIES...


Wouldn't EVERYONE like to be able to print up all the money they wanted into infinity, AND pass "laws" that protect every despicable act they do, "legalizing" by fiat whatever they choose?

Yeah, for the morally corrupt.  What is patently ILLEGAL, is regimes flauting the Law-of-the-Land, usurping with impunity.

Meanwhile, in Honduras, this account discusses a citizen of the beleagured country taking vigilante "justice" into his own hands, and murdering a lawyer who was defending politicians in court.  The lawyer had a track record of defending elites.  (By no means, is this considered acceptable in western society, but speaks of the desperation of those living in a lawless and corrupt country).

"There's a clear link between what is going on in the country and this crime," Sanchez said.

She noted that despite a supposed investigation into the missing millions, "there has not been a single sentence against a single politician, a powerful family or businessman, even though for months the media has published details of the corruption scandals."

To date, some two dozen people have been detained, including the director of the country's social security agency, two deputy ministers and several businessmen".

Is this where the USA is headed?

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    That's why these are all fake. Add the MSM assault and it confirms staged events. No one dies except those on the Obama assassination list. Those are reall as are the dead doctors, scientists, and certain media whistleblowers.

    Just watch MSM to determine what is real and what they don;t report being true.