Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is this Maryland "Story" of Forced Vaccinations on Children True?!

No Vaccines

Is this story true?



If so, what will The People's reaction be?vaccination_and_freedom_bumper_sticker-r750cafa521264c4d83b45354b7fc78a1_v9wht_8byvr_324


  1. I'd heard about the earlier incident (2007), but have no information on this latest event. It is true, though, that a lot of people on the left have perfect faith in vaccination and consider it a crime to deny children that protection. You cannot talk sensibly with them. I know three people who suffered serious reactions from vaccines, but the pharma-stooges will not believe me. It's a good example of a divide and conquer strategy, to which many people think they are immune. "Those poor little children with stupid parents" seems to be a magic button. Also, people like to think they are smarter than others, so the line that anti-vaxxers are uneducated really appeals to the pseudo-intellectual ego. Same thing happens on both left and right. Different button, same outcome.

  2. I would like to see it confirmed. As is said, it is the most unsettling possibility.

  3. Me too Ken, I have seen this headline run from 2007 , 2012 and now again. Sometimes i think they just recycle the headlines for commercial value.

    Hey Boomer,

    What I want to point out is the attack on the Chipolte chain. Consider the TPP/TTIP here folks and look at what I see as a "targeted Event" here.

    Chipolte has dealth with 9 states and attacks of Novovirus and e-Coli. There is a long time assault on Farmers, local growers, organics and range animals. I think this is the devil of codex-alimentarius come to roost in Chipolte who is trying to run an operation on the free enterprise and small business model. This just chaps the asses of Obamatrade globalists and the fortune 500 who want to control the factory farming and Monsanto-ConAgri combine to control the food supply.

    The MSM has pushed this Agenda on Chipolte without discussing other outbreaks in their minion run operations. Why? It's another operation to take out real economy and real free enterprise.


    Jade Helm says this requires only one person to go to a Chipolte and deliver a little spray on the bathroom door. This to me is a real obvious "BOSTON MARATHON EVENT."

    80 Students Sickened in "Latest" Chipotle Outbreak


    You can just read the keywords "latest" and other signs this is another false flag of the committee of chaos.

  4. I have no doubt when the convergence of the DSM-5 psychiatric, the vaccination the gun control and cashless-BUY-SELL-TRADE regulations all meet in this e-Genda, this will be common.

    We are headed for my predicted NO FLY-NO-BUY and this is a critical component of full spectrum dominance. FEDERAL roads as well are under the rules of the globalists. If the local constabulaies fall, werph aucht!

    BTW boomy, I said hello to our buddy Willy Whitten on memoryhole. The Rogue is alive and well.

  5. I read press releases years back when this first hit that MD had removed Thimerosol from the active list but thats like taking out milk out of a happy meal.

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