Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mexican cops discover dismembered bodies near U.S. border


14 male victims were found in Mexico's northern border city of Nuevo Laredo - Canada Free Press

Mexican police officers on Monday—one day after the Summit of the Americas—discovered dismembered bodies packed into plastic garbage bags left inside an abandoned van, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner’s U.S. drug enforcement source. Read more...

The SPP Partnership and NAU are getting pretty dangerous. Do you think the Secret Service had an issue with price?



  1. I'm listening to the CNN CIA operative Andy Pooper-scooper trying to spin whether the Secret Service agents even knew the women were prostitutes. They were drinking...yada yada yada... When we all know the CIA drug Cartels run all the Latin American prostitution business.


    "Somebody gave me an education. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn't....but somebody gave us a chance"

    Yeah Frank Davis gave you an education and Bilderberg gave you a chance.

  3. Parts is parts.

  4. I think I lucked out bouncing in here with the pics just little boxes with Xs in them...I don't like knife kill and chainsaw movies anyway..........''The question is, are there any parts missing, and which ones? - anybody wearing one of those parts would be highly suspectrant.


    Hey somebody from Montclair, California just showed up here...I grew up there, right below Mt Baldy

  5. Really Willie? Mt. Baldy. That's a border town now :)

  6. A bit shocking to say the least. A link to view the photos with a warning might have been more appropriate.

  7. It must be the entites that do the cattle mutiliations/Aliens/Demons/Chemtrail Planes/Crop Circles/Black helicopters. I really don't think humans would do this. I hope not. If they did, then they were mind controlled by them to do it.

  8. They are ALL border towns in Oossa now Puddy...