Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EVAN: That Pesky God Particle

Your wet.

That's the Rina car wash.

It's Quicksilver.

For certain. And it's vacillating.

I predicted it the biggy this year.

It's a scalar force worthy of Bearden. A weak Nina jet driven little endothermic power punch. It can be made a Katrina if they want.

Do they want?

They do. They will have the Air Force inside it tomorrow. Of course they will need SPEWS-1 microwave protection. I saw your vaccine trails. They are escalating the frequencies as well.

It's all over now according to my sources.

Well you posted several pieces on the agenda. Why expect mass hysteria over their inevitable death when there's a perfectly good financial frequency in play. You can't make them drink Dunne.

Transformation has been in effect for twenty years.

About twenty-five actually. Do they know what transformation is? Do they have an outline of the big picture? I've seen all your transmissions here. It's time to talk seriously to the people. Tell me, what is TRANSFORMATION?

It's Transition, Transmutation.

Damn it. It's Transbiology and Transhumanism. Any baby born in the last twenty-five years is a chimera. One step closer to a completely transformed human being. Enough bullshit Dunne start talking.

It's Eugenics in the living sense and the human sense.

That's right. It's not just about death of populations or genomes it's about unnatural selection, superbreeding, thinning the herd and changing the species. It's death of the human spirit, the soul and the will. It's a created laboratory in a global petri dish. Quit worrying about the dead to be and start getting the messages out for the living. Remember that the Americas and Europeans are the pool.

They are changing our blood. They are passing the genetic barriers as we speak.

Oh yeah, Oh yeah. They're spraying blood in the ethers buddy boy. You think it's metals and pathogens to kill you? Ha ha. Too easy pal. You got the protein angle down and that was very clever of you. That get's you another "C." In my army you would be a full bird Colonel now. Tell me General what's the bigger picture?

They are changing our DNA through all frequencies.

Let's get this straight Beavis. You are right on. Right on first fucking base. Let's get the real hitters on deck shall we?


You are correct. Chemtrails, GMO, Vaccine, RX, Food, Cosmetics, Cookware, Plastics, China Syndrome, Nuclear waste. Yes yes yes yes yes. Big fucking deal. You'll live. Miserably but you'll live. What's the deal? What's the payoff? A chosen bloodline of degenerate psychopaths and their minions in the military, private corporate sectors and science community have decided that your very breath poses a risk to their property, their inheritance, their accension to demigods.

Y. pestis? Black Plague? Hell yes. Another nail in your coffin. You think they don't plan these things. Decoded 666 years from very day. Ha Ha! They laugh at you Loser. You don't deserve life or liberty.

It's another diversion?

Of course. This group is a conspiracy. One percent? Close enough. Stop counting and get to zero buddy.

Conspiracy theory to the masses. It can't happen. The logical argument, Occam's Razor. Too many people cannot keep a secret. Blah, blah, blah.

Remember the Mothman Dunne? "I think we can assume that these entities are more advanced than us. Why don't they just come right out and tell us what's on their minds?  He replies "You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?"

I've often thought that might be you.

I've never been to Point Pleasant. Likely an escapee from Plum Island. Another diversion like Bigfoot for the trek crowd. But you get some very good clues through your Holyrood group. Glean the wheat from the chaff. Bodysnatchers would be a better clue.

You said blood in the aerosols?

Blood, pathogens, heavy metals, slime mold, vaccines in nanotubular vessels. You've posted Morgellans Syndrome. That's one of the biggest cover ups going. This is a major distraction and problem for the Reich Security CDC and interior ministry. The Propaganda department is trying to deflect this as a psychological defect while samples are being exposed around the world. We have seen these carbon, gold nano-arrays and they are mere transport vehicles to protect the contents until they arrive in your body. Damn it. The evidence posted all over the grid. Red blood cells, fungi, mold, metals and crystalline tubules.

It's all ready to be triggered with the right frequencies correct? It's a simple science anyone can find called the Piezo Electric Effect.

Correct. I read your piece and others have missed the mark. A crystal radio receiver, also called a crystal set or cat's whisker receiver, no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a hair wire dipole antenna. Well shit Puddy, take a good look at the filament and contents coming out of the faces and asses of these poor schmucks. I'm sorry they are not the poor schmucks. You and I are. We are the ones getting it without our bodies rejecting it. They are sensitive to the foreign matter and their systems are rejecting passage from lung, blood. brain transportation.

I've reviewed the data exhaustively. There are hair like material coming from these geometrically shaped nanotubes.

Of course. It's all there and we are being tested by hundreds of compounds and structures. This makes the Nazi experiments look like frog dissection. The Piezo Effect works just like the normal electro magnetic processes of normal cellular replication and protein functions. But with bluelight something even more diabolical happens.

Yes I called it RCD (Rapid Cell Death)

That's right, hypoglycine A assault. Remember they are transforming your DNA and your children are born with the starter kit. But you are still on first base and ready to steal second. Jump Dunne Jump!

I know where you want me to go. It is all about the larger picture. The scene behind the seen. Were not being killed for the sake of just depopulation and sustainability.

No we are not. That's the Need Warrant Opportunity NWO you published as Illuminati. I liked your explanation of Administrators, Enablers and the Core.
The Core or Committee hold the energy. The energy is power and not just financial. It's the energy of life and death, the means to destroy all of it or offer an alternative. Those in the inner cercle know the goal. You know the goal and I know the goal. You say Genesis six, a six point plan for full spectrum dominance and global governance elimination any freedom any rights and any choice. That's fine. That's second base along with your transformation science.

They never miss an opportunity right? They always have a deeper agenda than the obvious from the obvious. Connect the dots and then jump the manifold.

That's right. Look at it as a three-dimensional chessboard. Neutral, White, Black, and Attack. You need to be the Leaper, the piece that moves by a fixed type of vector between the illusion, the reality and then the truth. A leaper moves in the same way The leaper's move cannot be blocked by frequency, deflection, distortion or blockade as it moves in the Zero realm over any intervening energy like the knight or other special variant vectors.

This means we are not looking at the greed, the sustainability, green, socialist, capitalist or other usual obvious arguments or deflections.

Correct. In your mind, three-dimensional Euclidean space and your vector limited to finite linear plane and move you to coordinates subject to the EMR, Interference, Distortions and other smog effecting your frame of reference. Your ability to move as a bishop, rook or knight gives you some advantage but the ability to jump or leap from the manifold and observe as if in space will reap you greater knowledge which means power - energy. By this method you attain or utilize their energy that would normally diminish yours but instead powers you. Storing this energy is critical. So again I ask you to jump. Take the power you have now and leap again.

This agenda encompasses the Chemtrails, GMO, Vaccine, RX, Food, Cosmetics, Cookware, Plastics, China Syndrome, Nuclear waste, Social engineering, EMR and transformation. It's about the six powers. I classify them as Genetics, EMR, Robotics, Nano Biotechnology, AI and IT. I call it the Big Blue Omnibus.

That's good. Now you have the frame of reference and can identify each sine frequency distortion or deflection. Each sinusoid a deflection and each power to be sine a distortion. What moves you make across a plane at whatever speed you are still stuck in their matrix and though you can make some movement toward the unified field you will have to eventually leap the XY for Z. Here's your next move. It's not about the GMO, Vaccines, eating organic, avoiding the EMR and other soft kill. If you live and if you keep clear you will have the maximum of your energy potential but you need much more than that.

You see Dunne. It's not about killing you. It's about changing you. They are transforming you. TRANSBIOLOGY. The merging of man and machine. They are changing your physiology and your inherit ZP with the creator. Look up GNA, as this is your Genesis, your new DNA. A synthesized product administered through everything you encounter and they are telling you in clues and publishings everyday. RNA, DNA Protein, peptide, cell replication, transmutation, EM triggered slow mutation, to a final transgender chimera population without will, sexual drive, intelligence other than what minimal amount they choose so that you may do you menial labor. Drone technology is not about machines until you become one and it's then you will be the drone. The science is already here and in progress. Now you may never see it for yourself, but your grandchildren will come to this.

I know. The plan is to make us sick so we willingly elect for the full monty of their formulas and alchemy.

Yes and your sterilization and the birth option will eventually disappear in the next few decades.

I know that Bluebeam will be about life or death and taking the blue pill.

You always mention the NASA Clock.

Yes. I know it's the timeline for 2050 when the full transformation will be complete. I know the technology curve is not a straight line and it is exponentially riding off the chart. They have a lot of work still but we will see some massive death and reality in the next years. Major changes and I have already drawn my line. I'll either leap or opt for the vanishing point. One COTO member always says it will be green, but actually it will be blue.

Yes, well he should know considering he has probable already had a GMO christmas tree. A Douglas Blue Fir likely. Ha. I joke but you can't stop the Transhumanism. It's going to happen. Listen to the players themselves. Listen and look. Find the truth and you find the ZP. No fear, no worries, no lack of power and that makes you a neutron bomb and they fear that. Your energy from the vacuum at the big "0" is invincible and never able to be destroyed. They can only change it. Don't let them. We'll talk again soon and we can talk about that Pesky God Particle.

Where to now?

I'm going to run up the Meridian 35 to Dimona. I want to hear Muammar Gaddafi's transmission if it's not too late. 300 megawatts makes a helluva sandstorm in the Sinai.


  1. You know, it's not that I don't believe this science fiction-like story you are unfolding here. I've seen enough science fiction go down in just the past few years alone that makes my mind open to anything.

    The problem I have with these conversations with EVAN is when it comes to solutions. You talk about getting to "zero". What is that? Code for something? A riddle to be solved? Apparently time is running out and there is no time for puzzle solving. I have yet to see anything useful posted on how to save oneself or others. The horrors spoken of here are written out simply enough that anyone could understand what you are saying. But when it comes to how to save oneself or those willing to be saved from these monstrous things... ZILCH.. or ZERO..

    With all due respect, where is that information? Perhaps I missed it ? If so, can you repost exactly what we are supposed to do just as you posted exactly what they are doing to us in simple explanation?

    I know you said a couple of people here "get it" but many of us don't. It would be very much appreciated if you could help us out as a friend and fellow coto member. It would go a long way into trying to save those that are willing to give it a try. From what I gather, it's about saving yourself by "jumping" somewhere. All I can visualize when I hear that is the tv show Quantum Leap. But seriously, I have no idea how to do that.

    If one has to be a math or science whiz to understand it, it won't help me. But perhaps it will help the others... Thank you.

  2. boomerangcomesbackOctober 27, 2011 at 4:52 AM

    Yessir, very interesting reading. By the way, the offset "cross" header is terrific.

    Along with JG, offer more down-to-earth remedies for challenging the "earth/human test tube" you describe. Its boiling in here. Are we frogs?

  3. Edit Comment By: Δ on October 26, 2011
    at 10:34 am


    OWS is a creation of Wallstreet

    Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean Prepare too much and you lose sight of the big picture; what you see often you do not doubt. Yin (the art of deception) is in Yang (acting in open). Too much Yang (transparency) hides Yin (true ruses).

    Watch the fires burning across the river (隔岸觀火/隔岸观火, Gé àn guān huǒ)Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.

  4. That's lovely prose that you and Ko put forth, no doubt about it. But you aren't discussing OWS in this post.

    Another critique of OWS is not what we're asking for. We hear enough of that on MSM. We've heard all the reasons not to participate or support . No, what we'd like to know is... If they've been turning us into machines for the past 25 years and you have the answer on how to avoid the mess falling on us from the sky and in our water and in our food how do we protect ourselves? Apparently, you have the answer.

    We'd like to know what that is so we too can save our loved ones. We don't have an EVAN to communicate with. So, we are asking you to share your wisdom with us in the same simple way and words in which you describe the apocalypse above.

  5. Deb, there are massive amounts of published accounts for this Science Fact. What is Science Fiction? That this progression is for the good of mankind is science fiction.

    If you look at this one Administator, Ray Kurzweil then you can breifly look at the keywords such as 'transbiology' and briefly review other keywords then you can pull it together.

    The singularity is near: when humans transcend biology

    Ray Kurzweil has been described as “the restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal, and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes. Inc. magazine ranked him #8 among entrepreneurs in the United States, calling him the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison,” and PBS included Ray as one of 16 “revolutionaries who made America,” along with other inventors of the past two centuries.

    When you know that nanorobotics in the form of your own blood cells can be introduced into your body that can change your entire makeup you should ask yourself a question. How have they changed me. How have they controlled me? Where, when and how?

    Wheres my data and what do they know about me? Am I really the way I was supposed to be in the creators plan? How have they altered my state of being?

    So the ZeroPoint cannot be provided for you. It is your personal and individual frequency. Unique in everyway. The question is are you going to dump everything and reconfigure yourself. Are you going to be moved about by OWS and other interference instead of
    maybe expending your energy doing their bidding? Maybe you think you are completely free of it all. Fine.

    You always talk about Orwell and 1984. What about all the others after him? Kurzweil, Icke, Kaku, Sunstein, Jones, and a thousand others are telling you things that will be. You can glean from the x-posers but you get more from the m-posters.

    Now if we were all to be at our zeropoint where we felt we were not affected by the big blue machine, then we could be the collective we were meant to be by the creator, instead of this focus on the singularity, the borg, the hive.

    And when it comes to Springs, Libya or OWS or any other Media show, I believe it's a part of the interference meant to force/move you to a coordinate, a place and state where you exert and waste your energy in service to them, and in the guinea pig scenario as with the all the chemical involvements as well.

    I don't expect others to read the volumes I do, I have no life outside of consequence and I see it as a priority. Family, work, relationships, commitments etc. make it difficult to invest or focus on the ZP principle.

    I post these for others who may feel similarly that the bulk of our energy is wasted on a chaos constructed for the very purpose of diffusing the agenda.

    Money-EcoGNOMics as in the header represent a cubical world unfolded for view. The Gnomes that run the treasure and fiat scams are mere greedy idiots who will never be jailed, nor change. Any effort on OWS is just assisting them in doing away with currency or PM barter for a global credit system on the debt chip.

    Panopticon and slavery. I'd rather have the greedy bankers if I must be pushed around the chessboard by the PTB. Instead I choose to focus on the blood. It's the new fiat and energy is the new currency.

    How many human beings you know would have sodomized Gaddafi? How many in OWS would sodomize Jaime Dimon?
    I think none at ZP would. The 99% wouldn't either if not under the interference to the degree of MK Ultra or Toxic shock. The 1% are not bankers, Generals, CEO's. They are psychopaths with psychotronic weapons, Energy WMD, Wizardry Alchemy and domain over all space. They are Gnomes with Gnomons and we are particles in the wind and frequencies in the din.


    Beware the Ides of March


    “Does God exist? Well, I would say, 'Not
    yet.” —Ray Kurzweil, Transcendent Man, 2009

    You have to appreciate his conception should you invest the time.

  8. Thanks Patrick. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I don't know anyone personally that's done that kind of extensive research. I certainly haven't. From what you describe, they are going to have their way with us whether we are moving or standing still. I see no difference in the outcome.

    So I will go down with the rest of the drones in the hive, protesting all the way. Screw it.

  9. "From what you describe, they are going to have their way with us whether we are moving or standing still."~Jayjee

    It is not "They" Deb - it is IT. The entity of Technology.
    In a theological sense Technology is that entity that humankind has always referred to as Satan. So in that same sense Kurzweil is a new age Satanist. But do not misconstrue what that does not mean Black Mass at midnight under a blood red moon.

    To grasp all this one needs to read and understand a very difficult and complex book: THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY by Jacques Ellul
    ...and when you've finished doing that, bring in the dog and put out the cat...Lol

  10. "Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces."

    Sounds like Art of War...[?]

  11. The really good science fiction has always actually been, anti-science fiction.

  12. The system got you by the short hairs? Trim your pubes, they'll have nothing to hang on to.

    Now we know certain concepts can only be conveyed by allegory.
    But your subconscious [actually superconscious] mind understands this allegory, whether you get it consciously or not.
    Breath deep the gathering gloom - NOW EXHALE.

  13. They...., it... THEY have produced IT have they not? Who cares! According to PD and his buddy EVAN, it's here and now. No turning back. No savior coming. All the research in the world and I'm still screwed. That's why I said screw it. and I still say SCREW IT.

    I intend to live out whatever life I have left enjoying what little pleasures I can take from it and continue to enjoy my time with my family & friends.

    Que sera sera..... I'm done with paranoia... over and out..................

  14. That was a splendid conversation with EVAN Mr. Dunne.
    Thank you, I enjoyed it tremendously.

  15. "Que sera sera"

    Thanks I never can remember how to spell that.

  16. Smells like it too. The air smells of blood and the screams of children ring in the ears. Somali genocide happening now as we look at our stock prices.

  17. You seem to be in a negative field now. Maybe you'll decide to approach it all from a renewed spritiual course or a scientific and simple math. If you tell your kids to tell their kids and we export the information, we can provide a similar exponential graph.

    How we reevaluate ourselves, reinvent our agendas, strengthen our nuclear family and circles and jump when the time is right is a key, but so is our physiological wellness.

    You said junk food is an issue. That may be very important. If you believe in GMO danger why do you still eat it? Priorities are subject to our will. This could be the whole answer to gaining the power to accelerate the process. What do you think?

  18. Thanks Rogue. I come from years of discussions with the real thing. It really comes down to noise and action. We can find all the problems with the committee, bankers, fats, authorities, politicons and corporati's but I think in the end we will have to face ourselves and decide how much we will partake and to what lengths we will go to take control. Debs in a funk, like I have been so often but I can't live the rest of the time in that smog.

    I can't anesthetize myself with drugs, booze, sex, money or food anymore either. So I have no choice but to look for the answer. People will have to distinguish what conspiracies are real and what is fiction. I just can't live in 911 realms anymore. The death count today in Somalia will be greater than 911.

    I'm not an American middle class victim. I am a human being of this global manifold and any dead baby is blood on my doorstep. I'll fight for lives but not money, dope or real estate.

  19. Idea logical ideologies straight from the womb Dunne!

  20. Roman's Roads [real]> Reality

    Revetments of Insanity = Realty

    and the Racket of Civilization

  21. If it vibrates it's illusion.

    Within silence is everything.

    Frequencies are manifestations
    [>man-ifest-ations, In man's fist of attention]

    The Dreamer is the Dream.

    Remember who you are.
    ~David Icke

    Taoism - knowledge as old as humankind.

  22. The saviour already been here. We are all POéd. Its a fact. Some crawl,some walk and some run. As hard as I try to be positive I stump My toe on something everryday. Negativity is the tool of evil. Its in the tube,in the paper and coming out of everyones mouth. I crawl, David Ike soars. I am with him in spirit and he with Me. Paddy is our leader here cuz he´s a smart. I think he might have a few years on us too (sorry chief). Theres a saying "its hard to soar with the eagles when surrounded by turkeys" . Our very brains have been fukked with. I will try to be more positive. " let thy words be yea yea" "accentuate the positive" Positive energy melts the witch, so dont bitch.

  23. Some days I just sit inside and pet the doggy all day. He´s a good doggy.

  24. Ray did design a really great synthesizer though...

    I have one of the K2000 models - 72 synth-style keys.
    It does more than anyone could think of in a thousand years.
    Control over every perimeter.

    I even flew it to Mars and back a few times - great chocolate.

  25. Oh gang of COTO. I am getting weary and weak. It all never ends never changes except for the set and the bill.

    It's not the Wild Wild West anymore. It's inane toxic rhetoric, meaningless existences and pursuits in an overblown script worthy of the Cimino fall from Heavens Gate.

    It's not interesting, it's not clever and it's not acting. Just bloody scenes and bad acting.

  26. "Look into the abyss long enough and the abyss looks into you." ~ Nietzsche

  27. Natural Science

    "When the ebbing tide retreats along the rocky shoreline, It leaves a trail of tidal pools in a short lived galaxy. Each microcosmic planet a complete society. A simple kind mirror to reflect upon our own. All the busy little creatures chasing out their destinies. Living in their pools they soon forget about the sea.
    Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a pattern so grand and complex. Time after time we lose sight of the way, our causes can't see their effects.
    A quantum leap forward in time and space, the universe learned to expand. The mess and the magic, triumphant and tragic, a mechanized world out of hand.
    Computerized clinic for superior cynics who dance to a synthetic band. In their own image their world is fashioned, no wonder they don't understand.
    Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a pattern so grand and complex. Time after time we lose sight of the way, our causes can't see their effects.
    Science like nature must also be tamed, with a view towards its preservation. Given the same state of integrity, it will surely serve us well. Art as expression, not as market campaigns, will still capture our imaginations. Given the same state of integrity, it will surely help us along. The most endangered species, the honest man, will still survive annihilation. Forming a World State of Integrity, sensitive, open and strong.
    Wave after wave will flow with the tide and bury the world as it does. Tide after tide will flow and recede, leaving life to go on as it was." ~ Peart

  28. boomerangcomesbackOctober 27, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    What are you trying to say Korn? Say it Man! Is this some kind of Korn Kode? Is the doggy real? Or is she surreal? Is she a bitch?

  29. My doggy is gooder than your doggy and she's a bitch :)

  30. Hey PD. I posted a whole thing about having you over for a cup of hot chamomile tea and watching a funny movie or two in the dvd player just to chill out and become a sheeple for just a couple of hours. Sheeple have more fun than us. Oh, I wish I were a fun lovin' sheeple.........

    Odd, that post has disappeared.. Or maybe I never posted it on here at all but over on the parallel universe blog.....or maybe I'm just crazy.. Yea, that's probably it.

  31. Multiverse....??? A disconception.

    Universe cannot be subtracted from, added to, nor multiplied - only divided.
    ~Magus Maverik

  32. Sounds good but you would have to hear me speak babytalk to your critters. Wheres the post?


  34. Yea...I love those Three Minute Philosophy lessons as well.
    Sort of like 'Fractrued FairyTales'...

  35. Damned if I know PD! My critters would be surprised if you spoke to them in any other way.

    "Now some people have toyed with 12 dimensions. At Harvard University, for example, some of the physicists there have shown that a 12-dimensional theory actually looks very similar to an 11-dimensional theory except it has two times, double times rather than one single time parameter. Now, what would it be like to live in a universe with double time?"

  37. All "dimensions" - ONE Universe. Speaking of dimensions is a correct concept - the definition of Universe is the whole thing. Regardless of how complex it is, there is only one whole thing. If there are even 2 separated things, when considered they make one whole.
    If there are billions of separated things, when considered they make one whole. Whether all things are considered is just a matter of awareness of them - the consideration that all that is and ever will be makes up a whole is constant.

  38. Ta Panto Nous is the ultimate monotheistic conceptualization.

  39. "Consciousness is an end in itself. We torture ourselves getting somewhere, and when we get there it is nowhere, for there is nowhere to get to." ~ David Herbert Lawrence're already there...Lol

  40. >zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpppppppppppppppppppppp<


  42. I think Veterans Today – Gordon Duff and his gang are full of shit.

    “Qaddafi was a brutal dictator” - “Iran already has nuclear weapons”...bla bla bla...and no sources to site but, “deep cover Intel” ...this is as bad as the oink you get on MSM.

  43. Awesome scene...yea. Thanks Ko.

  44. "We were saying how very important it is to bring about in the human mind a radical revolution. The crisis - and there are always crises in the world, especially now - it seems to me, is a crisis in consciousness, a crisis that cannot any more accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions, a particular way of life, whether it is the American way, the European way, or the Asiatic way. And considering what the world is now, with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression, the tremendous advancement in technology, and so on, it seems to me, though man has cultivated the external world and has more or less mastered it, inwardly he is still as he was: a great deal of animal in him; he is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines. The more one observes - and I think almost everyone sees it, unless he is totally blind, deaf and dumb - the more one is aware of the extraordinary contradictions of human beings, and of the great demands, intellectual as well as a demand at a different level; a demand which is not emotional, not built on enthusiasm, not sentimental, but factual. And to understand the factual, which is neither intellectual nor emotional, there must be a great deal of passion." ~ Krishnamurti

  45. "Where there is no understanding of pleasure, there is only enthusiasm, sentimentality, which evokes brutality and callousness, and all the rest of it...

    ...because in this there is no teacher, no pupil; there is no leader; there is no guru; there is no Master, no Saviour. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the Master; you are the guru; you are the leader; you are everything. And to understand is to transform what is.

    I think that will be enough, won't it?"~ Krishnamurti

    Has anyone here ever heard a talk by Krishnamurti?