Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ready to have your mind blown?

Here's a case of the Emperor having no clothes considering that every little slip of paper or computer entry here is a figment of imagination. The war is on us, should we stop believing and see through the system, their game is up. It all might be wishful thinking, but should the flock ever catch onto this, the .1% might want to consider another planet because they wouldn't have a snowball's prayer in Hell on this one.


  1. I discovered COTO featured via Max Egan and "" some time ago. He just released his newest called "Trans-Formation". It's fitting that I found the above article and this came up on "Forbidden Knowledge TV" within minutes of each other. The two go hand in hand.

  2. OOPS! Forgot to add this

    heck out the latest film by Aussie radio phenomenon,
    Max Igan.


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  3. woah. nist. LS DYNA model financial terrorist graphics .

  4. handy way to show nice to have one done for aussie banks debts too.
    we are at risk as well.

  5. DYNA3D wtc nist-saic-ara france [model - b thing]

  6. Yeah graphics do assist in perspective. Anybody still not resolved to the end of the financial system at this point is delusional beyond recovery as there will be none coming.


  7. Get your GS chip placed on your forehead today and receive cash back!

  8. Great find !
    I have a suspicion that when all this hits the fan the cashless society will be implemented,government will purchase all debt and the pay-off will come systematically from our bank accounts automatically. If you think you are pissed off now just imagine foregoing your electric bill and food budget to finance Bernanke´s bagels.

  9. Here's to hoping that the Goldman Sachs types arming themselves are onto something in defense of a massive populist uprising. Heaven knows that with the Northcom urban warfare drills being conducted in Chicago where they're throwing people out of their apartments and the stockpiling of rounds by the government enough to shoot every American many times over, something big is up. Meanwhile, the flock dances on the promenade deck to the band as the Titanic sinks, I'm still debating whether it was a good idea pulling my head out of the sand, I couldn't think of a worse Hell seeing it coming.

  10. You mention the TITANIC and the numbers are correct.
    100 = Transformation.

    Add Avatar and the Hunger Games and watch it play out in the coming diatonic bluebeam.

    Sheeple don't even accept what the blue omnibus has provided them with at this point, less the final chromatic event that comes later this year.

    Taken by surprise? They could not imagine what insipid lives they have and to know those who will make those lives even less livable are planning for them this year would blow their miniscule minds.

    The cycle is ratcheted up and the spring tightens. Once released, it will make the titanic look like a carnival cruise.